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Capsizeby HammertimeBen and Paul slid the canoes from the back of Paul’s pickup and down to the edge of the river. Liz was unloading the supplies from the back of the truck. They were about to embark on a two night trip down the river, a trip that Paul and Liz had taken many times before. It was a first time for Ben and he wasn’t at all sure about doing it. Being on water wasn’t one of his favorite things. The idea of white water ahead made him wish he had just told them no again.Ben and Paul were college team mates and best friends for several years. Paul played quarterback and Ben running back for the college Tigers. Both were good in college but neither one good enough for the pros.Liz had been one of the cheerleaders. She and Paul had dated through out college and married as soon as they graduated. She was barely 5 feet and weighed 110 pounds. All hundred and ten pounds were placed perfectly on her 5 feet frame. From her silky blond hair, tied in a pony tail, to her painted toe nails she was enough to make any man drool.Paul was over six feet and blond just like Liz. His dark blue eyes were the first thing you noticed about him. It wasn’t the last for the women he came in contact with. His good looks kept Liz on her toes when other women were around. She had never thought he would cheat on her but he sure had a lot of opportunities.Ben was still single, not that he was lacking for female companionship. He like women to much to settle down with just one. Being black he was often tempted by the white women at school and now at work. That was a temptation that so far he had avoided. Not that he didn’t enjoy looking at the fine young white women; He often thought how lucky Paul was to have Liz for his wife.Ben lived near Paul and Liz and at least once a month he would stay with them for a night. They were real canoe enthusiast and had invited him to go along many times before. This time they finally wore him down and he agreed to go.Liz looked up at the clouds gathering in the sky. “Paul, have you taken a look at the clouds? We may get a little wet before the trip is over.””The weather station said we might have a few showers but they would pass through quickly. If we don’t go today we want get to go again this year. The temperature has already dropped off for the time of year.”She didn’t put up much of an argument as he usually knew what he was doing and he was very good on the river.They packed the first canoe with most of the supplies and fastened them down. Paul was going to take that canoe where he could get it through the rapids down river.Liz and Ben were going to be in the second canoe. Liz knew what to do but Ben was out for his first time. Liz intended to give him a few paddling lessons over the first three miles before they reached the white water area. He was up front and she in the back with a tent and sleeping bag tied down between them. At the last moment Liz set in a cooler with water and a few sandwiches. If she couldn’t catch up with Paul they would have something to eat and drink.It was mid-morning when they pushed away from shore. The sun was now up and the temperature was climbing. All three soon shed there top garments, enjoying the sun for the last weekend before winter came.Liz gave Ben instructions as they went along. He was a fast learner and picked up on it quick. Paul stayed along side while he got the knack of it. Once he saw Ben was going to be ok he moved ahead to guide them down the river. He knew every rock since he had been down the river numerous times.They stopped for lunch at the middle of the afternoon. The sun was now clouded over and it looked like they might get wet any moment. None of them were worried about a little rain. All had on shorts and expected to get wet going down the rapids.Back on the river Paul picked up a little speed. Liz knew he was hurrying faster than he normally would but just thought he was trying to get through the first gorge before the rains came. She told Ben to pick it up.Liz looked across at the western sky and it was pitch black. They were getting some kind of rain over there. She hoped it stayed over in that direction.The sky was now black just as Paul led them through the first white water. For a few minutes they were busy and didn’t think about the rain.That run of rapids took less than five minutes and the water smoothed off once they got through it. Liz called to Ben, “How did you like that?””That was fun if it doesn’t get any worse than that.”She laughed, “That was class one rapid. Depending on the rain we may just have a class 5 before we get through.”The rain came. All at once the bottom fell out and they were all drenched just as the next rapids came up. They didn’t have time to slip back on their top garments as they were paddling to keep clear of the rocks. It was three hours before dark and already they couldn’t see Paul in front of them. Only when the lighting flashed did they see Paul fighting to keep the canoe steady as he sped down the rapids.The river at this point ran between canyon walls that went straight up. There wasn’t anywhere they could pull over and wait the rain out. There was nothing they could do but stay in the river for a couple of miles until they reached the camping