Cancelled Flight

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It’s been a little while since I last wrote a story so I will bring you up to speed. I moved from New York City to Kansas City and met a great guy within the first month of living here. We share a lot of the same fetishes and such so we have an open relationship. He loves watching me have sex with other men or hearing about it. I am the same with watching him with other women. This really doesn’t have anything to do with the story but I thought I should update everyone.

I flew to Maine the week before Christmas to be with family. My boyfriend stayed in Kansas City as he only had a few days off of work. I made it to Portland without any problems and had a great time catching up with my family.

I was leaving the day after Christmas so I would be able to spend a few days off with my boyfriend before I had to go back to work. My mom was worried about the weather coming towards the northeast but I told her I would be fine. She dropped me off at the airport and headed back to the family. My first flight to Philadelphia was on time but the weather was starting to get pretty bad and I had 2 hours before my flight left for Kansas City.

I grabbed a seat near the gate where my flight was supposed to leave from and started listening to music on my Ipod. The seats around me started filling up as more and more flights got delayed. The man next to me started talking to me, just the typical questions. Where I was heading, how my holiday was etc…

He was in his mid 30’s with short brown hair and green eyes. Jason was his name. He appeared to be in good shape and his eyes kept me drawn in. We continued to talk until the airport announced that it was completely closed and that no more flights would be coming in or going out. I guess I wasn’t too surprised but could have planned ahead of time. I started calling hotels but was too late. Apparently, most people had thought to book a hotel room before the storm hit so every hotel I called was full. My new friend offered me a bed in his room as he was one of the people to plan ahead. I accepted as I didn’t want to stay in the airport all day and night.

As we walked into his room I saw that there was only one king size bed. He said that he was planning on it being just him and that there were no other rooms available. He then said that we don’t need to worry about it right away and asked if I would like to go down to the bar as it was still mid afternoon. I accepted. As we headed downstairs, he said that we might be able to trade with someone we meet at the bar. Even if I slept on the floor, it would at least be more private than staying in the airport and I was thankful.

We spent the entire day and evening at the bar getting to know one another and chatting with random people who were also stranded due to the storm. I was getting pretty drunk along with everyone else. I tend to get a little horny and flirty when I’m drunk. I was touching his arms now and then and I felt his hand on my leg a few times. Around 11 o’clock we decided to head back to the room for the night. I was quite drunk by this time and ready to fall asleep.

My inhibitions were low and I asked if he would mind sharing the bed. He had no objection. Then I told him that I preferred to sleep naked and asked if minded saying that I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. He laughed and said that if I was comfortable with it, then he didn’t have a problem with it. I climbed into bed and took off all of my cloths tossing them on the floor on my side of the bed. I giggled at his shocked expression when he saw this. I guess he thought I was joking. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed in on his side. I had now confirmed that he was in good shape with great abs.

He was a gentleman and didn’t peak under the covers or make a move on me as I figured most men would in this situation. We talked for a few minutes and then said goodnight. I fell asleep quite quickly as the alcohol Muğla Escort helped.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a hand rubbing my butt. It took me a minute to realize where I was. I’m not sure why but I didn’t move or say anything. I just let Jason continue to feel my ass. It did feel nice. His hand slowly rubbing in circles getting bigger until his hand stopped on my lower hip. He gently slid it up my stomach until he had a handful of my left breast. As he massaged my breast he was gently pinching my nipple now and then and would then move down to my right breast doing the same thing. After a couple of minutes he slid his hand back down my stomach until he was back on my lower hip.

I then felt pressure as he rolled me over onto my back. I kept my eyes shut and pretended to still be asleep as I felt his hand move gently down to my pussy. As I felt a finger slide into my slit, I involuntarily pushed my hips up into his hand. His finger slid in easily as I was already turned on from his groping.

Here I was essentially being raped in my sleep, yet I clearly was enjoying myself. Jason was now rubbing my clit as I continued to gently grind against his hand. A few soft moans also escaped me as I was clearly turned on.

