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Female Ejaculation

Subject: Camp Silver, Chapter 9 This is a fictional series. Any resemblance to individuals or places is purely coincidental. Copyright 2021 ail. Comments welcomed. We authors contribute to your reading pleasure. Why don’t you contribute to keeping Nifty available to provide these wonderful fty/donate.html Camp Silver, Chapter 9 The morning was just like other mornings: boys full of energy with bulging crotches jumping out of bed, peeing and brushing their teeth, then getting dressed for the day’s activities. Stewart and Joseph and I exchanged knowing glances, recalling last night. I swore I could still taste the mingling of both their cum in my mouth, even though I had brushed my teeth. Aaron also lingered as he got ready, casting his eyes our way, perhaps catching the way we interacted and wondering… I had jerked him off previously, and now Stewart had done the same. Obviously, Joseph was half-hard all the time. I wonder if Aaron was going to try Joseph’s hand? Luckily, I had Joseph taking care of the younger boys, so he spent most of his energy with them (when he wasn’t playing with himself!). Breakfast was a bundle of uncontrolled collective energy. Today was arts and crafts day in the morning, so everyone would kind of be “doing their own thing.” Though it wasn’t raining, it was kind of foggy outside, so probably best for the campers to be indoors. If the sun came out and burned off the fog, we’d change to the outdoors in the afternoon. Unfortunately for me, rain makes me horny, and as soon as I was aware the morning was misty, my cock kept wanting to swell up. The more I thought about it, the worse it got. Luckily, I had on briefs, so could moderately contain the swelling. A couple of cups of coffee and two bowls of oatmeal at least gave me a bit of respite from the demands of my crotch. I tried not to let any of guys notice, though if someone was staring at my crotch they’d probably notice something! The boys were all engaged in some sort of crafts stuff. Some were drawing, some making pot holders that they’d take home with them, some building Legos, and even some watching TV. Stewart was standing behind some guys building a Lego tower. Joseph was with a group of younger boys who were doing painting. I noticed John, one of the senior counselors, standing close by Joseph. Hmmmm? Given his earlier comment, I wondered if he was trying to catch a glimpse of Joseph’s “hard working” style? I walked around the perimeter of the room, checking to make sure everyone was okay and otherwise engaged in some sort of activity. From the other side of the room, I looked back and saw Stewart once again behind the “Lego boys.” What I noticed from this vantage was that Aaron was seated right in front of Stewart and, from what I could see, had his head pushed back into Stewart’s crotch. It appeared that Stewart was slowly pushing his crotch on to the back of Aaron’s head, but it could have been my overactive imagination. I got engrossed in the painting some of the boys were doing and lost track of time. When I next consciously scanned the room, Stewart was still behind Aaron, though it didn’t appear he was pumping his tool into the back of Aaron’s head any more. But I didn’t see Joseph. There were plenty of counselors in the room, so I wasn’t concerned, but I just hadn’t seen him leave. I also noticed that John wasn’t in the room, and my curiosity was piqued once again. Did he follow Joseph into the bathroom to catch another glimpse of Joseph’s constantly-hard tool? That caused my own cock to engorge a little bit, wondering what might be going on at this very moment. Luckily, I got asked a question by one of the groups, and my attention was drawn away. By the time I looked back, both Joseph and John were back supervising. The weather didn’t appear to be getting better, and the Camp Director called the senior counselors into a short meeting. We collectively agreed that we’d keep the boys inside for the afternoon. We’d open up the game room after lunch, allowing the boys to play ping pong, pool and board games. And if they wanted to keep on doing arts and crafts, they could. Though it wasn’t the optimal use of the camp, the boys all appeared to be okay and enjoying their activities. We didn’t anticipate any issues keeping them inside. When we broke for lunch, the smell of potato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches filled the cafeteria. Perfect food for a wet day! Sounds of slurping were intermingled with laughing while the boys ate. I sat at the same table as John, and I was itching to ask him where he had “disappeared to” at the same time as Joseph, but figured it was inappropriate. As I looked around, Joseph was still with his younger charges, and Stewart was seated at another table, right next to Aaron. I could swear that Aaron’s legs were swinging under the table, constantly touching Stewarts’. That boy was insistent! The Camp Director made an announcement to the group about our afternoon plans. One table of boys asked if some movies could be shown as well, and we expanded our activities plan to be as broad as