spot for the first night.Liz and Paul knew that it was about to get worse. Another river joined the one they were on ahead and then it would really get fast. They weren’t worried about their ability to get through it as they had been in rougher water before. Only going through in the dark made it so much more difficult.The rain clouds Liz had been watching all day out west had been dumping as much water in the other river as the one they were in now. When the two streams came together it got to be a mess quickly.When Paul hit the water from the other river he was sweap down stream before he had time to warn the others. All he could do was keep the boat straight and try to keep it off the rocks.Liz hit the water the same way. The front of the canoe was swept sideways and she fought to keep the front headed down river. Ben wasn’t much help. The noise was so loud that he couldn’t hear her tell him to paddle faster.At that moment disaster hit. A floating tree from the other river swept across the canoe between Ben and Liz. Reaching forward Liz managed to push the limb away from them but not before a hole opened up in the canoe below the water line. Water poured into the canoe and covered Liz’s feet. She knew they had to get out of the river are they were going to sink.When Ben’s feet became covered with water he looked at the stricken look on Liz’s face. “What?”She pointed to the water. “We have to get out of this canoe. Look for a place to pull into. All the other trips down the river the water had not been this high. Now the river was wider than normal and she caught sight of a small ledge ahead of them. “There, head for that ledge.”They both paddled for their lives and managed to hit the ledge just before they would have been swept around the edge and down the river.Ben grabbed a root of a tree stump and pulled the canoe up to the ledge. Liz jumped out and helped him get the canoe up out of the water. The rain was coming down even harder than before. She knew that they had to find higher ground as the water would rise quickly in the canyons.”Look for a way to get higher.”Ben saw the edge of another ledge above his head. There wasn’t anyway they could climb the steep slick sides. “Here, let me hold you up. I think I can get you up where you can get out.””How are you going to get up there?””I’ll manage, now hurry the water is getting higher by the minute.”He picked up the tiny blond and almost threw her up on the ledge. Liz grabbed for a root and pulled herself up on a larger ledge than the one they were on below. She looked over the edge and saw Ben jump as high as he could but she couldn’t reach his hand.”Ben, hand me the stuff in the boat and then lean the boat against the side of the wall. You can use it like a latter.”He didn’t waste anytime doing what she told him. He tossed up the tent, sleeping bag and the chest. Leaning the canoe against the wall he used the seats as steps to work his way up on the ledge with Liz.Looking around they knew that they were as high as they were going to get. The rest of the way up was nothing but solid wall. “We better hope this is high enough.”Ben could tell that she was nervous as she was shaking. “You ok?””Just cold, we loss everything else but what we have on. I am about to freeze.”He could feel the chill going through his bones as the rain continued to beat down. “Lets get the tent up and we can get out of the rain.”He had most of it to do himself. Liz was shaking all over from the cold rain and the excitement of their near death. She felt sure that they were high enough that the water wouldn’t get to them.Once the tent was up he motioned for her to climb in, he followed. The tent was a single man tent that was to be Ben’s that night. Paul had their two man tent in his canoe. They were out of the rain but the cold was still coming through the thin tent sides. Liz was shaking so hard that she couldn’t stop. Ben was getting that way himself. He thought how bad it would be to die out bahis siteleri here from hypothermia after surviving the river.”Liz, here, move over as far as you can and let me roll out the sleeping bag. You can get warm in it.” She moved as far away as she could in the small tent. It was still a chore to get it rolled out with both of them in the tent. Ben moved through the doorway out in the pouring rain. He reached back in and rolled the tent out and then came back himself, even wetter than he had been.He reached for the zipper and opened the bag. “Get in now.””What about you?””Don’t worry about me; you need to get warm soon.”She started to get in the bag and stopped. “I am soaking; the sleeping bag will be just as wet and cold.””Strip and get in the bag. Throw your clothes over against the wall.””Look the other way.””Liz, this is no time to be modest. Now get naked where you can get dry.” He did attempt to turn away but he could still see a lot of her as she stripped and climbed in the bag up to her chin.She was still shaking but at least now she was dry. She saw him seated on the bag next to her and he was shaking almost as hard as she had been. “Strip and get in here with me. You are as cold as I am.”He had to laugh, “Now wouldn’t Paul just like to see us now. Both of us naked and together in a sleeping bag built for one.””I think Paul would rather have us