Car drive whit my mom and dad

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Car drive whit my mom and dadHi guys my name is Mike, a few years ago I was 19 years old then, we (my mom and dad) were planning a road trip. We were going to move my stuff to my collage address, a 5 hour ride. Well, I didn’t know this trip was gone chains the rest of my live. We were planning to make it a family day, I haven’t seen my dad much the past months due to his busy job as representative with a big company. My dad is a good looking guy of 48 years (back then) and when I was younger and he had more time, he always had spent much time with me and therefore he wanted this to be a “going away family day”. My mom is 8 years younger than my dad and very good looking, she always have been in a very good shape, and has a gorgeous figure with a nice ass and a fine pair of pointy little tits. My mom and dad spent the morning packing the car whit thing I was going to take to my flat. It was morning but already it was 90 degrees outside. We were getting pretty sweaty loading up the car. The trunk was already full and the back seat wouldn’t fit much more. I went back in the house to get the last of my things. The last thing to carry out was my 42 inch flat screen TV. “Where are you going to put the TV?” I heard my father ask. “I don’t know, but I don’t want to leave it. Maybe we can move some stuff around in the back seat.” My mom looked in the back seat. “I don’t think so, son.” I looked in the car. “We can put it in the front seat.” “Ok, college man,” my mom said. “Then where is your mom going to sit?” Anxious I was trying to come up with a solution. “I got an idea,” I opened the backdoor. “See plenty of room, come sit next to me.” We could sit in the backseat, but the door wouldn’t close my mom laughed . Now, I am not a big woman, I only weight hundred and ten pounds and you weighs about 180 ponds, it is you who takes up all the space. This isn’t going to work. Tell you what, leave the TV and when we come to visit you we’ll bring it with us.” “No way,” I answered as she got out of the car and stood by the door. “Make up your mind, Mike my mom says, it’s hot out here.” I looked at my mom. “Ok, you can sit on my lap.” the side windows are covered with reflective foil so nobody sees us sitting there “Mike, it’s a five hour drive to your college and you will be looking at the painting that’s stacks up behind the seat ,” my father said. “I know, but mom doesn’t weigh much. What do you say, mom. Would you mind sitting on my lap?” ‘Ok, ok, I’ll sit on your lap. But if it gets too uncomfortable I want to stop at a rest stop.” She said looking at my father. He agreed. “Ok, let’s get our showers so we can get on the road.”My shower didn’t take long. Since my mom would be sitting on my lap for five hours, I wanted to wear something real comfortable so I wear my baggy shorts and a t-shirt. My father blow the horn so she hurried up a little and my mom came running down the stairs, closed and locked the front door. She was wearing a summer dress with that buttoned up in the front and super sexy red-high heel sandals, I could see she wore no bra under her dress, (something she don’t need) her firm little tits happily jumps up and down when she rushed to the car. I was already in the seat. My mom sat down on my lap and swung my legs into the car. I looked down and notice her dress barely covered my thighs, it rode up pretty high. I closed the car door. I liked my mom wearing her summer dress her soft bare skin on my legs. “How are you doing?” My mom asked. “Fine, mom, you really don’t weigh anything. No problem.” My mom looked over the painting at her husband. “Do you have enough room to drive honey ?” she asked him. “Sure,” he answered. she could only see his head. “Can you even see me?” she laughed. “Only your head, dear.” Are you comfortable?” She wiggled her ass around on my lap. “Yea, I don’t mind this at all.” Dad turned on the radio, as I was listening to the music, but with my mother on my lap gently rocking with the movements of the car I was starting to get a hard on. I was sure my mom noticed something because she repositioned her ass, but that illegal bahis make it only worse. What could I do, with every movement my mom makes my dick gets harder, my swollen dick now growing between the crack of her ass, it getting harder with minute. I looked down at her legs, her dress had rose up a little more I could almost see her panties. My hands where on the seat on each side of me. We only been on the road for about an hour. There was still four hours to go. I was glad my father couldn’t see how high her dress was, the painting blocked everything from his view. I shift my body a bit and my dick ended up on the back of her ass. My mom didn’t move at all, I was starting to think that she likes the feeling of my dick pressed against her ass. “How you doing back there, son,” she asked my out of the blue. “I’m Ok, mom, how are you feeling?” “I like what I’m feeling,” she answered. “Are your arms getting tired where you have them?” “Yea, it’s a little uncomfortable,” “Here try this to see if it feels better,” she said as she took a hold of both my hands and placed them on her lap. “Is that better?”