Car Park Adventure

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Lizzie and I have always been quite interested in exhibitionism and have tried sex in some very public places, some of which maybe we will tell you more about in other stories…

This story involves an experience that we had recently that has kept us horny ever since it happened!

We live in a town that is quite close to a large nature reserve type parkland. Throughout this large parkland there are many little car parks just off the main road that are used by people taking their dogs out for a walk or going for picnics etc. We were driving through this area the other evening and were both feeling quite frisky, and were too impatient to drive for another half an hour to get home, so we decided to pull over in a little car park next to the road for some fun.

We pulled over and parked the car in the far corner of the car park, the car park was quite small & open plan – there must have been space for about 20 cars. When we parked up there were about 3 or 4 other cars parked around the car park, some of them empty, but some cars had single men sat in them. We thought nothing of this and parked our car in the quietest part of the car park and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It was late evening at this point, the sun had set but it was still light enough to be able to see without any lights. Our hands started roaming over each other’s bodies as our tongues explored each other’s mouths, steam had started to build up on the car windows already!

Lizzie whipped her t-shirt off and I managed to undo her bra. All the while she was rubbing my stiffening cock through my jeans and had started to undo the fly to get her hands on it. We realised that with the sports seats in the front of the car, things would get quite uncomfortable so we both glanced towards the empty back seat of the car, realised simultaneously that we would be able to do a lot more in the back of the car than in the front, so we scrambled half naked over the seats onto the back seat of the car. We both got back down to it, kissing each other and exploring each other’s bodies. I managed to get Lizzies bra off and she was in the process of pulling my jeans off. As she did so I glanced around the car park & noticed that a few of the single men sat in the cars nearby were all staring at us as we were getting saucy in our car. I whispered this to Lizzie as she was removing my underwear and as soon as I told her about the attention we were getting from a few different men sat in their cars, she let out a slutty moan bursa escort and engulfed my cock with her mouth. I could tell she was very turned on by this experience as she was hungrily deep throating my hard cock like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes of this she started to remove her trousers & panties in one go, all the while with her mouth glued around my cock. She then brought her knees up on the back seat while she was giving me a blowjob so that she was on all fours with her ass & tight pussy on display to the watching few.

I managed to manouevre myself around so that I could play with her pussy while she was going down on me. As I looked around the car park again, I could see the 3 men in their cars all with their car windows wound down, staring right at my girlfriends wet pussy. This turned me on immensely, seeing other men enjoy the sight of my girls slim sexy naked body was more of a turn on than I had ever imagined. It was now quite dusky in the car park, I could just about make out the silhouettes of the 3 voyeurs as I eased 2 fingers into Lizzies soaking wet tight cunt. I knew she was loving the fact that there were strangers staring right at her exposed wet pussy, as my fingers played with her clit & spread her pussy to enable the strangers to see how wet her cunt was. It had gotten darker very quickly in the car park and it was now quite difficult to see in any great detail any of the other men, and I imagined that they would be getting frustrated at not being able to get a good enough view of Lizzies nakedness.

I was in seventh heaven at this point, my eyes were closed as my girlfriend was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime, lost in the moment of what was going on and not wanting to see the reality of it.

I opened my eyes a moment or 2 later to see that the 3 men had now gotten out of their cars and were standing a few yards away from the car window getting a closer look at Lizzies pussy being fingered. As I focused I could see that the men were all rubbing the evident bulges in their trousers while staring right at my girlfriends ever-wettening pussy. This shocked me slightly but also turned me on – we had had public sex before, but never with an audience, well, not that we’ve been aware of!

I didn’t tell Lizzie what was going on behind her, as I didn’t know if she’d be turned off by the proximity of our new ‘friends’.

