Call Me Marie

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The room gradually filled with a range of people from the Group Directors to the Services team. Marie stood next to Kevin, the tall IT Contractor, waiting for the audience to settle down her palms sweating as she tried to control the nerves she felt having to present to the room. She was 27 years old and this was the first time she had stood up in front of so many people to deliver a presentation. Although she knew the subject in depth and was supported by the man beside her she felt the panic rising as quickly as the red face she was sure was shining like a beacon. She was sure her childhood stammer would return as soon as she began to speak.

Her only other ally in the room was her friend and colleague Amy who was there to take notes and actions from the meeting. Finally everyone was seated and Kevin greeted the group giving a brief explanation of what was going to be presented and introducing Marie.

They had practised the presentation in the office until nearly seven o’clock the previous evening then stopped at his hotel and ran through it again in the bar over a glass of wine before Marie had caught the last bus to the small town near home then cycled the remaining four miles to her cottage. Kevin could see she was nervous just talking him through the presentation so he suggested she thought of a secret that the audience would not know and use it as a kind of shield. He had given her an example that he had used once at a presentation albeit by accident. He had told her that an old girlfriend had slipped a note into his jacket pocket minutes before he had sat in a meeting to discuss a new million pound IT project with the female chief executive of a city council renowned for her distrust of IT and the people in it.

His girlfriend had told him to take it out and read to himself after the chief executive had opened the meeting. He had said that just thinking about the words on the paper had helped him seem confident and assured when addressing questions, not only getting the go ahead for the project but also a directive that had given him control of the budget to deliver it. When Marie had asked what the note said Kevin had just laughed saying, “It would be inappropriate to repeat in the modern politically correct world!”

Despite having all night to think of something Marie had drawn a blank until she, Kevin, and Amy had arrived in the meeting room in the morning. To top it all she had run late on her journey in to work and while hurriedly changing out of her cycling gear the zip on her dress had caught leaving her back exposed from the neck to her waist so grabbing a jacket she hoped it would cover her embarrassment long enough to get through the meeting.

Amy volunteered to go out to get coffee while Kevin setup the presentation on a laptop; he gave her money to get Marie’s too.

Before she left the meeting room Amy whispered to Marie, “Are you going for another drink wi’ him after work?”

Marie blushed and ushered Amy out of the room before saying, “How did you know we had a drink last night?”

“Jared’s friend Mika works in’t bar and recognised you from t’Christmas do?” Amy replied, “He said you seemed quite cosy. Did you snog him?”

“No, we just had a drink before I got the last bus home. He just helped with the presentation,” explained Marie still blushing profusely.

“Shame, I think he would be good between t’sheets an experienced older man!” said Amy laughing her Yorkshire accent coming to the fore; adding, “I reckon he fancies you t’way he always calls to ask if you want a coffee on his way into the office. But he probably thinks you’re not interested in an older man!”

“What makes you think I am interested?” asked Marie slightly annoyed that Amy had noticed.

“Because ever since he has been helping you out with t’project you don’t stop fussing over him when he is in the office,” Amy said, “And you squirm in your chair when he calls like he’s got a finger up your fanny!”

“What!” Marie said blushing even more.

“Joking!” said Amy giggling, “But I wouldn’t blame you if you did!”

“Go and get the coffees,” snapped Marie, “I’m not in the mood for your jokes this morning!”

Amy sauntered off laughing as she went to fetch her coat.

While Amy was out of the room Kevin passed Marie a note and said, “Read this when the Group directors have settled in and I am doing the introduction.”

But as she turned away to start putting notepads in each place around the meeting room Kevin said, “Interesting view!”

Flustered Marie asked “What?”

“I think you need a hand with that zip,” he laughed, “Or is that your ice-breaker?”

Marie’s face flushed as she tried to look behind her to see how much flesh she was showing.

“Come here I’ll try to zip it up for you,” said Kevin.

“I’ll wait until Amy gets back with the coffees,” replied Marie embarrassed to let him fiddle with her zip especially after her recent conversation with Amy.

“Amy will probably be sometime yet, I promise to be gentle,” taksim escort said Kevin with a slight smile on his face.

“Okay, thank you,” said Marie finally as she slipped off her jacket.

“Stand still, I can see the zip is caught on the material,” said Kevin, “Let me ease it down and it should slide up okay.”

