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In Dr. Alex McVie’s mythology class on Wednesday, Camilla was delighted to hear him lecture on love gods, especially the birth of Aphrodite.

“Cronus usurped his father, the sky-god Uranus, castrating him,” Alex said. “The severed genitals were cast into the sea, where the foam around them metamorphosed into Aphrodite (literally, ‘foam-born’), who, naked, came out of that foam in the water.”

Camilla was fascinated with what her prof was saying. We should install a shower onstage at Club Ritz, she thought; then I can emerge from the water and mist naked, as Aphrodite did. Always identifying herself with Aphrodite, she imagined her father Agape was Uranus, though deposed by her mother Collette rather than Cronus. To Camilla, Agape’s cuckolding by Collette was a symbolic castration. Camilla envisioned her body as having been shaped from the foam, or come, of the very genitals she so incestuously coveted. Hearing Dr. McVie’s lecture made her want to worship them all the more.

“Other sources, however, say the father of Aphrodite was Zeus,” the professor continued. “He begot her, they say, on Dione.”

Is my father Zeus, or Uranus? she wondered. Either way, he’s a god, and I’m a goddess. After class, Alex will be my Zeus, and I’ll be his Dione.


After class, she walked with Alex to his office.

“Have time for a quickie, sir?” she asked him.

Ogling her, he said, “I guess I can squeeze you in…and squeeze myself in you.”

She giggled lewdly. “I’m glad you’re not so nervous anymore about doing this.”

“That’s because I know being nervous won’t help me,” he said, opening the door to the building where his office was. “I comfort myself with the fact that I never had a choice.”

“Oh, come on, sir,” she said as they went down the hall to his office. “You know you want it as much as I do.” They reached the door to his office and went in.

He sat at his desk, and she locked the door.

“Do you like my jeans, sir?” she asked, turning around for him and sticking her ass out at his face.

“Yes,” he said, ogling her. “Very tight, very sexy.” He spanked her hard two times. She straightened up, giggling.

She turned around, swaying her hips slowly as she unzipped her pants. “And I love that suit you’re wearing, sir,” she said, unbuttoning her pants and slowly pulling them down to reveal her pink panties. “You always dress so well.”

“Thank you,” he said. “You always undress so well.”

She giggled her thanks as she turned around and bent over with her ass in his face. He patted her buttocks gently as she removed her white running shoes and socks. When she’d pulled her feet out of her pants, he pulled on the elastic of her panties, briefly ogled her butt-crack, and let go. The elastic snapped sharply against her ass, making her shriek and giggle with excitement.

Fearing the people outside would hear them, Dr. McVie turned on a radio he had on a bookshelf behind him. He tuned in to a classical station; it was about ten minutes into Bartok’s Miraculous Mandarin. He turned it up.

Camilla took off her tight white T-shirt; not wearing a bra again, she wiggled her tits just inches from Alex’s face. Resuming the swaying of her hips, she put her hand in her panties and briefly fingered her clitoris. Then he reached over and pulled her panties down to her ankles.

“Shaved pussy, eh?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said with a giggle, pulling her feet out of the leg-holes of her panties. “Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful.”

Now completely nude, Camilla turned around, got on the floor on all fours, and pushed her ass out so he could see her pretty brown anus. Taking her anal lube out of her purse, she asked, “Wanna fuck my ass, sir?”

“Oh, yeah,” he grunted, kneeling behind her and unzipping his pants.

“I’m Aphrodite, and you’re Zeus,” she said, looking back at him and opening her buttocks wide so she could focus his attention on her puckered asshole. “And my anus is Uranus.” She giggled lewdly.

He pulled his half-erect cock out, and she gave him the tube of anal lube. He lubed his cock and her rectum, the pushed the tip of his now fully-hard cock against her opened anal lips, pressing an inch inside. “No need…for your black…magic. The music…will drown out…the moaning. Unh!” He was now half-way inside her ass. The Bartok music was at the climactic last three minutes now.

“I don’t…need Nigrovum…to make you…want me. Oh!” she sighed, looking back at him with an agape mouth and squinty eyes as he pushed in another quarter of the way. “You always…wanted me. Ah!” He was all the way in.

“What…is Nigrovum?” he asked as he slid all the way in and half-way out of her tightly hugging anal walls.

“My power,” she sighed. “You should…have it…by now, too.”

“How so? Unh!”

“Our body…fluids mix, and you…get it…that way. Oh!”

“I see,” he panted. Then I can use it Merter Escort on you, bitch, he thought. He reached over and grabbed her tits. “I’m gonna…come.” The Bartok music was getting particularly loud, frenzied, and dissonant.