I was now getting closer to coming so I decided to stop Lizzie malatya escort as I wanted to fuck her desperately. As she sat up next to the window by which the 3 men were now standing, I nodded for her to look to her left out of the window. As she looked, she saw the 3 strangers, all with their semi-hard cocks out stroking them while staring at her perfect large breasts. Her mouth just fell open at the surprise of seeing this and she again let out a sexy moan and her hand slowly started playing with her tits as she stared at the 3 strange cocks that were glued to her every move. Her hand then went down to her pussy and she gasped as her fingers met her clit and her eyes closed in pure lusty pleasure. By now I was furiously wanking my cock while watching my woman perform for these guys, and I wasn’t the only one wanking – the other 3 guys were right up close to the car window with their cocks in hand pumping furiously, obviously not believing their luck at the show they were getting.

Lizzie looked over at me with a sexy look on her face and I smiled knowingly back at her, both of us totally turned on by this unexpected development. Both of us then jumped as we heard our car door being opened. One of the 3 men, obviously frustrated at not being able to see properly in the dark, had cheekily opened our car door, thereby activating the dim door light of the car giving all of us a clearer view of the proceedings. We were both too turned on to care at this point and I was now sat next to Lizzie, leaning over her and feeling her naked body as she continued to finger herself. The 3 blokes were now all stood side by side in the open door of the car wanking their hard cocks over the sight of my naked girlfriend bringing herself to orgasm.

I whispered to her to ask her if she had ever satisfied 4 men at once before, she groaned and said she’d never done anything like this before, but was so turned on by it all that she needed to feel cock. I nodded my head towards the 3 strangers less than 2 meters away from her and her eyes widened in excitement. She grabbed me and kissed me as she sat forward and then she pushed the car door wide open. The 3 men stood there frozen wondering what was going on, but Lizzie just sat back on the edge of the car seat playing with herself and said to the strangers: “Which of you wants to come on my tits first?”

This drove me to the verge of cumming right there & then, I loved seeing me girlfriend acting slutty, çanakkale escort but never imagined she’d have the guts to do anything like this. She just lay back while one of the men moved right next to her with his big hard cock in his hand wanking himself over Lizzies tits, she was playing with her pussy the whole time bringing waves of pleasure over her body. It didn’t take long for the stranger to start grunting as his cock started pulsating, sending jets of cum all over my girlfriends’ tits. Lizzie just closed her eyes savouring the pleasure. The satisfied guy moved away and another guy took his place and was pumping his big cock no more than a few inches from Lizzie’s mouth while she carried on playing with herself. All the while I was transfixed with my hand on my cock trying desperately not to cum yet.

The second guy moaned that he was going to cum and Lizzie grabbed his cock and finished wanking him off as he also shot his cum over her neck & tits. The last guy virtually shoved the other one out of the way and presented Lizzie with his cock, which was bigger than the other 2 and was soaked in pre-cum. She thrust her hand towards it and started pumping up and down his cock as he was about to cum. She then moved her head forward so that his cock slid between her lips and onto her tongue just as he exploded his cum into my girlfriends’ mouth. She hungrily swallowed it all and squeezed every last drop out of him and into her mouth. My throbbing cock was by now also on the verge of exploding, then Lizzie and I just grabbed each other and she pulled me on top of her on the back seat of the car and I rammed by cock into her soaking wet, hot cunt. We fucked like animals for a few minutes while the 3 strangers still stood outside the car watching us. By now we were lost in the pleasure of it all, but noticed that 2 ore people were now stood outside the car door – a man with his girlfriend whose curiosity had obviously gotten the better of them!

By now Lizzie and I were both at the point of no return and our orgasms were speedily building up simultaneously. I could then feel her cunt tightening round my cock as she started to cum, this in turn set my orgasm off and I started shooting my cum deep inside her. I felt like I had come 5 times as much as normal as I could feel my cock swimming in her tight cunt. we both just lay on the back seat of the car recovering as the strangers who’d gathered to watch us started to disperse back to their cars.

Lizzie and I kissed each other’s faces and necks still turned on by what we had just experienced. We can’t stop thinking about how sexy our adventure was and are both looking forward to going back to this car park for a repeat performance one day…. soon!

[This is our first story on this great site; please feel free to let us know what you think of our story]

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