Carl’s Special Holiday

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This is my first effort in quite a while — Family, health, etc.

Anyway for those who might remember me from a while ago, the ideas are starting to come again.

This began as a 3-4 page idea that grew just a little bit.

And, as usual, it may have an unconventional twist. I hope you all enjoy.

As usual; compliments inspire, criticism drives. Carl’s Special Holiday

The Young family was, basically, your average suburban family.

John, the father; commuted twenty five miles daily to his job, spent eight hours at a desk, then drove another twenty five miles home. Mondays and Wednesdays he stopped at the gym for two hours before going home. Tuesdays and Thursdays he spent an hour at the local pool. He had been on the swim teams in high school and college, and felt much better by keeping himself in shape.

The mother; Sharon, Worked part time at a local grocery, and also taught fitness classes twice a week. She had been cheer squad in high school and college, and thrilled at the sexy looks she still got after two (now late teen) kids.

The older child, Jean; now nineteen, was also cheer squad in high school, and now, in her first year of college, on that squad also. Jean was considered one of the sexiest gals on campus, but wasn’t dating anyone exclusively.

Carl, had graduated high school in June, and was now attending community college. Carl was a bit on the shy side, and had only a few dates in high school.

The Youngs were fairly casual about dress around the house. They weren’t nudists, but John didn’t mind wandering around the house in loose boxers. It wasn’t unusual for Sharon or Jean to appear wearing just a long and loose tee shirt. Carl felt comfortable in an old pair of board shorts and a tee.

It also wasn’t unusual for someone to just walk into the bathroom while another showered. The women had walked in on both John or Carl, often holding a conversation while using the toilet. And, of course, John and Carl had walked in on the women. Occasionally Sharon and Jean were helping each other in the shower. And a couple times Carl had walked in while his parents had ‘washed’ each other.


Carl was an ordinary, just out of high school, young adult. Between classes at the Junior College, swim team practice and a part time job he had absolutely no time for girl friends, and probably wouldn’t know what to do if he did. On his off hours he was more likely to be sleeping than anything else.

When he’d graduated school his dad gave him his car — a late eighties coupe – “Its practically a classic!” It ran, it never broke down, and kept him dry, What more could you ask?

All summer he’d saved every nickel he could, hoping to get a ’69 Mustang. That, in his mind was one beautiful car,

Unfortunately he was a long way from that. Now here came Christmas, his mother’s birthday, and oh yes, today was his.

Eighteen. That didn’t seem any different from yesterday. Except — he got to register for the draft now. Big Whoop!

Feeling pretty down, Carl stepped out of the “classic” and went in the kitchen door at home.


Everyone had gathered to wish him a Happy Birthday! Mom, Dad, his sister Jean, Aunt Evie and her kids. Even the Harrisons and their daughter from next door.

Everyone wore silly hats and were blowing noise makers. Some one put a hat on him, patted him on the back. He didn’t know who, because everything went blurry until he wiped the tears away.

There were several presents on the table, and a cake with eighteen burning candles. “Hurry up son, make a wish and then blow them out!” Said his dad.

Carl closed his eyes, thought his wish, then blew. In one rush, all the candles went out. He looked around as everyone applauded. The Harrisons’ daughter; Cathy, seemed to have an especially large smile for him. Looking into her eyes he thought he really needed to spare some time for women. Then it occurred to him that her birthday was next week. “Hmm, I wonder what she would like.”

The next hour passed quickly; the cake was his favorite — you know who was responsible for that, the presents were pretty much the normal stuff, though Cathy did give him a mix disc saying; “Listen too it tonight. I think you’ll like it.”

Later, after everyone had gone home, his dad said; “There’s one more gift for you, but it was too large to bring it in the house, so I stashed it in the garage.”

“Wow! I guess Dad got me the weight set I asked for.”

They stood him in front of the large door — His mother Sharon on one side, Sister Jean on the other. “Come on John,” Said his mother; “He’ll be nineteen before you open that door.”

“Well. I ‘m just not sure he’ll like this. Maybe I should have gotten the weight set.”

It wasn’t a weight set? What the heck could it be then? He hadn’t asked for anything else.

John pushed the button, and the door slowly rolled up. At first the garage was too dark to see anything but a couple bright reflections — like off chrome. But as his eyes adjusted, the chrome became Antep Escort Bayan a bumper, then a grill and headlights. It dawned on him that staring back at him was a ’69 Mustang!


