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They?’?d been flirting back and forth all morning at the campground.? ?She?’?d look up and catch him staring at her.? ?She?’?d smile and playfully tuck her honey blonde hair behind her ear.? ?She?’?s not sure but she swears she sees him wink at her.? ?She blushes and quickly looks away.?

It’s the last load from her truck to their spot.? ?Halfway there the last tent and the portable stove slip from her grip and crash to the ground at her feet.? ?She takes a deep breath and kneels to pick them up.? ?When she glances up she can see him heading towards her.? ?Her breath begins to quicken a bit and she rushes to get it picked up before he can come to help.? ?She?’?s suddenly very shy about her first real contact with this handsome stranger.? ?Granted, she could hardly keep her eyes off him while she was organizing her campsite but the thought of him talking to her has her mind racing almost as fast as her heart.? ?She manages to get her belongings gathered up and on her way before he can get there to offer help.?

She ducks her head as she brushes past him? ?and rushes to her campsite.? ?Glad she?’?s on her way but partially disappointed that she was too scared to talk to him.? ?He stands there dazed for a second,? ?trying to figure out what happened.? ?He thought they had made a connection.? ?He? had caught her staring at? ?him a few times.? ?Not that he minds.? ?He was just as guilty as she.? ?Something about her drew him to her from the moment he saw her this morning,? ?picking out her camping spot with her kids.? ?She looks up from setting down her stuff just in time to see him? ?turn and walk back to his campsite.? ?For the third time that morning she second guesses the spot she picked.? ?It’s only a stone’s throw from his.? ?It bothers her that she can’t explain what the sight of him does to her.? ?She feels unsettled,? ?but not in the make your hair stand on end kind of way.? ?In the? I ?can’t explain why she?’?s so attracted to him kind of way.

She shakes her head,? ?sighs inwardly and begins to roll out the first tent.? ?It goes up with ease.? ?She grins and does a little victory dance at her skills.? ?Just then she notices him watching her again.? ?The blush returns to her cheeks as she tries to hide and make herself as small as possible.? ?Chastising herself that he caught her,? ?yet strangely warmed inside at the sight of his broad grin and obvious chuckling at her.

He couldn’t help but chuckle.? ?She? has obviously been camping before,? ?yet she celebrated getting her tent up.? ?He could tell from the stuff he? had seen her drag to her spot.? ?She wasn’t afraid of getting dirty or hard work.? ?That much he knew from? ?watching her put worms on her kids hooks without flinching.? ?She even wiped her hands on her shorts,? ?not bothering to look for a rag.? ?He likes that in a woman.? ?She is definitely a strong,? ?independent woman.? ?Regardless of how much she looks like a delicate? ?flower in her cut off shorts and tank top? with ?her hair pulled into a ponytail at the nape of her creamy white neck.? ?Tiny strands of her honey blonde hair falling from the scrunchy to frame her freckled face.? ?He finds himself wondering what color her eyes are.? ?They are hidden behind her sunglasses.?

She glances towards the edge of the lake to check on the kids and her smile broadens.? ?They are still splashing on the bank with their fishing poles in the water.? ?The second tent doesn’t go up as easily.? ?Different? ?brand,? ?different set up,? ?she?’?s not sure but for some reason it?’?s just not going together like she thinks it should.? ?Frustrated she paces in front of and around it.? ?Trying to figure out what she? is doing wrong.? ?Finally,? ?she sighs,? ?reaches for the damned instructions and sits down to look at them and figure out what she?’?s doing wrong.? ?Maybe she just needs a break.? ?She wanders down towards the kids and before she knows it she?’?s splashing in the water and laughing with them.

She hears the sound of a hammer behind her and looks to see what’s going on.? ?Her heart skips a beat.? ?Its him.? ?He?’?s at her campsite,? ?setting up the tent she had been struggling with.? ?She storms up to him,? ?the initial shock worn off,? ?stops just behind him and loudly clears her throat.? ?His arm stops mid swing as he straightens up,? ?turns and looks at her.

?”?What do you think you?’?re doing???” she asks almost glaring at him.

