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Rick pulled out from the parking garage and the blizzard was blowing snow sideways. He did not think he would be able to move if his car was not 4-wheel drive. There was no electricity anywhere and it was very dark. As he drove by the front of his office building he thought he saw someone standing in the foyer of the inner and outer doors. He stopped and backed up and saw that it was Candy, one of the women from his floor. With no other cars around he was able to back up into the visitor parking lot next to the door. He got out of the car and went up to the door. As he opened it he called her name and then said it was Rick from Purchasing. She had been startled by him opening the door and smiled in recognition of who it was.

Candy was blind. She changed hands with her white and red staff and held her hand out to him. He asked why she was still here and she said her ride had not showed up and she could not get them on the phone, always just a busy signal. The door to the building had locked behind her and no one else had come along. Rick explained that the power was out over a large part of the city. He asked her where she lived and after she told him he said there was no way he could get to that area. Would she like to come home with him and get out of the cold? Candy said that would be great if it was not too much trouble.

He told her there was quite a bit of snow on the sidewalk so hold on to him tightly with both hands. He pushed his arm into hers and she took hold of it. He held the door open for her and led her to his car and got her onto the seat. He told her he would help her with the seat belt as soon as he got in and moved rapidly to the driver’s door and got in. He told her he had a dry towel that he kept in the car and offered it so she could wipe her face and hair off. He used it after she was done. Next he reached across her and pulled the seat/shoulder belt across her and put it in the fastener. The car had warmed up good while he had been talking to her. He put it in gear and started towards his place.

When they got to his place he could tell the power was out there also. He told Candy what he saw and said unfortunately I live on the sixth floor and the elevator would not be working. She said no problem, good exercise laughing. His parking spot was in an underground garage so they were out of the weather. He opened the door to the stairway and the emergency lights were on so he could see where they were going. At the base of the steps he asked her if she would like to be able to hold on to the hand rail or not and she said it did not matter as long as she had his arm. She was already by the hand rail so he told her where it was if she wanted to hold on to it at any time.

They started up taking their time resting for a few minutes at each floor. It did not take long for them to remove their outer coats. After a reasonable amount of time they reached his floor and again an emergency exit light provided enough light in the hall for him to get to his door. He opened it and led Candy into his living room. He asked her how long she had been standing at the office and she asked what time was it. He told her about 6 now and she said over 2 hours she thought. He asked her if she needed the bathroom and she said that would be great. The guest bathroom was just down the hall and he took her to it. He guided her hand to the sink and said the john was just on the left side of it and the towels were on the wall by the sink.

Candy said she would be fine now and he left her alone. He went to the living room, lit some candles and then lit the fire he already had made in the fire place. As he got that done Candy called out to him and he went and got her. He led her to the couch in front of the fire and that there was a blanket by her right hand after she sat down. She handed her coat off to Rick and sat down. She asked if she could remove her shoes as they felt wet. Rick said of course and asked if she wanted something to cover her feet with. She said she was just pull her legs up under her for a while. She had a skirt on and lots of leg showed when she did. He sat down a little distance from her and put the blanket over both of them.

They talked about the storm and he explained how much snow had built up even with the wind blowing it away. Candy said she had just moved up to the area last summer from the south and this was her first snow storm. They laughed and Rick said well it sure won’t be your last. The fire was warming the room up quickly and Rick was the first to move the blanket off of him. Candy soon followed and also stretched her legs out in front of her. She had no stockings on and her skirt was still pulled up high on her thighs. He estimated that she was about 22, 5’6″ tall and very fit. Her blouse did not fit tightly but he thought she probably had nice sized breasts.

Rick asked if she was hungry and she said yes she was. He went into the kitchen and called out the options to her. She asked if she could join him and he came back and got her and had her sit at the small table. Maltepe Escort She told him she was good in the kitchen, smirking, and would be glad to help fix dinner is he showed her where things were. They decided on the menu and Rick asked if she had enough light or should he get some more candles. She could hear the laughter in his voice but hesitated a few seconds before she answered. She said not really, these dark glasses make it hard to see. It took Rick a few seconds to realize she was getting back at him then they both started laughing. Cindy thought it was nice they could joke together about her blindness and that he was not repulsed that she was.

Candy then got serious and said she would like to take them off if he did not mind. She explained that she had been blind from birth and was born with no eyes or eye lids. There was just skin over where they should have been. Would he be grossed out seeing her that way? Rick was standing close to her and said absolutely not as he reached up and slid them off of her ears. He could not resist saying she had a very beautiful face and was a beautiful woman. Even in the dim candle light he saw her blush and said no one has ever said that to me before. Rick said yes, there are a lot of foolish men that don’t recognize beauty. They were quiet for a while then Candy said let’s get to work and fix dinner.

Candy seemed to learn his kitchen very fast and where things were. He was able to watch her as she did her tasks and thought it was remarkable how fast she was able to do them. She “looked” straight ahead as she did so, not “looking” down at what she was doing. He had a gas stove and oven so they were able to cook with no problems. Candy said they should think about what they needed out of the ice box and get it all at once and not keep opening and closing it. Rick said good idea and he got the stuff rapidly. They only ran into each other once and it was actually Rick that did it. Candy seemed to linger some and then said this is fun… cooking together, and moved away.

