Carol’s Assignation Pt. 01

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“Home Sweet Home”

Carol moved back to England after her husband wasted the money from the sale of their home in England on a boat, without a thought for her or their family. From now on things will be a bit topsy turvy to how they were before: xmas and summer in England and ten months abroad will become maybe three months, January, May and September abroad, and the rest in England.

Her new apartment with its sea view is quite sumptuous, two bedrooms with a shared en suite, living room and open plan kitchen/diner. She had even brought her giant poppies back, but did miss her dogs, but not her husband wasteful antics, like Las Vegas stagnights. Plus she had made some great friends in her time abroad, and would still see them for 3 months a year, but now she had to get her life sorted here.

Sex had always been important to her, and she loved the excitement of an encounter, but she had a new found interest, aroused in her by the stories written for her by her long time admirer, which centred on her as the femme fatale dominatrix, and her admirers submission and worship of her in the bedroom.

She had always been the submissive one in her sexual relationships, but now she found that her most intense orgasms came about when fantasising about having her slave on his knees, his head between her legs, or alternatively, sitting on his face as he worshipped her and she rewarded him with her cunt juice and the aforementioned intense and body wracking orgasms, delivered when he was either licking her clit or tongue fucking her as she masturbated into his waiting mouth.

Her slave was slightly younger than her and although had not had that many sexual partners was an enthusiastic lover, with staying power, which although not as good as The Gardener, her former lover, due to arrive very soon, but was, in her experience, certainly above average. Add to that her control over his release, whereby he had to ask for her permission to come, frequently denied, when she teased him relentlessly, making him fuck her but not come then withdraw and pleasure her repeatedly with his tongue, all added up to a very satisfying distraction from her day to day life.

Her slave visited whenever required and knowing his predilection for cunnilingus and his fetish for stockings and high heels (suspenders optional, she tried not to spoil him), she was pleasured for extended sessions, with candle lit baths, chilled bubbly served from a silver tray as he knelt by the bath and then it was onto the sex, after he had knelt and rolled the sheer black stockings up her perfect slender legs, kissed her feet and put on her choice of high heeled shoes, an dmsemble which made her feel not only sexy and sensual, but powerful, and dominant.

They soon got into a very mutually satisfying routine; leg worship, tongue worship and orgasm number 1, after which she felt she could relax and then show her creativity as a Mistress. She would order him to stand before her, naked and inspect his shaved scrotum, raking her nails across his balls and then up and down his erection, only 6 inches long, two or three less than she preferred if truth be told, until the veins pulsed and he made those funny little grunting noises, especially when she dug the nails of her free hand into his scrotum, pulling firmly down on his balls, making the skin of his cock head taught and shiny, until the pre cum oozed out.

Depending on how she felt, she might spank his hard cock with a very flexible plastic ruler, not too hard, but firm enough to make it harder, making the veins bulge and pulse, as he stood before her, helpless to do anything but submit to her magnificence, her dominance, her animalistic desires, as she teased him closer and closer towards that elusive orgasm.

She rather liked applying an inch or two of toothpaste behind the glans of his cock,which was sheer torture for her slave, then rubbing his foreskin back and forth, very slowly as the hot/cold feeling pervaded his smooth, shiny, purple cock head.he would only be allowed to come or wash it off once she was completed satisfied sexually. But he was only allowed that on special occasions.

During a normal session, She liked to wipe the pre cum off his cock head, and either rub it into his glans or onto her nipples, which were then licked and sucked by her slave, before repeating the process until she was ready to be either licked again or fucked.

A session was rarely over before she had come five or six times, the last being given after the obligatory clean up, which consisted of him licking his own come out of her fuck hole and once she was clean, sucking her clit for the final climax, which, more often than not was cataclysmic, explosive and earth shattering which left them both breathless and completely spent.

Todays session began with her slave undressing her and bringing both a cool drink and a hot razor to remove the stubble from her pussy as he knelt before her.

As she decided what she would wear for the extended session she was Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort planning, her slave ran her bath, then held her hand as she stepped in and once she was relaxed in the warm bubbles, handed her her drink and then played her some new music he had found for her.

