Can You Help A Brother?

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The large house was quiet except for the constant hum of the furnace pumping out heat in the early January morning. The sun had been up for half an hour, but a thick layer of clouds blocked out the rays and portended another day of heavy snow. A dog barked in the distance, begging to be let in from the frozen outdoor.

James listened to it all from under the covers of his bed. His eyes adjusted to the dim light and he was reminded that this was not his bedroom. He awoke in his sister’s house with the memories of his own home engulfed in flames still fresh in his mind. James could still smell the smoke…not a coincidence since the clothes he wore the day before, during his escape from the fire, were lying on a chair in the bedroom.

How long he would have to stay with his sister Mary was uncertain. How long she and her husband would want him around was even more unsure. James had never been close to Mary and he didn’t want to force himself upon them pointlessly. But for at least today, he had few options.

The bedroom door was not completely closed and in the hallway he thought he heard the shuffle of soft footsteps. Perhaps it was the furnace, he decided. James rolled out from under the covers and sat on the edge of his bed. Stillness surrounded him once more and he slowly got to his feet.

Mary had told him the night before that the hallway bathroom was his, as her master bedroom had its own bath. Thus assured, he peeked out into the hall before entering it in nothing but his boxers. It was a short distance to the bathroom door and he had his hand on the handle in short order.

Just as he pushed in on it, he hesitated. The sound of a cabinet door closing was unmistakable. Then he saw her move.

“Oh! I’m sorry, Mary. I’ll come…”

“No. It’s alright, James.”

He peered in timidly and saw his sister’s attractive face looking back at him in the darkness. She gave a nervous smile.

“I just needed something. I’m leaving,” she said.

James entered the bathroom and found himself making every effort to avoid staring at the tank top and panties worn by his little sister. Mary was twenty five now and definitely a woman, but he always thought of her as an innocent kid.

“Just like back home when we were growing up. Always fighting for the bathroom,” he said.

“I used to stay while you showered. Remember?” Mary asked with a grin.

“You were five. I was ten. I didn’t care much then,” James said. “Now I’m not sure Ben would appreciate it.”

Mary scoffed at the reference to her husband. “I doubt if he’d care. He doesn’t pay much attention to me.”

Her look portrayed a deep-seated discontent that even James the single, unemotional man could see.

Mary said, “He said he went ice fishing today, like most Saturdays in the winter. I suspect the only hole he’s probing this morning is Lisa Lyons'”

James saw the resentment in her blue eyes. His sister’s apparent suffering, combined with the disheveled nature of her short blonde hair, rendered her as the most beautiful, childlike woman in distress he’d ever seen. And James was shocked when his cock began to react accordingly.

He was glad the only light in the room came from the hallway. He turned slightly to hide the bulge in his boxers.

He said, “I’m sorry, Mary. I didn’t know. We need to talk more often.”

“Maybe not in the bathroom,” she replied. “I’ll come down to your bedroom when you’re done. OK?”

“Sure,” James said. He watched Mary walk out, her panties barely covering the cheeks of her small, firm ass.

By the time he had the shower adjusted and was stepping in, his was half way to a full erection. James stood under the water and gently stroked himself completely hard. He thought of Mary’s youthful face and the gorgeous body hidden under her tank top and panties. How could ANY husband shun her for another? Marriage had never been high on James’ list of goals and his sister’s disclosure confirmed his conviction.

Still, Mary would make any man think twice about staying single. In fact, Ben married her when they were both twenty years old. Maybe they were too young to take on such a responsibility and Mary was paying for it now.

James washed his hair and was working on his body when his soapy hands once again found his cock. He thought about the only time when he even came close to seeing Mary naked. They were on a vacation and she was sixteen. James had walked in on her accidentally while she got dressed and she had quickly covered herself up. But he got a glimpse of her then and even now the image was bringing him closer and closer to an orgasm.

He stopped short of cumming and finished his shower scolding himself for thinking that way about his only sister. A few minutes later, he was on his way back to his room wrapped in a large towel.

James pushed open the bedroom door and stopped in his tracks. Mary sat in the only chair in the room, looking at him with total contentment. A bathrobe was loosely tied around her waist. Her legs were crossed, exposing a good deal of Hatay Escort thigh, and the top of the robe revealed her deep cleavage. Mary’s hair was damp.