possible. About a third of the boys started escort ankara watching movies, some laying on the pillows (and eventually napping), some in chairs, and both Stewart and Aaron in their “usual” beanbag chair. The rest of the boys continued with arts despite being cooped up. The main lodge was large enough to accommodate all of the boys in different activities and no one pressured for permission to go outside in the wet. I started out in the movie room, catching a glimpse every now and then of Stewart and Aaron, and wondering if I should caution Stewart about being “too forward” in public. But they didn’t appear to be doing anything inappropriate. I stepped over arts & crafts and watched a group of boys building a fantasy building that was really impressive. As I leaned against the wall watching, John came up beside me. “Your comments earlier were appropriate.” I turned toward him and said “huh?” “I had to go pee earlier, and went to the bathroom on the other side of the main lobby instead of the one right here,” he said. “When I opened the door, I noticed that Joseph was standing at one of the urinals. I remembered what you said to me earlier.” “What was that?” I replied. “That if it looked like he was masturbating, to encourage him!” I kind of gulped that John interpreted my “double-meaning” comments literally rather than as a joke. “And did you,” I asked, a sly smile on my face. “Well, I simply asked how his morning was going as I walked in,” said John. “He turned toward me, and I could see that he was fully aroused and his hand was on his cock.” “Wow!” I exclaimed. “Joseph told me that he couldn’t help himself sometimes, so had come in here to `take care of things.’ I looked down at him hand, which was slowly stroking up and down his rather large cock for a guy his age, and told him that he was smart to come in here away from the crowd. Joseph looked at me with a bit of surprise on his face–surprise that I was encouraging him–and he continued his stroking. I was right next to him, so it was obvious that I was watching. I could have left and given him some privacy, but since you had told me to encourage him, I did.” “And how did he respond?” I asked. “Well, he looked toward the door and asked `do you think anyone else will come in here?’ I told him I doubted it. He then unbuckled his belt and pushed him pants and his underwear down to his knees and started pumping away. His hips swayed as he pumped and I swear his eyes rolled back in his head! He started to moan–so loud that I was worried someone might hear–but no one did. He kind of looked over at me and said `it’s gonna shoot!’ Then his eyes looked down at his hand as he stroked. He grunted a couple of times and an ENORMOUS glob of cum shot out and into the urinal, followed by three or four more. His hips continued to buck and his moans were guttural as he followed through on his orgasm. I was enthralled. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him! I’ve never seen another guy do that! Joseph asked me to hand him a paper towel from the dispenser right next to me, and I did. Then he said `your turn,’ and kind of looked at my crotch. I figured it was now or never. I unzipped, and pulled my cock out. I’m not as big as Joseph is, but I was just as hard. Standing right next to him, I started jacking myself and realized I’d shoot in less than a minute. I was so turned on! Sure enough, my body started shaking, and I heard Joseph cooing beside me, watching my every move. I blasted a white hot load right over where his was still dripping down the urinal. I think I maybe even zoned out for a few seconds. Joseph said in a whisper, `that was hot.’ He handed me the paper towel he had just used, and I used the dry part to wipe myself off. Then he smiled and said `we’d better get back before anyone notices we are gone.’ He walked out of the room before I had a chance to compose myself, but I came back here about a minute later. No one seemed to notice.” “I noticed,” I said, “and part of me was wondering if you were having the chance to see Joseph in action.” I reached down and squeezed my cock through my pants. John noticed. “You’ve seen him do that before?” he asked incredulously. “More than once,” I replied with a smile, looking directly at John. My reply nearly sent John back to the bathroom for round two, but he stayed, the look on his face kind of vacant as he contemplated what he had just seen and what I had just confirmed. “We can talk more about it later, if you want,” I said. “Yeah,” said John. We both turned toward our counselor duties. I stepped to the back of the movie room. The movie (“Shrek” again) was about halfway through. The lights were dim in the room, and some of the boys were napping. I saw Stewart and Aaron in the beanbags, which were right next to each other. Aaron’s arm was on the edge of Stewart’s beanbag, but nothing overt was happening, so I didn’t pay them any more attention. I walked over to the crafts room and Joseph was showing a boy how to loop a pot holder in the frame. The other boys and the other counselors all appeared to be doing okay, esenyurt escort so I relaxed. Just a few minutes later I smelled fresh popcorn, and soon