Bath over, he held the towel for her as she stood and lovingly dried her glorious body as she dried her hair.

She pointed to the new packet of stockings on the bed and he open it and unwrapped them with a look of sheer reverence on his face. He knelt without her saying a word and began to roll the stocking open but she stopped him and said “Nail polish first slave.”

It wasn’t something he did often for her but she wanted her nails to be perfect today, not for her slave but for her lover, a re-acquaintance, who was due inside the hour.

One foot done he held it as he gently blew them dry. He then topped up her glass and began on her other foot, again blowing until she was satisfied that he’d done a reasonable job. Then and only then did she stretch out her leg and foot which allowed him to slip the stocking onto her foot and up her leg, repeating it with the other leg, which she then crossed and ordered him to place her red shoes on, saying “You may kiss them slave”. She tilted her head to the side, glancing down to his erect cock, nestled in his short cut pubic hair, above his shaven ball sac. She smiled at the fact that throughout the whole process his cock had remained hard, and that he hadn’t touched it, oh no, that wasn’t allowed until she gave her permission and then uncrossed her legs, spreading her thighs just wide enough for him to get his head between them on her command. She grabbed a handful of fair but greying hair and pulled him towards her cunt.

As his mouth approached her quim he almost whispered “Please may I pleasure you Mistress.”

“You may lick my cunt slave,” she replied, and lay back to enjoy his efforts.

He licked her mound, either side if her lips feeling the warmth of her smooth skin, the hardened his tongue and tried to part her outer lips.

“Lips first,” was all she said and he made his tongue flat and wet and licked each lip with a firm, long wet stroke of his tongue, alternating left and right until they parted as her beautiful vagina moistened and dilated as if ready to take a long hard cock. He pressed his tongue flat against both lips and applied pressure to spread them even further, then licked upwards, tasting her cunt juice which was not flowing freely out of her fuck hole, until his tongue sought out her clit, hidden in its fleshy hood. At the first contact with it she moaned in appreciation, and he swirled his tongue around it repeatedly, in both directions, clockwise and anti clockwise as she grabbed a handful of hair and ground his face into her by now soaked crotch. Her first orgasm of the day was very intense, lasting several seconds, and left her gasping for air as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her gorgeous body and made her light headed and unable to move for a good thirty seconds.

He knew better than to lick her cunt when she got to this stage but licked the come from her perineum as it trickled out of her vagina down towards her lovely arsehole.

She glanced at the clock, and knew she didn’t have that much time, but she knew she did have enough time to reward him, which meant a nice firm spanking. She gently pushed him back and said “Good boy, would you like a reward?”

“Yes please Mistress.”

“Lie on the bed and put your hands behind your back.”

This wasn’t a usual position for a spanking, but as he climbed on the bed she threw a large pillow where she wanted him to lie, in order to raise his bottom into a perfect position to deliver his reward. Once he was in place, with his hand by his head, she went to the wardrobe and took out two leather belts and approached him.

Turning back towards the bed she said nothing but took his right hand from up by his head and turning his arm put it in the small of his back, the other followed and she told him to cross his wrists. She decided on the thinner of the two belts and wrapped it around his wrists, pulling it tight, and round again before putting the pin through the eye, fastening his wrists securely behind him. She say on the edge of the bed by his head and told him to look at her. He turned his head and looked up at her.

“You can either receive a long hard spanking now, which will continue until the doorbell rings or a dozen extra hard spanks now and the rest later.”

“But why until the doorbell rings Mistress?” asked her slave.

“Because I am expecting a guest, didn’t I tell you?” she replied disingenuously.

“No Mistress.”

“You didn’t think all of this,” she swept her hand down from her breasts to her side “is for you do you? I mean, the shaven cunt, the painted toenails, the brand new stockings, my favourite shoes?” He said nothing but she persisted “Well?”

“No, Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort of course not Mistress.”

She knew now that he was firmly, ehem, in his place, “So what’s it to be? Until the doorbell, or six of the very,” she paused dramatically “very best to each of those lovely plump cheeks?”

