Carrie Ann

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Carrie Ann is such a pretty song by the Hollies, and such a pretty girl next door. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, not fat but not thin, with just enough meat on her bones to grab and hold on to. Large soft breasts, not really firm and hanging with a sexy look about them, wide hips that are just made for fucking. I just hope her Dad, Rod doesn’t ever catch me fucking her. I’m 37 while she is only 19. OK, I know it’s not right but Shit, She has a look that just say’s fuck me Ted in her eyes when I see her.

How this all started was I was in my back yard doing some yard work I had been putting off for too long, She was sitting in the swinging bench on their back porch. And she was smoking a joint! I came around the corner and looked over at her, then smiling,

“Busted, Now your ass is mine Carrie Ann!”

Grinning at her shocked look. Her eyes wide open with fear. I just had to laugh at her, which pissed her off. Too funny I thought to myself.

“Whatcha doin’ Carrie Ann?”

She lowered her eyes. “Nothing much Ted, just killing time.”

“And brain cells?” I added with a grin.

She smiled back at me, “Yeah, nothing better to do today I guess.”

I jumped over the fence, Lemme have a hit.

“Let me have a hit.”

She passed it over to me, it had been about two years since I had any pot so it didn’t take much to make me goofy. We sat on the swing talking about anything, and none of it making any sense, we still had a good time.

Her pretty eyes were all bloodshot from the weed.

“You want a cold beer?”

“Sure Rod has more than he can drink anyways.” With a grin.

She came back with two.

“I thought you were too young to drink, Oh well blame it on me, say I drank both of them! Then I can have no excuse for getting drunk and letting you take advantage of me.”

“Oh YEAH? Now that sounds interesting to me.”

Then she leaned over and looked into my eyes said to me,

“I’ve been needing a good fuck lately!”

Now it was my turn to be shocked, having a 19 year old girl put the make on me. It scared but excited me, I thought maybe she had smoked one too many joints this week. She smiled then kissed me, running her hand up my leg stopping to rest on my dick.

I am only a man, and I don’t always use the head on my shoulders to think with as I leaned over and kissed her back, putting my hand on her large soft tit giving it a slight squeeze.

“So I take it your no virgin?” I asked already knowing the answer.

She laughed “I could probably teach my wife some things!”

Then we went inside to her room, Carrie Ann quickly undressing as I watched taking off my own clothes. Her body covered with a light sweat from the heat outside, her skin was white as snow, not a sign of a tan line anywhere. She turned around and sat on the edge of her bed, her nipples puffy and pink and her pubic hair trimmed showing the outer edges of her pussy lips. She has thin pussy lips, almost not showing even when she spread her legs open.

“Want some?”

I got on my knees as her legs opened even wider. I held her pussy’s lips open with my thick fingers then kissed her pretty pussy. Inserting my tongue to her inner depths, licking the soft folds of her musky pussy, lightly nibbling her clit with my hot lips. She began to squirm as her hips wiggled around my face, covering it with her wetness as she did.

Her head tilted back, her arms holding her up at an angle, her large tits swaying as she moved her body as her hips moved in unison with the thrust of my tongue. She gave a small gasp as her passion built, working her way to her orgasm. Her clit getting hard as I sucked it, her pussy’s lips engorged with her hot blood as it pulsed though her inner veins.

I watched as her stomach tightened knowing that her orgasm was imminent. Her breath coming in great gasps as her chest began to heave, my eyes watching her tits shake as her body quivered from the tongue Hatay Escort bath I was giving her now sopping wet pussy. She gave a whimper as her legs closed on my face and achieved her orgasm. Her whole body trembled as she came, moaning softly, almost as if she was afraid someone would hear her as her passion overtook her senses.

I reached out and put her tit in my hand, giving it a light squeeze and her moans got more pronounced, and her arms fell out to her sides as she lay back and drew her knees up and spread her thighs giving me total access to her slit. I moved my lips lower towards her ass, I gave her puckered asshole a kiss then stuck my tongue out giving her the first rim job she’d ever experienced, as her hips starting bucking wildly against my tongue, I touched her clit, pinching it between my finger tips as she had another orgasm, this one much more extreme than the first.

Her pretty pussy glistened with her dew, her outer lips shiny with my spit and her own wetness, as she pinched her nipples roughly. Pulling them out like she was trying to take them off her chest, her cries coming louder as she did. This girl was fucking HOT! She knew how to make herself feel good, not that I wasn’t a big help today.

