Camping in the Ozarks

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While I was going to college, I joined a group that did a lot of outdoors activities. We went rafting, canoeing, camping, and hiking all over the Midwest. My normal partner for most of these events was Greg. Greg was two years older than me. I spent my first year of college at a local community college near my home. I started at the University in my sophomore year. Greg was a junior then. Greg spent all his summer vacation time working in Oklahoma in the oil fields. He was not a large guy, but he was very muscular and hard. I used to love to tease him by feeling his bicep and telling him how strong he was, all the while I was looking into his big blue eyes. Greg’s real strength was in his brain. He was the smartest guy I ever knew in outdoors stuff. He did all right in the classroom, but it was in the field where he was an absolute genius.

While the group did activities at least once a month, Greg and I normally did something nearly every weekend. My parents were not really happy with this because they knew we were sleeping together, but Greg and my dad got along right off the bat. My mother told me that my dad told her that if I had to be sleeping with someone, at least I picked someone that was not a loser. My dad decided Greg was not a loser when Greg came over and helped him put a new roof on the house. He chipped in and helped without being asked. We just stopped by the house so they could meet him and we found my dad up on the roof.

Like all girls that grew up as a single child, I knew my dad really wanted a son. Most of the guys I dated in high school (there were only a few) were close to being losers. They all were in my dad’s eye. All except one. My dad changed his mind on Derek when he entered the Army after high school. Derek was the first man I ever let touch me. My dad would have killed him if he had known how Derek and I were fucking every chance we got.

Greg was as close to the ideal man my dad could want for a son. He hinted strongly to me he would not be unhappy with Greg as his son-in-law. My mom really liked Greg as well. My mom saw something in Greg I did not see at first. Or would not admit to seeing. Mom saw Greg was not obtainable by any human woman. The wilderness had claimed his soul for her very own, and a mere human mortal would not be able to lure him away from her. It took me a while to understand Mom was right, and that there was not anything I could do about it, no matter what I tried. The lady of the wilderness was his true mistress. She was willing to share him with me. I learned to be content with that.

During the third weekend of September, Greg and I went for a solitary hiking trip. This was the first thing Greg and I did alone together. The weekend before we had gone with the group on a canoe trip. Greg and I got to know each other very well on that trip. I was thrilled to have him ask me out alone. I liked the group activities, but I enjoyed solitude (with Greg’s arms around me) more than I did the group activities.

Greg drove us down to Taum Sauk Mountain. The Taum Sauk Trail goes through there and we pitched our tent in a public campground at Johnson’s Shutins Campground. Johnson’s Shutins is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is where a river has eaten into the side of a mountain and still flows over the hard rock. Over time, it has caused a large pool to form at the bottom of a waterfall and many, many pockets of little water rapids that are great to swim in.

We pitched camp on Friday night, ate supper, and when it got dark, retired to our cozy tent. Greg brought with him something that trip I have never seen before. A sleeping bag designed for two people. It was two full sized sleeping bags zipped together. Since neither of us is super large, (I’m 5 foot 6 inches tall, weigh 110 lbs with long black hair, and I wear a size 35C bra. Greg is 5 foot 10 inches, 160 lbs with medium long brown hair and a nice sized 6-inch cock, and a smile that drives me crazy.) we had room to spare in the double sized bag.

After I undressed and climbed inside the bag, Greg undressed and climbed in after me. We used to wrestle around to see who got to sleep on the right side of the bag. More often than not, I won. As I was laying there in the large sleeping bag, just listening to the night noises, Greg leaned over and kissed my cheek. Just as I was wondering if this was a good night kiss before he rolled over to go to sleep, he leaned over and very tenderly kissed me on my lips. After his first kiss, I leaned into him and kissed him back. When I kissed him, I opened my mouth and let my tongue flick into his mouth.

Greg pushed me on my back, crawled over on top of me and was returning my kisses when I reached up and put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Greg reached down and slipped his hand under my nightshirt and over my left breast. Greg knew when he touched my left breast, no matter what else he might do to me, he owned me. The way to open my legs was to touch my left nipple. Greg teased kocaeli escort me once and called it my “ON” button.

