Carpe Noctem Pt. 02

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Bbc Whore

We helped the entertainer pack up his gear and load it into his four wheel drive and I accompanied them back to their place. I was a bit nervous about what was to come, despite what had happened at the venue.

Two Doms together might be a bit overwhelming. But here I was with a Dom, I’d never thought would look at me, and his partner who is another Dom. Although it was obvious that the entertainer took the lesser roll.

They pulled into the driveway of a rather large house and waited as the automatic roller door ground its way up. The car drove in and the roller door comes down as the men pile out of the car and helped me down.

They led the way into the house and ask if I’d like anything to eat or drink. I asked for a cold water and the entertainer went to get it for me while the Dom leads me down a hallway and unlocks a door to a play room. He let me look at the room then leads me to massive bedroom that holds the biggest bed I’d ever seen. A huge four poster bed.

He walks across the room and opens another door into an equally large en-suite. “You have 30 minutes to do whatever you need to do to prepare yourself for us. Everything you’ll need is in there”.

He goes into a walk in robe and comes out with a box that he hands to me. “This has never been used, I think you’ll know what to do with it. When you are ready wait for us in the play room, naked and presenting yourself”.

The entertainer walked in and handed me a bottle of water. “Is there anything else you need?” He asks.

“No thank you, Sir,” I replied as I keep my eyes down.

“Your 30 minutes starts now”. With that curt order they both leave the room.

I walk into the en-suite and shut the door. Not wasting any time I strip my clothes off and fold them neatly onto the vanity. Grab a large fluffy towel off the stack that is on a shelf and a matching face washer, throwing both over the end of the shower screen.

A quick look in the drawers and I find a toothbrush still in its packaging so I helped myself to that and the toothpaste. Then open the box that he’d given me and take out the contents. I give the items a quick rinse then filled the bulb with warm water, attach the nozzle and climb into the shower.

I shower quickly, carefully washing off my make up. I am grateful that I’d had a wax job done the day before so I am fresh and smooth down there. Then I use the douche as requested, ensuring I am clean and fresh there as well. Excitement flashes through me because I know what is coming.

Finished I rinse out the douche and use soap on the nozzle. Dry myself off and go down to the play room. They aren’t there yet so I look around for the best place to wait and see a softly padded mat that wasn’t there before so go and kneel on it. Placing myself so they could see the front of me when they walk in. I sit with my butt on my heels, my knees spread wide, my back straight, hands on my thighs palms up and my head bent with me eyes on the floor. Breathing deeply I settled in to wait.

And wait I did. I fight the need to fidget and move and use breathing techniques to control myself and to take myself slightly out of it. I figured if they were keeping me waiting this long then they had a way of watching me from wherever they were. I hadn’t noticed a camera lens but that didn’t mean there wasn’t one.

So I fought my way past the discomfort of prolonged kneeling in this position and managed to zone out enough to push it aside. Without any doubt I knew that this was a test of my own discipline. A test I was determined istanbul escort to pass.

Finally I see bare feet come into view. They walked around me and I used the time to bring myself fully back into the moment. “Very good. You used the douche?” He inquired.

“Yes, Sir.” I answered. Both pairs of feet stopped in front of me. I surprised myself by, without looking up, knowing which feet belonged to which man. Was I that attuned to them already?

“Show us obeisance.” He ordered.

I moved as smoothly as I could onto me hands, keeping my butt down as I lowered my body and head and kissed first His feet then the entertainer’s before returning to my kneeling stance. They smelled of fresh soap and their skin was slightly damp. They must have grabbed a quick shower as well.

“Very good, Pet. Stand and come with us.” Both sets of feet stepped back.

I struggled to my feet, my body stiff from kneeling for so long. The entertainer grasps my arm and supports me as I rise. I already know that they would be demanding but now I know that they were thoughtful with it. “Thank you, Sir.” I murmured, keeping me eyes down.