My cock was throbbing as one with my heartbeat, as it needed its own relief. I stood up to move her farther back on the bed, when she grabbed my cock and put it lovingly in her hot mouth. Teasing my pee hole with her sharp tongue, licking its head as she swirled her tongue on it. Then swallowing half of it down her sweet tender mouth. She gave me the Blow Job of my life, working her mouth on my cock. She was so gentle as her mouth did its work, shocking me with her talented mouth. Her small hand tickling my hairy balls, while she jacked off the remaining portion of my dick, in time with her heads movement. This was defiantly not her first time doing this.

My balls tightened as I was fast approaching my orgasm, I told her so and it only seemed to fuel her excitement as her suction increased on my pulsing cock. My legs got weak as I held the back of her head, fucking her face. My orgasm exploded, shooting my thick hot heavy load of spunk in her sweet mouth. She sounded like she had an orgasm as she swallowed all she could, some cum dripping down her chin as she looked up at me, her blue eyes sparkling as she slowed down, her soft hand milking every drop of my cum out of my cock. She looked so fucking sexy as she licked her full lips then ran her finger up her chin gathering all the spilt cum off it, then licking her finger clean.

We rested as we held each other, kissing and touching everywhere we could reach. She sucked my nipples, something that I enjoy extremely. My cock getting hard again from the excitement she gave me. I had to have my hard cock in her soon. I didn’t have to wait long, as she rose over me straddling my hips as she lowered her warm pussy on my cock. Slowly, teasingly she rubbed her slit all along my shaft. Getting it soaking wet from the juices that were flooding out of her.

Then with a dreamy look in her eyes she inserted my cock slowly inside her quivering pussy. I could not believe hot fucking tight she was, or how wet. She put about half in and stopped, getting adjusted to its size, then pulled back up as her inner lips clung to my cock like a slick magnet. It felt so incredible as she lowered herself fully on me with her second attempt my own breath stopped for a second as I felt how good she was.

I started to move my hips, but she told me she wanted me to be still and let her fuck me. Her hands on my chest she began a slow, torturous rhythm, it was all I could do not to throw her on her back and fuck the hell out of her. But I let her do her thing, as I squeezed and pinched her nipples roughly as I had seen her do to herself.

Her hips moved with such a youthful vigor as she began to move faster on me. Our hips making a slapping noise as she forced me as deep as she Hatay Escort Bayan could on her downward stokes. The sweat on her chest starting to gather and fall down her forming a puddles on my stomach as she kept up her assault on my throbbing cock. I heard her start a purring noise as she fucked me harder, her hips slamming into me now.

Her hand went to her crotch as she pulled on her clit and pinched it tightly. Her wetness covering my balls as she came, her orgasm made her pussy grasp at my cock like a set of fingers wrapping around it, massaging it as she pulled up then slammed up and down over and over harder and harder. Her final orgasm hit and she cried out loudly bringing my own orgasm racing towards her.

I came along with her as our juices mixed as I cried out her name. As we finished our lovemaking, She fell on my chest gasping for air, her face and chest flushed, her hair stuck to her forehead and now on my face as we held each other. She was smiling at me with that dreamy look still on her face when I asked what the look was for.

“I never came like that before, ever, it was so intense, my legs are still weak”

We lay there a few more minutes and as she was getting off me, her door opened and there was her mother Linda standing there with shock wrote all over her face. Her eyes started to blaze with the fury building in her.

She started in on me for the “RAPE” of her precious daughter, calling the Police, bla bla bla. When Carrie Ann spoke up, in her soft calming tone.

“Mother, Do you really want to do that? I mean, after me catching you with another man? Do you think dad would want to hear that? I know you need sex to, perhaps I just got that from you. And I am on the pill. Ted didn’t rape anyone, if anything I seduced him!”

Damn Carrie Ann was cool as a Cucumber under pressure I found out. Her mother looked at us both covered in sweat still, our juices drying on my cock, Linda looked at my cock and unconsciously licked her lips as she did. Both Carrie Ann and I noticed the look on Linda’s face as a blush crept up her neck to her forehead. Hmmm, like mother like daughter I thought.

With that Carrie Ann left her room and soon returned with a warm wet rag and washed my cock for me lovingly, all while Linda stood there. Carrie Ann’s hands were so gentle when she did it that I was becoming hard again. Linda’s eyes never leaving the sensuous sight, she licked her lips again, then in a surprising move she came over to the bed and sat beside me. Her hands took over the chore of washing my balls. She was as gentle washing as me Carrie Ann was, Linda’s eyes glued to my now throbbing cock as she washed down to my ass making sure not to miss anywhere.

