Camping Fun

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This story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have. This story should have enough facts for you to use your imagination to fill it in though.

I like the constructive criticism comments I get back from readers because I learn from them. The slash and burn comments will be deleted as soon as I see them because they are meaningless and a waste of time both yours and mine.


Camping with Erin.

It was early spring, and this year it had been a warm one so most of the snow had disappeared. Erin, my wife, and I were chomping at the bit wanting to get out camping. From the time I first met her, we had both had this thing where we loved being in the great outdoors and we spent every free moment we could there. Because of that, it sure didn’t take long to haul out the camping gear and head out.

My cousin Martin had a place where we always went for our first trip of the season. He owned and operated a campground close to the mountains which was an hour west of us. It was a handy place to get the early start on things.

Being early in the season we usually had the campground to ourselves as my cousin had the gates closed before the season started, but since I was family he allowed us in. My cousin’s campground was a popular place for campers. Not only was it close to the mountains, but it had hiking and biking trails with lots of firewood for the fire pits. But the topper was he had a small hot spring on the property and he had developed it and built a building over it, so a guy could relax in the hot water after a day hiking etc.

When we arrived at the campground we were surprised the gate was unlocked so we entered and drove to the back where we usually set up. The spot we liked was south facing and was in the open where it got the sun so this year the snow had already melted and it was dry. Another surprise we got, was there was one of those huge bus, RV campers parked back there too.

As soon as we parked Martin came over and after exchanging hellos explained that the guys that owned the camper had gone into town for some supplies except for one guy that was helping finish building the new shower/washroom facilities he was building. Martin then told us that the construction should be finished that day because the guy from the camper was a plumber and volunteered his time to assist in assembling all the fixtures in the washroom in exchange for staying there. Martin appreciated the extra hand, since it meant once the new facility was working he could demolish the old one and open the campground up to campers a week earlier than normal.

With the pleasantries out of the way Martin went back to work on his construction and Erin and I set up camp.

The new tent we had bought at an end of season sale the year before, set up a lot faster than our old one which gave us time to really make the camp livable. After that we decided we would head out for a hike on the trails.

One fact I had learned soon after meeting Erin was not only did she like being outdoors, but there was just something about being in mother nature and the fresh air that got her turned on. Mind you Erin really didn’t need the extra stimulus to get her going. She was always a bundle of energy in bed and her natural fondness for sex meant I had a very satisfying sex life. That day we didn’t do much hiking, because like usual, the camping spirit and fresh air had made Erin horny, so we spent more time enjoying each others body instead of hiking.

After the hike we started supper. We had just finished cleaning up when we saw three guys heading our way from the direction of the motor home. They introduced themselves as Al, Ben, and Chase. We socialized for a couple of hours and I really noticed the guys were sure checking out Erin. Because of her good looks, I was used to guys reacting that way to her as it seemed every guy she was around just had to check her out, and most of them were obvious about it.

We had a good time with them and then parted ways as new friends. After they left Erin in a teasing tone commented, “Those guys were all cute.” The way she said it made me wonder just what she was thinking to get her to make a comment like that. I should explain that I had been her only partner since the day we met, but it had always been a fantasy of mine to watch her with another guy and she had always teased me about that. When she did, it was by taunting me by leading me on making me think she was interested. The two of us had always experimented with anything we heard or read about, and we had even discussed me watching her with someone else. She had thought the idea was stimulating and as a result of those talks it was a turn on for us and those discussions never failed to give me a hard on that hurt. Nothing had ever become of that fantasy because Erin was nervous about halkalı escort trying it, but it never failed to lead to a lot of hot times in the sack.

After the fire had burned down Erin and I got in our tent for the night. As per usual the fresh air was still working it’s magic and Erin was super horny. Before we even got in our extra-large sleeping bag she had my cock out and was working on getting it hard. She was in a hurry to start and a lot more aggressive than her usual self. Because I was thinking of my fantasy, I just had to ask her, “Did meeting our three new friends have an influence on you to make you more horny than usual.”

All she said back as she slipped my cock in her pussy was, “Could be.”

I pushed her a bit and asked her, “So if you like them so much maybe you should try one of them out.” She then said, “I don’t know why, but our usual fantasy of me and another guy has me turned on more than normal. Today the thought of sex with one of those guys is a real turn on for me, so let me have my fantasy and just fuck me so I can have that whimsical dream.”

I went with the flow after that. The thought of her fucking one of those guys kept the blood flowing to my cock, so I enjoyed every minute of the sex we had that night. We did manage to get a few hours sleep before the sun came out, but only because she wore me out and I couldn’t get hard again.

The second morning promised to be the first real hot day of the year, so we headed out on our bikes and tried the trails. By the time we got back we both were hot and sweaty. We had stew for an early supper and Erin had a couple of glasses of wine. In the years I have known her I have found out that wine usually relaxed her and made her more susceptible to having sex with me, so I didn’t complain about her having it.

