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Big Cock

Chapter 1

It was on the plane ride that I realized that this could be the best week of my life. I finally had Diane alone for a week in a foreign country where phone calls and texts were not going to be a distraction. I had finally got back on the money train and had dropped some weight and looked pretty good. I wanted to reward myself with a fun week with Diane and all she had had to offer in the bedroom. As I sat on the plane in first class I glanced over at her and she looked really sexy. She was listening to her iPod with her eyes closed as I was sipping a vodka cranberry and trying to read a book. I never had an issue with reading on a plane but this was different. In a few hours I was going to be locked up for a week with a girl that I was not only crazy about but we both were willing to fulfill almost any sexual fantasy together. There were some boundaries but not many and I had her alone for a week. So of course my mind kept wandering to all the deviant things I was going to do to her and having repeated issues with keeping my cock soft in my pants.

In preparation for this trip I had done my best to refrain from any extra curricular activities with my hands but have to admit the closer we got to the trip the less I could constrain my desires. For whatever reason Diane had unleashed my inner freak and since we lived in separate cities and had no way of seeing her regularly I had developed into a masturbation machine. On a normal day I would go at least twice and on a good day I could go five times. It was really effecting the volume and stream of my cum but I didn’t care. I needed release and Diane tortured me non stop with phone sex and slutty pics that drove me crazy. She had my sex drive on full blast. And as I said, she was willing to do almost anything I wanted.

When we arrived in Cancun we caught a cab to the hotel and checked in. During the ride over I was becoming more and more anxious of what was going to be happening in a matter of minutes and by the time we were checking into the hotel I was close to getting impatient with the girl at the front desk for taking so long. Diane noticing my impatience and knowing me well enough to know why I was impatient was her usual smart ass and made several comments that were suggestive in nature and referring to my cock being half hard. Finally all checked in we went up to the room.

Diane is a good looking milf with the perfect body type for me. She has perfect perky tits, the prettiest most delicious pussy and the tightest little ass you will ever see. It wasn’t long before we were in the room and I had her pinned against the wall kissing her. The room was overlooking the Caribbean and the windows were open with a cool sea breeze and Spanish tile but we also had some humidity that caused a slight perspiration and the taste of Diane was tantalizing. She was a little salty and she knew how to kiss. In a matter of moments I had her dress off and she was in just her bra and a thong and she helped me undress down to my shorts. We made our way into the bathroom to shower the traveling dirt off of us and while waiting for the temperature to set Diane completed the job of removing my shorts and freeing my thick and ready cock for some fun.

We stepped into the shower and continued our make out session for a while longer as we soaped each other thoroughly. I started off by lathering up her perfectly proportioned breasts. I loved the way her beautiful brown nipples react to my touch and reluctantly moved to scrubbing her backs. Meanwhile she was lathering me up and seemed to spend a lot of time soaping up my balls and hard rod. The only reason I didn’t cum right there in the shower from her touch was because I was so focused on her beautiful body that I was thankfully unable to fully focus on what she was doing to me. Once I got her top cleaned I started working on her bottom. I took the bar of soap and lathered my favorite location on Diane and that is of course her beautiful love mound. I got her pussy all lathered up and told her to turn around and bend over so I could prepare her ass for later. I worked her ass with the bar of soap and my finger for a few moments and I could tell she was getting hot and simply couldn’t resist the view and decided to start cleaning her box and ass with my tongue. Diane was getting off but stopped me and told me she had plans for me and wanted to get me cleaned up. Diane had me stand up and she dropped down and again started to soap my cock and balls and worked her way around to my ass and got me all soaped up. She rinsed me off once I was properly lathered and for a quick test run took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me off. Diane hates it when I watch but nothing turns me on more than to see Diane take my cock into her mouth and to see my head disappear behind her pretty lips. Once Diane had gobbled up the head of my cock she started working on the rest of it. I started moving my hips rhythmically with her motions and only after a few moments I was close to getting off. I had not stroked off in days and it was getting hard for me to handle. Diane knew I was getting close and started working harder for my load. I finally had to push her off because I didn’t want to pop just yet. almanbahis I had a lot of plans for the day and didn’t want to reward her so easily.

