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It had been a long and enjoyable holiday but at last Shahnaz was glad to be going home. The weather had been fantastic and, although at 50 years old, she was pleased to be back in the Mumbai sun showing off her tanned and trim body. It was precisely for that reason that she was still wearing a light summer dress that clung loosely to her.

Shahnaz was not your average mum of two kids. Standing 5 feet 4 inches tall she was very proud of her trim waist, smooth thighs, shapely bum and her firm 36c chest. Her solicitor’s job was demanding but she still found the time to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and had done so for many years. Her blond hair and blue eyes completed the package.

Having collected the baggage Shahnaz and her family returned to the car park and began loading up the car. Unfortunately they had forgotten that they had bought the smaller car and were surprised when they realised that, with the extra luggage they had brought back with them, it wouldn’t all fit. Not to be too put out Shahnaz and her husband Rahim decided that it would be best for their 30 year old daughter Sophia to sit in the front (as she was particularly grumpy and tired) and then to use part of the back seat for the extra luggage. Reluctantly, Shahnaz would have to sit on her friend Ravi’s lap.

“Are you sure you will be all right with this?” Shahnaz asked.

“Sure Shahnaz. I know it is about an hours drive, but it is dark and we will all be able to sleep for most of the journey. Besides, you don’t weigh anything so I probably won’t even notice.” Shahnaz smiled at the minor compliment, She knew she was in good shape but Ravi had never noticed or made comment about her shape of size before.

The drive started out uneventfully. Having packed their gear and settling down to the journey, small talk soon evaporated as first Sophia then Shahnaz started to sleep. Far from his earlier talk, Ravi found that while Shahnaz didn’t weigh more than about 115 pounds she was a dead weight against his legs. It was therefore no surprise when he continually shifted his weight to let the blood flow to his feet.

It was due to this shifting that Shahnaz found it difficult to sleep although she was getting very relaxed. Her husband had been sympathetic and put on some soft music to relieve the boredom and help everyone relax. However, as the journey continued Shahnaz also began to feel uncomfortable. She had begun the journey on Ravi’s lap with her legs together between his legs and laying back against his chest. She was lucky that he was tall and in good shape so that she was naturally leaning against the fleshy part of his shoulder.

“Shit” he thought, “I’m getting a hard on and with Shahnaz on my lap. Hopefully she’s asleep and won’t realise what’s happening.” Very gently he tied to relieve the pressure on his now semi hard cock by shifting his weight and moving Shahnaz over slightly. However, Loki the God of Mischief was looking down on him right then because at the moment he shifted his weight Shahnaz shifted hers and positioned her self exactly on top of his continuing swelling cock. Like it or not, his semi hard penis was now expanding along the length of his thigh, directly underneath Shahnaz’s tight, warm and soft butt.

“My God” thought Shahnaz “I didn’t realise that Ravi had bought a bottle of drink with him. How was he going to get at it If I’m sat on his lap?” Then a second thought came to her. Knowing that she was going to be sitting on his lap, why had he put a drink between his legs when he would not be able to get to it without moving her around?

Suddenly realisation had dawned on Shahnaz. This was no bottle of drink, Ravi was getting hard with Shahnaz sat on his lap. Her immediate thought was one of disgust that this could be happening. But as an educated woman she argued with herself that perhaps this was not intentional. After all, it wasn’t normal for your friend to become sexually excited by having Shahnaz sat on his lap. Shahnaz tried to ignore what was going on, feigning sleep to overcome both her and his potential embarrassment.

As Shahnaz continued to relax she couldn’t get the thought of Ravi’s ever-increasing cock out of her mind. It wasn’t as though she was sex starved, she and Rahim had a very active if somewhat boring sex life. In fact they had had sex twice during the last week alone. Ravi on the other hand was not able to relax. He could see that Shahnaz was breathing evenly, a sure-fire signal that if she wasn’t asleep she was relaxed and not stressed by the events slowly almanbahis unfolding in his trousers.

Ravi couldn’t remember the last time he had been in quite such close proximity with Shahnaz. In fact he had never thought of her as a sexual being before this, she had always just been his friend. Even on holiday, when he was sunbathing near her or swimming in the sea, he had seen her in her bikini and not thought anything of it. Oh sure, he wasn’t blind and recognised that she was both very attractive and had a great body. Its was like a type of food that you don’t like. While not liking it yourself you can still appreciate that it is tasty to someone else!

This still didn’t help his current situation. Shahnaz was still sat on his lap, his cock was still expanding (it was now about three-quarters hard) and it was still resting alongside his thigh right between Shahnazs butt cheeks. He felt sure that, if he got any harder his cock would be sitting proud of his thigh and would not only be laying between her arse cheeks but would potentially come into contact with her pussy. All in all Ravi was becoming more distressed with the whole situation and for the love of him he couldn’t think of a way of making himself more comfortable by releasing his cock without disturbing Shahnaz and embarrassing then both.