They soon had their meal on the table and Rick said he had never been around a blind person so what should he do to help. Candy said just tell me where the different foods are located on my plate using a clock face as a reference and I will be fine. Rick told her and she asked him to please cut her meat up for her. He did so and they ate. Rick again was amazed at how she managed. She used her knife to hold the food in place so she could get it on her fork and then lift it up to her mouth. She dropped very little and seemed to have a great sense of when she did, and the fork got lighter, and not bring it all the way to her mouth empty. They talked about work and what they each did.

After dinner Candy said she would rinse and put the dishes in the dishwasher if he would bring them to her. They had the kitchen cleaned in no time. Rick carried their coffee into the living room and put some more wood on the fire. Candy said that Rick was the first man she had been around that did not seem to mind that she was blind. Most people seemed like they did not want to bother with her. Rick reached for her hand and said it was no bother that he was very sorry she was blind, but he had no problem being with her and enjoyed her company and talking with her. She said thank you and I enjoy being with you also giving him a huge smile.

They talked for some time about how she managed and his wondering about what she saw when she looked at something with her hands. Never having seen what things looked like must be very strange. She said yes it was and there was no way she could describe to him what she saw in her mind. After being quiet for a few seconds she asked if she could look at his face with her hands. He scooted closer and took it and placed it on his face. She brought the other one up and spent about 5 minutes “looking”. Her fingers were so light as they moved over his skin that he thought how sensuous and sexy they were and immediately got hard. She grinned and said yes to his unasked question, I can tell the difference between people that I have done this with and remember what I “see”.

She relaxed her head against his shoulder and took his hand in hers. She finally said he was the first man she had ever felt safe with, and to be alone with. Rick was a little shocked at this but said nothing, just gave her hand a squeeze. They were quiet for a while and then Candy said she loved the sound of the fire, the popping and crackling. Another first she said. Rick said he loved sitting in front of it also.

Later he told her he had a t-shirt she could wear to sleep in and that he had a guest bedroom she could use. She said sounds good and can I take a shower, I usually do before I go to bed at night, helps me sleep. Rick said sounds good and I will show you where everything is. He led her to the guest room and guided her around it. There was a bathroom right off it and he guided her around that also. He laid a new toothbrush and paste on the sink and showed where the clean towels, Anadolu Yakası Escort soap and shampoo were placed.

Back in the bedroom he turned the bed down and said his bedroom was directly across the hall from hers and to call out if she needed anything. Candy moved to him and put her arms around him giving him a hug and thanking him for rescuing her and the great evening they had. He hugged her back and said your are very welcome, he had also enjoyed it very much. Checking to be sure she did not need anything else he headed to his room closing her door but leaving his open. Very soon he heard the shower and shook his head marveling at how good she got around.

He headed for his shower and after, using his flashlight, went back out and checked that all the candles were out and the fire was ok. He crawled naked into bed and was soon asleep. Sometime later he was awakened by Candy calling his name. He sat up and grabbed his flashlight. He shined it towards his door and she was standing there. He asked her if she was ok and she said no, she was afraid of the dark. His jaw dropped then she started laughing and said she was fine, just cold and could she get in bed with him to warm up.

Rick said that would be fine with him and to just move 3 feet farther and she would hit the bed then move left up the side. She did so and ran into his hand. He had the covers folded back and after some hesitation she lifted the t-shirt up over her head and off, then crawled in bed with him. She immediately crawled into his open arms grabbing him and pulling tight into his warm body. Rick could feel her breasts against his chest and she had thrown her leg over his. He knew she could feel his hard cock against her abdomen. They stayed that way for several minutes and she finally relaxed and her chest fell slightly away from him.

He had noticed that she did feel cold when she first got up next to him. It then dawned on him that the storm was on that side of the building and the wind must have made that bedroom very cold. He told her he was sorry he had not given her more blankets. Candy said it was ok, she was where she wanted to be now and getting very warm. She had made no effort to get away from his hard-on that he knew she could feel. He could feel her hairy brush rubbing against his thigh where she had thrown her leg over him. He wondered if she knew what was going on or was just pain innocent about it.

They talked about how the storm was still howling and how long the power would be off. Candy then asked him if she could look at the rest of him. Rick said all of me and she said yes unless you don’t want me to. He said no, it is ok, I am sorry, but even though I am in your world right now with it being very dark in here, I am still very aroused with you naked against me. Candy laughed saying yes that is why I want to do it now, I have never been with a naked man or felt his erection. She wiggled her stomach against it and continued saying she might as well take advantage of it.

Rick turned on to his back and Candy moved down some alongside of him. She started with her hand on his neck and slowly worked her way down. It was a feathery light touch and he had all he could do to keep from squirming or calling out. He felt his cock get bigger and harder the closer she got to it. Candy did not seem to be in any hurry getting to it, just taking her time exploring him. She finally arrived and the first contact was with the back of her hand hitting the head as she was moving her fingers through his pubic hair. He was leaking pre cum and she asked about it and Rick told her what it was and why it was there.

