Cammie at Work Ch.04

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{Part four of, “Cammie at Work.” My ex-girlfriend had asked me to guide or lead her in fulfilling some kinky fantasy adventures regarding her workplace. She got “caught” by one of her co-workers, Ron and in order to satisfy his blackmail demands she has become his “go to” sex partner whenever the need strikes him. He was particularly rough the last time they got together. He offered her a way to get out. If she could identify the taste of his cum, from that of some of his friends, he’d let her out of her sexual indenture.}

It had been six weeks. Cammie had done so much already. I marveled at how far she had come. Admittedly, it was a lot for her, for anyone, really. Ron had probably used her mouth a couple dozen times. I lost count. He’d also fucked her several more. It seemed he was escalating it, including the risk. She kept telling me how he’d corner her when they were alone and would purposely tickle her until she’d almost scream out. Once, she actually did shriek and another coworker popped her head around the corner. She played it off, saying Ron had purposely jumped out and scared her, as he often did with her, and others. He was taking more chances at work, they were almost caught, her on her knees, servicing him, several times. He touched her constantly, felt her up on every occasion he could. There almost wasn’t a time when they were together when his hands weren’t up under her top, feeling her tits, or down her pants, making her wet and squirmy.

He was also taking the liberty of getting rougher when fucking her, though it had only been a couple times. He often left red marks and welts on her ass from hard spanks. The thing that bothered her the most, though, was when he infringed upon her time with her children. In the most recent event he called her and told her to meet him somewhere, that he just needed to “nut in some white pussy.” She tried to beg off because of the kids. He finally finagled her into meeting him in the apartment complex parking lot where she lived. She had to tell her kids she was taking out the trash and was going to walk around the grounds a bit for exercise. She prayed her youngest didn’t want to go with her. Luckily, she didn’t. He rode her pussy hard that night, bent over his car in the dark. It was still cold, in the dead of winter. He didn’t care, he pounded her mercilessly and left her dripping his cum.

“It’s been tough,” she said to me. “I mean, I love the mental aspects of it, the being used for pleasure thing. You are right about it, humiliation and pleasure CAN be linked. Also, from a purely physical standpoint …well, it just feels good. Not just the actual fucking, but the anticipation my body has for it, knowing it could happen at any time, it keeps me in a state of perpetual excitement. I admit, my endorphins must really be firing, because I haven’t felt down, anxious, or depressed since this started, when I fully expected the opposite. The pleasure rush has certainly outweighed the guilt for me.”

For my part, I’d also been getting pleasure from it. I’d fantasized about a relationship like this, but now, to be able to experience it? It was amazing. I loved hearing about what she’d done after one of her experiences, while we were both still in the exciting afterglow of it. However, something needed to be done about Ron, it was like she was getting battle weary.

It was like a double edged sword. On one hand, the type of dominance and rough use, with elements of humiliation, was the exact kind I’d fantasized about for years for her. She’d only recently bought into it. On the other hand, he was basically wearing her out, making her risk far more than she was comfortable with. Something was going to happen, soon, which would decide the paths we would all take.

He had given her some time to ponder the bet. The thought tormented her. She could be free of him, for good, but it meant sucking an unknown number of strange cocks. On the other hand, Gaziantep Escort it could keep her sexually indentured for a much longer time if she failed. Before she decided, things got even more interesting. She recounted this, her next experience to me over the phone. She was going to the Capitol and pass out pamphlets and flyers backing their business’s cause in the community. As luck would have it, Ron was also going. They went in a mini van. There were four of them. Ron, Cammie and two other men, including her immediate boss. As she suspected, Ron pushed the limits. She’d had a long winter coat which she’d brought despite the unseasonably warm winter day. She’d draped it across her lap. Ron got his hand under the coat and stroked her pussy lips through the material of her pants. She couldn’t resist, or push him away without alerting the front seat passengers. She just turned her head and pretended to look out the window at the passing scenery. When they arrived, Ron immediately volunteered to be Cammie’s partner when they paired into groups of two. This meant they’d be canvassing different city blocks.

Her boss asked her, “is that all right with you Cammie?” She had to agree without looking hesitant, so as to not reveal herself. So off they went together, knocking on doors and handing out literature. He felt up her ass frequently. He made her walk slightly ahead of him at times. He enjoyed “goosing” her and watching her squirm. I have to admit, he was the perfect guy for this in many ways, he had an opportunity and he took full advantage of it, and her.