“So six of the best, doubled or to be saved by the bell?”

Of course he had no idea at what time her guest was expected, but Carol glanced at the clock, the guest was due in 5 minutes, but five minutes could become ten if he was running late, and you can receive a lot of spanks in ten minutes.

Her bedroom was silent, but she broke the tension by saying, rather tersely “Well,” accompanied by a hard slap to his left cheek, then “Do not keep me waiting, otherwise you will receive both punishments,” followed by an even harder slap to his right cheek.

He gasped and blurted out “Six of the best please Mistress.”

She wasted no time in standing up, and without pausing, raised her leg over his head, and shuffling across straddled his back high up on his shoulders. She lowered herself so that he was pinned securely to the bed. She could feel his hair tickling her bottom and reached behind her and grabbed a handful of hair. He knew the next word would be “Count!”, and she didn’t disappoint.

The first slap landed on his right cheek “One.”

The next on his left “Two.”

The next ten were varied but he never received more than three to one cheek consecutively. By the time he gasped “Twelve,” his bottom was glowing pink.

“Thank you Mistress, thank you for my reward.”

She stood and surveyed her handiwork and let a little “hmmm” escape her lips.

Then she bent over and without ceremony thrust her gorgeous arse into his face.

His tongue darted out to lick whatever he could. She spread her cheeks and backed further into his face. Her slave never expected to be given an extra reward but licked quickly and passionately, acutely aware that the doorbell might ring at any moment and his bliss would end as quickly as it began. She moved slightly forward so that all he could reach with his tongue was her arsehole, but he didn’t falter and although very much a novice in that department, knew what was expected of him and licked her bud with long wet strokes of his tongue. She moaned in appreciation, loving his submission and only heard the doorbell when it rang a second time. Carol stood and moved away from her prostrate slave.

“I will be busy entertaining for a while. However I will require your services a little later.”

She walked towards the door and turned “And of course there’s the small matter of the remainder of your reward.”

With that she left, closing the door behind her, turning the key in the lock. Her slave lay there his mind frantically trying to imagine what was happening on the other side of the locked door.

Carol walked to the front door and looked through the peephole, you can never be too careful, it would never do to open the door to a stranger almost naked. Partially perhaps, she mused, but dressed only in stockings and high heels, no that would never do.

Her guest stood there, looking around him, dressed in a blue checked shirt and grey combats, wringing his hands as if nervous. She thought “It’s been a long time but he’s kept himself in good shape.” She strightened her hold ups, smoothing then up her shapely legs, she rubbed her finger over her teeth, making sure there was no lipstick on them, took a deep breath then opened the door as he turned and beamed her a smile. Carol stepped back and opened the door further to let him enter. As he stepped inside, she closed the door behind him. He turned and looked her almost naked body up and down, admiring what he saw.

His hands were grubby, rather than dirty, and he held them out. “Was on a job, I came straight here, hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all, but maybe you’d like to jump into the shower.”

“Of course, yes,” he said, already unbuttoning his shirt.

Carol walked forward, brushing past him and pushed open the door of the spare room.

It was dark inside, but she stepped in and walked over to the bedside, flicking on a bedside lamp, illuminating the room. The principle colours were red, purple and black, the bedside rug a thick lush red, ideal, she thought, for extended kneeling.

She opened the bathroom door and stepped inside. There was a door at the opposite end which lead to her bedroom. Her breathing quickened in excitement at the thought of her slave being just the other side. She leaned in and turned on the shower, allowing it to heat up as he continued undressing in the hall. As she turned, he was completely naked, standing just inside the bedroom door.

“Wow, this is sexy, very Fifty Shades,” he said.

“Pah” she scoffed “what crap, I have a friend who could write a better book than that.”

“Oh? She sounds interesting.”

“Not she, he,” replied Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu Carol, “he writes me fabulous stories, they just need to be collated and linked together. However, never mind him for now, you need to get cleaned up.”

She stepped out, into the bedroom and held her hand to the side, in a mock gesture, as he stepped past her into the bathroom.