both alive and sleeping together than dead. Now get in here where we both can get warm.” Normally he would have liked nothing better than to be in bed with Liz naked but she was his best friend’s wife.”Get in here.” She held the corner back for him. There wasn’t anyway for her to turn her back from him as he undressed. Even in the dire circumstances they were in now she found herself appraising Ben as he stripped.Naked he slipped into the bag with her. Being a one man bag there wasn’t room to lie side by side. He lay on his side and she spooned up behind him. The heat from each body soon helped them to get over the cold running through their bodies.As he thawed out he realized that her tits were pressed against his back. His cock came up hard and fast. Her hand was across his waist and only inches from his hard cock. The heat in the bag was staring to heat both of them up.Liz knew he could feel her tits but there wasn’t anything she could do about it. “Sorry but I can’t move any farther away.””I’m not complaining, but don’t you start screaming if something should come up between us.”She laughed and let her hand drop across his bare stomach. She could feel the muscles in his tight stomach. “I don’t think we have anything to complain about. We could be in the river right now. With that option I will take this any day.”Some thirty minutes later she tried to set up. “Where is that chest?””Out side the tent, why?””There is a two way radio in it. I need to see if Paul made it out and let him know we are alright.”He dug out the radio and handed it to her. Paul answered her at once. He had been trying every few minutes since he made it to the camp ground. “Where are you? Are you alright?”She could tell he was worried about her. “We are ok. A tree wiped out the canoe but we managed to get out and now we are pinned down on a ledge up out of the water.”Reassured that they both were alright he signed off to save both radio batteries. “I will have to go on down river tomorrow and get a rescue team to come up for you. It will be tomorrow night before I can get back with you.”Liz assured him that they would be fine. They had water to drink and the sandwiches to eat. During all the conversation she never mentioned that she was naked in the sleeping bag with his best friend, and he didn’t ask.The shaking from the cold was gone. What shaking now was from nerves? Once the fear was gone they were left with the realization that they were stuck together for at least another day before help could get to them. Not only that but they were in a sleeping bag built for one person and both were completely naked.Ben had been with other women several times but it was new experience for Liz. Her one and only was Paul and now she was naked with his best friend and nothing she could do about it.They lay with her pressed against his back side for a while until they both needed to move. “Liz, I need to roll over. I am getting cramps in my arms and legs.””I’ll roll over first and then you can roll over behind me.” She twisted over and finally got on her side. He followed and was spooned up behind her.She felt his hard cock at once and though the move might not have been a good one.He spoke up, “Raise your head and let me put my arm under your head. I can at least stretch out my arm this way.”She raises her head and he moved his arm under her. She lowered her head much the same way she would sleep with Paul at night. His arm pillowed her head from the ground. With both of them now on there side she could feel his breath on her neck and it made her feel good. She could also feel his cock pressing against her ass. He felt huge down there.She started laughing and couldn’t stop. Soon he was laughing with her. “What is so funny?””It just struck me as funny that you are poking a hole in me with that thing.””Sorry, but when ever I am in bed with a naked woman I usually get this way. There is not much room to put it any where else.””I know. Here try this.” She raised her top leg and his cock slid through the opening between her legs. She knew at once that she should not have made that move. His cock seemed to get even harder. “Is that better?””You know that is better, but don’t blame me for what might happen.” His top arm dropped from his hips down to her naked stomach. He spared his fingers out and they cover a large portion of her bare stomach. He felt her take a deep breath but she didn’t protest.He stroked her stomach in small circles. He spoke up, “If I had to be stranded with anyone I am glad it is you.”Liz was fast feeling the same way. She had always thought Ben was a nice sexy looking black man but she had never given any thought of sleeping with him. His hard cock between her legs was fast causing her to start thinking about what he would feel like farther in her. She could feel him making small moves with his hips that pushed his cock closer to her now wet cunt.He brought his hand up to cup her naked tit. Her hand moved up to stop him. “Ben, don’t.””Sorry Liz but I just couldn’t live with myself if we spent the night here together, naked in this sleeping bag and I didn’t at least make some attempt at having you.” He didn’t continue to push his hand farther but he didn’t remove it either. Her well formed tit felt good in his hand. If that was as far as he