We got out of the shower and dried off and made our way to the soon to be soiled bed. I called room service and had room service send up some drinks, appetizers (specifically some fresh fruit) and a bucket of ice. While we waited I dug out the toys we brought with us and told Diane to keep herself busy while I got everything ready and allow time for the refreshments to arrive. I set up my laptop next to the bed for a little surprise later and pulled out some oils other assorted toys that I planned on using on her. I quickly got this done and sat down to enjoy the show that Diane was putting on for me. Diane had her silver vibrator out and was sliding it in and out of her pussy and rubbing it against her little clit. My cock responded instantly by getting harder than I could ever remember it being. I started stroking my hard dick out of reflex and got lost in the show. Diane was masterfully using the toy and lay on the bed whimpering and moaning with every stroke she gave herself with the device. I knew she was on the verge of coming and my strokes were becoming faster and more urgent on my cock, I knew at any second I was going to shoot my inaugural load in Mexico. I got up and made my way over to Diane and had my cock positioned over her face and tits. I wanted to shoot my load I had been saving for her when I was suddenly brought back into reality with the banging on the door. The room service guy had saved me from wasting my load so quickly and I reluctantly regained my composure as Diane covered herself up. I got a robe on quickly and brought the cart in myself with a shaker of Apple Martinis and a bucket of ice for her and some Dos Equis for me along with some fresh fruit.

We took a quick break and enjoyed the view but we were both to wound up from being so close to climax and wanted to get back to fun. Diane told me to lie down on the bed and be prepared to be tied up. I lay down and nervously surrendered control to her knowing she was capable of anything. Diane had me tied up and vulnerable on the bed in no time and quickly started kneading my balls. I don’t mind having my balls played with so much any more but really wanted my cock to be played with. I was trying to be patient and wanted to grab Diane’s hand and guide it to my cock but was tied up and had no control. At this point the head of my prick was covered with precum and needed to have some attention paid to it but Diane seemed not to care. She fondled my balls but I knew what she really wanted and the reality is that I wanted the same thing. We had been in the room for almost an hour and I had not paid nearly as much attention to Diane’s pussy as either of us had wanted. She then got up and straddled my face, positioned her pussy only a few inches away from my face and started massaging her clit with her finger. As she did this my cock became harder and harder and I could feel the precum oozing out of my throbbing head. I tried to raise my head for a taste of the beautiful pussy but she pulled it away and refused to let me get my first taste of her box. I felt like a thirsty man in the desert chasing a mirage. It was so close and I couldn’t get a taste of my favorite thing in the world and she knew it was driving me wild. Diane then brought out a toy that she had placed in the cold bucket along with a handful of ice. She slid the ice cubes up her love hole right in front of my face and then started fucking her clit with the vibrator. All I could do was sit there and watch. I was literally salivating and my cock was throbbing. After a few moments with Diane’s pussy hovering over my face the ice began melting and dripping out of her hot and wet hole and onto my face and into my mouth. I started drinking from the wet hole as it slowly dripped the sexy aphrodisiac into my mouth and it tasted incredible. Meanwhile Diane was exhibiting the signs she had earlier and I could tell she was moments away from squirting her love juice all over me. Her body tensed and she stopped whimpering, her breathing had stopped and she finally cut lose and exhaled in ecstasy while squirting an ample stream of cum right into my face. As she caught her breath she lowered her pussy right down on my face and spun around so that she had access to my cock. I finally had free reign to suck on her pussy and do as I wanted but knew that she would soon be cutting me lose as my skill sets were better utilized with my hands free. Diane started licking my cock and cleaning up all my precum that had flowed out and again teasing my balls while I was eagerly cleaning up her wet pussy and sucking on her clit. I was so lost on my job that I never noticed that she had produced a small vibrator and was starting to slide it into my ass. I am not into ass play myself and the consequences of having a woman like Diane is that sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone so I just kept focusing on her beautiful box and tasty juices. She finally slid the vibrator into my ass and then started working on my cock with her mouth. I have to admit that she was sucking my cock perfectly and the effects were incredible. I couldn’t handle it any almanbahis giriş more and stopped my feast of her pussy and let her do her job and completely gave in to the vibrator and Diane’s mouth. Diane was bouncing her head up and down on my stiff thick shaft and sliding the vibrator in and out of my ass and I was loving it. Then Diane did something incredible. She took me all the way into her mouth and deep throated my cock fully engulfing me from the tip of my head down to my balls…at that moment it felt like nirvana and the vibrator in my ass didn’t feel so bad and I could no longer contain myself. Diane’s cock sucking ability was bringing me to the edge and I could feel the tingling sensation in the head of my cock working its magic and my balls began to tighten up. The vibrator in my ass was also adding to the sensation and I finally shot my load into Diane’s mouth. I cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. My heart was racing and I had lost my breath. My cock was contracting and expanding and pumping loads of saved up cum. Diane took it all and finally relented and released my cock from her jaws of life. She had a mouthful of cum and wanted to share it with me. She turned her ass away from me and brought her face to mine and started to kiss me and we shared both of our love juices together. She had cum in her mouth and finally let it pour out onto her chest and began rubbing it on her tits. I was still turned on but needed to let my buddy recuperate and told Diane if she wanted me to work on her pussy to cut me lose and I would get her pussy squirting in no time. Diane cut me lose and I told her it was her turn to be tied up….