…. “Yea, that’s a lot better.” Thanks mom. I could feel her soft skin true her thin summer dress, my thumbs were resting on the inside of her thighs, very close to her panties. I wanted to move them up and touch her pussy but I did not dare.She rested her hands on mine, this seemed very innocence, she started rubbing the top of my hands just like any mother would, but I new she had something different in mind. She looked over at my husband, he was minding the road. As she rubbed my hands she move them up her thighs just a little. I didn’t give her any resistance, now my hands were high on her thighs and very close to her pussy, slowly she started pulling her dress u a little. I did not move my hands but let her pull the dress from under my hands. I looked down and could see her panties, my hands where on her bare thighs now and almost touching her panty covert pussy. She raised my right hand and put it on her panties, I left my hand there, she spread her legs a little and my hand fell between her legs, she took a hold of my hand and pressed it against her panties. My hand was now on her little white panty and I could feel her the contours pussylips. When she removed her hand, I left my hand on her warm hill. I didn’t move it around or anything, I was just letting my hand rest on her pussy. She took a hold of my hand and moved it up to the top of her panties. When our hands were above her panties, she pressed our hands against her body and slowly slid our hands between her panties and bare skin. She kept pushing my hand down until my finger tips just barely touch the top of her pussy. Finally I dare to move my hand further down so I could find her entrance. When she took her hand out from under her panties, I left my hand on her pussy. She rose up her hips, hooked her thumbs on each side of her panties and pulled them down to her knees. As soon as she did this I move my hand so I could get my fingers in her, man see was hot down there. Her panties kept her from spreading her legs out for me to really get to feel her. She reach down to lower her panties further but she couldn’t reach far in of, I hooked the thumb of my left hand behind her panties that where around her knees and started pulling them down to her ankles. She lifted up a leg so I could take them all the way off. Now she spread her legs as wide as she could. This was all I needed. She was so wet I sunk two fingers in her at once, she let out a low moan. “Are you OK?” her husband asked her. He was looking at her. I smiled and said,” I’m OK; I thought it would be a problem sitting on my sons lap, but it really isn’t. This isn’t going to be so bad of a ride.” There she was talking to her husband with her son’s fingers in her cunt. “How much farther until we stop?” “I don’t want to stop until I go a little further,” “How about you Mike, can you go a little bit further?” she asked me “Yea, mom. I can go a lot further,” “Good,” she answered. “The further we go, the better I like bets10 güvenilir mi it.” That’s OK with you, isn’t it honey?” she asked my husband. “Yea, I like the idea of not stopping.” He answered. She turned and looked at me,” Me to. I don’t want to stop.” “Mike? How are you doing with your mom on your lap?” “No problem dad, mom keeps moving around so one position doesn’t get uncomfortable. She raises up every once in while to relief the pressure.” As I was talking to my dad I sunk my fingers even deeper in her pussy. I was starting to move my fingers in and out of my mother’s soaking wet cunt. She griped my hand and pushed it hard into her pussy. She wanted to let me know to go deeper, I understood the idea and sank my fingers in her as deep as I could.She started moving her hips to the rhythm of my fingers, She looked over at my father, It was a good thing the painting was blocking his view. If he could see his son with his fingers deep in his mother’s pussy he would go crazy for sure. Her body was starting to respond to my fingers going slowly in and out, without warning I pulled my fingers out, disappointed she looked back but the disappointed look turned in to a little smile when I started unbuttoning her dress. I started at the top button and was working my way down to the bottom button. As I was unbuttoning her dress I let the cool air from the car’s air conditioner cool her overheated body, it made her nipples even harder. I unbuttoned the last button and opened her dress. Here I was, in the back seat of my fathers car whit my mom sitting on my lap, her front totally naked whit only her high heels on, ready and willing for me to do what I want. I started running my hands up and down her body, I started fondling both of her tits. She struck her chest out so I could press against her tits even harder. She raised her hips up and pulled the dress out from under her ass, I had full view of my mom’s gracious ass, she bent over the painting and give my dad a kiss, how are you doing there in the frond? She asked, I’m fine dear… I hoop that you two are doing fine, where doing great she said and gave him another kiss on the top of his head. For her to kiss my father she had to stand on her toes and stick her head over the painting, while doing that she was standing with her bare ass in front of my face, giving my a full view of her ass and her soaking wet pussy lips. While my mother was having chit chat with my father I started to run my fingers between her swollen pussy lips, began to push bit by bit three fingers in her hot cunt. The thing that makes my very horny was that she continued talking as if nothing was going on, she spread her legs a little further and her pussy lips where spread apart now, I now was finger fuck her with my right hand and with my left hand I started caressing her clearly visible clitoris. Her body was beginning to react to my finger fucking game and I now she wasn’t gone keep up the