?”?I?’?m sorry,? ?I saw you having trouble and thought I?’?d help.? ?Forgive me for not asking but you looked like you were having fun and I didn?’?t want to interrupt you.?”? he replied.

Her almanbahis adresi head starts to spin,? ?her heart beats faster and her stomach clenches at the sound of his voice.? ?Its deep,? ?not scary deep but the kind of deep that makes your heart skip a beat and sends your libido into overdrive.? ?Her expression instantly softens and she has to give herself a mental slap to keep her insides from melting.?

“Thank you for helping but next time please ask first.?”? she says.?

?She pauses waiting for him to respond.? ?He just stares at her.? ?He can’t speak.? ?Her soft voice has rendered him speechless.? ?Her tone was stern,? ?he should feel like a child being punished but the soft undertone struck a chord that went straight from his ears to his groin.? ?It’s not a timid soft he heard.? ?It was a genuine softness that only comes from a loving, passionate person.? ?

She clears her throat and continues,? ?”Well,? ?as long as your hear you might as well help me finish getting this set up,? ?right??”

He opens his mouth to speak but no sound will come out.? ?All he can? ?do is nod.? ?She turns away from him to assemble the poles.? ?Its the momentary break he needs for is brain to kick back into gear.? ?Together they finish the tent and pack away the carry bag it came in.? ?They stand in front of the tent for a moment,? ?just staring at each other.? ?She breaks eye contact and tucks a loose strand of curly hair behind her ear.?

?”Thank you again for your help.? ?I appreciate it.? ?But,? ?um,? ?if you will excuse me I need to…um,? ?yeah?”? she says motioning towards her kids.

?”?Oh,? ?yeah sure.?”? he replies as he nervously runs one hand thru his short light brown hair.?

?”Um,? ?if you need anything else…uh,? ?I?’?m just over there.? ?Please,? ?don’t hesitate to ask.?”?

He turns and starts walking towards his own tent.

?”?Wait?!?” She half yells at him.? ?”I forgot,? ?I?’?m Anna by the way.?”? she says as she smiles at him,? ?slightly tilts her head towards her right shoulder and extends her arm for a handshake.

?”?Tim.?”? he replies.?

?He reaches out and takes her hand in his.? ?Its soft against his.? ?Her handshake is strong,? ?firm but all that registers in his mind is the softness of it.? ?Her hand feels like satin in his.? ?He doesn’t want to let go.? ?She slowly pulls her hand from his,? ?the callouses on his fingers slightly scrapping her hand like? ?150? ?grit sandpaper.? ?Anna rubs her hands together,? ?trying to hold in the warmth from his touch as she turns and walks away from him.

The rest of the day passes rather uneventfully.? ?Except for one thing.? ?Anna can’t seem to get Tim off her mind.? ?She tried reading but all she could think about was the feel of his hand on hers while she was holding the book.? ?She took the kids for a bike ride but kept daydreaming about the way his jeans hugged his ass so perfectly when she caught him bent over getting something from his cooler or ducking into his tent.?

The occasional glance over her shoulder to catch Tim watching her had her wondering if he was as intrigued by her as she was by him.? ?That broad smile of his every time she caught him looking at her all but confirmed it.? ?She swears she even caught him chuckling once or twice when she fell on her ass chasing the kids around.? ?Before she knows it the? ?sun is setting and the kids are showing signs of the day catching up with them.? ?After a quick dinner she tucks them in bed and sits down to relax for a second.?

Anna slides down in her chair and stares up at the stars.? ?Feeling more and more at peace with every passing second.? ?This is the time she lives for.? ?The peace that comes with the open sky,? ?the sparking stars and the smell of the campfire burning brightly in front of her.? ?She sighs with contentment.? ?Once she? is sure the kids are asleep Anna stands and stretches her legs.? ?She looks around,? ?thinking she needs to clean up,? ?only to remember she had already done it.? ?That’s when she sees him.? ?Tim,? ?sitting by his campfire,? ?alone.? ?Anna makes her way slowly towards Tim.? ?He looks up just about the time she reaches his campfire.?

