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Subject: Call Me Daddy by Cutter09 gay adult/youth Please remember to donate to Nifty. The thousands of stories available for your reading pleasure is provided by Nifty, so give a little and get a lot. http://donate./donate.html You can find more of my stories listed on the prolific authors page under Cutter09 Call Me Daddy I don’t know when it actually started, probably when I was quite young, like five or six. I was never allowed to watch tv or even listen to the radio, but I know that by the time I was eight, I would be allowed to watch a film if I brought home something from school with a good grade on it. As a reward, my mother would put a video on for me to watch. It was always the same type of video. Close ups of cocks sliding into asses. I didn’t know the difference at the time, but I could see the other set of balls bouncing around, so it was male asses. I could hear the moans of pleasure coming from whoever was getting fucked, and them saying how good it felt and calling out to God as a load of cum was pumped into them. After the video, my mom would ask, “Did you like that? Be a good boy tomorrow and I’ll let you see another.” Then she’d run her hand over the front of my pants. At school, my friends would talk about whatever show was on tv the night before. I was embarrassed to tell them I didn’t see it because I wasn’t allowed to watch tv, so I’d fake it and pretend I’d seen it too. Soon I began to avoid them if they started talking about tv, or even going to the movies. I had never been to a movie theater. Eventually, I didn’t really socialize at all, but I tried to do good in my school work so I could watch a movie at home. If I did well on something, I would insist on keeping it so I could show my mom. And I was always rewarded. Of course I had erections, and knew that the dicks in the movies were hard, so it must be normal. But it wasn’t until I was ten, that after watching a movie, when my mom rubbed the front of my pants, she found I was hard. “You really did like that. You’re such a good boy,” my mom said. The next day when I received my reward, it was different. It started the same as usual, a dick inside an ass, but I noticed right away, the ball sack of the receiver was much smaller, and hairless. The moans of pleasure were those of a much younger person. Soon it showed the dick of a boy, then panned up to show the face of a boy around my age. He had a blissful look on his face as the man slowly moved in and out of him. “You like that boy?” the man said. “Mmm yes.” “Say it!” the man commanded. “I like it, Daddy.” The man leaned over and kissed him. The boy’s arms went around his neck and his feet went into the air as the man started moving faster and harder. I had no father, and didn’t know a father’s love, so this made quite an impression on me. Was this how fathers showed their love for their sons? After the video, my mother checked the front of my pants again and found I was erect. “Oh yes. You really are a good boy.” The next day, the video was a montage of boys being fucked. With lots of moaning and kissing. Words flashed across the screen. “Cocks feel good. Boys love cocks. Cocks taste good. Boys love cocks. Feel the cocks. Love the cocks. You want cock. You love cock.” This video must have been two hours long, and by the end of it, I was clawing at the front of my pants, I didn’t know why. But Mom didn’t have to check to see if I was erect. “You’re such a good boy. But you shouldn’t play with yourself.” That was on a Friday. Saturday morning I washed the breakfast dishes without being told to. “You’re such a good boy. You deserve a reward.” It was the same video, except there was an additional clip at the beginning and two at the end. The first one showed a man’s cock slapping against a boy’s butt. “Are you going to be a good boy for me?” were the man’s words. “I’ll always be good for you,” replied the boy as the man pushed inside him. The two clips at the end were after a boy was fucked, and a slimy cock was coming out of his ass. “You’re a good boy,” said the man who had done the fucking. The clips were the same, except for different boys and men. By bedtime Sunday, I had seen the film eight times, and my little dick was hard almost the entire time. I went to bed with those words flashing across my mind. “Cocks feel good. Boys love cocks. Cocks taste good. Boys love cocks. Feel the cocks. Love the cocks. You want cock. You love cock.” And my mom’s parting words as she closed my bedroom door. “Be a good boy, and don’t play with yourself.” Monday’s reward was similar. Quick flashes of boys with cocks in their butts or mouths, the words had been in white, now flashed red. Good boys love cock. Cocks feel good. Cocks taste good. You want cock. You love Cock. Men have cocks. Love the cocks. Need the cocks. Good boys get cock. Love the cocks. The sound tract was nothing but young boys moaning in pleasure. Even when I didn’t bring home a good grade on something, Mom said, “Well I know you tried to be a good boy.” And she’d show me a video anyway. At night in bed, my little dick would drive me crazy. I began humping the mattress, and it sent shivers through me, but I knew I shouldn’t do it because that was playing with myself. Two weeks later was my Eleventh birthday. It was two weeks of nearly constant çorum escort video viewing, and never ending, all consuming erections. I came home from school, excited by the perfect score on my math test, and there was a man sitting in the living room. Mom was just putting her wallet into her purse. “Deal. Three times this week, then we’ll see after that.” She saw me and said, “I have to pick up your birthday cake, and run a few errands. