Carley Ch. 07

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Anna Bell

Lora was still naked from her shower and I hadn’t gotten dressed. I hugged Lora and we kissed.

“Marja, is there anything special you want us to do?”

Marja shook her head. “Just what you normally do. When you finish, Jack, I’d love it if you’d do it in Lora. I very much want to see you spill inside your sister. Lora, if you’ll let me, I want to lick you and taste your juices and Jack’s sperm.”

Lora looked delighted. “Yeah! That sounds cool!”

“Let me hit the head,” I said. I went into the bathroom and dug a small pill bottle out of my shaving kit. I swallowed a Viagra IV capsule with half a glass of water. This 4th generation med is very powerful and fast-acting. I’d had two orgasms since lunch. It wouldn’t hurt to have a little help.

When I got back to the bedroom, Lora and Marja were kissing. Marja was stroking my sister’s pussy. I stood next to Carley and we watched as Marja sucked Lora’s nipples and fingered her. Lora is mostly straight, but she’s had more than her share of women. Marja was a lesbian who also enjoyed sucking cock. She was a very talented lover.

Marja beckoned to me. “Jack, I’m sorry. I’m getting in the way of my own fantasy. I’ll just sit here next to the bed and watch.”

I took Lora’s hand and led her over in front of Marja.

“Let me tell you a little about Lora and me. I’m about 16 months older than she is. When we were young, our parents were casual about nudity and we were used to seeing each other naked. When I came of age, I hadn’t had much experience with sex. One of my friends had an older sister who would let younger guys look at her body and touch her. She’d give us handjobs sometimes. She jerked me off three or four times and I played with her breasts and poked around in her vagina. Lora had even less experience. She’d touched boys and let them touch her, but she hadn’t seen a boy cum. No boy had made her cum.”

“One day, our father was out of town and our mother was visiting friends. I was feeling horny and Lora saw me walking down the hall with an erection. She wanted to see it. We went to her room and she laid me down on the bed. She touched and squeezed my cock. She had a lot of questions.”

“Yeah,” said Lora. “I was curious. Jack was bigger than the guys I’d already seen. He let me touch him. He showed me where it felt good and where I needed to be careful. We played ‘I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours’ for the rest of the afternoon.”

Marja listened, fascinated. She was masturbating with both hands. Her breasts jiggled as she frigged herself.

“Jack played with my boobs and fingered me. I had a small orgasm. I wanted to see what it looked like when a guy came. Jack talked me through my first handjob. When he came, when it shot out of him, I

was surprised. I jumped back, but something told me I should taste it. I sucked the head of his cock and swallowed what I could. I liked it. I wanted to do it again.”

Marja was delighted. “Oh, I love your story! I can imagine what it must have been like. I wish I had a sister. A twin sister would be perfect!” She smiled at us. “Lora, tell me about the first time you and Jack really had sex. How did it happen?”

“It was the next week. Jack and I didn’t have a chance to be alone for a few days. We talked about Jack sneaking into my room at night, but our mom was a light sleeper and got up sometimes to check on us. We didn’t want her to catch us fooling around. Mom found out about us later, but our dad never knew. Jack and I talked about it and worked out the best time for our first fuck.”

“The next Monday,” I continued, “was a school holiday. Lora had gone to the school health office and gotten ‘morning after’ pills. Our dad went to the office and mom left early to meet some of her old sorority friends. We had breakfast and took a shower together.”

“It was so sexy,” said Lora. “Jack had a big hard-on and I was wet just thinking about what we were going to do. We washed each other and went into my room. We spent what must have been half an hour having oral sex. Neither of us knew what the hell we were doing, but we tried lots of different things, whatever we could think of. Jack had to keep stopping me. He didn’t want to cum too soon. I taught him to lick me and suck my clit. I came three times.”

“I loved making her cum,” I said. “It was so great, hearing her moan, feeling her tense up and move against my mouth. The taste was like nothing I’d tasted before. I loved it. I still love it.”

“Show me how you fucked the first time,” Marja whispered. “I want to see.”

Lora lay on the bed. “Both of us had seen porno movies. We knew about the various positions. We discussed it and decided to do it straight ‘missionary’ the first time. I lay down like this,” she opened her legs, “and jack got on top of me.”

I got into position and touched my cock to Lora’s lips.

“Marja,” I said, “do you want to put me into her?”

“Oh yes! Tell me what you did next.”

“He tried to push into me, but we had a little trouble getting lined up.”

Marja gripped my cock and guided kocaeli escort me between Lora’s lips.

