Camping with a Difference Ch. 01

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It had been a hard week, but Jeff was finally on holiday. Due to the travel restrictions, he was limited to a few days away in the lakes, but he was just glad to get out of the house and into the fresh air, looking forward to a few days of hiking and camping and taking things at his own pace.

Jeff was 35, and single. It wasn’t through choice, he just never seemed to have the confidence to date, and women never seemed to come to him. What added extra confusion to him recently was that he had tended to have gay fantasies. More and more he would turn to gay porn to jerk off to, and he increasingly wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man. His imaginings always had him as a bottom, he never pictured himself fucking another guy, instead he would imagine some hunk pounding his big dick into his ass. He smiled wistfully to himself. Like finding a steady girlfriend, this was something that would never happen, he just didn’t have the nerve to put himself out there.

Well, that wasn’t strictly true he thought. He’d signed up to grindr a few weeks back, and had created a profile. To his surprise, he found that he was getting taps and messages much more regularly than he would on straight sites, and this gave him a jolt of confidence. At first, he never replied to anything, purely perusing the profiles, especially those of topless guys with sixpacks. Eventually he got the nerve to reply to a message asking for a pic. Figuring there was no harm sending a pic to someone he’d never meet; he’s taken a pic of his semi rigid cock whilst lying in bed. He’d received one back in kind, but when the next message suggested a meet, he’d baulked and deleted the message.

He’d got closer next time, responding to a message from two guys wondering if he wanted to join them for mutual wanking fun. He’d got so far as finding out what they wanted and when, but then again backed out, saying he wasn’t available when they were.

Back in the present, he sighed to himself, frustrated at his own reluctance to try new experiences, as he pulled the car into the campsite. He got his six-foot frame out of the car, and began to set up his tent. His brown floppy hair, really in need of cutting, blew in the light wind, and the sun warmed his tanned arms. Having a liking for the outdoors his face, forearms and legs were well tanned, contrasting with the pale skin of the rest of his body. Unconsciously, he ran a hand over his stomach, wishing as he had before that he could motivate himself to go to the gym more and develop more defined abs. Not that he was fat, his regular sports and Pilates meant he had a well-defined waist, tapering into his hips.

Now would be a good time to explore, he thought to himself. In a new area, no one knows you, and you won’t be bumping into anyone afterwards. But despite his good intensions, despite getting messages and a lot more views than he did at home, he did nothing. He enjoyed the first day of his holiday wandering up a well-known peak, the paths still busy with walkers despite being early September. He spent a pleasant evening in the local pub, before heading back to his tent.

The following day he went for a walk in the local forest. The paths here were much quieter, and as he walked, he felt daring take over. His dick pic photos that he was happy to share on grindr were limited, and so, with a guilty glance down the track in both directions, he quickly bolted down a side path that had a cut timber piled up. Quickly, he stripped his t-shirt and shorts off, and propping his phone up, set the timer. Quickly he mounted the logs, and struck a pose. The first he did was laying along the log, one leg bent underneath him, the other stretched out, his dick hanging down his thigh. The next was a front on shot, his legs apart, his dick hanging freely between his hairy legs. A couple more shots, and then he decided he’d pushed things enough, and quickly dressed. He paused before putting his t-shirt back on, and then, because it was so warm, stuck it into his backpack, and continued topless.

This gave him opportunities as he walked to pose against some trees, the angle of the photos highlighting the pull of his waist, without showing the slight belly he had. The rest of the walk continued, the sun beating on his naked chest, sweat slowly running down his chest and back as he went along the path.

He didn’t get any more messages that day, and the following morning was his last day. He’d decided to go for a walk down the side of the lake, and so had set off early. He’d gotten about half way round, when he stopped for a drink, and took his phone from his pocket seeing he’d got a message.

“What else do you like doing outdoors??!” it said, referring to his bio stating he liked the outdoors.

“Posing,” he replied, sending the picture of him lying on the logs.

“Nice,” was the reply that almost immediately came through, which quickly was joined by “love the outdoors, mainly fucking fit guys arses!”

Jeff was feeling himself getting turned on by gaziantep escort this chat, but fearing it would soon go the way of all chats and ask when he wanted to meet, he didn’t want to get too excited. He checked out the profile of the guy sending the messages, and to his disappointment saw it was a 50-year-old guy. Browsing the pictures, he could see that he kept himself in good shape, he flabby belly, muscular arms and well-manicured face.