She couldn’t help herself, even though she promised herself she would be cool and detached. She stopped him by putting her arm across the door. He turned his head and she moved to him, her breasts pressing into his right arm, their mouths coning together in a feverish kiss, which lasted longer than it should have, their tongues entwined for the first time in several years.

He broke the kiss, lowering his mouth to her neck, and grunting “God I’ve missed you Carol, I’m so glad you came back.”

He licked down her neck, along her collar bone and then further down taking her nipple in his mouth, licking, kissing and then sucking it erect, before breaking away in a noisy slurp.

“Shower now!” she chided, and as she slid past him, playfully slapping his bare arse.

He stepped into the cubicle and she sat on the edge of the bath to watch him as the conversation continued. He soaped his hands and picked up the nail brush, scrubbing his palms clean. The water ran green and brown. Then he soaped his torso and turned his back as his washed down his body, and then his taut arse cheeks, then his legs and feet, before shampooing his short spiky hair and allowing the water to run over his face as he threw his head back, revelling in the warm cascade.

As his back was to her, She slipped off her shoes and pushed the hold ups down her thighs, past her knees and pulled each in turn off her feet, kicked them aside and stepped into the water, surprising him.

“Didn’t expect you to join me.”

Carol stepped slightly to his right and slipped her hand under his arm, running it over his chest and down to his tummy. As she stepped around him her left hand fell down to his left buttock and she dug her nails in, not too hard at first, as her right hand sought out his penis.

He was half erect, a lazy semi, and she wrapped her fingers around his thickening, hardening cock, squeezing it appreciatively, feeling it pulse back. She closed her eyes and put her head on his shoulder, kissing his upper arm, recalling the times gone by when he had fucked her deep and hard, and since when she hadn’t had a cock to match his, in either girth, length or staying power.

She slid her hand down his cock, down to the hilt, pulling his foreskin right back, then up the length, savouring each of his eight inches, her middle finger struggling to touch her thumb, such was his impressive girth.

She loosened her grip to move her hand, then tightened it again around his cock head and her third and pinky rubbing his glans. At that moment she dug her nails into his cheek hard, as hard as she did earlier with her slave, and his breath caught as he was swamped by pleasure and pain simultaneously.

Carol told him to turn off the shower and as he did she turned him to face her. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss and she pushed her chest into his, her nipples hardening against his torso.

His hands slid down onto her cute little arse and he grabbed her cheeks, pulling her into him, trapping his enormous cock between them. She broke the kiss and stepped back, bending forward and grabbing his cock at the base, peeled his foreskin back before sliding her ruby red lips over the shiny purple head.

“Oh my god Carol, I forgot how good you are at, argh,” his words cut short as she sank her teeth into the sensitive stretched foreskin behind the glans.

She bobbed her head on his cock, taking more and more until it was in her throat and she gagged a little, before withdrawing and repeating the process. Her cunt was already wet and very very hot, (or vice versa) from the earlier worship by her slave, and she wanted, nay needed his cock inside her.

“Come on,” she said hurriedly “lets get dried.”

No sooner had Carol said “let’s get dried” than she changed her mind: “But for now, just fuck me.”

She turned and put her hands on the tiles against the wall leading to her bedroom, with her back to her lover, she blew a kiss towards her slave, who she had left face down on her bed with his hands tied firmly behind him. She arched her back, shoving her cute little arse towards him, and he wanked his cock two, three times just to get it fully hard, rolling his foreskin right back and offering the shiny purple head to her vagina. She was slick and ready, and tried to relax her vaginal muscles to take the thick cock. He fed in an inch and she breathed through her nose, her forehead on the tiles, her breathing deepening as each and every hard thick inch penetrated her hot fuck hole.

As he approached the hilt, his cropped pubic hair nestling into her buttocks, she felt full and complete. At this moment, what could be better than this? Ok, she conceded, maybe her slaves tongue on her clit right now, concurrent with her lovers cock deep inside her, that might just be better, but how was she going to arrange that? She loved a challenge, especially an X rated one, and vowed to make it happen, if not today then before the end of the month.

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