I know this Dom, I’ve watched him for many months. Not once have I ever seen him behave in a way that made me nervous. Or gave me reason to worry. If he had I wouldn’t be here now. He has already earned my trust. But now I know the entertainer won’t give me cause to worry either.

They lead me to a Saltire and shackle me into it facing out. Next comes a blindfold. Then hands ran over me from finger tips to my toes. Slowly, with touches from feather soft to rasping. Fingers tease and rolled my nipples, pluck and pinch them.

Then I felt the bite of clamps being attached and couldn’t contain my gasp of pain that becomes a moan of pleasure as the heat streaks to my pussy and clit. I feel moisture run down to coat my labia and know it would keep spreading. I groan when the connecting chain is given a tug, tightening the clamps. The new bite of pleasure/pain streaking straight to my core.

Fingers run down my body to my legs and I feel a thin harness being wrapped around my hips and thighs. My labia is gently parted and multiple clamps attached on both sides and then used to spread me wide open to them. My body writhes in reaction to the flash of pain before it turns to a burning heat that balls tight in my belly.

Slick fingers probe at my back passage, rubbing then pushing in, first one finger followed by a second. I pant at this new assault on my body. My senses fighting to adjust to it all and the pleasure/pain keeps building. More moisture slides out of my pussy and runs down to spread out.

The fingers in my rear pull away and I feel a lot of lube being spread inside me. The fingers pulled out again only to be replaced with something bigger and harder. The plug is very cold, freezing cold. My body is shocked when it is finally pushed into me and the cold against my heated passage is pure torment. I cry out and pant hard to overcome the waves of conflicting sensations that bombarded me.

Fingers slide in and around my pussy and clit, spreading the moisture as He whispers how well I am doing into me ear. When my body catches up to and contains my reactions he slides an egg into my pussy and turns it on to a low vibe. I twist and groan as a gush of fluid spills from me.

Again hands run over me, rougher this time, adding the odd slap and pinch on their journey. I feel strands of leather being dragged along my skin, up and down both sides. First in opposite directions escort bayan then in the same direction. The strands leave my body only to land with soft slaps across my feet and ankles.

Slowly, methodically they work their way up my body, gradually hitting harder as my skin warms up. Until they are landing with sharp cracks that make my body arch and my skin sing. Every slap of the whips goes straight to the ball that is building higher and higher inside me. My need to cum is turning into a living breathing thing that claws at me to find a way out.

Tongues and lips play with the pinched tips of my breasts. Causing me to writhe hard against my bonds, until I start to beg to be allowed to cum.

“No!” is the growled response from both men.

My pussy is weeping fluid that has spread to my thighs and down. Fingers find my clit and delved into the depths of my pussy, pushing their way up the side of the egg. His fingers rubbing against my g-spot. My breathing is ragged and I am fast becoming incoherent in my need. My orgasm threatens to break but then the fingers are gone and a whip lands with a sharp slap across my opening.

I jerk and cry out as pleasure explodes through me. I pant and fight to hold my control. Firm slaps run up the inside of my thighs then across my breasts. After slapping me from head to foot and back again they move away. I could hear them talking but had to strain to hear what they were saying.

Both men are hard, their cocks straining. They both want to play with me more, I was just so responsive to whatever they did to me. BUT, they both wanted inside me badly. They came back to me and undid my restraints.

“Leave the blindfold on”. He growls when he starts to unbuckle me. Taking an arm each they guide me back to the bedroom.

My legs nearly refuse to carry me and I whimper as my body screams for more, screams for relief. The men take most of my weight as the help me along.

Carefully they ease me onto the bed. The egg is pulled out and the clamps released. The rush of pain followed by pleasure is nearly too much for me. I shudder and scream with need in my effort to stave off my climax. I need to cum so badly but I don’t want to disappoint the men. I am guided to straddle one and lowered onto his cock. It is the entertainer, I can tell. Then I am pushed forward to lie over him and the butt plug is pulled out.