After a little while, he decided to send another picture, quickly snapping a shot of him topless by the side of the lake.

A minute later he got a reply. The reply really turned him on. Three pictures had been sent, pictures showing the guy fucking different asses. The first had his dick buried in a black ass, sweat sparking off the arched back. The second was of a hairless white guy taking it from behind, the ass as smooth as silk, with the mans cock buried to the hilt. The next two were of another white guys, legs bent back, ass on show as the guys dick was half way in. The other guys dick was hard, precum was glistening on its tip as it lay on his pale stomach.

“Not outdoors I grant you,” were the only words that accompanied these pictures.

“Still fucking hot,” Jeff replied, his attention now purely on his phone as he walked down the lakeside path.

“they were! I see you like bottoming, maybe you’ll like this.”

A picture of his erect dick followed, standing upright with the man’s hand grasping it.

“So, do you just go and pose and wank outdoors then?”

The answer to this was no, Jeff rarely did anything quite so daring, but that wouldn’t be the right thing to say. Spotting an opportunity, he climbed down to the shore line, and quickly checking no one was coming, pulled his shorts down and slowly massaged his dick to pull length. He took a snap, his dick erect between his legs, the water of the lake in the background, and sent it.

“Brilliant. You should go commando with your hard dick poking in your shorts.”

“Done,” Jeff replied, and he had, his boxers now in his backpack, the hard dick pushing at his shorts. He was slightly concerned that any precum might start showing, but given the lack of people around at this time, he wasn’t that worried.

“So where else have you got it out?” the next message asked, which was followed by more pics.

Opening them, the first was a face covered in cum, dick still oozing more cum on one side. The next was a guy, Jeff recognised it as the white ass from earlier, riding astride, eyes closed in ecstasy. The final one was of the guy himself, riding a bike naked, his pale ass in the air as he rode away from the camera.

Jeff found another of his pics from the woodland walk, the one with his legs astride and sent it.

“I think you’d love being fucked outdoor,” the reply came.

“Never have before,” Jeff sent back.

“Always a first time. Where are you?”

“Coniston, here for a few days. You?”

The next message had a google maps pin, which Jeff saw was in a town about 20 mins drive away.

“I love fit arses outdoors. I’ve not seen your arse yet!”

Jeff looked around, the pine woodland he was in seemed deserted, and so he wandered a little way off the path, and finding a spot where the sun streamed through the trees, he quickly pulled his shorts off, and dropped them to the floor. He’d already taken his top off whilst walking, and so he stood naked except for his socks and boots in the wood. The taboo of the situation sent a delicious thrill through his body, and so, with his backpack still on, he leant up against the tree, and snapped a reverse selfie, his pale ass cheeks gleaming in the sunlight, peaking out underneath his pack. He took a couple more, and deciding which was the best, he sent the message.

“Very nice.”

Except this was not a message, it was a voice from behind him. Guiltily, Jeff glanced around, and saw a guy standing not 5 feet behind him. Desperately he looked around for his shorts to cover up, only to find them gone.

“Looking for these?” the man said, holding Jeff’s shorts in one hand. The other, Jeff noted, was massaging a growing cock that was pointing through his fly.

“So, who you messaging?” the guy asked with his hand out, stepping closer to Jeff who was staying facing the tree to hide his dick.

Obediently, Jeff turned his phone to show the message chat, and the man immediately smiled.

“Grindr hey. Well why bother with the online version, when you can have the real thing?” Quickly, the man snatched Jeff’s phone from his hand and started scrolling through the backchat.

A brief wave of panic hit Jeff, before he realised that this was what he’d wanted, a chance to experience.

The nameless man, no introductions were made or needed, looked up from Jeff’s phone and smiled. “You can have these back when we’re done. Now are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to suck my dick?”

Jeff guiltily looked down, still over his shoulder, and his eyes were drawn to the stiff cock jutting from the mans fly. Taking a deep breath, he turned around and knelt on the soft pine floor.

“Already hard, I knew you wanted this,” the guy laughed, seeing Jeff’s dick growing stiff on the floor.

