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As always, Valentines Day fell on a cold February night, but that didn’t stop the love in the air. Couples young and old took to the town in the night filling the atmosphere with a lovey dovey air, though for some it wasn’t the same, some couples had to spend the night working but that wouldn’t stop their fun.

Jon and Leanne, both worked in a busy pub in the centre of town, a pub which saw one of the busiest nights of the year, Valentines Day mixed with an international rugby match between Wales and Scotland and both were looking forward to what the other was planning for when they finished work. The night drew on, and finally their shift ended with a quiet drink with the rest of the staff, followed by a usual rendezvous in Café G’s night club Leanne changed from her work cloths, she always liked to dress nice, she wore a nice black short skirt and matching top emphasizing her lovely cleavage.

At the top bar they could be found, drinking and waiting,

“Victoria Gardens?”

Jon looked back at Leanne, “After this drink.”

Leanne stood next to him watching him drinking,

“Go wait for me there; I’ll be along in a few minutes.”

Leanne narrowed her eyes at him and noticed a cheeky smile moving across his face, “go.”

She thought for a second and then left for the Gardens wondering what he was planning, she wasn’t going to argue, this was probably going to be fun. She made her way through town and around the side of the gardens to the hole they often used to get in, this was a regular haunt for them, they would often sneak here after work to make out, enjoying the thrill of trespassing and the possibility that they may one day be caught.

It was a dry night, so she sat on a bench near their favourite tree.

Time passed, two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes, she lost track, it seemed like an eternity leaving a now pretty pissed off Leanne sitting on a park bench in the middle of the night.

She heard some rustling in the bushes behind her, she stood up and looked around, a man in a police uniform and hat was approaching her.

“Miss, your trespassing, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you in.”

Leanne froze; she had never been arrested before. The officer moved closer, he was a small man, with a medium build, her look of fear turned to a sly smile as she had figured out who it was. He got closer revealing more to her, she recognized the shape of his body and the outline of his face in the dark.

“Officer, I’m a good girl, I didn’t mean to break the law, but I guess you’ll have to take me in.” she grinned as he reached for a pair of hand cuffs.

“Miss kocaeli escort bayan step back against the fence please.”

The gardens had been undergoing work for several months now, and metal fencing had been placed to stop people crossing into the work area.

Leanne walked backwards until she reached the fence, it rattled as she walked into it.

“Turn around.”

He pushed her roughly against the fence from behind, “Arms up, spread your legs.”

She could feel the officer rub himself lightly against her,

“I’m going to have to search you” His hands began to work over her familiar form, though not in the way someone should be searched, not like in real life or the movies, he moved his hands adventurously over her form, sliding softly when they came to skin and groping heavily over her clothing. Leanne’s head dropped back slightly as she felt his breath on her neck she could almost feel his lips already on her neck, but he held back. His hands on the other hand found their way up under her skirt, she recognized the familiar feel, the way he touched her, the way he caressed her butt, if there was any doubt at all, now it was gone, these were Jon’s hands on her skin, and his body close to hers.

“Your clean, face me.” He took her arm roughly and turned her to face him, He pressed himself against her as he placed a cuff on her left wrist, and held her between him and the fence as he threaded the chain through near the top and cuffed her right wrist, she was now attached to the fence, unable to move.

“You have the right to remain sexy, anything you say and do can and will be used against you in my imagination, if you give up this right, I will be forced to make love to you until you feel sexy. Anything you would like to add?”

Leanne grinned as she moved herself against him, “well, I don’t know, I’m not feeling too particularly” He began kissing her neck, “mmh, sexy right,” his tongue began to work over the little area where he had given her a love bite in the past, She tried to finish her sentence, “sexy… rig… ht… now.”

Jon’s hands slid up her body, over her stomach and breasts as he licked a trail to her earlobe, Leanne’s breathing began to get heavier as he sucked and licked her ear, his tongue slid over the back taking her ear into his mouth. If she had control of her hands, Leanne would have hugged and kissed him by now, but she couldn’t, all she could do was take his affections, it was like an itch, one of those itches which you cant reach no matter how hard you try, and you need someone else’s help with. Jon moved his lips to hers she took otele gelen escort the opportunity to kiss him, deeply and passionately, their tongues met between their lips and felt each other’s form, she could feel her excitement, she could feel his heat.