act she was pulling much longer now. “Are you ready for me to sit back again Mike”, she asked me, “ready when you are mom”, and slowly she sat back on my lap again. I pushed her forward again with one hand and with the other I unbuttoned my short and lowered the zipper, I lift up my ass and pressed down my short, “Everything OK, honey?” My dad asked ” Are you getting uncomfortable on our sons lap? Do you want me to stop so you can get more stretch your leg for a while?” I was pulling down my underwear as my trapped dick release itself and slam against the back of my mom’s naked ass. “No, It’s all right, dear. ” If I move around just right, I think I’m going to get real comfortable. What about you Mike. Is there anything you need to do to get more comfortable? Is there anything you need me to do?” I placed my hands on each side of her hips.” If you would mom, raise up some so I can position myself better.”, she raised her ass as high as she could, I lift one hand off of her hip, and used it to position my boner right under her dripping cunt. I’m really alright honey she whispered in my father ear and lowered mobilbahis herself slowly on my dick.I felt her thick pussy lips on the head of my impatiently waiting dick. She lowered herself a little more and my dick easily slid in her moist pussy. My dick was opening her pussy walls wide and she let out a uncontrollable soft moan. I froze, what would I do if my father could look over the painting and see his wife sitting completely naked on his lap of his son whit his dick diep in her cunt. My father looked at my mom. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stop?” She lowered her self completely over my shaft, and began squeezing my dick with her strong pussy muscles, “No, no, don’t stop, I want you to keep going. I’m good for the next half hour or so. What about you Mike, are you good for the next half hour?” “Yea mom, I think I’ll can keep it up that long” OK, I’ll drive for another half hour or so, my father said. I took her hands and placet her right hand on the foldable armrest and her left hand on the armrest of the door, she understood what I wanted and pushed herself up a bit. There was a few inches of space between us now, and I began to fuck her slowly with easy strokes. With one hand on her left tit and the other one between her wide spres legs stroking her clit She started moving her ass back and forward causing my dick to move around inside her more, As she was riding my dick, she looked over at her husband and ask him, How soon do you think we can visit Mike after he settles in his dorm? “Well with my work load it’s going to be hard to get away, but it’s not that long of a drive, you can visit him without me.” Her talking to my dad with my dick in her made me even hornier. “I understand, don’t feel bad not coming each time I do. I’ll come as much as I can. Is that OK with you Mike?” “Mom, you can come as much as you want to. In fact, the more you come, the better I will like it.” As I finished saying that I pushed the whole length of my shaft up her cunt. “How soon do you think you will come?” I asked her….”Soon, Mike real soon,” She started moving her ass back and forth hard now, the only part of her moving was her ass, she kept her head still so her husband didn’t catch on to what we were doing. I felt her orgasm coming, I moved my hand from her tit over to her mouth so my father wouldn’t hear her coming, whit the other one I continued rubbing her clit, she came hard, I felt how wave after wave hit her, they kept coming. Her orgasm lasted at least thirty seconds her breathing came in short gasps and the squeeze pulses of her pussy muscles pulled my swollen dick deeper in to her hot cunt, I felt my cum boiling up and in pace of her squeeze pulses I shoot my load deep inside my mom. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had, I completely filled her up whit thick waves of my hot lava. Carefully I pulled my hand from her mouth, out of breath she fell against my chest we were both totally spent, slowly I caressed her naked body and breasts with my fingertips until her breathing returned to normal. Smiling she looked back at me and kissed me on the cheek.Hey guys, I see a sign up ahead that indicates that we can eat something in about ten miles. Are you guy’s hungry? ” “Yea Dad, I could eat something,” I said. “What about you Mom? I’m pretty full, but I think I could eat a hot dog or so.” Mom bent over to pick up her panties that ended up on the floor. When she bent over to pick them up, my dick slit with a soft sleurping sound out of her pussy.I grabbed her panties from her hand and tucked it into a box of stuff that was in the backseat, with a questioning glance she looked at me, I smiled and gave her a wink, we are only halfway I whispered in har ear.She started buttoning up her dress. “After we eat, how long of a drive do we have left?” my mom asked her husband. “About two hours. Do you think you guys can manage that for another two hours.’? “I know I don’t mind,” “If Mike can take it, I can sit on his lap for another two hours. What about you Mike. Do you mind your mom sitting on your lap for another two hours?” “Well, the first half of the journey went pretty fast. I imagine the next two hours will go as fast” “I thought at least one of you would be complaining by now my father said” “I don’t have any complaints, Do you son?” “Mom I wouldn’t complain even if the ride lasted longer.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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