His dad flicked the garage lights on, opened the driver side door, reached in and turned the key. The sweet, mellow sound of a Ford V-8 rumbled from the confined space. Carl stood rooted.

“Awright,” He thought.”I’ve been working way too hard. Now I’m hallucinating.”

“Son … You ok?”

Carl shook himself. “Uh, Dad? I’m a little confused here. What exactly am I looking at?”

“That, my fuzzy son is a 1969 Ford Mustang. And it’s yours. Happy Birthday!”

That was five days ago.

Now he drove the Mustang everywhere, and the “Classic” had a ‘For Sale’ sign in the window.

He’d even had the chance to give Cathy a couple rides. On the first one she’d asked if he liked the disc. Carl just pushed a button on the car radio and they listened to her disc. She smiled as the soft and soothing sounds purred through the speakers. Her hand caressed his thigh. “You’re always so tense, I thought this would help.”


Friday he arrived home a little after seven, beat as always. All he wanted was food, shower, sleep.

Mom greeted him with a large, long hug. She stepped back — holding him at arm’s length. “My goodness, your father is right, you have grown into quite a man. Anyway, I have dinner on the table for you. After you shower we’d like you to join us in the den.

He couldn’t help noticing the short skirt and high heels she wore. Maybe Mom and Dad were going out later. As tired, and hungry, as he was, the memory of his mom’s legs — and now he remembered her perfume — caused a stir in his pants.

Getting a hardon over Mom was a common occurrence for him. He didn’t think any more of that then he did of the woody he got last summer whenever he saw Cathy Harrison in her back yard. He just knew that when he saw a good looking woman he got hard. The picture of Cathy in a blue bikini flashed before his eyes, quickly followed by his mother, and his sister; all in small bikinis.

Sighing, Carl finished his lonely dinner, rinsed the plate, and put plate, glass and silver into the dish washer, and pushed the buttons. Just like every night.


Standing in the hot shower, letting the heat ease his tired muscles, he heard the door open and close. Looking through the steamy glass he saw his dad at the door.

“Carl, do you mind if I join you?”

“Join me?”

“Sure. I’ll scrub your back, and you scrub mine. Usually your mother does it, but, well, you saw how dressed she is.”

“Yeah, sure Dad. I guess it’ll be ok. After all, I’m always sharing showers with the team.” John joined Carl, stepped under the shower head, and asked him to scrub his back. Carl soaped up a cloth and started on his dad’s back. “Whoa, I should have mentioned; I prefer a bare hand. I think the cloth is too rough.”

Shrugging, Carl soaped his hands, and began at his dad’s shoulders, massaging his way over and down the back. He was somewhat surprised by the tone of his dad’s muscles. “I hadn’t thought about it before, but for a guy that works in an office… you’re pretty fit.”

“You forget; I was swim team in high school and college. I was so used to being this way that I’ve always maintained it. Besides, it turns your mom on. That alone makes it worth it. you’ll see.”


“Never mind. That feels good, keep going.”

Carl worked his way down John’s back, at first admiring the muscular tone, but soon relishing the feeling of another person’s skin under his hands. The fact of that person being related to him meant much less than the sensuousness of the contact. He wondered what Cathy felt like. What about Mom? Sis?

His penis began to rise, at one point brushing briefly against John’s thigh.

John had noticed Carl’s scrubbing slowing and becoming more caressing. And when a penis brushed him, he smiled to himself. Of course he was half-hard himself.

“Ok, my turn. Turn around, and put your hands on the wall.”

“Why? You didn’t do that?”

“You didn’t think of it. Go ahead, you’ll like it.” John soaped his hands and began rubbing Carl’s well developed back. John made no pretense of washing his son; everything he had in mind was sensual. He worked up the arms to Carl’s wrists — and then stroking his way down each arm, then across the well defined shoulders.

Both hands, working in unison, traced the muscles of the back, all the way to the narrow waist.

“You can always tell a swimmer; the well defined back, the broad shoulders, the narrow waist, and …” he said, his hands following along, “of course the tight butt and hard legs.”

His fingers flowed into Carl’s cleft, and then burrowed a bit into his ass.

“Whoa!” Said Carl, as he jumped a little.

“”You ok?” Asked his dad.

“Yeah, just a bit surprised.”

“Well, we want to be sure you’re all clean.”