They had just knocked on the doors of two adjacent houses and at both no one answered. Ron took that opportunity to pull Cammie into the alley between them, which was no more than a paved driveway, part of which was shared by both houses. He forced her to her knees.

“Suck on it, make it hard for me,” he instructed lewdly. “I’ve got plans for you,” he grinned.

She got on her knees on that hard concrete and sucked his cock to its fullness. She had shed her coat, the activity, along with the mildness of the temperature had got her heated.

“Now stand up and face the wall,” he said gruffly, as he shoved her up against the side of one of the houses. He pulled her pants down and bent her forward slightly. Her pants were in a bundle around her ankles. She felt his hardness probing her wetness. He slid it in, causing her to gasp.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned. “How do you stay so fucking tight, even with me fucking you all the time?” he wondered aloud. She was concerned with being caught so she began to “help” him by fucking herself back onto his dick, in hopes it would get him off faster. Again, his excitement caused him to make it rougher. He had her hips in his hands and he was squeezing the skin hard. It caused her to grunt. It only urged him on, his length was now fully bottoming out in her, she could barely accommodate him. Suddenly he pulled out, causing Cammie to exhale deeply.

“I’ve been wanting this since the beginning,” he said ominously. He started to run his now slick cock against the opening to her ass. She protested and tried to stand up but he slapped her ass hard.

“Hush, you’ll stand there and take it, because I WANT it, it’s that simple. She said she could only moan her disapproval. It didn’t stop him, he started to slide it into her ass. At least he was slow, it allowed her the chance to take deep breaths and make herself relax and let it in. Finally, he was embedded in her.

He whispered, “this creamy white ass was meant for fucking baby, this is all your fault, it’s too hot not to fuck,” he panted as his breath became ragged. He started plunging in into her, more deeply with each thrust. He’d pull back until it felt like it would slip out, only to drive it back, deep into her bowels. She wasn’t unfamiliar to anal sex, she’d just not had it with someone so thick or long before. He had Gaziantep Escort Bayan her shifting between her feet, while she tried to desperately hang on for dear life.

All of a sudden they heard a window slide open and a female voice say, “my my, if that’s what you guys are out politicking for, I’m all for it, where do I sign?”

It was a 60 something black woman, her hair a natural mix of deep brown and silver. She had a knowing look on her face. Cammie said she tried to get Ron to stop but he wouldn’t.

“I’m not stopping until I’m done,” he grunted, “now shut up, if she wants to watch this white slut get fucked, let her,” he said crudely.

Cammie turned her head to avoid the woman’s gaze from her vantage point but Ron had other ideas. He yanked her head back by her hair and drove it in again, this time with extra emphasis. “Yeah, you like that?” he goaded. “You like getting fucked like this? Tell her, tell her you like it!” he demanded.

She was moaning and grunting, her own body betrayed any chance of her denying it, her wetness was dripping down the insides of her thighs.

“I do, I do like it,” she said softly.

“That’s not good enough,” demanded Ron. “Tell her how much you like it, tell her where my cock is right now.”

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned. “I do like it. Really. It’s in my ass, I LIKE it in my ass,” she said, closing her eyes to the world as if that could stop any prying eyes from seeing her debased like that.

“Usually I don’t appreciate when brothers are foregoing their own for some cheap white piece, but in this case I’ll certainly make an exception,” said the woman, totally wrapped up in the scene. “I can see why YOU like it,” she said referring to Cammie. “I have’t seen one that size for ages,” she sighed. “It looks like that one has some nice titties on her, mind if I take a look?” She asked.

Ron obliged and lifted her top so that her tits spilled out into view. That seemed to satisfy the voyeur. Ron went back to his business. She could feel him on the verge of cumming. “Ron!” She pleaded, “don’t cum in me, I can’t walk around all day with your cum dripping out of there!”

Luckily for her he obliged, when the moment came he yanked himself out of her ass and sprayed her ass and back with his cum. It felt like a quart, no doubt due to the excitement of getting her ass for the first time.

“My oh my, I thought little white girls were too prissy for ass fucking,” the older lady joked. “I may have to rethink my position on it,” she said, much to Cammie’s embarrassment.

Cammie quickly pulled up her pants and hustled out of the “alley.” She said she could feel her butt soreness the rest of the day. She got reminded of what she’d done with every step she took. That, and the constant whispers from Ron how he was going to “tap that ass” a lot from now on.