She finally moved her fingers over the head and started down the shaft reaching his balls. He was fairly large and long and had a long foreskin. He showed her how to pull that back and the difference in how he felt. Candy seemed to be embarrassed some and said she had read how sex was supposed to work but he seemed so big and she wondered how he would fit in a woman. Rick said that a woman’s vagina expanded so it would fit. He had to grab her hand at this point and hold it or he was going to shoot his cum all over the place. He explained what her hand was doing to him and she apologized and said she had no idea that was how it worked. She seemed sad that she was so ignorant of the facts. Rick pulled her up to him and after taking her in his arms kissed her saying it was ok, he understood how it must be for her.

He felt her sob a couple of times and kissed her on the forehead. She immediately returned the kiss on his mouth and they started kissing passionately. When he felt her mouth open slightly he flicked his tongue into hers wondering what would happen. Immediately she flicked hers back and he soon found out what would happen when she started using her tongue on him. After a few minutes his hand went up to her breast and he no more than touched it then he jerked it away. Candy pulled her head away from his kisses and asked what was the matter and he said sorry, I am not sure that İstanbul Escort is something you wanted me to do. She laughed and said yes, she had read that men liked to touch breasts and she wondered what it would feel like and please continue.

They kissed and Rick massaged both of her breasts for a while. They came up for air again and Rick asked her how far she wanted to go. Candy said she honestly did not know. She was very comfortable with what was going on now and wanted to go further she said. Rick said ok but anytime you want to stop just say so. Candy said thank you and put her hand back on his balls and after a few minutes continued on down his legs. Rick just laid back and enjoyed what she was doing. When she was done she came back to his head and kissed him again telling him how much she appreciated what he was doing for her and not trying to take advantage of her. Rick said you are very welcome and I am enjoying your touch very much.

She put her hand back on his still very hard shaft and asked if he had any rubbers handy. He said yes he did and Candy said good, I just wanted to know how far to push just in case. They laughed and cuddled together. She asked him if they were in complete darkness and he said yes. Candy then said if he wanted, he can look at her the same way. She told him to just use the tips of his fingers like she did. He started with her hair which was very short making it easy for her to take care of. Next he explored her face trying to understand what Candy saw with her fingers and compare it to what he had seen with his eyes. She did not object when he moved his fingers over the skin that covered her eye sockets. It was soft and smooth just like the rest of her skin.

He slowly worked his way down her body. He had already explored her breasts but just using the tips of his fingers was a whole new experience for him to enjoy. He hoped she was enjoying it as much as he had when she “looked” at him. He could feel the flair of her hips from her small waist and soon his fingers touched her pubic hair.

As he moved lower Candy open her legs to his hand. He did not push it and only touched along the outside of her pussy lips, barley going into her slit, but he did notice how wet she was. She was also very hairy and it seemed to cover a large area including the insides of her legs. He also noticed it was very soft and felt like rabbit fur. He worked down her legs and noticed how smooth they were from just above her knees. He thought shaving one’s legs must be by touch anyway. He worked his way down her legs to her feet then moved back up alongside of her. He told her how beautiful she was and thanked her for letting him touch her that way, it was a fantastic way to “see” someone. They cuddled together and soon fell asleep that way as the storm continued to rage outside.

Rick woke up again and it was light outside but he could still hear the wind blowing hard. The electricity was not back on so there was no heat. He needed to pee and quietly got out of bed and did so. When he got back Candy was awake and asked if he would take her to the bathroom. She stayed naked and Rick got his first view of her fantastic body. As he found out last night, her breasts were large with almost no sag. Her nipples looked like they were still hard and he did not know if it was from the cold or the situation. She did her thing and they hopped back in bed to warm back up. Candy asked what the plan was and Rick told her they would not be able to go anywhere for a while and that the electricity was still off.

He said even though the furnace was gas, without electricity it would not come on and the blower would not work so the overheat sensor would keep it from running. He had enough wood so they could stay in the living room and kitchen…or bed. She laughed and stuck her hand under the covers and was surprised when she found him, he was soft. She examined him that way and it did not take long for her to feel him start to get hard. She quit while she was ahead she told him. They decided to get up and Rick gave her some long underwear and a warm robe to get dressed in. He hated that he would not be able to see her naked anymore.

After they got dressed, they had some breakfast and then put some of the stuff from the ice box in the snow on the patio to keep it cold. Candy let the snow hit her on the face for a while enjoying the feel of it. Rick found a portable radio that the batteries still worked in, and they found out what was going on in the rest of the city. They sat in front of the fire and talked after that.

Candy asked if she could ask him questions about sex and he told her he would be glad to answer as best he could. She asked if he had sex before and he said yes but with only two women and it was only one time with each. Candy said as you know already you are the first man I have done anything with including kissing. I have been very shy and embarrassed at not knowing anything. Rick put his arm around her and drew her closer to him. He told her to get over that feeling, there was always a first time for everyone as there had been for him also. He added he was far from an expert. She asked if he played with himself and he said yes. Do you he asked, and she said she never had. Sex had never been a big issue with her for some reason, at least until now.

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