John leaned in against his son, rinsing the soap off. Of course he just happened to lightly press his rising cock against the cleft of Carl’s butt. He heard the sharp intake of breath, and felt the slight push-back. “Ok. Stand up, and I’ll do your front.”

Carl began to turn, but his dad stopped him. “No, no. Just stand there. I’ll do it like this.”

He reached his soapy hands around, pulling Carl against him as he ran hands across the young man’s chest, fingers lingering on nipples, before moving down to the tight abs. After a moment there, he pushed down, grasping Carl’s ever hardening cock in a slippery grip. John stroked Carl several times before stopping and backing away.

” Do you know how different we are from most families?”

“I know most dads don’t help their adult kids get clean. If that’s what you mean.”

“That’s part of it. But we also share our love; for instance your mother and Jean. They’re lovers. And …”

“You and Jean? Sure, I’ve known about that for a while. I’ve even walked in here a couple times when you were ‘helping her get clean'”

“And here I thought I was going to surprise you.”

“So what’s this about?”

“You, my well hung son, are about to be inducted into the wonderful world of family love.”

“Isn’t that called incest?”

“Not by us.”

John gave Carl one more stroke and said; “Ok, we’d better rinse off. The ladies are waiting for us.”

Carl shook himself as his dad stepped out and began to towel off. What the hell was he about to get into? And did he care?

John and Carl, wearing just silk, mid-length robes styled for the holidays, joined Sharon and Jean in the den. A Christmas tree stood lit in one corner, and holiday music quietly set a festive mood. The lights were turned down, but not too much.

The women were cuddled together on the couch, sipping wine and talking quietly. They wore matching robes. Sharon’s right hand – tucked inside her daughter’s robe, obviously caressing a breast.

She smiled as the men entered the room. “Oh good, you’re finally here. Now we can let the fun begin.” She waved her son over as Jean rose, and without even straightening her disheveled robe, moved to her father.

“Come sit beside me while I explain a couple things.” She patted the couch next to her, then draped an arm over his shoulder. Her robe gaped open, her left tit exposed all the way to a brown nipple.

“Carl, you know I love you. We all love you. Now in most families that would be the extent of it, but in our family it usually means a lot more.”

“Now, you must understand that everything from this point on is entirely dependent on you. You, and we, will only do what you are comfortable with. We introduced your sister to this last year, when she turned eighteen. And now, well, just look at her and dad …”

Jean knelt before her dad; John’s robe wide open and his daughter’s hands all over his chest as she kissed all over his hard cock. Of course, John’s hand were just as busy guiding her head firmly, even as he whispered words of love.

“Mom … You are one of the sexiest, hottest, most desirable women I have ever seen. And Jean is right up there too. Truth be told, I get hard just about any time you walk by, and that open robe right now isn’t exactly a turn off. So, if you’re offering what I think you are … I’m in.”

“Excellent! In that case …” And she turned to sit on his lap, pulling her robe wide open; “I’d like to introduce you to my girls. They have been waiting for you.”

“But,” Carl added; “I don’t know what to do.”

“Even better. We’ll teach you everything. By the time we’ve finished, no woman will be able to say you didn’t satisfy her.”

“And maybe a few men also!” Added his dad. Jean just giggled as she rose up to insert her father into her glistening pussy.


“Well since we are starting from the very beginning, let’s start with kisses. Just follow my lead.

While Sharon began Carl’s lessons, Jean and John maintained a slow pace, fucking just enough to fully enjoy, but not so much as to climax — that was being saved for just a little while.

Sharon leaned to her son, planting kisses along his jaw line , and then leading up to his lips. The first kisses were light, tender. And Carl followed in response. When her tongue tickled on his lips he automatically responded; allowing her in.

Now Sharon upped the heat; her kisses becoming firmer, more passionate. She began moaning into her son’s mouth; the very sensuality driving her. She finally reached a moment where she had to break for air, or collapse.

“Now it’s your turn; show me what you’ve learned.”

Carl hadn’t missed all the passion in his mother’s kisses, and instantly responded; first with light kisses along her jaw, then to her lips. He couldn’t keep things light for more than a few seconds. The heat of her lips, the tits pressing his chest, the pussy grinding his hard-as-a-rock dick, were all more than he could take.

Carl pushed his mother back just enough to access her bountiful tits, bent, and sucked.

There was no gentleness here; he wanted her with a desire that had been years in building. He sucked those hot globes, his hands mauling them as he pulled them to him.