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. This is John, he’ll look after you while I’m gone. I want you to be a good boy for John.” And she was out the door. “Come sit by me,” John said, patting the space beside him on the sofa. You’re a beautiful boy,” he said as I sat down. “I love your long blond hair. And those freckles are so adorable, I want to kiss each and every one.” I looked up at him and smiled. He leaned down, and kissed my nose. Then a kiss to my cheek, then another. I guess he was trying to kiss all my freckles. Then he kissed my lips, and his hand went to my crotch. I was already hard, anticipating my reward for my math score. It felt good when he rubbed over it. At first I was worried, but then realized it was okay because I wasn’t playing with myself. He was doing it.Then he placed my hand on the front of his pants. I could feel his hardness, and rubbed my hand over it. It was okay, because he wasn’t playing with himself. We could play with each other. That’s okay. “Your mother said you’re a good boy. Would you like to see my cock?” I smiled really big and nodded, because boys like cock. He took off his clothes and I saw his cock. To me it looked huge compared to mine, just like the men in the videos were bigger than the boys they fucked. It was probably only about five inches and not very thick. But it was a cock, and boys love cocks. “Can I see yours?” he asked. I jumped up and reached for the button on my jeans. He helped me out of my clothes, and slowly peeled my underwear down. I wondered if John was my daddy. Was he going to love me like the daddy in the video did his son? He rubbed some stuff on his cock and asked, “Are you going to be good for me?” I already figured out that he was going to put his cock in my butt, so I nodded, and lay on the sofa. He put his cock at my hole and pushed. “No! Stop! It hurts!” “It will get better. Be a good boy.” Oh God it hurt so bad, and he kept pushing. I felt it going deep into me. It didn’t feel good like the video said it would. He pulled back a little, then pushed all the way in. Tears flowed down my cheeks as he pushed in and out of me for a couple of minutes. Then I realized the pain was gone, and my dick was hard. He noticed I’d stop crying. “You like that, don’t you?” “Yes.” And just like in the video, I put my arms around his neck, and my feet in the air, so that he could get as deep as possible. He kissed me and said, “Tell me you like it.” “I like it, Daddy.” He pumped me harder, and I felt his cock get thicker. Then a warm feeling inside me. My dick tingled and my brain exploded. When Mom got home she asked John if I was a good boy while she was out. “He was a very good boy. I can’t wait to see him again on Wednesday.” Mom said that since I was such a good boy, I could have two pieces of my birthday cake. She said it was special because it took four of her friends to make the frosting on it. I didn’t see anything special about it, in fact I thought they may have used too much salt in the frosting. On Wednesday, John was there again, and Mom was going out.It didn’t take John long to have us both naked. “Want to taste it?” John asked, waving his cock at me. I smiled and nodded, because Cocks taste good. I leaned over and took John’s cock into my mouth. I didn’t notice anything special about the taste, it just tasted like skin. He moved in and out of my mouth for a minute, and I was about to pull away when I noticed a new flavor in my mouth. Something leaking from the head tasted just like the frosting on my birthday cake. Cocks taste like cake frosting! Mmm. Cocks taste good. “Are you going to be a good boy for me?” John was going to daddy love me again! I nodded and lay on my back with my feet in the air. He quickly pushed into me. It only hurt for a minute, then… Cocks feel good. Cocks taste good. I love cocks. “Call me Daddy, and tell me you like my cock.” “I love your cock, Daddy.” “Beg me to fuck your pussy.” “Please fuck my pussy hard, Daddy.” He pounded me hard for a few more minutes before suddenly stopping. His cock was still throbbing as he said, “You’re such a good boy,” then he pulled his slimy cock from my butt. John was there again on Friday, and my dick got hard just from seeing him. Mom left, and it didn’t take him a minute to have my clothes off, and his cock inside me. He fucked me hard right from the start. I knew he liked to hear me tell him how much I liked his cock, and beg him to fuck me, so I did, and called him Daddy as I did. After John left, I asked my mom if John was my father. “Yes, well not that John. Another John is.” Early Saturday morning my mother came into my room and woke me. “John is here. He’s going to spend the day with you.” I rolled over and went back to sleep. I felt the bed shift as John got in with me. He kissed my neck and rubbed my butt