Marie felt his fingers brush her skin making her jump.

“Sorry,” he said apologetically, “Are my hands cold?”

“No,” replied Marie, “It just tickled a bit.” Kevin twisted the zip jerking it free of the material and slid it down a little to ensure it moved freely. He noticed a strip of purple silky material edged with white lace underneath Marie’s dress and realised it was a part of a suspender belt. Surprised but also intrigued Kevin eased the zip up carefully keeping the dress material out of the way. Even so his fingers brushed Marie’s spine but this time she didn’t jump but lifted her hair out of the way to let him zip her dress to the top. Kevin noticed her bra was made of matching material and smiled as his mind wandered imagining Marie clad in matching lace trimmed purple underwear.

About thirty minutes later the meeting began and just as Kevin started speaking Marie read the note he had passed her, “If you haven’t thought of something secret, just relax as you are the most important person in the room and you are the only person they can trust to deliver the project. Also imagine them all sitting in their underwear and you are the only one with clothes for them all so they need you more than you need them!”

This brought a smile to her face and Marie surprised herself getting through the presentation without a problem, a stammer or even a hint of a red embarrassed face. She sat down as the directors began asking questions and Kevin squeezed her hand encouragingly under the table. Finally the finance director Marcia Young spoke up and insisted that Marie proved the project could deliver the savings forecast in the business case. Before Marie could reply Marcia said she expected a trial was run the following day and a preliminary report presented to her the following day at 5pm.

Marie tried to explain that the trials of the system were planned for the following week after the service crews had been trained but Marcia said she shouldn’t need to wait as the trials could be conducted by Marie and the IT team without the service crews. Kevin tried to point out that he had not planned to be in the office the following day as he had an appointment in London.

Marcia dismissed any further arguments saying, “Well if you don’t have the confidence that the solution will work and unless the business case is assured by the end of the week all further funding will be stopped!”

Kevin sounding slightly annoyed replied, “We are not trying to pull the wool over your eyes; I know the solution will work and I expect the business case is sound too. In fact, if you are unsatisfied by either after tomorrow I won’t charge you for the extra consultancy days.”

As Marcia left she said, “We shall see tomorrow. Thank you Mary for the presentation, I will see you and your IT man in my office at five.”

“My name’s Marie,” whispered Marie under her breath as the rest of the directors trooped out after Marcia.

“It looks like I need to find a hotel room for tonight,” laughed Kevin appearing calmer, “So much for having a quiet day tomorrow.”

Marie looked worried, “You shouldn’t have offered to waive your fee.”

“Why?” asked Kevin, “The software works end to end and it should take too long to get a report setup to match the business case.”

“Well I’m not sure the business case was put together that well, I inherited it from a consultant,” Marie explained, “Normally they are only scrutinised to raise the project budget.”

“Well we had better work on that too,” said Kevin, “But I had better organise a room for tonight and buy a clean shirt first.”

“I can sort out a hotel for you,” offered Amy, “I can pop out and get you a shirt too, if you want?”

“The hotel room will be fine, I’ll sort out the shirt as I also need some underwear,” he replied with a grin, “I can’t ask a pretty young girl to rifle through the men’s underwear section of Marks and Sparks!” “I don’t mind rifling through men’s underwear from time to time,” giggled Amy, “Are you large or extra large?”

Even Marie smiled, “What would your geek boyfriend say if he could hear you discussing men’s underwear sizes?”

“Jarred, is not t’jealous type,” responded Amy, “Unlike someone I could mention,” she added.

“I don’t care what you do,” said Marie her face flushing yet again, “But you will have to help get last week’s job sheets together for the trial first!”

“Am I missing something?” asked Kevin.

“No,” replied Marie before Amy said anything more, “If you go and get your shirt and bits now, Amy and I should have time to get the paperwork we need and tidy this room so we can work in here for the rest of the day.”

When he returned approximately kadıköy escort an hour later Marie was on her own in the meeting room surrounded by paperwork. Putting a carrier bag by the door he walked around the table a sat down beside Marie saying, “Okay how far have you got?”

Marie explained her plan for testing the software by retracing one of the service team’s calls from the previous Monday work schedule.

Kevin asked, “So will you be driving while I update the calls?”

“No, I can’t drive,” replied Marie, “I was hoping you would drive?”

“No problem, provided I have a hotel room,” said Kevin, “Has Amy managed to sort one out yet?”