Tim is stunned.? ?She’?s even more beautiful by the light of the campfire.? ?The way it dances across her face,? ?throwing shadows in just the right places at just the right time only to chase them away again.? ?He wants so badly to talk to her but all he can do is stare and try to calm his racing heart.?

Anna looks down at her feet,? ?suddenly shy under his intense stare.?

?She wiggles almanbahis adres her toes in the loose dirt,? ?looks up at him and asks? ?”Uh,? ?I was wondering if you? would like to join me for a beer or two?? ?I mean,? ?I noticed you sitting by yourself and I didn’t want to intrude or anything but I thought maybe,? ?we could talk for awhile???”

“I? would love to.?”? Tim replies as he stands and follows her back to her campsite.

?Anna offers him a beer and sits in her chair, motioning to the empty chair just a few steps from hers. The conversation is rough going at first, the awkward feeling each other out phase. It doesn’t take long before they settle in to a good conversation, both feeling more and more at ease with each other. Two hours later they are laughing and joking as if they’d known each other for years. Tim reaches out and places his hand on her bare knee. It’s warm from the heat of the fire and oh so soft. Like a down feather. She doesn’t shy away from his touch. She just sits there, her gaze traveling from his hand to his face as if judging what to do.

?Just as she opens her mouth to speak Tim’s hand leaves her knee. The spot it occupied suddenly cooler sending tiny goosebumps up her legs. Her mind blanks. She can’t remember what she was going to say. Slowly Anna closes her mouth and licks her lips. The only sound is the radio playing in the background. A slow song starts. Tim stands, takes the beer from Anna’s hand, places it on the ground and leads her closer to the radio. He twirls her and pulls her close to him, swaying in perfect time to the music. Anna stares into his eyes, afraid to talk and break the spell of the moment.

?Finally, Tim can see her eyes the way he’s wanted to all day. They are the brightest blue with just a trace of green hinting at the edges. They pull at him. Demand his attention, he couldn’t look away if he wanted to. She fits perfectly against him as they dance. The slight scent of vanilla still clinging to her tickles his nose. Combined with the gently fleeting brushes of her thighs against his sends his heart to racing again as his cock begins to harden and twitch. Anna can feel the desire beginning to rise within her. It’s been along time since she was in a man’s arms and even longer since one had peaked her interest the way Tim has.


When the song ends Anna impulsively leans in and kisses him. She quickly pulls away embarrassed that she gave into her impulse like that. Stumbling thru an apology, she tries to walk away from him but Tim tightens his grip and pulls her back. Pressing her entire body against his. Her face barely an inch from his. He reaches up and cradles her chin in his palm, gently stroking her cheek with his thumb as his other hand rubs tiny circles at the small of her back. His fingers playing with the hem of her shirt and brushing just under it, grazing her bare skin. Anna’s knees go weak from his touch. She instinctively leans closer to him, tilts her head into his palm and closes her eyes, relishing in his touch.

?Tim kisses her. Gently at first, barely brushing his lips against hers. Her sharp intake of breath spurs him on. His grip at her back tightens as he pulls her even closer, molding her body against his. The tip of his tongue brushes her lips, pleading with her. She meets his tongue with hers as she wraps her arms around his neck and laces her fingers thru his curly hair at the nape of his neck. His hands are cupping her ass now. Lifting her slightly so she’s standing on her tip toes. Her tiny moan against his lips sends his head spinning and his groin aching for her.

?Being this close to him she can feel the bulge of his crotch as it grinds against her shorts. Everything about him is making her dizzy with desire. Her head spinning, her heart racing, and the moisture gathering between her legs is driving her insane. She has to have him. Her hands travel down his back to the waist line of his jeans. Abandoning all fear she traces his jeans around to the front and starts to unbutton them. His hands follow suit and before long the cool night air is caressing her bare ass. Tim’s jeans follow Anne’s. She moans out loud as the feel of his hard cock pressing against her stomach has her almost cumming in his arms. She lowers her hand and wraps it around his bulging member, squeezing and caressing it as she strokes his full length over and over again.