“Oh yes,” I moaned. And pulled him closer to me. I just lay there and rained kisses on his face. Soon Greg started his journey down my body. First, he visited my neck. I threw my head back to give him better access to me. I couldn’t have cared less if he was leaving his mark on me or not. I was his toy anyway, in my own mind. Then he worked his way down to my breasts. By now, he had my nightshirt completely undone. I was so lost in his kisses that I never felt him undo my shirt. After what seemed like a short trip to heaven for me, Greg pulled my panties off. I was wet and waiting for him to visit me down there. I had missed Greg that week. I had been having a hard time concentrating on my classes all week. I was both very lonesome for him and very wet and excited at his touch.

Greg worked his way down my body until I felt his hands pushing my legs apart. I willingly spread wide open for him. I never felt Greg undressing, but the next thing I knew, I felt Greg’s cock head rubbing up against my wet pussy lips. I opened my legs as wide as they would go, just as Greg slipped his cock inside me. Greg felt so wonderful going inside me like that!

“Oh Greg! Yes! Yes Greg!” I said in his ear. I buried my head into his shoulder. With that, Greg started his rhythmic thumping on me. I could feel Greg pushing himself into me. He went in deeper with each thrust. I wrapped my legs around him and tried to pull him into me deeper still. Greg reached up and squeezed my breasts as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper inside me. I always thought he was drilling for oil when he made love to me. I never tired of his drilling.

“Dusti, I’m going to cum soon. Where do you want me to cum at?” Greg asked.

“Cum inside me! Deep, deep inside me!” I told him. Greg knew I was on the pill and I just loved to have him cum deep inside me when he could. However, being a woman, sometimes I wanted him to cum somewhere else. He always asked me where he should cum. Once I had him cum on my toes. Then he had to lick it off them. Greg loved to lick my toes. It was his fetish, I learned later on. Mine was having him cum deep inside me like this.

Greg grabbed both my knees and pulled them up as far as he could. I scooted my ass up towards him as close as I could get it, just as Greg trust forward as hard as he could. I could feel Greg’s hard hot cock grow harder still and thrust deep inside me. His cum shot out of his cock as if it was a jet of hot steam from a steam-cleaning rod. His hot cum went deep inside me, all the way into my love canal. I squeezed my legs together as hard as I could, and tried to will my pussy lips to close and bite off his cock.

When Greg was finished squirting his this white hot love juice deep inside my pussy, he collapsed besides me in the sleeping bag. He was worn out. I rolled over and put my arms around him to hug him. I was one very sexually satisfied college sophomore co-ed that moment. I fell into a deep contented sleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning.

Just after both of us were finished dressing the next morning, Greg told me that he wanted to explore a part of the trail that had been closed for the last five years. He had talked with the rangers before we came and they just told him to be careful around the rock ledges. They closed that path because several people had nearly fallen off them. Greg knew the rangers well. They also knew Greg well. They knew he knew what he was doing and would be no problem.

We ate a large breakfast and started out hiking. We hiked up the mountain for about three hours, until mid-morning and came to the place Greg wanted to deviate off the trail. We were both carrying daypacks with some survival gear, food, and water. Greg headed off the beaten trail into the woods, with me right behind him. When we stopped for a break, Greg told me that we were going to a place he used to come to a long time ago in boy scouts. He loved to look out over the shutins from high above them on the mountain. We hiked for forty more minutes to get to the cliffs. It was turning out to be a very warm day for September.

We crawled up on a rock that over hung the ravine. Greg threw a blanket over the hard rock, and we lay on top of it and looked out over the top. The view was fantastic. We could see down the whole ravine cut by the river over billions of years. The shutins were way down below us. There were at least three hawks flying around the ridges as well. I could understand why Greg wanted to come back here again. It was a place I knew I would never forget. And not for just what happened a few minutes later.

“When I was a scout, we used to lay here on this rock and dream that we had a girl friend with us and we could fuck her while looking out over the edge,” Greg said, looking down over the edge. He was really reminiscing out loud. Thinking back to yahya kaptan escort years before now.