was going to get he certainly wasn’t going to remove his hand until she told him too.Liz liked the feel of a strange hand on her naked tit. Her nipples were hard from his touch and she didn’t make any move to push it away. She was fighting a battle with herself to keep her from just letting him have his way with her. He moving his cock against the lips of her cunt wasn’t making the decision any easier.”Liz, you know that I have never hit on you are tried anything out of the way with you. Paul is my best friend and I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt you or him. No man in his right mind could be here like this with you and not want more.”She knew he was right. He had never made any remarks to her as other friends of Paul’s had many times. That was one of the reasons she felt close to him and didn’t have to worry about keeping him at a distance. Being naked with him was causing her just as much stress as it was him. She would like to just roll over and let him climb between her legs and fuck her.”I know how you feel Ben. You men aren’t the only ones that want sex. I love my husband but that still doesn’t make it easy to not just let you take do what we would both like to do.”Ben was happy to know that she at least wanted him as he did her. He squeezed her breast and felt her breath quicken. Her hand had dropped away from his but she reached back up and caught his hand again. “Ben, stop. That feels too good to let you continue on.””Your breasts are beautiful and they feel so good in my hand. Just let me continue to feel them. I want go any farther than you want me too.””Ben, we are playing with fire and we both might get burned.”He pushed his cock harder against her cunt. “You are right about the fire; I can feel the heat way up here.””You keep still down there and I will let you play up here for a minute.” Her hand dropped from his and he stroked gently over her hard nipple before moving to her other breast. She was lying partly on her lower tit and without thinking she rolled back so his hand could cover all of it.He didn’t fail to notice the move on her part or the quick breaths she took as he moved from tit to tit. “I wish I had room to kiss them.” She didn’t say anything but she wished he could also.She was getting hotter by the moment and he took notice. He was again moving his hard cock back and forth across the spread lips of her cunt. She wasn’t bothering to stop him. Even her hip had bushed back tighter to his hard cock and body. His hand was busy on her tits and he was kissing the side mobilbahis of her neck, bringing her even higherHe expected her to stop him at any moment but she didn’t and he got braver. His hand left her tit and slid down her body to cover her naked pussy. His fingers swirled across her clit bringing a soft moan from her lips.What he was doing to her was making her want him even more. Paul was gone from her mind as she came closer and closer to letting Ben have his way completely. She brought his hand away from her cunt back to her tits. Much more down there and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to stop him.Then he pushed hard against her cunt with his cock and it was like the last straw, her hand slid down between her legs and felt his hard cock. He was huge, maybe even bigger than Paul or it could just have been because he was new to her. What ever the reason she wanted him buried in her body.”Oh Ben, I want you in me this once. Paul must never know and it will be just this one time.””Liz I want you now!”She raised her leg and pulled his cock head to her wet cunt. “Do me slow and easy.” She guided his cock to her opening as he pushed forward. The head slid through her opening and the heat from her body guided him as he pushed deeper in her until he was as far as he could go. His balls were pressing against her ass as the head of his cock searched her cunt even deeper.”Dam Liz, but you are sure tight.”She looked back over shoulder at him. “You complaining?””Oh no, It couldn’t be any better. I have wanted to be with you like this for the longest time.””You never acted like you cared for me that much.””You belong to Paul and you always will. Even after tonight I know that you will be his but for now I want all of you I can have.”Liz knew if the situation they were in had not happened that she would never have been with Ben. After they were back home she would do her best to make it up to Paul for the rest of their lives, but right now she wanted Ben to fuck her and make her cum. She pushed back and felt his cock fill her completely.With the little room he had he couldn’t move very much. She had wanted him slow and easy but with each stroke she could feel her passion rising. “Faster Ben, you feel good in me.””I would love to move faster but we are kindly limited on room in this bag.””Ben stop and pull out.””NO! Liz not now!””I don’t mean to stop completely, just to change positions.” That was alright with him. At first he though she was stopping him from fucking her. He backed as far away from her as he could until his cock pulled from her hot hole.Liz rolled over to face him. “Get on your back.” Ben moved to get on his back as Liz moved over him. With him on his back she had more room over him. She slid down his naked body until she could grip his hard