“I finished my shower and thought I’d wait for you,” she said smugly. “You always did take forever.”

James strode towards the bed where Mary had tossed his clothes. He wasn’t about to dress in front of her and was somewhat at a loss for what to do next.

She smiled at his predicament. “What’s the matter, big brother. You didn’t seem to mind seeing me half naked. Actually, if I hadn’t left I think you would have had a HARD time hiding your pleasure.”

Mary’s eyes were aimed directly at his cock and James certainly caught the meaning of her statement. He sat on the bed and pushed the towel down between his legs.

“Alright, Mary. You win. Let’s talk,” he said.

Mary used both hands to fluff up her hair. The opening in her robe hinted even more at the bare skin inside it.

“Ben and I aren’t going to last much longer, James,” she said unequivocally. “I don’t know for a fact that he’s seeing anybody else, but he’s definitely not relying on me for sex. We only talk when we have to and we don’t make plans beyond the day we are in. Dr. Phil wouldn’t give us another week.”

James felt sorry for his sister, but if she was depending on him for counseling, it was a mistake.

“I’m sorry, Mary. I wish there was more I could do,” he told her. “I’ll spend today talking to the insurance people and then find an extended stay hotel so I can…”

“No,” Mary interrupted. “That’s the last thing I want. I need you here. I’m going to lose my sanity if I’m left alone with Ben for much longer. Please say you’ll stay.”

Mary was leaning forward in the chair, her hands clasped together in a desperate plea. James saw the tears in her eyes and the quivering lips.

“Whatever you need, sis. You know we’ve drifted apart and that’s mostly my fault,” James said. “If I’d known about this earlier I would have tried to help. Maybe it’s time to make it up to you. I’ll do anything for you.”

The relief on her face was evident as Mary rose from the chair and came towards her brother. James couldn’t remember the last time he had hugged his sister and it seemed clear to him it was about to happen again. He was getting ready to stand up when Mary sat next to him. She put a hand on his leg and turned to face him.

“Thanks, James.”

Then she leaned over and placed her lips on his. If he considered her ‘thank you’ to be over after the brief contact, he was wrong. Mary pressed harder and leaned closer. One of her hands went behind his head and soon the pair were kissing like long-time lovers. James felt Mary’s hand slide across the towel on his leg and her fingers moved up his thigh.

Their tongues met at the same time Mary’s hand reached his cock. The kiss intensified and Mary wrapped the towel around James’ semi-erect shaft. She felt the warmth of the blood surging into the cock. Mary gripped it harder and James moaned.

With just the tiniest pressure, Mary pushed James backwards onto the bed. At the same time, her hand fumbled with the towel until her hand was underneath and once again holding his cock. The passion of their kiss was undeniable, but James broke away.

“Mary, no!”

“Why not? I can feel you now. I saw you look at me in the bathroom. Why not, James?”

He tried to will his cock into not getting harder, but her hand was like magic. The more she fondled him the longer and harder he got.

“You’re my sister, damn it,” he exclaimed.

“Then why are you as hard as a fucking rock?”

She pushed the towel aside and, for the first time, looked down at her brother’s throbbing cock.

“Because you’re the most beautiful, sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.”

The words surprised and thrilled Mary. With a wide grin, she rolled partially onto his body and started a new kiss. James could no longer restrain his hands from enveloping Mary and pulling her closer. She let go of his cock and allowed her body to rest directly on top of him. James clutched at her ass through the bathrobe and Mary felt his cock pushing against her abdomen.

When they momentarily stopped kissing, Mary leaned up and pulled open the top of her robe until her tits were almost completely exposed.

“Touch me, James.”

He shook his head, but his eyes never left her chest.

“Just once,” she begged. “You’ve wanted to for all these years. Do it now, please.”

James wouldn’t divulge that, in fact, he hadn’t lived his entire adult life craving his sister. But his body and mind were telling him at that instant that he did, indeed, want to touch her beautiful tits. He let one hand slide inside the opened robe. Mary instantly took hold of his wrist and put the hand on top of her left breast. She felt the fingers begin to seize the soft skin and squeeze it.

Mary closed her eyes and sighed loud enough for James to hear. He was torn between the thrill of having his beautiful sister give herself to him and the torment Hatay Escort Bayan of knowing it was so wrong. Still, his other hand was reaching up for her right breast.