“I don’t think so she said there were a few large conventions in town and every hotel she has tried is fully booked,” said Marie, “I’ll go and check, do you want a drink while I’m up?”

Kevin asked for a cup of tea and Marie went in search of Amy. He watched her walk along the corridor hips swaying as she balanced on her 3″ heels. His mind drifted back to her matching underwear and he felt a stirring in his groin. He spoke silently to himself, “A chance would be a fine thing mate, but she’s not going to be interested in a 52 year old bloke like you!”

Despite the thought he smiled as he logged back onto his laptop, he was still smiling when Marie and Amy came back to the room.

“Something funny?” asked Marie.

“Or are you looking at dodgy websites?” chipped in Amy with a grin on her face.

“I’m just happy to see you two lovely ladies,” said Kevin, “One bearing a nice cuppa and the other about to tell me she has found a room in a five-star hotel with a Jacuzzi and massage thrown in!”

“Well you’re close,” said Amy, “Marie’s got your tea and I have had a brilliant idea about where you can stay tonight.”

“Well don’t keep me in suspense,” Kevin said, “Does it have a Jacuzzi?”

“Not quite,” teased Amy, “But it is a nice secluded cottage, exclusive rooms and I reckon if you’re nice to the landlady she will throw in the massage!”

“So am I staying at yours then?” asked Kevin with a wide smile.

“Close again,” Amy said, “I thought you can stay at Marie’s place, her Mum’s away and you won’t need to start so early t’pick her up in the morning.”

A shocked Marie blurted out, “You didn’t ask me!”

“Well I’ve only just thought of it!” replied Amy, “Besides you said it was a bit lonely while your Mum was away so I thought you could do with the company.”

Marie scowled but didn’t say anymore, Amy said, “So that’s settled, I’ll leave you two to sort out the plan for tomorrow, let me know if you need anything else. I’m just off to lunch with Jared but will be back by two o’clock.”

“Are you okay with me staying over?” asked Kevin, “You seem a little annoyed?”

“It’s not a problem,” replied Marie coldly, “I just would prefer to be consulted first.”

“Let’s go through the Business Case and build the reports,” suggested Kevin, “Then we can get Amy to input the first jobs for the morning into the system.”

“Good idea, it will give her something to do rather than meddling in people’s lives,” replied Marie cryptically.

They spent the afternoon preparing the reports and arranging the remaining job sheets chronologically so that Amy could enter them into the system the following day while they were on the road. Most of the time was spent working silently as Marie still seemed annoyed but by 5.30 pm they had finished everything they could possibly do.

“Come on let’s call it a day,” said Kevin, “You can ride shotgun and give me directions to my hotel!”

“Well don’t expect too much,” said Marie smiling at last, “The chef is away and the landlady doesn’t know how to give a massage.”

“Is there any special entertainment laid on for the evening?” asked Kevin.

“Just the telly,” laughed Marie beginning to enjoy the light-hearted banter, “Unless the landlady gets drunk and sings Karaoke!”

“I’ll have to pick-up a bottle or two of wine on the way!” smiled Kevin, “Maybe the landlady will serenade me to sleep!”

“Or keep you awake all night,” Marie responded then blushed, “By singing I mean!” she added suddenly flustered as she realised her words could be misinterpreted.

“What about a full English breakfast in bed?” joked Kevin, “Or isn’t that included in the room rate?”

“Tea and toast in the kitchen is more likely,” said Marie adding, “And it’s self service!”

“Well as long as I get a smile from the landlady when I pay the bill, I don’t mind,” laughed Kevin.

“I don’t think they’ll accept cards or cheques!” smiled Marie, “Besides I’m not sure they take cash either!”

“Well I’ll have to think of some payment in kind!” said Kevin as they turned the lights out in the meeting room and headed out of the office.

“No need,” said Marie seriously, “You’ve managed to help me so much on this project it’s the least I can do!”

They walked towards the local car park in silence until they reached a queue halkalı escort bayan of girls dressed up like Japanese schoolgirls and men dressed like comic book characters. Marie laughed suddenly and pointed to the front of the queue saying, “There’s Amy and Jared.”

“Where?” Kevin asked.

Then he noticed Amy dressed up in short plaid skirt, white blouse and knee length socks. Beside Amy stood Jared dressed like a character from the Matrix films; they stood underneath a banner announcing a Comic Con expo.