He stopped and I felt his hand leave my body and grab my wrist. I allowed him to move my arm until he had my hand resting on his mostly hard cock. He wrapped my fingers around his dick and slowly moved my hand up and down with his hand around mine. I tried as hard as I could not to grip him tightly as I wanted to but I didn’t want him to know I was awake. It was really turning me on. Him thinking that I was passed out while he used my hand to jerk himself off. I could feel him getting harder and he moved my hand down and used it to rub his balls. It seemed that he was shaved but I could feel a little stubble and I guessed he was about 6 or 7 inches long.

All of a sudden he let go of my hand as I let it fall to the bed. I then felt him get out of the bed. I didn’t know if he thought he had woken me up or was just going to the bathroom to jerk off or what. It was neither. He had walked over to my side of the bed and I felt his hands on my shoulder and side as he rolled me back to my side so I was now facing him. Then I felt something on my lips. I tried to stay still and relaxed as best I could as not to let him know I was awake. It was a finger and he had managed to get it between my teeth and open my mouth. I kept my mouth open where he left it having a pretty good idea of what he was going to do next.

I wasn’t disappointed as I felt the tip of his cock enter my mouth. I could taste his precum. He put a hand behind my head and slowly started humping his dick in and out of my mouth, getting just barely more than the head of it in. I loved the feeling of his smooth skin in my tongue. He was being very gentle as to not wake me up. I then felt his other hand on my stomach sliding down to my pussy. I started lightly humping his hand as once again he rubbed my clit. Then it slid down further until I felt 2 fingers enter my wet pussy and curl inside of me. This caused me to grind a little harder and the deeper he drove them in, the more I would push back into his hand. I was also giving light moans onto his dick.

He let go of the back of my head and pulled his dick out of my mouth but continued to finger me. This caused my moans to now be a little louder. He then started rubbing his dick against my face leaving trails of my saliva on my cheek. I could feel his balls rubbing against my lips while his dick rubbed against my cheek. I lightly opened my eyes hoping to see it but it was too dark.

He then removed his hand from my pussy and just like that he was gone again. Only a few seconds later he was climbing back into bed. I felt him curl up close to me wrapping an arm around my upper body and grabbing my breast. Then I felt his hard Muğla Escort Bayan cock slide between my ass cheeks. He humped me a little bit sliding up and down between my ass cheeks before sliding his dick down between my legs. He moved his hand from my breast down between my thighs from behind and lifted my leg up until it was bent at the knee and stayed pointing up. This gave him a better angle as his cock rubbed against my moist pussy.

He put the tip of his cock to my entrance and pushed it in slowly causing me to exhale loudly. He paused to make sure I wasn’t awake and then slowly continued pumping into me.

I was so turned on as this stranger I had just met was fucking me while what he thought was me sleeping. He was using me how ever he wanted and I was just along for the ride. I was trying my hardest not to be too loud to make him think I had woken up but I don’t think it would have mattered to him anyway.

He was gradually building up pace and I was now breathing pretty hard. He brought a hand around my waist and started rubbing my pussy. I started grinding my pussy back onto his dick and was now moaning to the point that I didn’t care if he knew I was awake. They were still quiet moans until my toes curled and I came hard on his cock. I let out a long loud moan that could probably be heard in the room next door.

He continued to pump slowly in and out as I came down from my orgasm. Then he lifted my leg over his head and down on the other side of him making me spread my legs wide open as he was now on top of me. I opened my eyes to see him looking right at me. I smiled a big grin at him as he smiled back and picked up the pace once again. I wrapped my legs around his back and reached my arms down grabbing his ass. I pulled him in harder with each thrust until I came again. Shortly after my orgasm, he pulled out of my hot pussy and shot a stream of cum up my body that actually hit me in the face. I looked down as the second shot hit me again in the face. There were 4 more streams that shot on my chest and gradually landed further down my stomach. I have only seen one or two men cum that hard and that much before. I was in awe while he just smiled down looking at me covered in his cum.

I looked him in the eye as I brought my hand up to my face and pushed his cum into my mouth. Then I scooped what I could off my chest and stomach and licked it off my fingers. After I was clean, I motioned for him to slide up my body as I grabbed his still slightly hard dick.