Mary flung the robe open and James had full access to her entire body. He concentrated on her tits while Mary moved up and said, “I want you to have them, James. And I need you.”

She lowered a tit to his mouth and James eagerly licked it before sucking on the tender flesh and hard nipple. He used a hand to cup the excess and push it up to his mouth. For several minutes he switched from one breast to the other much to the delight of his sister.

Then she slid off the bed and between James’ legs. With a quick tug, she removed his towel and tossed it aside. With him watching intently, she also removed her robe and kneeled naked in front of him. She put a hand on his stomach to hold him down and dropped her mouth onto his throbbing cock.

Her light kisses and licks of the shaft had James close to an orgasm even before she spread her lips and took the head of his cock into her mouth. Very slowly she lowered her head until the tip of the cock hit the back of her throat and her lips touched his balls.

Soon, she was bobbing up and down on the cock and applying more and more pressure with her lips. James moaned and felt himself involuntarily begin to fuck his sister’s mouth. Precum leaked onto her tongue.

“Mary! Stop!”

“No. I want you to cum,” she replied before returning to her task.

“I can’t. I mean…it’s not…”

“I think you can,” Mary said. “I’ll make you.”

The only sounds she heard from James after that were the obvious noises of a man about to cum. She felt his body quiver. His ass rose off the bed.

Then he cried out, “Mary! I’m…I’m gonna…oh my God!”

Mary collected shot after shot of James’ warm cum in her mouth until a stream fell from the corner onto her chin. James grunted mightily to empty his cock, urged on by Mary’s magnificent lips, tongue, and hand. She finally stopped and reached down for his discarded towel to wipe her face.

“I knew that was what you wanted,” she said with a smile. “At least it broke the ice. Now you owe me and I’ll make sure you pay, big brother.”

He watched her put on her robe and quietly walk out of his bedroom.

It was early evening before Mary’s husband came back. James had spent the entire day working on his own house and fighting with the insurance company. He was in no mood to socialize with a man who, according to Mary, was mistreating her. Ben really did seem to fit the mold of a cheating scoundrel, but that didn’t lessen James’ feeling of guilt about what took place that morning in his bedroom.

Through it all, Mary seemed cheerful and exceedingly mischievous. James had no clue when, or if, she would make good on her promise to make him pay. But he was beginning to believe that the payback could be very pleasant.

The brother and sister were in the kitchen together after dinner. Ben was nowhere to be found, although James knew he was still in the house. Mary stood next to James near the sink and let her hip bump up against his.

“You can’t believe how horny I’ve been all day after what we did this morning,” she said.

James looked into her stunning eyes and saw that she wasn’t fooling. “Maybe that was something we should just forget, sis.”

He saw her disappointment before she replied, “Oh no you don’t. You’re not going to be the only one that gets anything out of this. You aren’t leaving until you’ve made me cum. I deserve at least that.”

“I will have a new place to stay by tomorrow night,” James answered.

“Then we better get started.”

Mary took James by the hand and led him down a short hallway into the laundry room. She closed the door behind them. The room was about ten feet by ten feet square. A washer and dryer took up one wall, while a large water basin stood against another. A few clothes lay in a basket and she quickly put them in the washing machine and turned it on while James looked on.

As water began to fill the tub, she turned to him and said, “In a few minutes that thing will be making a lot of noise. So will I. Ben will never know.”

With that, she leaned into James and they kissed long and hard. Their bodies grinded together and James’ cock grew harder. But it wasn’t his cock that would get the attention this time. Mary unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. She pushed them down her legs and stepped out before also removing her panties. James watched her climb onto the washing machine and spread her legs.

“Now, how good are you with your tongue, James?” she asked.

He knew better than to refuse. Plus, he didn’t want to. The beautiful pussy with short, fine, blonde hair surrounding it was too inviting. He leaned over and licked the inside of Mary’s thighs, slowly working his way towards her clit. Mary put a hand inside her shirt and played with one of her nipples, waiting anxiously for her brother to start bringing her towards an orgasm.