a large batch was placed on the tables in the back of the room, along with a big vat of lemonade and some cups. Boys dashed over to grab a snack and get something to drink, then went back to their various activities. When “Shrek” was over, one of the other counselors grabbed “Jurassic Park” and started it. That actually got about a dozen more boys in the room, but they were all still quite well-controlled. As I walked back and forth between the different activity areas, nothing seemed amiss. Stewart and Aaron were still nearly on top of each other in the beanbags, and Joseph was still interacting with boys about half his size. John was still hanging around where Joseph was, making me think that he was reliving the visual he had just experienced earlier. I watched the continuing Lego construction for a while, then checked back in on the movie. Aaron was almost draped over Stewart—way too close. I stepped over to them and asked Stewart to step out for a few minutes. I told him to be cautious about how it might look for both of them to be seen by others. He kind of blushed and said okay. I suggested he go make the rounds in the other rooms, and I’d take him place for a few in the beanbag. When I sat in the beanbag next to Aaron, he was a bit surprised, but smiled. He kind of snuggled up against me but was watching the movie. For about ten minutes, he really didn’t do anything that could be misconstrued. Then I got up, kind of patted him on the head, and whispered “I’ve got to keep making the rounds.” He smiled at me and continued watching the movie. The rest of the afternoon was “normal,” with everyone engaged, nobody hankering to make a run for it outside into the light rain, and nobody going stir-crazy inside. Luckily, it was burger night as well, so suppertime was loud, and the boys were happy! After supper, a couple of the older counselors did some magic tricks (sleight of hand, mind reading) and everyone was laughing. Then we rolled out the old karaoke machine, and gave everyone a chance to “get up on stage” and sing! It was a raucous evening with lots of fun (and some really good talent!). Then we decided to call it a day, make sure the boys had showers, and turn in for the evening. It was still misting outside, but everyone in my bunkhouse made a dash across the pathway and arrived without getting too wet. We decided to let the youngest take their showers first, so Joseph rounded up about half the boys, organized a shower run, and got them started. The other boys in the bunkhouse were just chatting or reading or just lounging around waiting. I checked in on the showers, and Joseph was in the doorway to the showers, watching the boys and encouraging them to “get clean.” I swear the front of his pants bulged out noticeably, but none of the boys seemed to notice. Then the second group of youngest boys came in. I oversaw the boys who had just gotten out of the shower as they dried off and put on fresh clothes, then shuffled them off to their bunks. Joseph was encouraging the showering boys to “get everything clean.” Interestingly, one of the nine-year-olds, who was off in the corner, was kind of hiding from the others, and Joseph called him out as I was walking up to the door. He turned around and then covered his privates with his hand. The boy had a boner! Joseph handled it like a pro, calling attention away from that boy, and giving him a few seconds to rinse off before he ran out to where I was holding towels, and he got wrapped up, hiding his excitement. (Just another day in the showers at camp!) Stewart lined up half of the older boys and marched them into the showers as the last of the younger ones were drying off and getting dressed. I was helping coordinate getting the boys back to their bunks and missed the interactions of that first group. The second group of older boys included Aaron, and when I saw him headed toward the showers, I thought I ought to be more visible so as to make sure he knew to be on his best behavior. Each was shampooing and lathering up, and no one seemed to be aware of their collective nakedness. The new growth of pubes for some of these boys was visible, and again it made the thought run through my mind of what must be their NEED to masturbate at this age, and where they were able to do it. Or was I interjecting too much of my own thinking? Aaron stood at the shower head closest to Stewart, showing everything. I swear he was a little plumped up, but didn’t dare throw a full bone, or the other boys would have made a commotion. Everyone got done, dried off, and changed clothes, then headed back toward their bunks. Then I nodded to Stewart and Joseph to go take showers and I’d watch the bunkhouse until they were done. I also told them to be quick! Last thing I needed was for Joseph to get Stewart all riled up in the shower. Apparently, both were on their best behavior, and got done quickly. I walked among the eskişehir escort bunks, checking in with the guys, asking how their experience was going, how they liked, camp, etc. The boy who had the boner in the shower was dressed in PJ bottoms and was reading a camping book. Looked like all was “down,” and no more