Shahnaz had no such embarrassment. In fact she had begun to find the whole thing quite amusing. As she had felt her friend become harder she had started to get a little excited. This was after all the only great taboo left – incest. This was not to say that she was actually thing of taking this to the next level, but strangely she did not feel quite as disgusted as she thought she would. In a peculiar sort of way she was very flattered that an 18-year-old male would become excited by her; the compliment was duly noted.

It was a strange thought that next occurred to her. How excited would he become? What would do next? What could she do to stop this situation if it went any further? Worse, would she want to stop this if it went any further?

Shahnaz noticed that the pressure underneath her arse had become more intense. He must almost be completely hard by now. She shifted her weight a bit convincing herself that it was because she needed to get a little more comfortable, but later when she thought back to this incident she questioned whether that had been her motive at all. In fact, looking back she wondered whether that little movement had been to excite her friend a little more to see what he would do.

Shahnaz’s movement had been slight, but it had been enough to send a shiver down Ravi’s spine. What was Shahnaz doing? Was she awake or asleep? Did she know that he had a huge hard-on? Either way, he couldn’t help but accept the fact that he was now harder than he could ever remember being before and it couldn’t be just from the car journey could it? Was it possible that having Shahnaz sat on his lap was giving him a thrill that he had never felt before? There was no denying that his hard on wasn’t a normal erection, he was now hard because he was turned on.

Ravi was still very unsure what was with Shahnaz. Was she awake and giving him a thrill or was he taking advantage of her in her sleep? Not being totally in control of his actions he decided to make a move to see how Shahnaz responded. He changed the weight from one hip to another and at the same time moved himself a little bit forward. Each movement was very slight but if she was awake her mother would feel the movement as deliberate.

Shahnaz knew that Ravi was rock hard, she could feel his cock protruding just above his leg, the tip all the way along her arse cheeks and slightly between the juncture of her thighs. it wasn’t quite touching her pussy yet but the contact that was there was still enough to send a thrill through her every time the car hit an uneven point in the road. To make matters worse her pussy was becoming much more aroused, it had been moist for some time but that moisture had grown and was starting to soak into her panties. Thankfully she had chosen to wear a bikini type panty rather than the thong that she normally wore as the gusset was larger and would be able to soak up more of her pussy juice.

Suddenly she felt Ravi move, the movement was slight from him but the impact to her was large. When he changed his weight from hip to hip his penis had managed to move all over the crack of her arse. When he had pushed forward slightly the tip of his penis had actually touched her pussy. The contact had almanbahis yeni giriş surprised her but had been so exciting that she couldn’t help but push back with her hips allowing the tip of his penis to touch her pussy for the second time.

When Ravi felt Shahnaz push back with her hips he felt certain that she was now awake. But was she just getting comfortable or was she responding to his movement. Taking his life in his hands he decided to find out. Without pausing for breath he eased his hips forward slightly, just enough to register that his cock was moving along her nether regions but not quite enough to appear anything more than an innocent movement. If Shahnaz was playing with him he knew she would answer his mini thrust. If not she would probably ignore the movement.

Immediately that Ravi pushed forward Shahnaz felt the touch of his cock on her pussy. Without pause she answered his push with one of her own only this time her movement was more defined a solid thrust back into his hips. She couldn’t help herself, she was now seriously aroused and all that she could think of was the long had cock that was brushing against her arse and pussy. The game was up!

Ravi felt Shahnaz’s answering thrust and pushed forward harder himself. He was rewarded by an answering thrust. There was no doubt now in his mind, Shahnaz and he were dry fucking and she was a willing partner. They continued dry fucking, Shahnaz moving backwards and forwards on her friends cock trying to get as much contact with her pussy as possible without letting her husband Rahim know what was happening nor disturbing the sleeping Sophia.

Emboldened by the dry fucking Ravi decided to see how far things would go. Slowly he moved his hands from their resting-place besides his thighs and crept up to touch Shahnazs flimsy covered thighs. Shahnaz did not break her rhythm at the touch so he moved his whole hand onto her thighs and slid them up and down the outside of her legs. When Shahnaz didn’t object to the contact he moved his hands up along her thighs to her hips and took a purchase, helping to guide her movements.

Shahnaz’s breath had begun to shorten. Her breathing still remained calm and quite but her breaths became more like a shallow pant. She felt Ravi’s hands on her hips and enjoyed the further contact. Was this getting out of hand yet, she didn’t know. All she wanted was to continue doing what she was doing as it was making her feel good.

Ravi’s hands were suddenly on the move again. They had been resting on her hips guiding her movements, but now they were travelling down her legs again. Only this time, as they moved over the swell of her butt he moved his hands over the top of her thighs so that they rested there with his fingers facing into the junction of her legs. Down they continued until they reached the end of Shahnaz’s thin summer dress, resting just above her knee. Ravi’s fingers curled under the hem of Shahnaz’s dress and slowly he edged her dress up her legs towards her panties. Shahnaz offered no resistance and continued with her grinding into his cock. Ravi’s fingers were in constant touch with the flesh of Shahnaz’s legs sending a tingle through both of them. Within a minute he had reached the top of her legs and for the first time he touched the cotton of her panties, feeling the wiry pubic hair underneath. He paused for a second allowing his fingers to curl onto the front to Shahnazs panties and move into the juncture at the top of her thighs. Shahnaz made no effort to stop him, openly enjoying his touch.