slick cock. She could rise up enough to slid him to her opening and lower her cunt down on his black cock. Her knees were on each side of his body as she let her cunt swallow his cock all the way to his balls.Her head was resting on his chest and his hands were on her hips as he pulled her tighter to him. Only the lighting flashing gave out any light as she rotated her pussy around his cock until he was imbedded in her as far as he could go. Her naked tits were pressed into his chest. The nipples hard and pushing against him.She leaned forward and brought her lips down to taste his full black lips on hers. Soon they were joined completely together. His cock was deep in her cunt and his tongue was deep in her mouth with her working her ass and mouth to get all of him from both ends. The forbidden sex was better than any she had ever had. Even the many times with Paul paled in comparison to how she was feeling committing adultery with Ben.With the extra room she was lifting her pussy up and driving down on him with full strokes. Her only thought was how good it felt to have him fucking her with the rain and lighting still going strong outside.Ben could not think of anywhere else he would rather be with than Liz here in the dark tent with her fucking him as he had always dreamed she would do. He had never though he would get his wish and now not only was he fucking her but she was actually doing most of the work. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.Nothing this good could last very long. Liz was on the edge of a big climax and she wasn’t going to hold back. “OH Fuck, Ben I am just about there. Fuck me!””I am doing all I can but this one is on you.” He lifted his hips and pushed his cock as far up her pussy as possible as she came with a scream. It was too much for him as he unloaded his juice deep in her hot pussy.It took several minutes for her to regain her strength. After her big climax she had collapsed down on his body, his cock still deep in her pussy. She could feel his juice as it mixed with hers. His arms were around her as he held her tight to his body. She finally lifted her face and he kissed her again.His cock slowly softened and she could fell getting smaller in he pussy. “Ben that was really good, I loved it.””You aren’t by yourself. I have dreamed about being in you like this and the real thing is even better than the dream.”She spoke up, “It has really got hot in here.”He laughed, “The temperature isn’t the only thing hot in here.”His cock finally slipped from her pussy. “Ben, you are making a mess in this sleeping bag. How are we ever going to get to sleep in such a mess?””Who said anything about sleeping; I want to fuck all night.””Remember I said only once.””Liz, I know and so do you that there is not way we could go to sleep after this was so good. Tomorrow is another day but for tonight I think we need to do all the fucking we like. Another time or ten more times want make any difference with Paul. You can still go back to him from now on but we both want more tonight than what we just had.”Liz knew he was right. Already she could feel his cock stirring in her cunt and she couldn’t wait until he was hard again. Having committed adultery once the second time was easier. So were the next and the next through out the night.It was day light when she woke the next time. She still lay on him but his soft cock had slipped out and lay between her legs. He was softly snoring as she slid back the tent opening to see that it was still raining out side. Opening the bag zipper she laid it back and moved to get off Ben. In the light she looked at his naked body for the first time.During the night she had not given a thought to him being black. He was a naked friend that took advantage of the situation with her complete acceptance. She set on the edge of the bag and looked over his hard black body. He was the first naked black man she had ever seen, even in pictures. She took in his big black cock that didn’t look so huge now as it lay between his legs. It didn’t look anything like she had felt so many times during the night.Thankfully the temperature had climbed a little with the light of day and she could set out side the bag for a while. She thought about Paul and wondered if he had worried about her last night and if he had any thought of her being alone with his best friend. If he thought about it at all he would have known they only had one sleeping bag. Even then he would not have thought about them being naked in it together.She reached for the radio and turned it on. She made a call to Paul to see if he had turned his on already.He answered her at once. “Hi, how did it go last night?””It was fine once we finally got the tent up and out of the rain.” She wanted to change the subject. “It is still pouring up here.””It is raining here but I have already pushed away and headed down the river for help.””Paul be careful, if it gets to rough you stop and wait awhile until some of the water runs off. With it raining like this they couldn’t get to us anyway.””I will get back as soon as I can. You still have any food?”Liz thought about the sandwiches in the chest. Last night they had been too involved to think about eating. She was glad to see that Paul couldn’t see her blush. “We have enough for today