Cabana – Part 6

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My phone chimed with an incoming message.”Come for a swim tomorrow at noon, naughty boy.”It was more of a demand than an invitation. It had been two weeks since we met at the parking lot.”Who’s that?” Brian asked as he peered over my shoulder.I glanced back and him and exited the screen. I decided that I needed to be much more cautious when checking my phone in the future.”Just some hottie I met at Walmart,” I half-lied. “Hooked up once and I guess she wants some more.””Naughty boy, eh? Sounds like a fun girl,” he chuckled. “Hey, aren’t you coming fishing with us tomorrow?””No, I have to work so I won’t be able to go,” I lied. “Sorry, man. I meant to tell you earlier.””No problem,” he replied. “My old man goes all the time so there will be other days. Guess you’ll have to disappoint your new friend.””Maybe,” I mused. “Hopefully I can meet up with her later.””Maybe get off early so you can get off,” he joked.”Hopefully,” I smiled and finished my beer.***I pulled into the driveway just before noon and parked, looking to make sure the boat and truck were gone. I jumped out of my truck and walked towards the pool, seeing Cheryl lying on the patio chaise lounger as I walked up.”Right on time,” she said with a smile as she lifted her sunglasses. “I like that.”Her blonde hair hung on her shoulders, ending just above her exposed breasts with their perky nipples. The red bikini bottom had two bows, one on each hip, and barely covered the treasure between her legs.”I try bahis siteleri to please,” I replied with a smile as my cock began to harden.She giggled, put her glasses back on and lay back on the lounger with her arms above her head, stretching out her lithe body for me to see. With a little sigh she relaxed and wiggled her hips, and with a crook of her finger she gestured for me to come closer.”Be a darling and undo these bows for me,” she said as she gestured to the bikini bottom.I reached down and gave a tug on each side, releasing the slight knots and watching the material fall away. I took one ribbon of material in my hand and tugged gently as she lifted her hips slightly, pulling the bottom away and dropping it on the patio.”That’s better,” she purred as she put one leg on each side of the chair.Again her finger gestured for me to come closer, and I dropped to one knee and put my face close to hers. Her finger went between her legs and came out wet before it ran over my lips.”I think you know what I want,” she suggested.I moved to the foot of the lounger and ran my hands up her slender thighs, stopping to admire the glistening and freshly trimmed peach in front of me. It was now mostly bare with just a little touch of blonde fringe at the top. I moved closer and inhaled her musky fragrance before touching my tongue to the inside of her thigh. With little licks and nibbles I teased, feeling her fingers in my hair tighten their grip when my tongue finally canlı bahis siteleri slipped between the folds.She pulled my hair gently as I worked my tongue over her little slit, pushing inside and flickering it over her clit as she moaned. I moved my hands up and found her breasts, my fingers pinching and twisting the nipples as I sucked her clit between my lips and pushed her into a moaning frenzy. My face became wetter as her fingers gripped my hair tightly and she pulled my face into her as the climax erupted.With a deep sigh she relaxed her grip on my hair and let me pull away to catch my breath.”Ooh, that was very nice,” she praised. “Now, how about I return the favor?”I jumped up, yanked my shorts off and straddled her so that my swollen prick rested between her tits.”Oh, someone’s excited!” she laughed as she pushed her tits together. “You want to fuck my tits?””Yeah,” I admitted as I moved my hips forward.”Okay,” she giggled. “Fuck my tits with that big cock of yours.”I grabbed her tits with both hands and held them together as I slid my cock between the pillowy mounds, feeling her warm flesh envelope it. I moved my hips slowly back and forth, watching the fat tip as it poked out on each forward thrust and disappeared again as she urged me on.”That’s it, push that big cock in there. Fuck my tits with that big meat stick of yours.””Feels so fucking good,” I moaned.”Yeah, you like that don’t you? You like fucking my tits.””Yeah, I do,” I agreed.”Just canlı bahis imagine how it would be fucking Mrs. Harper’s big tits,” she teased. “They are much bigger than mine.””Oh, yeah,” I moaned as I pictured her huge tits wrapped around my cock.”Fucking her huge tits, making your cock swell up and your balls ache,” she teased. “Until you can’t hold it anymore…”I moaned as I felt the urge to cum building.”Ooh, you’re getting close,” she continued. “I feel it getting slick and slippery. Give me a taste.”I pushed ahead and her tongue lashed out across the end of my swollen tip, grabbing up the cum that was starting to seep out. She licked a few times and then pulled away.”So tasty,” she announced with a smile. “I bet Mrs. Harper would like to have a taste while you fucked her big tits.””Oh… fuck,” I moaned as I struggled to hold my load in.”Just think of her licking that fat head while you fucked her big tits,” she continued. “You would be sooo hard…””Oh, fuck…””You’re such a naughty boy,” she teased. “You want to cum on her tits… her face… shoot your big, juicy load in her mouth.”I couldn’t hold back and my cock erupted, sending two big ropes of cum across her face and into her open mouth. She pursed her lips and pushed it out, the cum running down her chin and adding to the puddles on her chest from my still-spurting cock. With a groan I pumped out the last few drops.”Oh, another huge load,” she praised. “Put that fat cock in my mouth.”I moved up and she sucked me into her waiting mouth, her tongue running along the underside as her lips closed around it. She sucked vigorously, pumping my cock with her mouth and draining the last droplets before letting it slip out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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