“Is that why you brought me here?” I asked him in a chiding way. I was horny again.

“No, Dusti. I just remembered that while I was looking over the edge, watching the hawks,” Greg said. I think he was surprised by my question. He was still gazing over the edge, and not at me. I could tell he was really lost in his memories. Mentally, he was somewhere far, far away.

I reached up and undid all the buttons on my shirt, all the way down to my waist. I wore a bra that unsnapped in the front for that day. I was very glad I did just then. I unsnapped my bra and let it hang from the straps on my arms. Greg was still leaning out over the rock, looking down, lost in his thoughts. I walked up behind him and pressed myself up against him. I put my arms around him and lay my head on his back. He called this playing spoons once. I reached around him and could just barely get my hands under his waist. I was able to undo his belt and then unsnap his blue jeans as well. I leaned up and bit his ear, which finally got his attention. Greg turned around to look at me, and I reached and pulled his jeans down to his knees. Then I pulled his briefs down as well, exposing his cock.

“What the. . .” Greg said in confusion.

“Hush,” I told him as I pushed him back on the blanket, right against the rock.

With that, I took his placid cock in my hand and started to pull on it. I kneeled down on his pants and looked up at his face. He had the cutest look of bewilderment on his face. I took his cock and put it up to my lips and slipped it right in my mouth. I ran my tongue all over his cock head, and then started to suck on his cock for all I was worth. Every once in a while I would look up at his face. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, licked around the rim of his head, and stuck my tongue in his little pee-hole. I loved the taste of his pre-cum.

Greg just lay there, plastered to the rock. This took him totally by surprise. He was very much turned on now and his cock was as hard as the rock he leaned on. Bent back the way he was he could not reach forward far enough to grab my head to push his cock deeper inside me. I was enjoying this. I did not get to dominate Greg very often. This time I had him right where I wanted him and he knew it. Greg must have been reading my mind just then. Suddenly, he just lay back and totally surrendered himself to me.

“Oh God Dusti! I had no idea you could make me feel so good! God how I love this! I have never had anyone give me head like this before!” Greg said. He just lay back, looking up at the sky and the hawks circling around us. Greg told me later he thought the hawks enjoyed the show.

I just kept sucking on his cock and pulling on his balls with my hand. I was running my hand up and down the inside of his inner thigh as well. Greg could not move and could not stop me from doing anything to him I wanted. Then I had another idea. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and put the middle finger of my left hand into my mouth and got it all slippery and wet. I kept pumping away at Greg’s cock with my right hand as I did this and I don’t think he even realized his cock was not still in my mouth.

I could always tell when Greg was about to cum. His body got all tight as he tensed up. Just before I felt him do this, I reached up with my left hand and felt behind him. Right when he started to tense up, I slipped my slippery wet finger right up into his asshole. My finger slid in all the way in up where it could not go in anymore because my hand was in the way.

“OH GOD!” Greg yelled. He pushed his hips straight up in the air towards my face, just as he started to cum in my mouth. I was swallowing as much of his cum as quickly as I could to keep up with what he was putting out. I was beginning to think I was a milking machine. Greg just lay bent over the rock pumping what seemed to be gallons and gallons of cum in my mouth. I could not hold all of it in. Some of it over ran my lips and spilled out over my cheeks.

After he finished cumming, I cleaned his cock off with my shirttail and stood up next to him. He picked up a canteen of water and gave me a drink and took one himself. (I cleaned off my finger as well.) I just leaned up against him and put my head on his chest. He put his arms around me and hugged me close.

“Thank you,” Greg said. “No one has ever done anything like that to me before.” Then he reached over and kissed the top of my head. It was not an erotic kiss, it was a possessive kiss. One meant to show closeness, and possession. I really think we sealed our bond to each other just then with that kiss.

“Your welcome. If you keep pleasing me the way you have been, I will do my best to please you as well. You have given me more pleasure than anyone else ever has. It is only right that I please you. Speaking of pleasing me, after we eat lunch, izmit eskort I want my turn on the rock. I would love to have you fuck me while I look out over the edge. Take me doggy style and we can both see out,” I told him with a smile on my face.