“I don’t know if I can take any more,” she said later on the phone. “The amount, the careless risk, the type of sex is what he now seems to want most. I don’t know if I can make it another two months, or whatever it is left.”

“He’s been true to his word, though, otherwise. You haven’t a suspicion anyone else knows yet, right?”

“Not yet, but it’s only a matter of time that someone catches me with my panties around my ankles and his cock up inside of me, it’s almost like he WANTS to get caught, he’s taking so many risks.”

“Have you thought about the bet, have you made a decision?”

“I hate to say this but I think I HAVE to do it. I think I have to take the bet. It’s almost as if he’s forcing me to decide that way by the way he’s using me lately. I narrowed him down and negotiated with him about the number I’d have to suck. He wanted 8 can you believe that? I mean, I know you’ve had the fantasy of me on my knees, sucking a lineup of guys, and this would’ve literally been that. I talked him down to 4. That is, four other guys Escort Gaziantep and him. It’s still a lot. TOO fucking many, obviously. But for the chance of having my sexual freedom again, it might be worth it.”

“Have you considered the possibility you’ll get the choice wrong?”

“Of course, but I don’t even want to think about that.”

“Another thing you have to consider is whether he’ll cheat you.”

“How so?”

“You’ll be blindfolded, right? How do you know he won’t just TELL you that you guessed wrong, even if you were right?”

“Fuck, yeah, he’d probably do that, too. What can I do?”

“Talk to him, find out what all the rules are. Find out what he has in mind. Make clear what you will be doing, how you’ll be doing it, and what guessing right or wrong means for both of you.”

“Ok, I will, I’ll let you know.”

An hour later she called. “Ok, here’s the deal. He said he has some friends. He said he’ll cut it down to four. He brings me to a place, blindfolds me, has me kneel and one by one I’m going to suck off the five of them. Obviously, I won’t know the order, which one is Ron beforehand. Then, I have to guess which one is Ron. If I’m right I get to walk away.”

“If you are wrong?”

“If I’m wrong he wants 4 months added to my use.”

“Wow, that’ll be 8 months of it. That’s not right, you’ve already done more than a month and a half!” I protested.

“Right, that’s what I said. But he said since it’s “only” four other guys, that my risk should be greater. He also said that, should I lose, that he no longer feels like he has to restrict himself.”

“I asked him if he was kidding. How in the world had he restricted himself? He’s had me everywhere, and in pretty much every way. He said I should expect to be his complete slave for the rest of it. He mentioned bondage, being allowed to tie me up and use me as he sees fit. He told me I should expect to spend weekends at motels, where I spend the whole time naked, as he slips away from his house and wife and uses me when he can. He also said he wants to share me with his friends.”


“I know,” she said, the regret and fear obvious in her voice. “Plus, he wants to videotape us.”

“God, there’s no way you agreed to that!”

“Of course not. What I agreed to was this, I’ll do the five of them, though the thought of it is totally repulsive and scary. However, I get to bring someone who I trust to make sure it’s legitimate. It’s you, of course. I’d feel safer if you were around. Plus, you know that’s going to fulfill one of your biggest fantasies, too, to see me do that.”

“It definitely would. What about the other stuff?”

“I said no to the videotaping, though if you did it during the bet session, that’s up to you.”

“So he caved on all of it except the sucking?”

“No, not all of it,” she said with obvious reluctance. “If I lose I agreed to some bondage…and I said that he can share me but only for oral. I had to give him SOMETHING, in order for him to still offer me freedom. I think he is also afraid of losing what he already has, it also has to be worth it to him to risk. He agreed. That’s the bet. I’m only waiting now to find out when, and where, and I’ll let you know.”

It was a nervous wait. She had negotiated a “time out” period, to rest up. They’d agreed that he’d leave her alone for a week before the bet thing. It also gave him time to set it up. She vented to me every day about it. She wondered if she was doing the right thing, what it all would mean if she lost. She obviously had a lot to lose. I told her she can always back out. She had “only” a bit more than two months to go now. I tried to convince her she could still take it.

“I know, but now it’s almost like the fucker is challenging me,” she hissed. “It’s like he’s taunting me with it. I kind of want to do it just because of that. I’d like to see his face when I shut him off, for good.”

“He definitely won’t like that. How do you think that would go, do you think he’ll actually leave you alone?”

“I still have his wife as an out,” she said.

“True, but honestly, you won’t miss the cock?”

“It IS nice,” she mused softly.

We could only wait.

{stay tuned}

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