“That’s a nice outfit,” Kevin said, “I didn’t know Amy was a comic fan.”

“So you like the Japanese schoolgirl look?” asked Marie with a hint of mischief, “I didn’t have you down as an old pervert.”

“Less of the old, young lady!” replied Kevin laughing, “Maybe I was referring to the green wig she’s wearing!”

“Or perhaps you were talking about Geek-boy?” said Marie.

Kevin looked at Marie quizzically until she added, “That’s Amy’s pet name for Jared, and they are engaged although he hasn’t brought her a ring yet!”

“Geek-boy suits him,” laughed Kevin, “Shame he spends most of his time in Comic book land than studying real IT.”

“Anime and Manga land,” corrected Marie, “They are both avid fans and they even act out some of the stories with their other friends.”

“I always thought that stuff was a bit dark?” said Kevin, “But I suppose it might be quite funny to hear them acting out Manga scenes in their broad Yorkshire accents.”

“Yes it is dark, Amy tried to get me interested but I found it hard to get into,” said Marie, “It seemed a bit too fetish based.”

“Nothing wrong with a good fetish,” Kevin replied with a laugh, “Did you dress as a Japanese schoolgirl?”

Marie’s eyes widened but she remained silent.

“Let’s get on the road,” said Kevin, “It’s getting chilly out here, I hope Amy gets inside soon otherwise she’ll freeze in that skirt.”

They walked on to the car park without saying anymore. Once they had loaded the car and began to exit the car park Kevin asked Marie for directions. She realised that she didn’t know the way out of town except by the bus routes. Luckily her normal bus was just up ahead and she directed Kevin to follow it out of town then she hoped she would recognise the motorway route otherwise they would be following back roads to the village. After about an hour and a half of stop start driving Kevin asked if there was a shorter route and Marie had to confess she didn’t really know the roads until she reached the village. Kevin pulled over and reached for the glove compartment to get his sat-nav out brushing Marie’s leg in the process; his shirt sleeve made a hiss as it slid across her nylon clad knee. Marie jumped as she felt a tingle move from her knee towards her belly.

“Sorry, just getting the sat-nav,” said Kevin, “Did you get a jolt of static?”

“Yes, probably, but its okay,” said Marie, “I should have mentioned earlier that I wasn’t sure of the way. I’m so used to the buses.”

“Is there somewhere to get a meal on the way back?” asked Kevin, “It’s getting late so we may as well eat out.”

“Well the Bull serves food in the evening and I know my way home from there,” said Marie sheepishly.

“Let’s head there,” smiled Kevin, “I take it you know the address?”

“Yes,” replied Marie and rattled off the pub’s address as Kevin typed it into the sat-nav.

As he went to shut the glove compartment he brushed against Marie’s knee again and she felt another tingle, then a sharp pain in her foot as his iPod fell out and struck the front of her right foot.

“Ow!” cried out Marie.

“Oops, let me rub it,” said Kevin as he reached down and massaged the top of her foot and ankle.

The pain quickly gave way to the tingling sensation she had felt before as he rubbed her foot. Marie looked down at the back of his head which was almost resting in her lap. The tingling felt so nice Marie had to restrain a moan and the urge to caress Kevin’s neck.

Instead she placed a hand on his shoulder and murmured, “Its fine now the pain has gone.”

As she said it she realised she was breathing heavier than normal. Kevin removed his hand, sat up, started the car and pulled away to the sound of the stern lady sat-nav voice chiming, “In 500 yards take a right turn!”

The turn took them to a stretch of motorway and thirty minutes later they were sat at a table in an almost empty country pub waiting for their food. Marie had a large glass of wine in front of her and was reviewing the contents of Kevin’s iPod, she had retrieved it from the foot well of the car and had been laughing at his taste in music complaining it was very out of date.

“Their classics,” he said sounding slightly hurt, “Just like me!”

“Oh here’s something more up to date,” Marie said, “Pink! I’m surprised you like her considering your age?”

“Why? She has some great lyrics and I like a woman with attitude,” he said smiling, “How old do you think I am?”

“I suppose forty-something?” replied Marie, “I thought this might have been one of your kids by mistake,” she added a little sarcastically.

“You will find that I have three of her albums,” Kevin said, “And you will see I’ve rated all of her tracks either 4 or 5 stars!”

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