He slid up my body until I could get him into my mouth. I massaged his balls with one hand as I sucked his cock back to life, tasting my own cum mixed with his. Once he was completely hard again I pulled him out of my mouth and started licking and sucking his smooth balls while I stroked him with one hand. This made him even harder. I stuck him back in my mouth and sucked on the head while licking the underside of it. Then I dove my head all the way down until his wet balls were on my chin and his dick was down my throat. He grabbed my head and started humping my face. He was pulling out till just the head was in my mouth and thrusting back down my throat. It didn’t take too many of these full length thrusts to make him cum into my mouth. I pulled him out most of the way keeping just more than the head in my mouth while stroking the base of his cock. He didn’t cum as much as the first time but it still filled my mouth. I swallowed it all and he climbed back onto his side of the bed. I made a kissy face as if blowing him a kiss and rolled back over to fall asleep.

We both woke up around the same time to the sun shining through the window. I looked over at him and asked what the taste was in my mouth. He looked dumbfounded and a little scared until I told him that I was just kidding with a big smile.

I rolled over facing him and grabbed his semi hard dick. I stroked it to life and Escort Muğla then climbed on top of him, sliding my pussy down onto his dick. I leaned back, pushing my tits out at him and started grinding forward and back. His hands came up and grabbed both of my tits. I picked up the pace while pushing down hard on my forward strokes causing my clit to press into his pelvic bone. I came and he still looked like he wasn’t even close. Then I started bouncing up and down on his dick. He watched as I went from having him all the way inside of me to just the head and then back down. I went picked up the pace going as fast as I could which once again caused me cum really hard this time. The vise my pussy made on Jason’s dick must have been enough as he pumped his hot cum into my pussy.

I rolled off of him panting out of breath. Once we could both breathe, we decided to call the airlines to see if our flights would be leaving today and if so, what times. We both got the same answer, that flights would be leaving but not till the afternoon.

I asked if he wanted to join me in the shower which he gladly accepted. We soaped each others bodies and I made him hard as I stroked his dick with soapy hands. After we rinsed off, I looked at him and said “oops” as I purposefully dropped the soap. I then turned around and bent over at the waist to pick it up. He got the idea right away and slid his cock straight into my pussy as deep as he could. He put his hands on my waist and rocked me back and forth. I put my hands against the wall in front of me to stable my self so I wouldn’t slip or fall. He pulled out after he made me cum and I told him he could do one of two things. I could finish him with my mouth and he could cum on my face or he could do me in the ass. He told me that he hadn’t had anal in a long time so I should bend back over. I did happily and he gently slid his cock into my ass. He didn’t take long to cum this time and I felt him shoot his load into my ass. We finished cleaning up and got out of the shower.

We got dressed and went downstairs to get some breakfast and by the time we got back to the room it was almost noon. We were talking and joking around while we were sitting on the bed and the next thing I know, he is on top of me tickling me as I laugh uncontrollably. His hands were all over my stomach and legs and feet. He worked his hands under my shirt and shorts and my laughing quickly turned into moaning as my body writhed under his. He pushed my shirt up above my chest and sucked on my nipples. He kissed his way down my stomach and pulled my shorts down my legs and off as he kept kissing until he got to my pussy. He was licking my clit when I told him to finger me at the same time. He inserted 2 fingers into my wet pussy as he drove me crazy with his tongue. After a few minutes I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it into my pussy as I came into his mouth.

He stood up, took his shirt and pants off and climbed back on top of me. I could feel his hard cock on my thigh as we made out. I sucked on his tongue and lips tasting my own juices as he repositioned himself. Then he thrust into me making me throw my head back and moan. He took this opportunity to kiss and suck on my neck driving me even wilder. He worked his way up to my ear and if you have read my other stories you would know that my ears are my most sensitive body part. He was still thrusting into me as he sucked on my earlobe and when he dove his tongue into my ear my whole body started to spasm. I held his head there as I came as hard as ever before. My body was convulsing uncontrollably and I let out a moan that could probably be heard all the way down the hallway. He rolled off me out of breath while I was still panting. He had apparently came inside me while I was thrashing about in my own pleasure.

We cleaned up and got dressed, repacked our bags and headed for the lobby. After we went through security, we kissed goodbye and headed in different directions for our gates. When I got home, I told my boyfriend all about my great time with a stranger. He was so horny after hearing everything that we fucked for three hours. Every now and then he would make me describe a certain part.

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