“OK,” she sighed. He pulled his cock out, and she turned around. He stood up. She knelt before him, jerking him off with his cock pointing at her wide-open mouth. After a few seconds of masturbating him, he ejaculated a straight line of come into her mouth; it splashed against her uvula. The subsequent blasts of jizz all went in her mouth, hitting her tongue, her teeth, and a bit against her lower lip. That last bit dripped down to her chin; she wiped it off with her fingers and ate it, too.

Putting his spent penis back in his pants and zipping them up, he said, “OK, I got you off. Now if you don’t mind, could you please get dressed and leave? I have a lot of work to do.” He sat down and turned off the radio, which had just reached the end of the Bartok music.

“Yes, sir,” she said with a frown. She then got dressed and left, hurt that he didn’t appreciate the pleasure she was trying to give him. She comforted herself with the fact that he was just a plaything for her; her heart truly belonged to her daddy.


That night, Camilla sat in her room, reading her books to prepare for Thursday’s classes. Her cell-phone rang.

She picked it up. “Hello?” she said in the receiver.

“It’s me,” Candice said. “Sorry I haven’t called in a while.”

“Look,” Camilla said nervously, remembering how Candice knew about Camilla’s having committed incest with her father. “About Saturday night,…”

“It was an accident, Camil,” Candice said. “We were all stoned. We didn’t know what we were doing. We both fucked the wrong guys. You don’t have to explain. I did something embarrassing that night, too. I fucked the priest: eww!”

Candice, I love you! Camilla thought. What a perfect way for her to save face! She just went along with it. “What you did was nothing compared to what I accidentally did. Eww on me! With my own father? Good God, I don’t love him that much,” she lied.

“We’ll just have to be more careful next time.”

“Sorry, Candice. There isn’t gonna be a next time. Because of how crazy things got last time, Daddy doesn’t want us to have those parties anymore.”

“But I’m lonely here at home,” Candice said in sobs. “With you at school, I don’t see you at Club Ritz anymore.”

“Oh, baby, don’t cry. I’ll come over to see you now, OK?”

“It’s raining.”

“That’s OK. I like the rain. See you in fifteen minutes. Bye.” Camilla hung up and grabbed her jacket.

Not even bothering with an umbrella, she walked in the rain to Candice’s apartment. Remembering Dr. Singh’s advice about always having a cheerful attitude, the female Gene Kelly danced in the puddles, welcoming any possible Nigrovum that could have been in each raindrop she felt splashing on her face and hands. Are the sons of God giving me bukkake? she wondered, giggling.

By the time she was in Candice’s apartment, she was obviously soaking wet. Naked Candice opened the door, hiding her body behind it.

“Camilla,” she said, taking Camilla’s dripping wet jacket after she took it off. “Haven’t you ever heard of umbrellas?” Candice hung the jacket on a nearby chair, then went back to the door as Camilla walked in. Candice licked her lips at the delicious sight of Camilla’s wet, erect nipples protruding through her tight, white T-shirt. “Wait: let me get a towel from the bathroom.”

“I let myself get wet because I was hoping some Nigrovum would be coming down in the rain tonight, as Ravinder says it did in Vancouver.” Leaving the door open, Camilla took off her jeans, shoes, and socks.

“Maybe you have too much Nigrovum in your blood as it is,” Candice said as she returned from the bathroom with a large, thick towel. Camilla pulled off her T-shirt; she now had only her pink panties on. “Don’t get naked with the door open.” Candice then shut it, always careful to hide her own nakedness behind it.

“Maybe a handsome man was watching me,” Camilla said with a lewd smirk as she pulled her panties down.

“The only guy who was enjoying watching you strip, if he was watching, and I hope he wasn’t, was my neighbour across the hall,” Candice said, wrapping the towel around her wet lover. “He’s in his early twenties, and he’s three hundred pounds.” She dried Camilla’s hair, then moved down to dry her breasts.

“Three hundred pounds? Eww!”

“Eww, exactly! He’s a real asshole, too. He pinched my ass two days ago. I kicked him hard in the balls.” Candice dried Camilla’s back and buttocks.

“Good for you, girl.”

“I’m amazed my foot found them under all that blubber,” Candice said, finishing drying Camilla down at her legs and feet. On her knees with her mouth millimetres away from Camilla’s hairless slit, Candice said, Merter Escort Bayan “You are shaving yourself these days.” She then licked Camilla a few times. “Unless you have Desiree, or somebody else, doing it for you now.”