Jeff looked up, his head now level with the guy’s dick, and hesitantly reached out. Slowly, he unbuttoned the guys shorts, and pulled both them and the man’s boxers down, allowing the dick to spring properly free. It wasn’t massive, Jeff thought as it loomed in front of his eyes, probably smaller than mine, and he reached out with one hand, feeling the member jerk and grow to his touch.

Slowly, wondrously, he let his fingers run down the length of the shaft, all the way from its cut head down to the hairy crotch, and then back again. He spat onto his hand to give some lubrication, and this time his fingers glided down the shaft. After a minute of this, he steeled himself, and leant forward, putting the head of the guy’s cock to his lips. Slowly, nervously, he took more of the dick into his mouth, feeling his lips and cheeks stretch as more entered his mouth. Feeling himself gag, he slowly took it out of his mouth, strands of saliva sticking the head of the dick, before dribbling down his chin.

Once more he took the cock into his mouth, one hand rubbing the lower shaft as he let his tongue caress the tip of the dick. Slowly he increased his pace, rubbing his lips and tongue around the head, whilst his fingers massaged the lower dick, straying down from its base, cutting the hairy balls in each hand, one after the other. He was rewarded with a low moan that escaped the guys lips, and casting his eyes up he saw the man was standing, his legs astride for balance, with his eyes closed in enjoyment.

“You can take more than that,” the man said, his eyes still closed, and then Jeff felt two hands on the back of his head. Slowly, they pushed his head forward, and at the same time the guy pushed his hips forward, forcing more of the dick into Jeff’s mouth. Despite it not being a massive dick Jeff could feel himself gagging, but still more dick entered his mouth. Finally, just when he thought he could not breath, it was all in, and the pressure relieved as the guy pulled out. This was only a momentary relief, as he then thrust forward gently, forcing his whole length back into Jeff’s mouth. This time, he pulled all the way out of Jeff’s mouth, so only the tip rested on Jeff’s lips, more saliva and droll running down his face, before pushing forward again, his whole length in Jeff’s mouth. It felt easier this time, as he got used to the throbbing meat in his mouth, and he let his tongue wrap around the dick as it left his mouth.

This time the guy didn’t pull all the way out, instead, only coming about halfway, before thrusting back again, his crotch rubbing against Jeff’s face as he did, the short public hair tickling Jeff’s smooth cheeks. He began the thrust with more speed now, gently in and out of Jeff’s mouth, hands holding Jeff’s head in place as he fucked Jeff’s mouth. Jeff could taste the pre-cum now, the bitter tang on his tongue as it flitted across the slit of the dick’s head.

His mouth ached, but he couldn’t complain as the guy continued. His back began to ache, and so he grabbed round the guy’s legs, hands clasping the upper thighs to hold him upright as he continued to have his mouth fucked. His own dick was rock hard, leaking precum onto the forest floor, and he could feel the other guy speeding his thrusts up, pulling out less, rocking back and forth with his whole dick in Jeff’s mouth.

Without warning, the guy came, spurting his load into the back of Jeff’s mouth. For a moment Jeff sputtered as the cum filled his mouth, but then the guy pulled out, letting his subsequent streams jet cum onto Jeff’s cheeks, with the final one spattering onto his forehead and hair. The bitter liquid filled Jeff’s mouth, making him gag, but somehow, he managed to swallow it down, suppressing the urge to spit it back out as it went.

“Up,” the man said, reaching down and pulling Jeff to his feet. Jeff let himself be pulled up, and then spun around so he was facing the pine tree once more. He then let his legs be pushed wide, so he was leaning forward, his arms taking his weight on the tree, with his ass pointing inviting towards the guy.

He shivered with delight as he felt the guys hands on his ass, one cupping each cheek, massaging the skin with his fingers. He let out an involuntary gasp as one finger reached between and slowly caressed his asshole. The finger was removed, briefly, before he felt a shiver through hiss whole body when it was replaced by the guy’s tongue, flicking out and round his sensitive skin. Slowly it swirled and teased, tracing saliva all around his ass. Jeff had never been so stimulated, and his hard dick was swinging between his legs, slapping on either thigh as his body rocked.

The tongue was removed, and replaced with the guy’s finger once more, this time pressing firmly against his ass. This time, it went into his ass, pushing past resistance, the saliva lubricating it as he probed Jeff’s ass. The finger was removed, and then thrust back in, turned and rotating as it widened Jeff’s ass. Suddenly, a second finger joined the first as Jeff’s ass was stretched and prepared. This was too much, and with a moan, he felt himself cumming, spurting jets of cum, more powerful than ever, coating and sticking to his hairy legs as he came.