Sharon was ecstatic, she had been waiting for this day since Carl’s fourteenth birthday, when his body took on a swimmers shape. Now she had him. Even as the pain of his attack on her tits seared her brain, she ground down on his cock. Only a thin piece of material stood between them.

She ripped the robe away, grabbed his throbbing cock, and measured it with her hand. “Holy Shit! This thing is bigger than John’s!”

Not waiting any longer, Sharon rose up, guided his member to her flowing opening, and sat. Or rather tried to sit. He had more girth than she was accustomed to. A smile crossed her lips. “My, my, you are a man. I’m going to enjoy this, but it’ll take a little bit.”

“Mom … I may not last. You’re so tight. Mom. I’m getting there!”

“Hold on son, just let me get to the bottom. Then I’ll show you something. Damn, almost there. Almost. Oh shit that’s deep. Ok, any time you want, cum for me. Now, Now, give it …”

Carl blew cum that had been building in him for weeks. He let everything out with the bellow of a wild man. Forcing his mother up and down on his pole; jacking himself into her flooded womb. Sharon responded with a quivering climax; the muscles within her going into involuntary spasms.

John, looking over Jean’s shoulder, witnessed his son’s first climax with a woman. “Now Jean! Now we go!” Grabbing his daughter’s hips, he lifted and dropped her, the impacts sending shock waves through her body, her tits flopping in his face.

With a roar that matched his son’s, John spewed hot cum deep into his gasping daughter. They both sat, quivering and gasping for air. “Christ Dad! We should have had him fucking Mom months ago!”

“Yeah, but you know why we waited. Let’s go clean them up.”

“Ok, but I want to get all his cum out of Mom.”

“Just like we know she’ll clean you. And guess who I get.”

“Do you think he’ll go for it? If he does, we’ll want to watch!”

“Leave it to me.”

Jean tapped her mother on the shoulder. “Mom? Do you think you can move? Come join me on the rug, we can clean each other.”

“Just give me a minute. I think I just fucked a horse. You’re going to like this.”

Sharon slipped from Carl’s lap and crawled to her daughter splayed out on the rug. She placed her flowing pussy over the girl’s mouth and lowered until she felt her searching tongue. Then Mother dipped to daughter’s overflowing gash, using her tongue to scoop out the treasure.

John joined his son on the couch, his hand immediately reaching for Carl’s half deflated cock. Slowly he stroked as they watched the women in a wild sixty-nine.

Hands clenched buttocks, pulling swollen pussy lips to ravishing mouths. All the while panting, groaning, writhing.

Without even a moment of hesitation, Carl returned the favor.

As the two on the floor reached mutual, moaning climax, the men’s tempo increased until finally both were hard again. As the women parted John pulled Carl to him and gave him a full, deep kiss; “Come on, now it’s our turn.”

They dropped to the floor; Carl on his back, his father kneeling to take the massive cock in his mouth for the first time. There was no way he could take it all, so he began by licking all over — savoring his wife’s flavors mixed with the new taste of his own son’s cum.

Carl nudged his father around until the older man’s cock dangled over his face. He studied it for a moment; fascinated by how similar, yet different it was to his own. Then he reached up, clasped his dad’s hips and pulled him down to his open mouth.

The women watched in awe as Carl took John’s cock all the way. Balls brushing chin, nose buried in scrotum.

Pushed to return the favor John sucked harder, taking as much in as he could. Drool dripped along Carl’s cock as his father struggled with the challenge

Hands gripped butts, mouths swallowed cocks, and fingers explored ass holes. What ever John did, Carl copied. And when John couldn’t hold out any longer, they spewed cum deep into each others throats.

Spent, the men rolled apart.

Sharon and Jean; awed by what they had just witnessed, sat mute for a moment, and then quietly applauded.

“That was just beautiful,” Sharon said. “Would anyone like some nog as we recover?”


“For Carl’s sake, let’s cover a few ground rules. Ok?”

“Like what, Dad?”

“Let me tell him.” said Jean. “First and foremost; this is strictly family business, the only people that need to know about us are the ones we are fucking.”


“It’s ok Mom, that is what we are doing. Next; We only do what our sex partner wants to do; we don’t force anyone into anything. (there is an exception, but that’s for another time). NO excessive pain, no humiliation. And of course, behave as normal in public.”

“That all seems easy enough. So are then restrictions on when and where I can fuck someone? Like Mom — if you turn me on in the kitchen … can I bend you over the table?”

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