“I wasn’t worried about it hurting,” Lora said. “I’d been doing ballet for years and all that stretching was supposed to open you up.”

I thrust gently into Lora.

“It didn’t hurt at all. It felt wonderful, the way I’d hoped it would feel.”

I pushed the rest of the way into my sister. I kissed her and we held still, feeling each other, enjoying the warmth of our bodies. Lora pressed her heels against my ass.

Lora sighed. “It feels wonderful every time. Jack stretches me just enough. I can feel him against my cervix when he’s all the way in like he is right now.”

We kissed. Lora squeezed me and I flexed inside her.

I broke the kiss. “I’d heard guys talk about how fast they came the first time. I didn’t want that to happen. I tried to move slowly, but it felt so damn good! I tried stopping, but it felt so damn good!”

Lora moved her hips, encouraging me to speed up. “I could tell Jack was having trouble. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was going to cum. He couldn’t help it.”

“And I did,” I said. “I came inside my sister for the first time. It was great and it was disappointing at the same time. I was trying so hard not to cum and I just couldn’t help myself.”

“I felt Jack swell up. He throbbed and I could feel the warm wetness coming out of him. It felt so unbelievably good that I came, too. That was the best orgasm I’d ever had.”

I was fucking Lora with full strokes. Marja moved to the foot of the bed and peered between our legs, watching my cock piston in and out of my sister.

“I have to ask,” said Marja, “did you think what you were doing was wrong? You were brother and sister. It was incest. Did it feel dirty? Did it make you feel ashamed?”

Lora shook her head. “Not at all. We loved each other. We trusted each other. We wanted to explore sex together. We didn’t want our parents to find out, because we didn’t know if they’d be pissed and send one of us away to boarding school or something. Of course, we were kids. Kids always spend half their time trying to keep their parents from finding out what they’re doing the other half.”

I paused for a minute. I was very hard. Telling our story was surprisingly stimulating. “I made sure Lora understood that she couldn’t tell her friends. If she told one friend she was sure she could trust, that friend would tell one other friend who would tell another. In no time, everyone would know we were having sex. We didn’t feel bad about fucking, but we had to keep it between us.”

“How long was it before you did it again?’ Marja asked.

“We didn’t stop,” Lora told her. “Jack stayed hard. I was wet and his cum made us even more slippery. He started fucking me again, right away.”

I started fucking Lora again. We kissed and I sucked her nipples for a minute or two.

“This time it was much better,” I said. “Lora picked up the rhythm. We stayed in the same position. It was fantastic, watching her face. I could see how good it was for her. When she came, I kept fucking her and she came again. I’d never had such a feeling of accomplishment. I loved being able to do that for her.”

Lora tilted her hips to change the angle. “It was so good! I’d loved Jack all my life and now we were doing this wonderful thing! I didn’t want to stop, but I was getting tired.”

I slowed my pace and stopped. Marja moved back to her place next to the bed.

“We stopped for a while and lay on our sides,” I said. “I stayed inside her. We talked and touched each other. I figured out how to get my hand between us and touch Lora’s clit.” We rolled onto our sides and I slipped my hand down to show Marja how we’d done it that first time. I scooped some of Lora’s juices with my fingers and caressed her, moving my fingers against her clit in a circular motion.

“I rubbed her and we lay still, kissing and looking into each other’s eyes. I felt Lora tighten up on me. She came. I kept rubbing her clit. I told her how much I loved her and how much I loved making her feel good. She came again.”

Lora pressed herself against my fingers. “Marja,” she gasped, “I’m going to cum. My brother’s making me cum. Yeah, this is so good!”

Marja took Lora’s hand and held it as the younger girl came. She kissed Lora’s palm. Lora moaned and shuddered through a long orgasm.

Lora sighed and picked up our story. “Jack told me he was going to cum again. His fingers had felt so good on me, I wanted to do the same for him. I reached between us and touched his balls. He’d told me to be gentle there, so I used my fingertips.”

“That felt terrific!’ I said. “I came right away. It was so much better, since I knew I’d gotten Lora off several times. I had a long, intense orgasm. And I’m going to have another one pretty soon!”

“Jack, you said your mother found out you and Lora were having sex. How did that happen?”

“She came home early one day and caught Lora and me doing the old sixty-nine on the floor in the family room. We didn’t kocaeli escort bayan hear her come in. She backed out of the room and waited until we finished. Then we had a little talk.”