?Tim’s hips begin to buck in time with the expert strokes of her hand on him. His balls begin to tighten and he knows he won’t last if he doesn’t stop her. He reaches between them and slips a finger into the dripping almanbahis adresi wet folds of her warm pussy. The sheer pleasure of it drawing a gasp from Anne as she loses her rhythm on his cock. It’s just enough for Tim to take her control away. He guides her to the ground and parts her legs with is knee. His hand slides up under her shirt, lifting it and her bra to expose her perfect breasts to him. He leans down and takes one of her deep red nipples in his mouth, flicking his tongue over its tip.

?Anne arches her back, thrusting her breasts to him, just as Tim seats himself completely inside her achingly tight pussy. He tenses for a moment and waits for her to exhale, worried he hurt her. She’s so tight, tighter than he could ever have imagined. Sensing his hesitation Anne wraps her legs around his waist and locks her ankles at the small of his back. Raising herself to meet him, thrusting him deeper than he thought possible inside her. He can feel every tiny ripple of her pussy as it stretches to accommodate his width and length. Stretching yet still wrapped so tightly around him.

?He’s huge. Anne felt the twinge of pain the second he entered her. It startled her so much she held her breath. As he began to slowly pull from her, as if second guessing himself, Anne could feel every bit of him inside her. Wanting not to lose it, she did the only thing she knew to keep him. She encased him in her legs just as her pussy had so perfectly encased his cock. She flexes her leg muscles begging him to take her. His cock strokes against the walls of her pussy sending growing tingling sensations clear to her core. The fire builds inside her bringing her breath in short gasps as her fingernails dig into his shoulders.

?She spreads her knees wider to lift her hips even more. His tight balls slap against her ass as his pace quickens. He’s lost all gentleness now. She doesn’t want gentle anyways. She likes this so much better. Her hands scratch their way to his neck, gripping his hair. She moans in to his ear.


“Harder” she begs. “Please Tim, fuck me harder. Oh, God Tim, yes please. Please,” she begs.

?Her breath tickles the inside of his ear. His arm snakes its way under her back. Lifting her slightly as he drives his rock hard cock into her soft warm wetness. He can feel her begin to pulse around him as the first waves of her orgasm hit her. Her breath catches in her throat and she throws her head back in ecstasy. Sure that he’s bruising her and not caring Tim drives himself into her as hard as he can until his own orgasm overtakes him. The sweet feel of his hot cum shooting inside her sparks yet another orgasm from her. She can see stars exploding in front of her eyes as the last waves begin to die out. She can do nothing but lay there and attempt to catch her breath as her pussy muscles slowly start to stop pulsing.

?Tim slowly pulls himself from her, releasing his grip around her waist. He softly kisses her lips, drags himself up on shaky legs, gathers his jeans and leaves. Before Anne can protest, he’s gone. She lays there for a moment, not sure what to make of it. After a few moments of scrambled thoughts she gives up. Slowly she gathers her clothes, runs a hand thru whats left of her pony tail and crawls to her tent. She’d walk but her legs are still to shaky to support her. She’ll figure it out in the morning she decides.

?Tim tosses and turns for two hours before deciding that sleep will not come tonight. He’s never experienced sex that intense before. It was literally mind blowing. He can’t shake it. This woman he just met took him to places he’d never been before. Her touch made him feel things he’s never felt, touched places in his soul that he thought were long forgotten and turned to stone. She cracked them, no, she melted them and left him feeling…vulnerable. He knows if he doesn’t leave now, he’ll never be able to leave her. It scares him. So Tim does what Tim does best, he silently packs his campsite and leaves before the morning sun has broken the horizon.

?Anne awakens to the kids shaking her, begging for breakfast. She stretches, wipes the sleepys from her eyes and ventures out into the bright morning sunlight. She glances over her shoulder towards Tim’s camp and stares in disbelief. He’s gone. No note, no good bye, nothing. He’s gone. Her heart stops momentarily as her stomach clenches and does flip flops. She can feel her throat clench and tingle as tears begin to form in her eyes. There will be no exploring the intense feelings she felt last night. She sighs. Well, that’s that she thinks. At least she has the memory, and bruises from last night. One tiny single tear slides out of the corner of her eye. Quickly dismissed as sun glare as she digs out the pan and begins to fry the kids eggs and bacon, and inwardly cries for what might have been.

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