and they should get us out no later than tomorrow.””How is the place where you are staying? Is it still above water?”Liz looked out at the water that now was only a couple of feet below the ledge. “It is higher but I don’t think it will get much higher. It didn’t come up much more last night. We will be all right.”For the first time he thought about her being alone with Ben. “How did you manage to sleep last night?””Well, you know that a one man tent doesn’t give much room for two people. There isn’t a lot of privacy here you know.””I know. I love you and will get you out as soon as possible.””I know, but be careful yourself. Getting you hurt want help anything.” They signed off and cut off the radios.She put the radio up and turned to see Ben watching her. For a moment she was embarrassed to be naked with him able to see all of her in the day light. She could feel his eyes moving over her body and found it once again exciting to be naked with a strange man. Even though Ben was far from being a stranger he was the only man other than Paul to ever see her naked.With the bag unzipped there wasn’t any covering mobilbahis güvenilir mi for either of them. What clothes they had were still out side in the rain.She was the first to recover. She dropped her hands and tried to act like she woke up every morning in bed with a naked black man. She might have convinced her mind but her cunt was wet again and her nipples couldn’t hide the desire growing in them. The nipples were rock hard as they stood firmly out towards him only a matter of inches away. A glance down and she could see his cock was now hard again and it looked even bigger than it had felt last night in her.”Paul is on the way for help.””Good, how long will it be before they get here?””It depends on the river and how quick Paul can get down it. At the best it will be late this afternoon or if it gets dark first, then tomorrow morning.” She looked up to see him smiling. “What?””Tomorrow will be just fine with me.””No Ben. We can’t do that again! Last night was different but I only agreed for the one time.””I seem to remember that it was much more than the one time.”She blushed, “I know but that was at night and doing it in the daylight would be like cheating on Paul for the first time.””We both cheated on Paul. I didn’t mean for it to happen anymore than you did, but the circumstances were more than either one of us could resist.” His hand came up to touch her hard tit. “I remember how theses felt last night as you lay on my chest. I want to make love to you now where I can see what I could only feel last night.”His fingers on her tits were quickly making her change her mind about not fucking him again. Glancing down at his hard cock sticking up between his legs made up her mind for her. She leaned forward and kissed him on his lips. His hand pulled her mouth closer to him as his tongue pushed against her lips until her mouth opened.He heard her breath leave her body as she responded to his kiss. Holding the kiss she lay over on her back. Her legs spread as she pulled him over her and guided his huge cock once again to her wet pussy.The heat from her pussy was more than he could stand. What he had started out to take his time doing he was now pushing hard to get deep in her hot cunt.Liz felt him enter her and suddenly push hard as his cock split the folds of her pussy as he plowed deeper in her pussy than even he had been before. All thoughts of Paul were gone as she felt the hot rush of his hard cock claiming her pussy for his own. She lifted her cunt up to his pushing cock. “OH YES, YES, YES!” Nothing had ever felt this good before! She loved sex with Paul but she had never done anything as erotic as this, EVER!Ben had unleashed a demon in her. Her pussy was doing its best to swallow his cock by the roots! He had wanted to fuck her for a long time but he had never imagined Liz would be anything like she was now. Her hands were pulling at his hips to get more in her as she lifted her pussy up on his cock with each stroke he made.It was more than he could take and soon he was shooting load after load of juice deep in her pussy.His hot juice carried her over the edge as she screamed out her climax as the last of his cum rolled down his staff into her begging pussy.”Once Liz gave in to her feeling she couldn’t get enough of him. She did something she had never done for Paul; she sucked Ben back to another hard. She couldn’t wait for him to get his big cock back in her cunt. As he entered once again she pulled his face down to kiss him. When she broke the kiss she smiled up at him as her pussy was working over his hard black cock. “Oh Ben, Ben. I have never felt like this! I can’t get enough of you!”He couldn’t agree with her more. If this day was going to be the last time they were ever going to be together then he was going to make the most of it.It was mid morning when they finally had to stop to rest. The sun was now out and they came out of the tent since last night when they had scrambled in to stop the freezing.They stood naked in the warm sun, neither one was not even a little bit shy now.Liz lay out their clothes to dry while they eat the sandwiches. All of them were quickly gone as it had been nearly twenty four hours since their last meal.They stood on the