We cleaned up things and she put on her black thong bikini and the two of us headed over to the hot spring to relax in the hot water and ease some sore muscles. That thong bikini she wore was a gimme from a photo shoot she got talked into having when some advertising guy saw her on a beach when his model never showed up. She ended up posing for an hour or so. Her modelling in the open like that soon drew a crowd who were mostly guys. Mind you she had a killer body, and anything looks good on her, so with her body and that bikini she was the center of attention for a while.

Afterwards, she confessed to me she loved the posing and especially the attention from all the guys that were watching. Her cute face, with a bikini models body with c-cup breasts were a definite draw. In my mind her best asset was her ass though. Those cheeks fit a guy’s hand just fine and were super tight and because she knew her ass was one of her best assets she loved flaunting it. Having said that it was just natural I loved her in that thong since it showed off her ass and never failed to get me, or any other guy that saw her in it a hard on.

We sat in the hot tub for about five minutes with Erin enjoying another glass of wine. I had started to fondle her, hoping to start some more action and she was responding. That action was interrupted when our neighbors from the big camper came in and put a damper on things for me.

It didn’t take long until the guys directed all the conversation towards Erin and were plainly flirting with her. She always had liked when guys gave her a lot of attention, so it wasn’t long until I felt like I was the third wheel in the room. It seemed all of them, including Erin, had forgotten I was even there. I took note of the fact that she was friendlier with these guys than she usually was in a new group, and she was enjoying every minute of the attention the guys were giving her. Enjoying the attention so much she was actively returning the flirting in spades.

When Erin and I had been in the water long enough to look like prunes, we said our goodbyes and headed back to our campsite where we started a fire. It was still warm out, so she never changed out of that bikini of hers. She was in a good mood and smiling when she surprised me with a comment, “I had a lot of fun with the guys in the hot tub.” She then teased me by doing a little posing to entice me a bit and asking me, “Did you notice they all seemed to be checking me out.”

I replied, “Well how could they not check you out. What with that almost nothing bikini on your sexy body, combined with your blatant flirting they would have to have been blind to not take an interest in you. Geez woman, your actions towards them were as much as saying I want you, come and get me.”

She then surprised me again when she said with a coy tone to her voice, “If they were checking me out as much as you say, maybe I should really seduce one of them and see what it’s like to be with someone besides you?”

So, knowing her, and after listening to her last statement I was a bit confused and didn’t know if she was leading me on just to get me horny or not. I decided şirinevler escort to go with the flow and I pushed things a bit and flippantly replied, “Maybe you should seduce one of them. Just remember if you do, you have to let me have my fantasy of watching.”

“I’ll think about it. You are truly a dirty old man wanting to watch.” She laughingly said.

I realized the way she was talking tonight seemed like she was more than thinking about it. She actually sounded interested. That thought brought a smile on my face as my mind was picturing her with one of those guys.

Just then Al, Ben and Chace walked by, heading towards their camper. Erin without asking me jumped up, ran over to them in just her bikini and excitedly asked them to join us to share a drink and toast some marshmallows. The guys discussed things and agreed. After getting some refreshments out of their camper they soon were sitting around the fire with us.

As soon as Erin finished her wine they poured a stiff whiskey for her telling her that wine was a sissy drink a good old whiskey would keep her warm. I knew her inhibitions were lowered with wine, but when she had hard liquor the taps opened faster.

It didn’t take long until the four of them slipped into playfully flirting with each other again. I watched Erin as the guy’s comments about how hot she looked in her bikini made her giggle like a school girl. She basked in being the center of attention and soaked up the compliments. It appeared the more accolades she got, it was an incentive for her to flirt right back to get more. As I watched her and how she was acting with the guys, I realized she was acting a lot more uninhibited than she usually did, and she seemed to be totally engrossed in the guys and their actions.

I also realized that the stimulus of her being outdoors, plus our being interrupted from playing in the hot tub, and combining that with the attention she was getting from the guys could lead to some fun. That fact also raised my hopes of watching her make the big step of getting fucked by someone other than me and I smiled to myself in anticipation.

When the sun went down it got a bit chilly. The guys were visibly disappointed when Erin put on a hoodie. That’s when Al suggested we go over to his camper to continue the fun, which he assured us was warm inside. I put up a half-hearted argument about going over there, but Erin was in a good mood and wanted to party, so she overruled my idea. They all headed for the camper while I told them I would join them after hitting the washroom. I did my thing in the washroom and as I approached the camper I could hear them talking. Being snoopy I stopped by an open window to eavesdrop.

I realized I had got there in the middle of a conversation and listened as Chase was talking to Erin, “Of course, you are! You can bet your tight sexy ass on that. There isn’t a doubt you’re a hot looking babe.

As soon as Erin inquisitively asked in a mischievous school girl voice, “You really think my ass is sexy? I realized she was toying with them. She was using the same tone of voice as she used on me a lot of times as a signal she wanted some hot sex.

Chase then said, “No question about it… Turn around and give us a better look.”

She must have because the next thing I heard was, “That’s a perfect ass if I have ever saw one.

I heard a slap and her giggling as she said in a proud voice, “Well thank you. Slapping me on my ass should have showed you just how firm my ass is, and you know a girl can’t get to many complements no matter what shape they come in.