Jon’s hands reached back inside her top and opened her bra clasp, then lifted her entire top, exposing her breasts to the night. Jon kissed her again softly and then kissed a trail down her chest and slid his tongue between her breasts. She entwined one of her legs in his as his tongue worked over her nipples, the sensation of cold to warm and then the chill of the night air on her wet nipples made her shudder with delight, Jon’s affections were no where near an end, he sucked and licked her soft pink nipples, and ran his teeth over them, nipping lightly at her flesh. His lips moved back to her neck, too suck and lick some more, as they did she felt a different feeling; his fingers were trailing up inside her skirt, up to her moist underwear. Her itch began to grow, almost desperate, she couldn’t scratch it, a moan escaped her lips instead, she had to do something, but the cuffs stopped her, she ached with desire and lust.

Jon’s fingers rubbed her wetness, they had been there before, and they knew where her buttons were, his finger tips rubbed teasingly, toying with her soft spot and then moving away.

She lashed her tongue out at his ear as he kissed her neck. Jon suddenly pulled away from her and looked her over, she stood there, cuffed to the fence, panting with her hair messed and her cloths hanging off, he smiled at the picture, reaching for a camera.

“No” Leanne struggled with her bonds, desperate to not be photographed looking like that.

Click, the flash beamed and the photo was taken, Jon smiled, “this is good, I’ll treasure this.”

He moved back towards her and knelt down in front of her, “I need to get you out of those cloths.”

He slid his hands under her skirt and took her panties, sliding them slowly to her ankles and off one of her feet, so he could spread her legs. Which he did, quickly placing his fingers into her wet sex, his tongue played with her soft spot while his fingers worked in and out of her hole, he had no idea what she looked like up above right now, he could only imagine the look on her face.

Leanne’s bit her lip, she gasped and moaned at the experience, they had often talked about power games, a fantasy of theirs, and she figured that this was his ‘valentine’s surprise’ that he had talked about. Leanne pressed herself against the railings and her sex into his darıca escort face as she could feel herself building, Jon’s tongue rubbed relentlessly back and for over her favourite spot and his fingers pushed into her soft pink enclosure.

She groaned and her head fell back, as he stopped.

His lips quickly met with hers as he stood back up, she could taste herself on his tongue, they kissed dirtily and passionately, the heat between them could have melted the polar ice caps.

She knew what was coming next, his zip was being opened he was going to make love to her very soon, thoughts crossed her mind, she knew that it still hurt, but she was dieing for him to be inside her, she needed the release.

His trousers fell to the floor; she could feel his hardness against her skin.

“Wait” He stopped and looked at her, “Do you have a condom?”

He reached down to his pocket on the floor and pulled out his walled, reaching inside he revealed a small packet, and took it out, “yes, I do” she couldn’t see, but she could hear the rubber plastic slide down his member.

He lifted her hips to his and held her tightly; she wrapped her legs around his waist and held tightly to the cuffs as he gently slid his member into her soft pussy lips. She yelped lightly as a sensation of pain erupted, she could feel him rubbing her inside, mixing the feeling. He held inside her, waiting for her lips to adjust to his length, he could feel her muscles moving around him, tightening, relaxing, pulling her flesh over his length.

He could feel her beginning to relax against him, and it was a cue to him, he pulled out and then thrust deeply back inside her. Leanne’s head fell back as he moved in rhythm his hips pressing against hers, and then drawing back, feeding himself into her womanhood. He held her tightly and began kissing her neck to the sound of the fence creaking with their movements, his tongue dampened a spot, and then his teeth nipped at her hungrily.

Leanne enjoyed his lust, trapped between him and the fence, unable to go anywhere, she was at his mercy, she enjoyed it, feeling needed, and desired, and boy could she feel his desire, it was like a burning tip, driving inside her, quicker and quicker. His fingers joined in the fun, his thumb rubbing at her sensitive clit driving her further and further.

She began to moan as she climbed closer and closer to climax. Jon was like a relentless animal, ravishing her body, he fucked her hard and fast the fence made enough noise to show the speed of his thrusts, the idea that someone may hear them from outside wasn’t important, all that was important was what was happening now.

Leanne let out a cry or pleasure as she orgasmed against him, her love muscles tightened hard around his member pulling him over the edge, with a large breath he climaxed his warmth erupted inside her, protected by the rubber.

He stopped, held inside her until he went soft. They kissed lovingly.

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