Chapter 2

Diane could hardly wait for me to get her all strapped in to the bed. I was going to take my time with her for several reasons. The first reason is that I had the most mind shattering orgasm I had ever had orally and my cock was spent and needed time to recuperate. The second is that I wanted her to beg me to fuck her and the best way to do that was to take her to the brink.

Diane laid down on the bed much more eagerly than I and I had her tied up to the bed posts in a matter of a few minutes. When she was tied up I just laid on the bed next to her and took a handful of ice out of the ice bucket and filled up her pussy with as much ice as she could take and then took a but plug we had planted in the ice bucket and slid it into her ass. When I slid it into Diane she closed her eyes and sighed in contentment. I moved my way back up to Diane and got some more ice out of the bucket and gently started rubbing it against her skin. Beginning at the top of her chest near the neck and slowly working my way down her cleavage. While I was doing this I softly spoke to Diane telling her that she had better be used to being tied up for a while because she was going to have a long session ahead of her. I spoke of how I was going to fuck her face again and suck her clit off and end up fucking her in the ass and how she had better like it. I continued with the ice slowly moving it away from Diane’s cleavage and towards her nipples. As I rubbed the ice over Diane’s sexy brown tits she became more and more eager for some pussy play. I kept her waiting and continued with the ice tease and kept working on her tits rubbing one with ice and suckling and nibbling on the other. Finally I left the nipple region and rubbed the shrinking ice cube down lower and lower to the pubic region. This has been the moment I had been waiting for and was finally here…Getting a fresh set of ice cubes I replaced the cubes that her sweltering cunt had already melted and started working the new cubes from the bottom of her ass cheeks up to the bottom of her pussy. Finally I used me free hand and opened up Diane’s pussy lips and started rubbing the cube up against her swollen pussy lips and clit. Diane loved the mix of the ice cubes inside her sugar walls and as well as the ice cube being softly rubbed against her clit. Every time I moved the cube away I softly blow on her clit to give her a mixture of my warm breath coupled with the hard coldness of the cube.