over çukurambar escort my white briefs. I didn’t offer any resistance as he pulled my underwear down and off me. Then he was climbing on my back. I felt his slippery cock as it parted my cheeks, then it was at my hole. As it pushed in, I realized it was thicker than John’s cock. “Oh…Stop….That hurts…” “Be a good boy for me,” not John’s voice said in my ear. “It hurts!” “Sh Sh. It’ll get better,” not John said, and kissed my neck. Then he pushed in all the way, and it was much longer than John’s too. When he began moving it in and out, I remembered “boys like cock” and how much I liked the other John’s cock. Soon, I started liking this cock too. The videos were right, I love cock. This John’s cock was really good. I got that tingling in my little dick quickly, and my head exploded again. After I felt him throbbing inside me, he rolled off my back. This John was younger than the other John. I didn’t think he was old enough to be my father, but I liked his cock. I looked at his slimy cock and wrapped my fingers around it. “Oh God. You are a good boy,” he said as I took it into my mouth. It tasted like cake frosting mixed with something else. It had been in my butt, so that was to be expected. He was soon very hard again, and I laid on my back with my feet in the air. This John almost bent me in half as he pushed his cock inside me again. It hurt a little when he started to pound down into me, but soon that went away, and it felt really good again. “Fuck my pussy hard, Daddy.” “You’re so good. Worth every penny,” he said as he kept fucking me. I didn’t know what he meant by that, but he made my dick tingle again, so I didn’t question it. Later, I was thirsty so we went to the kitchen. It was fun walking around the house naked, with a naked man too. After our drinks, he picked me up and put me on the counter. He kissed me, then placed my ankles on his shoulders and slid his cock into me. It didn’t hurt at all, and I liked it from the beginning. He fucked me again in my bed later. He had just finished when Mom knocked on my door. That was strange, because she never knocks on my door before coming in. John got up and put his clothes on. I just lay there feeling wasted. I heard him ask her something, but couldn’t make out what. She said no to whatever it was, then said “He’s busy tomorrow.” I don’t know why she said that, we never go to church or anything on Sundays. After he left, Mom came back to my room. I was still laying there with just the sheet covering me from the waist down. “John said you were a very good boy all day,” she said as she eyed me up and down. “Is that John my dad?” “No, but he likes to think he is, so you can call them…er… him daddy. All Johns like to think of good boys as their sons, and love them like a daddy should. And they like to think they are the first to… take care of their good boy. Just remember that when John is alone with you, he is the first to… love you like a daddy loves his son.” I thought it was strange because neither of them were my daddy, but I was supposed to let them think that I thought they were. Weird. And I was supposed to let them love me like a daddy should. Why, if they weren’t my daddy? But it’s okay I guess, since boys love cock. Monday after school, the first John was back. Mom said he was going to look after me while she ran errands. When she was gone, he asked if I wanted to see his daddy cock. Of course I said yes, and soon that daddy cock was inside me. When he pulled his slimy cock from my ass, he said “I wish I could see you more often. I just can’t afford it.” I guess that meant he didn’t have time to come over more often. The rest of the week, I got to watch the videos at least twice before going to bed. Then Saturday, the other John came to spend the day with me again. Mom didn’t bother to let me know he was here. I found out when I woke up as he climbed on my back and his cock went inside me. That was the first of four fuckings I got from him that day. He made my dick tingle and my head explode each time, so I didn’t mind. Sunday, another man named John came over. Mom said he was a friend of John’s, who had told him I was such a good boy. I didn’t know which John had told him that, but I was always a good boy. So when Mom suggested I let him see my room and show him how good I was, I did. We sat on the bed and talked. I found out he really didn’t know the other John, but my mom had told him I was really good. He said that she told him to ask me to be a good boy for him, and I would. Then he pulled out a tube of that slippery stuff, so I stood up and started taking off my clothes. He told me to bend over and he rubbed the slippery stuff on my hole. I heard him remove his pants while I was there bent over. Then he pushed his cock into me. “Oh God! Stop, it hurts!” He was bigger than either of the other Johns. He held me up so my feet didn’t touch the floor and pushed the rest of his cock into me. I yelled out, and he pushed my face into the bed. Then he had my knees on the bed as he started moving in and out. Maybe Mom didn’t hear me crying out after that first time, because my face was on the bed, and soon I wasn’t crying any more. I started moaning as ankara escort he fucked me faster. Cocks feel good! Big cocks feel really good! Boys love cock. I