James Escort Hatay spread open her moist, pink pussy and wasted no time in seeking out her swollen clit. Mary leaned back and moaned as his tongue began a series of long, hard licks. The washing machine lurched under her as it began the next cycle. She clung to James’ head and pulled him closer as the vibration of the washer and the action of his tongue drove her wild.

Then the clit was between his lips and James was sucking on it, pulling on it and stabbing it with the tip of his tongue until Mary’s muffled squeals joined the sound of the washer. James could feel her moisture on his chin as it collected outside her pussy. Mary clamped her legs around his head and begged him to make her cum.

James knew he would not be fucking his sister during this encounter. So he did the next best thing: he thrust his tongue deep inside her pussy and listened to her whimper with pleasure. He sought out every wet crevice before returning to her clit.

“Oh my God, yes! I’m so close. Don’t stop, James! Don’t stop!”

His mouth engulfed the clit and he hung on while Mary’s body shuddered on top of the already shaking machine. Her cries grew more desperate. His tongue flicked across her receptive skin.

“Now! Now, James! Ohhhhhh….”

Mary came in multiple bursts of ecstasy. James reached up and seized her tits, and each twist of her nipples resulted in new moans from Mary. His hands were underneath her, holding her up by the ass to give him better access to her pussy. Fortunately, the washer began a noisy spin cycle that negated Mary’s little yelps.

It seemed to James like an eternity before his sister was sliding off the washer and limply into his arms.

The next day, as James settled into his extended stay hotel suite, he thought about the previous forty eight hours and how they had changed his life. Certainly, his relationship with Mary would never be the same. Even if they never renewed the sexual bond, they couldn’t look at each other again without remembering what happened.

He was putting away clothes, stressing over the timeframe provided earlier by the insurance company and remodelers, when he heard a knock on the door. As he walked to it, he guessed it might be the hotel staff, or his insurance agent—one of the only people who knew where he was—or…


“Hi, James,” she said when the door opened.

“Hi, Mary. Come on in.”

She carried a grocery bag full of food and immediately strode to the kitchenette’s table and deposited it there with a smile.

“I can only imagine what you planned on eating here,” she said.

“I planned on eating out.”

She walked over to her brother. “Too expensive. I bought you some good stuff.”

“Thanks, sis. You shouldn’t have,” he said.

James felt his body react at once to the sight of Mary in a tight sweater and short skirt. Her nipples seemingly threatened to poke through the sweater and he stared despite all efforts not to.

Mary looked up at him. “I can stay and cook the first meal, if you want.”

“I don’t think…I mean, you really don’t have to,” James told her. “I’ll be fine.”

“Do I frighten you now?” she asked innocently.

James was taken aback by the question, but had to admit that the thought was on his mind. He knew his self-control was weakened after the two incidents inside her house. Now they were alone behind a locked door. And she looked stunning.

“I wouldn’t say ‘frighten,'” James replied.

Mary smiled and began to put the groceries away. “Then what?”

James was staring at every move she made, stretching to put cans onto the top shelves, her little skirt straining to reach the bottom of her ass and her sweater threatening to expose her tits. He sat in the closest chair outside the kitchen area.

“I just don’t trust you anymore.”

Mary giggled and said, “Ahhh, we were just playing around. Nobody got hurt, right?”

“Ben’s going to hurt one of us, or both, if he finds out,” James said.

“He won’t. I’m not worried about him. Right now, you are more important.”

She completed her task in silence and James was grateful, though still a bit suspicious.

“Now, let me take a quick tour of this place. You stay there,” she said firmly.

James sat as instructed while Mary entered the bedroom. The stillness was a bit unnerving over the next sixty seconds. Then Mary reappeared.

James’ worst fears came true. His sister had removed her skirt and stood in the doorway with only her sweater on. As she slowly walked closer, he could see that she wore panties, or something, underneath. Mary wasn’t going to keep him in suspense for long. She turned her back to him and pulled up the sweater just enough to show him that it was a thong. She quickly dropped the sweater back down over her ass and turned to face him once more.

“If I can’t cook for you, maybe I can do something else,” she said softly.

“Mary…,” James began.

But he couldn’t finish as he watched her hand slide up the inside of her thigh and onto the front of her thong. Mary gave him fleeting glimpses of the tiny patch of material covering her pussy as her arm lifted the sweater on one side and her hand leisurely travelled up and down between her legs.

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