Moving his hands back up towards her hips he lifted her dress even higher. For Ravi, this was the moment of truth. Was Shahnaz going to let him lift her dress off her lower half or was she going to stop this madness now. Feeling that her dress was now up as far as it would go, Shahnaz stopped her movement. She reached out her hands and placed them either side of Ravi’s legs. Steadying herself, she lifted up slightly off of her friend’s lap. Ravi took his signal and lifted Shahnaz’s dress all the way up and bunched it about her waste. He had absolutely no doubt that Shahnaz was as keen for this to happen as he was and he was going to take things as far as he could.

Shahnaz dropped herself down and paused as she got herself comfortable. She wanted things to go on but the position that se was in was quite restricting. Without further delay she lifted her right leg up and moved it so that it was now on the outside of Ravi’s own leg. Settleing her self down she continued to grind almanbahis giriş herself into her friend’s erection, knowing that she had opened her legs to his invading fingers if he wished to take advantage. Sure enough Ravi saw the opportunity of a lifetime. But he didn’t want to go straight for the goal. Instead he reached up under her dress with his right hand and continued to caress his hand up Shahnaz’s stomach. It didn’t take long to reach her breasts ad without pausing he placed his had inside her bra and scooped out her left breast. Massaging it slowly he pinched the nipple between his finger and thumb. The nipple had long since been hard from all the activity that had been going on but the touch was almost too much for Shahnaz. She let out a long sigh as she felt the tension building inside her.

Ravi felt it too. Because of the constraints of his cock being inside his trousers, the sensations that he had been feeling had be severely reduced hence he was able to control himself much better that Shahnaz. However he knew that things were moving on quickly now and he wanted more. He moved his hands quickly back down to her panties but this time he pushed his whole hand around to cup Shahnaz’s pussy. At his touch Shahnaz bucked and pushed herself into his hands, trying to get as much contact onto her pussy as possible. Ravi knew Shahnaz was now his for the taking. He could feel that she was approaching orgasm and that excited him more than anything else he had experienced.

Lifting his hand off her pussy he cupped his thumbs into Shahnaz’s panty elastic at the hip and slowly began drawing them down off her body. Shahnaz lifted her hips slightly off her friend allowing him to lower her panties. When he had got them to about mid thigh he stopped. Firstly because they were becoming stretched and were starting to bring Shahnaz’s legs together, but most importantly because he wanted to know they were there. He wanted to see them to know exactly what he was doing with Shahnaz.

Quickly retracing his steps he returned his hand to Shahnaz’s pussy only this time it was naked. He touched her pussy at the top, feeling the hairs brush into his had for the first time, he moved his hand slowly through Shahnazs pubic hair, feeling the sweltering heat coming from between her legs. He touched the top of Shahnaz’s pussy lips and immediately Shahnaz gave a shudder. Unperturbed he moved his hand down, amazed at how wet she was, passing over he clit and pushing on to the entrance to her love hole. He wanted to be in her, he needed to be in her. Pushing between her widely spread outer lips her caressed up and down through her inner lips, pausing to circle and pinched her clitoris. His left index finger remained on her clit, massaging it in tight circles while the fingertips of his right hand reached forward to the entrance to her vagina.

Without pausing he entered Shahnaz with first one finger then a second, sinking them to the third knuckle. Shahnaz gasped, she had never felt so on fire and knew that she couldn’t hold out much longer. Slowly he fucked her with his fingers, all the while playing with her clit. Shahnaz’s hips were now dancing in time to her friend’s thrusts. She could feel the orgasm building and didn’t know how she was going to hide it from her husband. Ravi’s finger fucking became more intense matched by Shahnaz’s hips as struggled to keep up with him.

Suddenly it hit her an orgasm of such intensity that she almost winded her friend as she pushed back into him. Clamping her mouth shut she was able to stifle her scream but couldn’t help but let out a whimper. All the while Ravi was thrusting his fingers in and out of her pussy feeling the extra fluid that flooded Shahnazs sex as she orgasmed. He cupped his fingers around her pussy massaging slowly as Shahnaz came down from the most intense orgasm of her life. Her breathing was short and laboured as she fought for breath.

“Are you alright back there?” Rahim, Ravi’s friend asked.

“Sure, Shahnaz’s just got a little bit of cramp is all.” Ravi replied, trying to keep as calm a voice as possible.

“We’ll be home soon, don’t worry”.

Having recovered from her orgasm, but still short of breath, Shahnaz turned to her friend. Looking into his eyes, she smiled a kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thank you Ravi!” she whispered.

Turning round Shahnaz took hold of her panties and pulled them back up her legs in case her daughter should turn round and see them. However she did nothing to remove her friend’s hands from her pussy, nor did she object when he started to probe at her sex a second time, again entering into her and playing with her clit.

“What are we going to do now?” she wondered as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the ministrations of her friend’s fingers.

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