My body spasms and he groans about how tight I am. Some more lube is rubbed around and in me. Then He is pushing inside me. He is a lot bigger than the plug and I am stretched so tight already. Steady but firm pressure is pushed against my opening and slowly my muscles open to him until the head pops in past that tight ring.

I arch up and buck against the pain that feels so good. With unrelenting pressure he forces his way into me until he is in as far as he can go.

The men give me a minute to adjust before they start to move. Pinned between them and held tight, I couldn’t move. The Dom controls all movement only allowing me enough to push myself even higher, until I am a begging mass of need.

Then they really started to move, in a very practiced rhythm. The ball inside me winds tighter and tighter. My need to cum has me screaming for release. With a cry of his own the man under me starts to fuck me in earnest. His actions spurs the Dom into riding me hard as well.

Higher and higher I wind until the Dom growls for me to cum. Fingers find my clit and put just enough pressure on it to send me screaming into the abyss. My body Ataşehir escort convulses and bucks between them with the force of my climax.

Both men are driving hard into me now and I feel the entertainer swell. Then the Dom swells in me arse. Pulled tighter than I’d ever been before I ride out my overwhelming climax until I realise that the men are fucking into me in short, sharp jerks as they, too, cum.

I collapse and they roll to their sides, taking me with them, still sandwiched together and still inside me. With a contented sigh, and my body still buzzing, I drop into a heavy drowse. I am barely aware of them pulling out of me, removing the blindfold and cleaning me up but I moan at the feeling of loss. Then sigh when they returned to the bed and scooped me between them again.

I awake to them stroking me and teasing me. I am rolled onto my back and the entertainer pushes into me then goes still. I looked behind him and meet the eyes of the Dom as he pushes his own way into the entertainer. “Good morning, Pet. Help me to give him some pleasure.”

I lift my legs and hook them behind the entertainer’s thighs as I snake a hand down to where his cock is joined to me and I rub him as he rides me. The Dom starts riding him hard and fast which makes him fuck into me just as hard and fast. My body is still very sensitive from last night and it doesn’t take long before I start to whimper my need.

I stretch my arm down as far as I can and reach behind the balls that slap against my arse. I strain to reach and rub along the line between his balls and the cock riding him. My fingers giving friction to both men. I move my head and start licking and sucking on first one nipple then switch across to the other. His breathing goes erratic as he starts to swell and I have to fight my own orgasm.

With a guttural moan he swears then yells, “I’m going to cum!”

The Dom growls that he isn’t going to last either and for both of us to cum. The entertainer looks down at me and I nod that I’m close as well. I let my thumb start to rub against my clit and my pussy clamps down tight around his cock. He goes into a frenzy to fuck me harder and harder, just as the Dom does the same to him.

All the muscles in my body lock down tight then explode into convulsions as I start to climax. I hear the entertainer cry out again and he starts fucking into me in short sharp jerks as I feel him filling me with his cum. Then the Dom joins us in our free fall.

When they roll to either side of me I am limp and ready to go back to sleep but the Dom catches my chin and makes me look at him as his other hand circles my neck. He kisses me then rolls over to reach into the bedside draw. When he rolls back he has a collar in his hands and he cocks an eyebrow at me. I swallow hard and look at the entertainer, who nods at me.

I look back at the Dom with a huge grin spreading across my face. I scramble up onto my knees and sit in presentation, “Yes, Master. I would be honoured”.

The entertainer takes hold of my left wrist and places an ornate leather cuff type band around it. My smile spreads even wider as I say, “Thank you, Sir”.

Yesterday I was ready to call quits on looking for someone who suited me. Now, less than 24 hours later, I have found not just one, but two men. And the miracle being that the three of us seem to suit each other. I can’t wait to see where this leads us all.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am also very grateful for any comments or feedback that you would like to leave.

At this point this is the end of this story line. Although I reserve the right to add to it at a later date if the story calls to me again. I hope your enjoyed your reading. Unykorn


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