Call of the Wild

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It’s been a tough few months, so you decide to go for a mini-vacation to a local lake for a hiking day-trip. You dress casually, wearing hiking boots, ankle socks, a knee-length sun dress with buttons up the front, and a conservative pair of white cotton panties; you forgo the matching bra as the dress molds and supports you nicely already. You pack a blanket, sandwich and a couple of drinks in your backpack and head for the door. Before you make it outside you get a naughty idea and run to your room.

The great outdoors has always made you horny; as far back as you can remember. Even in school you remember disappearing on class trips long enough to touch yourself to blissful conclusion at least once. There’s something about being in natural surroundings that makes you want to strip naked and frolic like a nymph. So you rifle through your stuff until you find your dildo, a delightful piece of molded gel that has served you well recently, toss it into your bag and trot out the door.

The drive is uneventful, and you reach the secluded lake in record time. You follow the road as far as you can go and then park. You lock up your car and head up the trail. It is over grown with weeds because it is not a very popular place with tourists who go to a slightly larger lake a few minutes closer to the city. You move among the trees for almost half an hour before you feel the familiar yearning begin between your thighs. Looking around and seeing no one you slide your hands up under your dress. The crotch of your panties is soaked, and your fingers come away wet. You easily slide them off and put them in your backpack. Continuing your walk you revel in the sensation of your slick wetness caressed by the warm summer breeze as it blows from below.

You reach a small clearing and decide to have your picnic. Laying out the blanket you place your things on it, and as you empty your pack you re-discover your dildo. Nervous but highly aroused you pull it out and decide to “work up an appetite” before eating. You lie back on the blanket and begin to run the tip along the tips of your labia, feeling it slide easily up and down. Before gaziantep bayan escort long however you hear a sound behind you, a deep moaning sound that causes you to turn around. You can’t see anything, so with dildo still in your hand you decide to investigate.

After moving through the trees a bit you discover that your private lake isn’t so private after all. There is a couple making out in another clearing. They appear to be in their 20’s and quite fit and attractive. He has mid-length brown hair worn loose, and is wearing a tank top and shorts. She has long blond hair pulled up in a ponytail, and while she was wearing a tank top/short combo too, it seems to have gotten in the way of the action. Her top has been pushed up, exposing her breasts, and the shorts are pulled down enough to allow the man to stroke her. You kneel down behind a tree and continue to watch as they explore each other’s bodies with an intensity that shows they are a new couple. She is leaning against a tree as he fingers her private place; from her motions and moans he must be doing a good job. She reciprocates by stroking him through his shorts, his excitement obvious even from this distance.

You watch their foreplay for a good ten minutes until you are distracted by your own needs, foretold by the line of wetness running down your leg. You are so turned-on that you bearly look around before spreading your knees and sliding your toy into your aching hole. It slips deeply in, causing you to gasp, and you begin to pump yourself slowly as you watch them. Feeling nasty at watching, you use your free hand to unbutton your dress and assist it in falling to the ground – you revel in your nakedness, stroking your whole body. The couples are now both naked, with her holding onto a tree branch as he enters her from behind, his glistening rod diving deeply into her with each thrust.

So distracted are you by the scene that it’s not until you feel an arm circle your waist that you realize someone is behind you. You start to fight and turn but a man’s hand covers your mouth

“Don’t fight,” a deep voice says from behind, “just keep watching.”

With that you feel your dildo pulled out and replaced by a hard cock bigger that your fake one, causing you to gasp. Your mystery “rapist” puts you into a full-nelson hold, restricting your movement and causing you to arch your back against him, exposing your breasts to the sun’s rays. While insistent, he is slow in his penetrations, and after getting over the initial shock you realize that his cocksmanship is quite good, and you find your hips pushing back against him. Your eyes go back to the couple, still in the same position, watching their passion. You watch as the man’s thrusting becomes more urgent, and them at some signal you can’t discern the woman turns around and drops to her knees just as the man’s cock explodes a thick stream over her face and breasts.

The sight combined with your new found lover’s cock push you over the edge and you close your eyes as a wave of orgasm rolls over you, gasping loudly and grinding yourself back against the hardness. When you come around you find the couple standing right in front of you watching your climax finish. Your mystery man is still pumping away slowly as the man from the couple smiles and says, “Hey bro, I see you found yourself some action.”

The men are brothers! You start to stammer an excuse and pull away from you lover, but the girl drops to her knees in front of you and places a finger against your lips. As she looks around you notice that her face is still covered with her man’s cum; she spies your dildo and picks it up.

“You were turned on by watching us and thought you’d help yourself to some pleasure at our expense?” she coos at you. You blush and nod your head. She brings the dildo to her lips and licks your juices from it. “Mmm, you taste good. You know who also tastes good? My boyfriend.”

She winks at you “Try some.” She leans forward and puts her face next to yours, and then cups your breasts with her hands and tweaks your nipples.

You are so turned on by the scene, the slow pumping from your unseen lover, her tweaking your nipples that you moan and snake your tongue out and scoop some of her boyfriend’s cum off her face. It is a bit salty, but like she said it does taste good. He watches you lick his girlfriend’s face and then moves forward and pushes your face closer to her.

“Clean her face and breasts for me” he commands. You are so turned on you don’t care anymore and begin licking up all his seed from her skin. She moans and plays with your breasts perfectly as a reward. When you have completed your duties she pulls away from you and with a twinkle in her eye you watch as she lowers herself to the ground and wiggles her face between your open thighs. You quickly begin to feel her tongue exploring you at the same time as the cock pumps you from behind. It feels delicious, and you groan with pleasure. You also notice she is now using your toy on herself, and you watch it disappear deeper than you enjoy but obviously she does because you begin to feel her moan against your clitty.

The boyfriend meanwhile straddles you both, his cock swinging in your face as you look up at him. “Suck it” he directs. You obediently move forward and slip his reawakening manhood into your open mouth. You can taste her juices on it as you begin to suck, and are pleased to discover she tastes good as well. He holds your head and begins to make love to your face, slowly and intimately, while his brother still pumps into you. You know that sooner or later his brother is going to need to cum, and after a few minutes he begins to groan. The boyfriend says something that you don’t quite hear, but his brother pulls out of you and stands beside him, while his girlfriend slips the now well-lubricated dildo from out of her and into you.

You groan as she pumps you with your own toy while licking you at the same time. Both guys stand in front of you and you take turns sucking them until one after the other they shoot their seed.

You try to get it all in you mouth but fail, and most of it ends up across your face. You feel so naughty that it pushes you over the edge, and you cum loudly, collapsing onto the girlfriend, your face slipping between her spread thighs. You lay there panting for a while, drinking in the aromas of the men’s cum and her pussy as she caresses you gently, thinking you will have to walk in the woods more often.

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