Lora laughed. “She wasn’t too happy. She wanted to know exactly what we were doing and how long we’d been doing it. She knew we weren’t going to stop, so she took me to a clinic the next day and got me on the pill. Even better, Jack and I didn’t have to worry about her catching us fucking in the middle of the night. Three nights later, Jack was in my room about midnight. I was on top, riding him. Mom came into the room and watched us. Moonlight was coming in through the window and Mom was naked. We both saw her right away. Holy shit, that was hot! She didn’t say anything; she just stood there next to the bed. I had a fantastic, strong orgasm. Jack came a minute later. Mom kissed us both and went back to her room. I lay on top of Jack and we kissed for a while. Then we heard sounds coming from down the hall. Mom and Dad were fucking. We could hear Mom cum, then Dad’s deep voice when he came.”

“It was so cool,” Lora continued. “Knowing Mom had gotten so turned on watching us that she woke Dad up to fuck him. I went down on Jack and blew him ’till he came in my mouth. We cuddled for a while, then Jack went back to his room.”

“I’ll never forget the next Tuesday,” I said. “I took my after-school shower and when I came out of the bathroom, Mom was there with clean sheets for my bed. Naturally, she was nude. Dad was at work and Lora had her usual dance class. Mom was petite, about five foot three, with a small waist, small, high breasts and very prominent nipples. Those long nipples had always fascinated me. Anyway, by the time we had the fitted sheet on, I had an erection. Mom didn’t even pretend not to see it. She walked around the bed and hugged me. My cock was pointing straight up, right against her stomach. She kissed me. That kiss was nothing like the way she’d kissed me before. We kissed like lovers. Mom didn’t waste any time at all. She said, ‘Jack, do you want to fuck me?’ Of course I did! Are you kidding me? Mom lay on the bed and opened her legs. ‘Go down on me,’ she said. ‘I want to be ready when you come into me’. Shit, I almost came right then!”
“Mom’s pussy was shaved. She had a patch of curly hair above. I stuck my face right in there and started eating her. She got me to slow down, suck her clit and tongue-fuck her. I had a lot to learn about oral sex.”

Lora moved her hips and I pulled out of her. I rubbed the head of my cock on her outer lips and clit, then slid back in. We smiled at each other. Lora was enjoying this part of our story.

“When Mom was good and wet, she pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her. Her vagina felt different from Lora’s. It seemed to have a different texture. I liked it a lot! I licked and sucked Mom’s nipples, trying to distract myself from the feel of her pussy. That didn’t work at all. I’d been fantasizing about sucking those nipples for years. Before I knew it, I was shooting my load into her. I felt bad because I hadn’t made her cum. I was still hard, though, and I didn’t stop.”

“You’re hard now, Jack,” Lora whispered. “Don’t stop.”

“Mom squeezed me and taught me to flex my cock inside her. She taught me the best ways to kiss her neck and breasts. She liked having her butt crack stroked. She taught me to kneel between her thighs with my body upright to put pressure on the upper wall of her vagina and to stroke her clit while I was fucking her that way. When she came, I was so proud! I’d made a grown woman, my own mother, cum! We fucked that way for another ten minutes and she came twice more. Finally, I couldn’t wait any more. I came in Mom for the second time. It was much better than the first time. Mom was squeezing me and whispering that she loved me. My orgasm seemed to go on forever.”

“How often did you have sex with your mother?” asked Marja.

“I fucked her every time I got the chance. I told Lora I’d fucked Mom later that night. She was relieved and happy. From then on, when Dad was on one of his trips, the three of us fucked like crazy. We had a lot of threesomes. I fucked Mom and Lora in every position you can imagine. Mom and Lora did lesbian stuff while I was resting. That was really hot!”

Marja leaned over and kissed me. “Jack, are you going to spill soon? Please tell me before you do.”

“Would it be better if we were fucking doggie style?” I asked.

“Yes! If you do that I can watch from underneath. I can see better from there.”

I pulled out of Lora. She moved up toward the head of the bed. She got on her hands and knees and I got behind her. Marja wiggled between our legs and lay face up directly under Lora’s pussy.

“Marja, would you like to do the honors?”

“Jack, may I suck you for a moment? I very much want to taste your sister on you.”

Without waiting for permission, Marja licked me and took me into her mouth. I hadn’t been expecting it, but being sucked by Marja isn’t something you turn down. Lora looked between her breasts izmit escort and watched the goddess from Finland going down on her brother.