love cock! After I felt his cock throbbing, my dick tingling, my head exploding, Mom knocked on my door. “Time’s up,” she said. John’s cock was still inside me so I guess he didn’t want her to see it. “I’ll take another hour,” he called to the door. He fucked me again without even taking his cock out of me. That was great! So after that day, I saw John on Saturday, all day. Then the bigger John for two hours on Sunday. Then the first John for a quick fuck on Monday after school. It was fun for me because I had three Johns who gave me daddy love. I know my friends at school only had one daddy at home. And sometimes during the week, Mom would introduce me to another John. I was always a good boy for them, and they would even tell my mom I was the best boy they ever knew. I wondered if maybe one of them was my real daddy, but I was getting plenty of daddy love. My friends at school may get to watch tv, but I got more daddy loving than they did. I kinda felt sorry for them. On my twelfth birthday, Mom said she had a surprise for me. I thought it might be my real daddy. When the doorbell rang, she introduced me to a new John. I didn’t think this one was my real daddy, because he was black. He turned down the special cake when it was offered, but he said he helped make the frosting. He said I was a good boy when I ate all my slice of cake. Then he asked to see my room so he could give me something special. Mom said it was my surprise, so I took him to my room. Boy! Was it special. Big and black. It hurt like hell! Funny, he still wanted me to call him Daddy while he tried to turn me inside out. He made my little dick tingle twice before he throbbed inside me. He said he’d be back to visit me again. I hope so. The next day, Mom was on the phone when I came home. I don’t think she heard me come in, and he hates to be disturbed, so I didn’t say anything. I think she was talking to her friend Trixie. I don’t like her much. “Serves him right. Big college football star. Mr. NFL.Dropped a pregnant girl. Now his son is a faggot whore.” She saw me standing there and quickly ended the conversation with Trixie. “Were you a good boy in school today? I showed her my science test score of one hundred. “Great. You deserve a special reward. John is coming, and he’s bringing a friend.” I didn’t know which John, and it didn’t matter to me. I liked them all. It was the black John, and he brought a black friend. His name was John too. I thought that it was funny that two black guys named John would be friends. And they both liked to pretend to be my daddy. Well, I called them Daddy over and over. They made my dick tingle all night. I finally passed out with one in my mouth and one in my butt. I was so exhausted that the next morning I asked Mom if I could miss school. She was standing beside the bed where I lay between the two black Johns. I’m glad there was a sheet over me. I didn’t want my mom to see my naked butt, especially since John’s cock was still in it, which made my dick hard, and I didn’t want her to see that for sure. Mom asked John if he wanted more time with me. He asked the other John and they agreed to spend the day with me, and told Mom they’d catch her on their way out, whatever that meant. I wanted to stay home so I could sleep, but they didn’t let me sleep much. By the time they left, I was even more exhausted, and sore. My hole felt like you could drive a car through it, and all kinds of stuff was leaking out of it. My poor little dick had been tingling for almost twenty four hours. I didn’t think it would ever get hard again. I certainly got a lot of daddy love though. Cocks feel good. I love cocks. Well, Black John said he knew a lot of black daddies that would love a good twelve year old white boy. Black John had a lot of friends named John, and they all came to visit me. Sometimes just one but sometimes two. So I had big John on Saturdays, bigger John on Sundays, first John on Mondays, and the black Johns most every other day. I was getting a lot more daddy love than my friends at school. Some days during the summer, I didn’t get a visit from John. If I didn’t for two days, I would ask my mom if she’d call John to ask him to visit me. I told her I just missed him, but really, my butt was missing him. I got used to having daddy love every day. Any of the Johns would do. She’d laugh and make the call though, and soon I’d have a daddy cock in my butt. On my thirteenth birthday, Mom said she had a special treat for me. When I got home from school, Mom introduced me to a new John. He was handsome, so I grabbed his hand and led him to my room. He seemed surprised when I reached for his zipper, and just froze there. So I tried to get to his cock, he stopped me and yelled “What are you doing?” “I’ll be good for you. I’ll even call you Daddy while you fuck me.” “I AM your dad!” “That’s what they all say. Now give me your cock. I need it.” I heard Mom laughing her head off outside my bedroom door. The End © Cutter09 Please send comments to ail Cutter09 would love to hear what you think of the story! Thank you for taking the time to send feedback to the author. Your feedback is the only reward the authors receive. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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