“Don’t get jealous on me, baby,” Camilla said. “Oh! I did…it myself. Dr. Lawson likes…it that way. I want…to please him. Ah!”

“Please me, too, OK?” Candice sighed, now sucking on Camilla’s clit.

“Gladly. Oh!”

“I miss you…at Club Ritz.” Candice slowly got up, kissing Camilla’s belly, breasts, and face along the way.

“I had…to switch to…part time,” Camilla explained between kisses on Candice’s lips. “I need…time to…study.”

Taking Camilla by the hand and leading her into the bedroom, Candice said, “Well, take a break from it tonight.”

They got on the bed, with Candice on top of Camilla, who lay on her back. Candice wrapped her lips around the dark pink nipple of Camilla’s right breast and sucked away as if she were famished. Her right hand fondled Camilla’s left breast. Moaning and sighing, Camilla ran her hands through Candice’s tiger-coloured hair. The top of Camilla’s right foot gently rubbed against Candice’s wet vulva.

Candice slowly raised her head, gently pulling Camilla’s tit up with her an inch or two before letting go of it; her tit prettily bounced back into place. “Your nipples are getting darker, like mine,” Candice said. “Have you noticed?”

“Yeah,” Camilla said. “Everything on us is darker, except our paler skin; Nigrovum’s making us look like Goth girls.” She giggled. Candice lay on her back, and Camilla got on top of her in the 69 position.

“I’m not sure that’s a good thing,” Candice said, raising her head so her tongue could reach Camilla’s asshole. She started licking it, and fingering Camilla’s cunt.

“Oh, keep a…positive spirit,” Camilla said, lowering her head to lick Candice’s twat. Between licks, she continued, “Dr. Singh says…a happy attitude will…keep Nigrovum a…good thing inside us. Bad thinking…and Nigrovum are…what killed…the other guys.”

Candice’s index and long fingers were massaging, respectively, Camilla’s G- and A-spots. Her tongue continued tickling those wrinkles on Camilla’s anus. Camilla was sucking on Candice’s hard clitoris.

Not wanting her bed soaked with Camilla’s gushing, Candice stopped licking Camilla’s asshole and moved her wide-open mouth down to Camilla’s soon-to-spew cunt. Thanks to Nigrovum’s psychic gifts, the girls could not only predict–with uncanny accuracy–each other’s orgasms, but could also control and synchronize them. Indeed, they came within a half-second of each other, Candice gulping down all of Camilla’s cascade, and Camilla licking away Candice’s oozing secretion.

After lying in each other’s arms for the next few minutes, catching their breath, Candice asked, “You’re not gonna fuck your dad again, are you?”

“Of course not,” Camilla lied.


The next day, Camilla had some free time between classes, and she decided to sit in on one of her father’s lectures. Agape was discussing a scene from Hamlet in a course on Elizabethan tragedy.

“‘Assume a virtue, if you have it not,’ Hamlet urges his mother,” Agape said.

My mother could never assume a virtue, Camilla thought; she had it…not.

“‘Refrain tonight’,” Agape continued in his quote of Hamlet’s pleading to Gertrude. “‘And that shall lend a kind of easiness/To the next abstinence; the next more easy;/For use almost can change the stamp of nature,/And either curb the devil, or throw him out,/With wondrous potency.’ Hamlet is telling his mother to ‘resist the devil, and he will flee from you’, as it says in the epistle of James. Good advice to all sinners, indeed, if only we’d listen.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Camilla sighed, almost swooning in her admiration of him. Staring at him with glowing eyes, she was so enthralled by his erudite speaking that she ignored the content of his words–a content that, had she heeded it, would have suited her well. “I love you so much, infinitely,” she whispered, teary-eyed. Then she checked the time on her cell-phone. “Uh-oh.” Dr. Lee is having his office hours now, she thought; time to suck his cock, if I can get him to stop resisting me. Do forgive my infidelities, Daddy. I’ve always been a bad girl. All those other men have my body, but you’ll always have my heart. She left the classroom.


That night, she sat on her bed, reading. Her cell-phone rang, and she picked it up. “Hello?” she said.

“It’s me,” Father Josiah said. “We have to talk about what happened last Saturday night.”

“OK,” she said. “Let’s go to that hotel again.”

“Camilla, let’s not have sex this time. I want to talk to you, to save your soul, to save you from yourself.”

“No sex, no talking to me. No talking, no saving my soul; so if you wanna save my soul, you gotta fuck me. I’ll see Escort Merter you at the hotel in twenty minutes. Bye.” She hung up.