embarrassment. The older boys were just being boys, and all were looking forward to the weather being better the next day for some outdoor games. Stewart and Joseph behaved in the shower, and luckily put their sleeping clothes on before they came back into the bunkhouse, so Joseph probably-half-boner wasn’t noticeable. Everybody was on their best behavior, and, surprisingly, given there hadn’t been that much physical activity during the day, it seemed everyone was fast asleep within minutes after “lights out.” I checked Joseph’s bunk, and he seemed to be sleeping (not masturbating!). I turned to the other side, and couldn’t tell for sure about Stewart, but he was still and breathing regularly, so I left myself drift off into a light sleep. And though I was actually kind of tired, I didn’t fall immediately into a deep slumber. After maybe ten minutes or so, I noticed a movement nearby that made me half wake up. I wasn’t sure what it was and didn’t want to react too noticeably in case it was just one of the boys getting up to pee. I kind of adjusted my position and became aware that Stewart was no longer in his bunk. I continued to adjust my position so as not to be noticeable, and I was able to look across the bunkhouse to where Aaron’s bunk was located. Stewart was standing right next to Aaron’s bunk! That meant that “something was up” (in more ways than one)! I watched surreptitiously. Though I couldn’t see clearly because of the low light, I could tell that Aaron had lifted his sheet up and Stewart’s hand was reaching in there. Looked like Aaron was getting repeat from the night before! I immediately got hard. I was watching Stewart jack off Aaron! I knew the feel of Aaron’s rock-hard cock, so throbbingly alive and in need of touch. I knew Stewart had enjoyed it the night before, and was getting the chance again. I could imagine that Stewart was also rock hard, though I couldn’t see in the low light. As I watched those two boys right across from me, my own cock throbbed. I was worried I might have a spontaneous orgasm, but at the same time I couldn’t touch myself or I KNEW I’d shoot! It was clear, even in the low light, that Stewart was jerking Aaron’s cock. Though Aaron tried to stay subdued, he began writhing noticeably as Stewart continued to stroke him. Suddenly, Aaron reached up and grabbed Stewart by the head, pulling him down toward his crotch! I nearly lost it. Now Stewart’s mouth was on Aaron’s 12-year-old-hard-cock, and it was clear Aaron was pumping up into that warm, wet space. In one noticeable (even in the low light) thrust, Aaron’s orgasm took over. His hands stayed on the back of Stewart’s head. Finally, after maybe 30 seconds, Aaron let go, and Stewart stood up straight. As was his custom, Aaron rolled over and almost immediately went to sleep. Stewart stood there for a second, and was probably considering if he should go into a bathroom stall and jerk himself off after that experience. I noticed him standing there and couldn’t help myself. I raised my hand and motioned him toward me. Luckily, Stewart saw me and quickly moved to where I was. Perhaps he thought I had “caught” him and was angry. But as he stood before me, I sat up on the edge of my bed and reached out for his crotch. Steel. Burning hot steel. Stewart was SO hard! Without saying anything I pulled the front of his underwear down, and his hard, hard, hard cock throbbed in the air. Swiftly, I pulled it down toward my mouth and engulfed it, swallowing all the way to his pubes. Stewart exhaled loudly and thrust a single time. My mouth was flooded with his hot, tasty sperm. I stayed impaled on his pulsing rod until I was sure that his orgasmic needs were fulfilled. Then I pulled the front of his underwear back up and looked up at him. “Go to sleep,” I whispered. He walked back to his bed and was almost immediately asleep. I needed to cum. Teen libidos had been unleashed and that sexual energy filled the entire space. I was surprised none of the other boys had been awakened by what had just happened. I decided to go to the bathroom and beat off. I reached down to adjust myself so I could walk to the bathroom and spontaneously shot my wad. I shuddered from the pleasure. Wave after wave rolled over me, and my underwear was soaked! I sat there for a few seconds, then quietly stood up and got a fresh pair of undies out of my storage bin. I slipped my cummy ones off, dropped them on the floor, and slid on a new pair. Then I noticed in the bunk next to me that Joseph was sitting up. Without saying a word, he got up, walked the few steps over to me, bent over, picked up my wet undies, and took them with him into the bathroom. I sat down on the edge of my bed, stunned with all that had just happened. Within a couple of minutes, Joseph returned, and almost too loudly, whispered to me, “I added mine, too.” He dropped my now even-more-wet underwear on the floor where he had picked them up and went back to his bed. Four loads of teen cum had just been shot, bringing that ultimate feeling that couldn’t be expressed in any other way. I simply lay down, almost immediately falling asleep.

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