ledge where the canoe had been. Sometime during the night it had washed away. Ben stood next to her as they gazed at the still rolling river, and thought for the first time how lucky they were to have made it safely out of the raging water.His hand was d****d over her white shoulder and cupped her tit in his palm as if it was the most natural thing for him to be doing. His cock was again getting harder. Her hand dropped down to hold him. “Liz, I know we are lucky to be alive but I wouldn’t take anything for being with you.””I know. It will take a long time to forget about this and cheating on Paul but I loved every minute we have been together. I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to him. I just hope he never asks me what went on here.””Would you tell him?””I would have to tell him. I couldn’t live the rest of my life lying to him.” She smiled up at him, “I just may not tell him how much I enjoyed it.”His cock was hard once again as her hand slid over it. “You are about to cause me another problem.” She looked down at his now huge black cock in her white hand.”It looks good in my white hand.””I didn’t know you had a problem with me being black?””I don’t, never have, I just never had one before. I never have had but one and that is Paul. I just like the contrast. Why don’t you pull the sleeping bag out of the tent and let’s see what kind of contrast you make sliding back in me?”He moved quicker than a cat as he soon had the bag spread out in the sun. He stretched out on his back as he held up his arms for her. “Lets see how black looks sliding in you white pussy one more time.”She moved over him and took his cock in her hand as she knelt down and guided him back to the opening to her body. “Hide this black beauty where it will do the most good.” She sunk lower until all of him was buried deep in her white pussy. “OH Yes! I can’t believe it can still feel this good.”She rode him hard until she was cumin. As she climaxed he flipped her over and lifted her legs over his shoulders. He drove his cock hard and fast as he fucked her through her climax and towards her next. “Ben! You’re going to break my back fucking like this!'”You want me to stop?””NO, NO, NO. Fuck me harder! I Love it!!!”They had barely finished when they heard the helicopter coming up the river. “Quick Ben get off and get dressed! The rescue copter is coming!”Two people couldn’t have moved faster if Paul had caught them having sex. Ben was quick since he had only a pair of shorts. It took Liz longer since she had shorts and top as well as panties and bra to put on. She hoped Paul wasn’t on the copter. There wasn’t any way she could hide from him the way she had just been fucked a moment ago.The copter came around the curve as she came out of the tent. Both of them were waving to attract the attention of the pilot. He hovered near them as he came over the speaker that they would drop a cable to pull them into the copter.Ten minutes later they both were safe as the pilot headed back down the river from where he came. Liz knew she had lucked out. Paul was still at the base camp. There hadn’t been room for him. The pilot and rescue man had a hard time hiding a grin as they took in the way both of them looked.As Liz and Ben walked away to a waiting car they watched them go. “I wonder if the husband knows what went on up there.””I don’t know but I sure wish I was in that black guys shoes.””It’s not his shoes you want is that blond pussy he has been fucking.” They laughed as Liz and Ben sped away.Nearly two hours had passed by the time Liz found Paul. Thankfully she had been to a restroom and cleaned up before he saw her. “I am glad to see you two out and safe.”Liz fell into his arms and kissed him. She had kissed Paul hundreds of times in front of Ben but this time she felt different, as if she was cheating on Ben. “Let’s just go home.”If Paul had any thoughts about what went on back on the ledge he didn’t say anything on the way home.Ben had picked up his car and was leaving. He shook Paul’s hand and hugged Liz as he had many times before. He had always had feeling for her as a man would for a beautiful woman. This time it was all he could do not to take it farther. It wasn’t much but Paul noticed it.Paul led her back to the house. “Is there anything you would like to tell me?”She dropped her head and he knew. “No.””Good. Why don’t we eat a nice hot meal and get a good warm shower. I hated sleeping by myself last night.”It was after midnight when Paul was finally allowed to fall asleep. Liz went to the bathroom to clean up. She looked in the mirror and saw a woman that had been thoughtly fucked by her husband and his best friend. Now it was up to her to see that Paul never had a reason to question her again as she did her best to give him the best sex he ever had. Tonight had been a good start, Paul wasn’t complaining.Another glance in the mirror and she thought about Ben. How was she going to act around him from now on? She felt another quiver pass through her cunt. She wasn’t ever going to be able to forget him. She went back to bed with Paul wondering what Ben’s next visit would be like. Just the thought started a tremble deep in her cunt. Staying faithful has just become almost impossible!

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