Again, she lay naked on the bed, and he, in regular clothes, sat on the side of the bed, with a troubled look in his eyes.

“You’re much sexier in your priest’s outfit,” she said, running her hands through his hair.

“Stop it!” he said. “Let’s get right to it. What happened between you and Agape?”

“Look, we fucked, accidentally. We were too wasted to know what we were doing. It won’t happen again.”

“You seem to be taking this rather lightly, Camilla. You committed incest: aren’t you ashamed?”

“Well, I’m not proud of it, Father,” she said, annoyed. “I was shaking all Sunday, didn’t you see me at church? But some time went by, the initial shock wore off, and I know it was just an accident. I didn’t wanna have sex with my father, but I do wanna have sex with you, Father.” She tickled his chin.

“Stop that,” he said.

“Speaking of shame, you had sex with Candice that night, didn’t you?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Well, I don’t wanna talk about the ‘evil’ of incest. People who live in glass houses, Father Virtue. Now come on, let’s fuck.”

He got naked and got on the bed, behind her; she’d got on all fours. With both her pussy and asshole on display for him, she looked back at him with eyes that told him he had a choice of hole. Naturally, he chose her vagina. He slid his hard cock in slowly, loving the wet tightness of those vaginal walls as they eagerly embraced his burning cock. As he fucked her doggy-style, she held her buttocks wide open so he could see her asshole more clearly.

“You can…fuck my…ass, if you like,” she said in a shaky voice. “Ah!”

“Don’t…be disgusting,” he grunted. “Unh!”

“Don’t be…so boring. Oh!”

“I’m boring away…just fine…as it is,” he moaned.

“That’s the spirit. Oh! Make jokes. Lighten up. Be happy. Ah!”

“I’m going…to…”

“OK.” She had him pull his cock out. “Stand up,” she said.

Kneeling before the standing priest, she jerked him off, and he sprayed his come all over her face. She giggled.

“That’s disgusting,” he said as his come continued to splash on her.

“It’s raining,” she said with an ear-to-ear grin.

At least my seed isn’t spilling on the ground, he thought; in this way, I may just avoid Onan’s fate.


On Friday night, Camilla was reading in her bedroom again. She looked out the window: more rain. Bored with her reading, and impatiently waiting for Marcel, her Parisian Facebook friend and admirer, to arrive in Toronto and meet her in Club Ritz the next day, she left her bedroom and went downstairs to see her father in the living room.

Agape was there, on his chair drinking again, and listening to a CD of Neil Young’s Harvest. He’d just finished his third glass of bourbon.

“Shall I fix you another drink, Daddy?” she asked, taking his glass.

“Sure; thanks, sweetie,” he said in slurs, then belched.

“My pleasure,” she said as she took the glass into the kitchen. She was surprised and impressed with her ability to resist trying to seduce Agape a second time. Now that almost a week had gone by since she’d committed incest with him, the temptation had been getting weaker and weaker with each passing night. Having made love with Alex, Candice, and Father Josiah also made it easier to keep her hands off her father.

But now, she wanted to party.

She took a pill of ecstasy from her pants pocket, broke it in half, and mixed one half in the bourbon she’d made for him. Then she got a can of beer from the fridge for herself. She popped the other half of the ecstasy in her mouth, and took a gulp of beer to wash it down. After that, she took the drinks into the living room.

Giving him his bourbon, she asked, “Wanna smoke a joint?”

“OK,” he said after sipping his Jim Beam. “But let’s not get too crazy tonight; remember, no Candice.”

“Don’t worry about that,” she said, getting out her marijuana and papers from the coffee table drawer. “Candice is not invited. It’s just you and me…alone.”

“Good,” he said. “I want to be faithful to Carrie. She is the only woman in my life, now and forever.”

“Right,” she said, trying to hide her jealousy. She rolled a marijuana cigarette, lit it, took a few puffs, and gave it to him.

“Thank you,” he said, then took a few puffs. Coughing a bit, he then passed it back to her. “With each passing night, it’s getting easier and easier to resist the charms of your red–uh, black-haired friend.”

The song ‘Old Man” was playing; Camilla, sitting on the floor, looked up at Agape and sang along. “Old man, look at my life, I’m a lot like you were.”

A half hour passed, of drinking three drinks each and smoking two doobs, and the ecstasy was finally kicking in. Agape’s body was tingling, as was Camilla’s. He fidgeted in a trance-like state, and she could see that he was no longer completely aware of what was going on. Her use of Nigrovum would make him even less aware, while at the same time she would use her psychic gifts to keep herself aware of what she was doing.

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