“Great idea! Let’s hurry lunch. I want to feel my cock buried up your cunt while I have you spread out over the rock,” Greg said. I only smiled up at him. I glanced down and saw his cock had gotten hard again. I knew then we were not going to wait until after lunch.

I sat down on one of the rocks nearby and pulled off both my boots and then dropped my pants. Greg pulled my panties down and picked me up and lowered me down on the rock. I opened my shirt to him and he reached in and pulled me down to where his cock could reach my pussy.

“Now, Greg. I want you for lunch. I want you to fuck me for lunch,” I told him. Greg pulled me closer and I could feel his cock poking to find my wet slit. I reached down and guided his cock just where I wanted it to go. I was super wet and Greg forced his way deep inside me on his first thrust. I’m not sure, but I think my pussy lips reached out and sucked him inside me. My pussy has a mind of her own and we both love the way she acts on her thoughts.

“Oh YES!” I said as Greg started to pump away in me. Since I knew he had just cum a few minutes before this, I knew I was going to have him pumping away inside me for a long time. I was right. I know I came at least three times before I gave up counting. Then Greg turned me over to where I was face down on the rock and he mounted me doggy style.

I could look almost straight down the side of the cliff. It was a about a 500 foot drop off. It thrilled me to have Greg fucking me while I was on the edge of a cliff. I could feel my breasts swinging underneath me. We kept this up for a few minutes before Greg laughed.

“The rangers are watching us fuck through binoculars!” Greg said.

“Really!” I said surprised

“Yeah. I can see where their truck is parked and I saw a sun reflection flash off the lens,” Greg said. “I knew those guys were perverts. I guess I should have known Jim would have remembered like I did how we used to talk about bringing girls up here to fuck them,” Greg said. He was amused at the juvenile stunt of his friends.

“Then if we are going to give them a show, let’s give them a real show,” I said. “Kneel down here next to me,” I told him. After he pulled out and kneeled next to me, I took his cock in my hand and started to pump it up again. I started to suck it and really got into the blowjob. Just before he came, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to jack him off. When he came, he blew his load right into my face and my wide open mouth. I swallowed as much of his cum as I could and then went back and finished sucking the rest of it out of his cock. I ended it by licking his cock all the way from his balls up to under the head of his cock. After we were finished and cleaned up, we started down the other side of the mountain.

(I learned much later that not only were his friends watching us through binoculars, they had a 35mm motorized camera mounted on a tripod and took three complete rolls of 36 exposures per roll, worth of film of us with a high power lens. Several of the photos actually shows Greg’s stream of cum shooting from his cock across the air directly into my open mouth. All the photos are very high quality ones and we can easily be identified in them. I really blushed when I saw them. The look of utter contentment on my face as I swallowed his cum and while he was fucking me was priceless. We did not know that then. It was over a year before I learned of this. We saw the photos in an album at a party we attended just before Jim’s wedding to another ranger, Gina.)

I was quiet most of the trip down the mountain. I started thinking on the trip down the mountain. Greg sensed something was wrong and when we stopped for a break, he asked me what it was. It took him a little bit of coaxing for him to drag it out of me. I really didn’t want to discuss it with him. I was afraid to learn the truth. Afraid I was going to be hurt by the truth.

“Greg, did you know your friends were going to be watching us make out today?” I asked him.

“No Dusti, I didn’t know they would be watching. It was not until I saw them watching us that I remembered back that it was with Jim that I used to daydream about making out on the top of the rock. I bet Jim remembered that as well as me. When I showed up here with you, he guessed what we were going to do and they went to a location where they could watch to see if we did it. I would never have done what we did if I knew we were going to be watched. I don’t consider this to be a spectator sport.

“If what you are really asking is if I set this up, no I didn’t. I didn’t really give any thought to making out with you until we were there. I was worried you might be afraid of heights or get nervous about being exposed like that. I was not even going to bring it up with you at all. And I want you to know that I would never, ever do anything like that to you,” Greg said looking me right in the eye. I learned later on that Greg was really true to his word. He never put me into a position where I was exposed to public view while undressed.

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