Linda looked at me then her head lowered to my cock as she engulfed it, not a slow passionate way, but in a whorish sexually frustrated married woman’s desire to please her own sexual hunger. I could only lay back and enjoy this experience.

Carrie Ann lay beside me playing with my nipple watching her mother suck my hard cock, she was soon urging her mother on.

“Oh Yes mom, suck his cock, feel his heat, suck him like a whore, isn’t it wonderful mom?”

Linda could only moan as I held her face on my cock, pumping my dick like a piston into her mouth. Her lips wrapped on it tightly as she made slurping noises, her head bobbing rapidly up and down her hand gripping my cock tightly jerking it.

Carrie Ann then moved her still wet pussy on my face and I ate her like a starving man, as she began to hump her ass against my face, the stubble from my beard against her inner thighs creating an irritating but sensuous feeling to her. I tasted my own cum long with her juice as Carrie Ann came. She had her head turned to watch Linda sucking my cock like the cock sucking whore Carrie Ann had told her mother to be.

Then lay beside me as we watched Linda perform fellatio on me. I felt my balls churning as I was getting Escort Hatay close to Cumming, when Linda got up and hurriedly undressed. Exposing her large white breasts and thick wiry bush, her hips like her daughters only slightly wider and even sexier.

Damn she has the sexiest tits I’ve ever seen, large slightly drooping as only a mature woman’s can, and having a deep blush on then from her sexual excitement. As she straddled me.

“You know I have always wanted to fuck you Ted, don’t you don’t you!”

“If I had not known or we would’ve already done this.”

Then she lowered her gorgeous slick cunt on me, her pussy lips puffy from her wanting this, unlike Carrie Ann’s pussy, Linda has really thick cunt lips, hanging down almost an inch and dark tipped even though she was also blonde. And there was nothing loose about her cunt either as it tightly wrapped around my cock almost sucking it inside her as she sat on it.

Her hips wiggled in small circles as she lowered herself on me, her pussy gripping my cock firmly as she did. Her hand went directly to her clit before I was fully inside her steaming cunt. I looked at Carrie Ann and her eyes stared at her mother pussy as it engulfed my hard cock, a new look of lust in them.

I took Carrie Ann’s hand and put it on Linda’s pussy, she never pulled away almost as if in a trance her finger went to her mother’s hard erect clit. Linda looked at Carrie Ann and just moaned as her daughter’s finger worked its magic on her. I reached to Carrie Ann’s pussy and stuck my finger inside her wet pussy I began to finger fuck her furiously as she fucked them back.

“Oh Yes baby, show momma how you cum, let me see you cum for momma sweetheart!” Linda cried out as Carrie Ann fucked my hand.

“Suck your mommas tit!” I told her.

She almost attacked the large puffy pink nipple of her mother sucking it with a vengeance. Linda’s pussy was flooding while she pumped on my dick, her voice crying out

“Oh SHIT, Fuck Me, Oh FUCK, Suck mommas titty Carrie Ann, Uhhuhhuhhh Oh Fuck my cunt harder, I’m Cummmminnnnngggg Nooooooowww!”

I kept thrusting in Linda’s pussy as she came.

I had to have this woman from the back, so I threw her over roughly on her hands and knees and slammed my cock in her as her head drooped like a horse that had been rode hard and put up wet and not finished yet.

“Linda, I want you to eat Carrie Ann’s pussy for me baby, I want to see you make her cunt gush her nectar in your face!”

Carrie Ann quickly moved in front of her mother face her legs open and told Linda.

“Yes momma, Please do it, suck my pussy, Oh PLEASE, Eat me mother!”

Linda stuck her face in between her legs and sucked her clit, Carrie Ann immediately started crying out as she held her mothers hair tightly in her tiny hands, forcing Linda to suck her cunt. Linda’s pussy shot juice on me, I felt it as it hit my crotch. I began to cum, spurting my thick load into her womb, filling her until it spilled out on us.

“Turn around Bitch, make her clean your sloppy cunt!”

Carrie Anne and Linda got into the 69 position and fucked each other’s mouths. Their climaxes were nothing but tremendous, each one moaning and grunting like animals as they sucked each other’s cunts. Linda’s wide hips covering Carrie Ann’s face totally since she was on top. I watched as her ass cheeks flexed with her orgasm flooding her baby girls face as Carrie Ann slurped up her mother’s juices. It has to be the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, including any Porn tape with the lesbian scenes in them. After they had stopped their incestuous sex, I was lieing beside them, I just had to say.

“Ummmm, I’m telliiiiinnnnnggggggg!” As we all broke up with laughter.

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader, and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉 Thanks, mustanger7up

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