There was a pause and then she said, “You can take your hand off my ass now I think you have squeezed it enough for a while.”

Chace then said, “Excuse me for being very bold here, but you are such a turn on, I just have to say I sure would like to sample some of that body of yours and I’m sure Ben and Al would stand in line to sample some too.

Erin in the same mischievous school girl voice as before toyed with them some more and said, “When you say sample, just what do you mean?”

I knew that she knew exactly what she was doing and was leading the guys on.

Ben bluntly stated, “What he means is, after this teasing you have been doing he would love to take you to the bedroom and fuck the daylights out of you.”

She sounded surprised as she said. “Oh really! You would, would you?”

Chace answered her with, “Ooh man, you better believe it.” He paused for a second then in a serious voice said. “Have you ever thought straying from your marriage and having some fun with other guys?”

Erin hesitated at that comment, but she did answer by saying, “I’ve never cheated, but yeah, all girls have at some point thought about being with someone else, so it would have to be under the right circumstances that I might. I’ve never had the right guy, or situations come along to make me do something like that.” She paused and escort istanbul giggled some more as she playfully added, “As yet anyway!”

Ben then teasingly said, “As yet? That sounds interesting, Maybe, if as you were saying, this is the right situation for you to try new things.” He then said, “If you are that interested now is the time you really should try some on the side!”

Al then said, “I’m sure you would enjoy yourself. I’ll even bet your husband would like to watch you as all of us indoctrinate you into the cheating wives club.”

Erin sounded surprised by Al’s comment and said, “All of you? I don’t know if I could go that far, and what’s this cheating wives club?”

Al assured her, “That’s right all of us. I assure you would enjoy yourself and the three of us would do our best to make it something you would really enjoy, and for your information the cheating wives club is for married women that purposely go out and have sex with other guys.”

Erin hesitated for a while than timidly said, “I don’t know…” She then giggled as she said, “But I have to admit right now it does sound like fun.”

“So, you are seriously thinking about it?” Ben inquired.

Erin told him, “Well, as I said, it does sound exciting. I’ve only ever been with a single guy at a time, but I have been told from other girls I know that sex with multiple partners can be fun and really get a girl off.” She then added, “My husband has said he would like to watch me with another guy and I have thought about it, but the two of us haven’t thought about three guys though. You would have to get his Ok. Only then I would think about being, as you say indoctrinated, and joining this cheating wife club you want me to join.”

There was silence for a while then with an irritated tone she exclaimed, “Oh who am I kidding! After all the flirting you guys have done with me today I’m horny and you’ve got me interested. This cheating wives club of yours sounds really intriguing. I know if I don’t try it, I will wonder about if I missed out on something great for the rest of my life.”

Well that exchange between them was a bit of a surprise to me. Erin was not acting as her normal self and was obviously leading the guys on. Hearing my wife plotting with three guys to get gangbanged was something unexpected to say the least. I know we had discussed her being with another guy and she had been interested, but three! Wow. I was grappling with this when I realized I had a hard on. I guess my body was telling me the idea of her with them was something I could enjoy. I said to myself. “Well I guess I really am a dirty old man… Let’s see what happens and go with the flow.”

I opened the door which quietened the four of them down. As I looked around I noticed Erin had another drink in her hand. I looked around and commented how I was amazed at the comfort and stylish interior of the camper. There seemed to be more amenities in this camper than a guy could imagine.

The party resumed from where we had been outside. That meant the flirting continued, and if anything, Erin was even more into the fun. All I could think about I was looking forward to watching Erin get fucked by the guy’s.

I was looking around admiring the camper’s interior and asked Al if I could check out the rest of the camper. He said, “Sure I’ll give you a tour. I got something to ask you anyway.” He turned to the other guys and said, “Plug in one of those tapes we got in the cupboard I bet Erin would like to watch one.”

As he showed me around his camper I noticed there were some subtle things that were almost well hidden. There appeared to be built in cameras in the woodwork. It was just by happenstance I saw one. Once I saw that one I noticed more, and they seemed to be in all the rooms.

I mentioned them to Al and he proudly said, “This camper was specially made to my specifications and the cameras are to record any fun times that happen in it. All of us have had at one time or other recorded our wives getting fucked in all sorts of positions. The tapes were for our own enjoyment and not put on the internet or anything like that.” He then added, “All three of our wives like preforming like porn stars and the cameras add more excitement to the event and afterwards everyone spends a lot of time enjoying watching the reruns of the action.” He was boasting when he added, “We have also filmed some other females that we have persuaded to join us for some fun in the camper.”

That’s when he got serious and asked me, “I guess now’s the time to ask you what I wanted. What do you think about if us guys had that kind of fun with Erin and record the action? After all, we hinted to her we would like to fuck her. She told us to check with you and I must add she did seem to be receptive to exploring some group sex with all us guys.”

I admitted to him that I had heard the four of them talking about her entering the cheating wives club, and I would be more than happy to let her, but only if I could watch and participate. I then added if they were going to record things I wanted a copy of the tape. Al agreed and even told me he would even give me copies of some of the other tapes he had of their wives and girls they picked up. That settled, we went back and joined the others.

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