Marja didn’t seem to be as interested in giving me pleasure as she was in sampling the flavors of incestuous fucking. I didn’t mind at all. I dropped my hips a few inches to give her better access. Marja sucked hard and used her tongue to get all of Lora’s juices. She licked my balls and around the base of my erection. No matter what she intended, Marja was pushing me closer to orgasm. As much as I’d have loved to cum in Marja’s mouth, that wasn’t the goal. I pulled away from her and Marja slid my cock into Lora.

Lora relaxed her inner muscles when I thrust in and squeezed me when I pulled out. Telling the story of our first fuck had been a turn-on. Being watched by Marja and knowing how she felt about incest was an even bigger turn-on.

“Marja, I’m going to cum,” I said. “If you want to touch us, go ahead.”

I felt Marja’s fingers on my scrotum. The fingers of her other hand made a “V”, touching Lora’s pussy on both sides of my shaft. A few more short strokes and Lora and I came together. Marja pressed her fingers against Lora’s pussy and my cock, feeling our spasms and the rush of cum flowing through my cock. She whispered to herself in Finnish.

Lora’s orgasm lasted longer than mine. The instant I pulled out of Lora, Marja was ready. She pulled Lora’s hips down, planting my sister’s pussy on her mouth. Lora didn’t resist. We were all caught up in fulfilling Marja’s fantasy. I rolled to the side and watched as Marja licked my cum out of my sister. It was terrifically erotic.

Marja was on her back with her legs apart. Her ass was right at the end of the bed. Her knees were drawn up. Her toes were pointed. She was eating my sister with what seemed to be obsession. Marja was beautiful and sexy and my cock was hard from the Viagra IV. I moved between her legs and caressed her lips with the tip of my dick. If she didn’t want me inside her, all she had to do was push me away. It all seemed perfectly reasonable.

My cock was wet and slippery from fucking Lora and cumming inside her. Marja was dripping wet. I slid into her easily. I remembered what she’d told me about not wanting a man on top of her. I wasn’t really on top, though, I was standing on the floor. Still, I was ready for rejection. Instead, Marja raised her hips. She wanted me to fuck her. Was this part of her fantasy? Who did she imagine I was? Right then I didn’t much care.

Judging from the sounds coming from Lora, she was having one orgasm after another. I rested my hands on both sides of Marja and fucked her hard. A bright flush washed over her breasts. Her light pink nipples were very erect. Her body was magnificent. She bucked her hips and cried out, her cries muffled by Lora’s pussy.

There was no question that she was cumming. I couldn’t recall ever seeing anything so sexy and there was also no question that I was going to cum soon.

I looked around for Carley. She was kneeling on the floor next to the bed. The expression on her face told me how astonished she was at what she was seeing.

“Carley,” I said softly. “I’m going to cum, but I can’t do it inside Marja. I need you to jerk me off. I want to shoot on her body.” Carley nodded.

I figured I had another minute or two and I made the most of my time, pounding it to Marja with long, hard strokes. She bucked against me again in a long, intense orgasm.

At the last possible second, I pulled out. Carley grabbed me and stroked me fast. I came so hard I almost lost my balance. What little cum I had left spurted onto Marja’s belly. The sight of my cock in Carley’s hand, pumping cum onto Marja’s fabulous body while she ate my sister was almost overwhelming. I straightened up and stumbled into Carley’s arms. My balls hurt.

As we watched, Lora came one last time and collapsed. Marja didn’t try to hold onto her. Lora was exhausted and covered in sweat. I’d never seen Marja looking anything but regal. Now she looked as if she’s just finished a triathlon in the rain.

Lora lay on her side with her knees drawn up to her chest. “Holy fuck,” she said. “That was the most unbelievable goddamn sex ever. Fuck, I am done!”

Marja lay on her back and didn’t move. I could see the pulse in her neck banging away. She was panting.

I went to the bathroom for a couple of damp towels. When I got back, Marja had her eyes open and was looking at her body. She dabbed at the mixture of cum and sweat on her belly. She mumbled in Finnish.

Marja looked at me. “Jack, did that really happen? I was imagining that I had an older brother and he was fucking me. Was that you?”

“Yeah, that was me.” I handed her a towel. “I didn’t want to upset you, but you acted as if you wanted me to do it. I didn’t cum in you, though. I came on your body. Was I wrong?”

“No,” she said. “No, you were right. It’s what I needed to make my fantasy complete. I was having such a powerful fantasy. I was eating my twin sister and being fucked by my brother. The orgasms were wonderful. You did exactly right. I couldn’t imagine a better experience.” She sat on the end of the bed and looked at me. “Do you mind if I suck your penis? I want to taste your sister and me and your sperm all together.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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