After a few moments of this it was too much for both Diane and I to handle and I knew I needed to dive into Diane’s muff. I may have wanted to tease Diane but I could not longer take it and needed to taste Diane and really get my face wet with her juices and enjoy a long term pussy eating. More than anything I love to face fuck Diane and her extraordinary gash and she loves how I do it. Finally I began slurping away on her pussy and working on her clit. The view of being between Diane’s legs is amazing but the taste of Diane’s juices is ambrosia. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that is the plan for the week. As I take Diane’s clit in my mouth and start tongue fucking her perfect little clit. I can tell that Diane is getting off on this because she starts gently and subtlety bucking her hips with my heads movements but my mouth is stuck to her pussy like a suction cup and she knows my tongue and lips won’t leave until she squirts her juices. As I suck on her clit and she is whimpering with passion I start working on her little brown nipples. Twisting and kneading on them only fuels Diane’s excitement. I almanbahis yeni giriş can tell Diane is getting closer and closer to cumming because I can see that she is struggling with the restraints but there is nothing she can do. She is mine and at the mercy of my tongue and soon my rock hard cock. Finally I can tell that Diane is ready and I pull away from her and hop up and take my cock and start slapping on her clit with my cocks head and asking her to squirt all over my hard dick. Finally Diane squirts her cum all over my cock and balls and I can feel her wetness all over me. I get up her and instruct Diane to suck my cock and balls dry and she happily cleans me up. When she is doing this I can feel my loins begin to stir and realize that I have another hot load ready to dump inside of her. I can’t believe how fucking turned on this girl gets me and I want more than anything to please her also. After Diane cleans me off I resume the position and start working on her pretty little box again for some more of her squirt time. Diane needs something thicker for her tight little asshole so I pull out another vibrator that’s thicker than the silver old reliable and gently slide it into her ass. When I get the tool inserted into Diane’s ass I go back to sucking on her little red pearl and begin finger fucking Diane. I curl up my index finger to massage her G spot and when I slide my finger into Diane’s hot hole I can feel the vibrations from the thick vibrator buzzing underneath her asshole and into her pussy canal. I make a mental note to fuck her pussy before I pull the vibrator out but for now I need to suck on that clit and get Diane off again. As I start sucking Diane off again I can feel the vibrations on my chin and on my lips and decide that a little more vibration couldn’t hurt. I form a suction cup with my mouth and start humming on Diane’s little clit changing speeds from soft to hard and from fast to slow. Diane is responding exactly the way I had expected and I know I can get her off whenever I want. Finally I can not take it any longer and want to feel my cock inside of Diane’s pussy and decide to allow Diane to cum. I start working on Diane’s clit as hard as I can and bring her to the brink. I pull off Diane and again yank my cock up to Diane’s pussy and start slapping her clit with my cock again and begin the ritual of telling Diane to cum for me and how much it turns me on. This time to change things up when Diane starts shooting her cum all over I pop my cock unexpectedly into Diane’s pussy. Diane not expecting this new thick invader into her pussy is overwhelmed with being penetrated with a vibrator in her ass and a thick cock in her pussy as she squirts is thrown into the ecstasy of yet another spine chilling orgasm and starts oozing her juices all over my lap. It’s an incredible sensation for me; I am riding this wild nymph that is squirting from all of my attention. My cock has parted Diane’s tight little hole and my cock is experiencing so many intense sensations, the feeling of Diane cumming all over my cock and the feeling of the vibrator doing its job in her ass and of course just being inside Diane is always something that is incredible. I begin fucking Diane’s pussy and with my rock hard meat but I need to get deeper inside of her so I throw Diane’s left leg over my right shoulder and jam my hog inside of her all the way to my balls. As I grind my cock into Diane’s little hole she is flush from two invaders working there will on her. I love the way Diane sucks my cock but my all time favorite is fucking Diane’s pussy raw. I slow down my pumping motion on her and bring my head down and let Diane taste her juices that are still lingering in my mouth while I slowly pump on her pussy. As I slow down my balls are resting on her ass and I can still feel with both my balls and my shaft the vibrations of the vibrator still buzzing away in Diane’s ass. Curious to know what it would feel like against the head of my cock I slowly withdraw my member from Diane’s pussy enough to feel the vibrator and it’s incredible. The tool in Diane’s ass has turned her pussy into a natural cock vibrator and it is almost enough to make me dump a load of cum inside Diane’s sweet pussy. From all of this I come up with a new idea and decide to take a new ride on Diane’s rollercoaster ride of sex. I take a new vibrator out and pull out of Diane’s hole and replace the emptiness left with my cock with a fresh vibrator. In a new rush of excitement I pull the vibrator out of Diane’s ass and replace it with my cock. Diane begins whimpering again from all the stimulation. In the last two hours she has masturbated to orgasm, been sucked off several times to orgasm, has been fed a load of cum fed to her for lunch and been had her pussy fucked and her now her ass invaded by my thick cock. The butt plug and vibrator have done there job and I easily slide my cock into Diane’s ass and start fucking her ass. Diane can feel my thick head inside her ass and it feels like someone has slid a tennis ball up there but she is still incredibly turned on and is closed to cumming again. Diane can tell from my actions that my cock is not going to last long in her ass and she is right in this respect. Diane’s ass has engulfed my cock and between the tightness of her ass, the feel of the vibrator buzzing in her pussy and my own need coupled with Diane’s moaning brings me to another mind blowing orgasm. I can not take it and pump load after load of my seed into Diane’s ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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