Jeff had never cum like that before, certainly not without touching his dick and he felt so much pleasure as the fingers continued to probe. He felt a sense of loss when they pulled out, but then he felt the guy stand back up and close the gap between them. He could feel the hard again dick pressing against his ass, rubbing up and down between his cheeks as the guy teased him. Then he felt the tip of the dick resting on his ass, the warmth of the cock ready to be thrust inside him.

With that, the guy slowly pushed his dick, lubricated with spit, into Jeff’s ass. Jeff had never felt anything like it. The fingers before had not prepared him for the pain of a rock-hard cock being thrust into his ass.

“Ahhh,” he moaned, not caring about the noise he was making, just aware of the throbbing of his ass as the guy, ignoring his cries, gently pushed forward, until his whole length was buried in Jeff’s ass, his crotch resting against Jeff’s cheeks.

Slowly, he pulled back, and then reaching the limit, pushed forward again. Again, Jeff cried out, but this time less in pain, and more in pleasure as his ass stretched to take the dick in. A third time, and the pain had gone, replaced by a glowing pleasure of fulfilment as the dick seemed to split him in two.

In and out the guy thrust, speeding up gradually, his stomach slapping meatily against Jeff’s ass with each thrust. With each thrust Jeff was pushed into the pine, his arms sore as they rested on the rough bark. The man reached forward, and put both hands around Jeff’s waist, now pulling him onto his thrusting cock with each stroke, making it feel to Jeff as if the dick was entering him more.

Suddenly, Jeff looked up, hearing a noise from down the path. Through the branches, he could hear the sound of other walkers heading past them, and he caught a glimpse as they came into view. Not that he could do anything about it, with the guys dick deep in his ass, and the thrill at being caught actually aroused him more. Whether or not they heard, he would never know, but soon their voices faded, and the only sound Jeff could hear was his own panting, and the rhythmic slapping of their bodies meeting. Grindr guy was right, he suddenly realised, I do like being fucked outside!

His own dick was hard again, swinging wildly with each thrust, slapping onto his legs, the guys hands, and generally anywhere it wanted. After one swing, he felt one of the guy’s hands grab his dick, and start stroking it in time to his thrusting, fingers jerking up and down the hard pole.

He was gasping for breath now, and he could hear the other guy’s heavy breathing as well. His legs were cramping from how he was standing, but he couldn’t move, he felt like the only reason he was still upright was the dick in his ass holding him up. The guy was thrusting more vigorously, with more abandon. His hand was flying up and down Jeff’s dick, and with a moan, Jeff came again, coating his cum over the guy’s hand. Letting go of Jeff’s dick, the guy took the cum, and pulling out of Jeff’s ass, coated his own dick with the sticky fluid, before pumping back into Jeff’s ass.

The idea of his own cum being used to help fuck his ass was heavenly to Jeff, and he began to thrust his ass back in time to the thrusts. This sent the guy over the edge, and with a load moan and final thrust, stayed buried deep in Jeff’s ass as he came. Waves of cum pumped into Jeff’s ass, he could feel the pulsing in his ass. The man stayed there for a minute, until he had fully emptied, before slowly pulling his dick out of Jeff’s ass. A combination of both of their cum dribbled out of the gaping hole, and tricked down Jeff’s upturned ass. He was spent, too tired to move, and so stayed resting against the tree as he caught his breath.

After a moment, he turned, seeing that the other guy was dressed once more.

“Fair is fair,” the guy said, and dropped Jeff’s shorts and phone, which Jeff had forgotten the guy had, next to Jeff’s feet, before leaving without another word.

Jeff watched the guy leave, wandering back to the path as if nothing had happened. He slowly stood upright, his muscles aching, his ass pleasantly on fire as he took stock. He was drenched in sweat; the warm sun and exertion had slicked his skin into a glimmering sheen. Looking down he saw his legs were covered in cum, bits of woodland floor sticking to his legs where the cum was. Reaching round, rubbing his ass, he felt the cum mixture coating his ass. Unconsciously, he rubbed his face, running his hands through his hair. Looking down, he saw that his hands were coated in cum, and he quickly rubbed the rest of his face clean.

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