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Act one

The players

You: Femdom Hotwife.

Me: Pervert Hubby.


You: Mid-thigh blue satin robe, black cotton panties with tiny rose print, and my favorite fuck-me heels.

Me: Naked pervert!


Handcuffs within easy reach of the bed.


You burst through the bedroom door and bust me, jerking off with some dirty magazines.

“What in the fuck are you doing! That’s my cock, and I didn’t give you permission to touch it… Did I?” You irately scold.

“No, Mistress. I’m sorry,” I reply like a scared little boy who has just been caught masturbating by a catholic nun!

“Oh… You’re gonna be sorry all right,” you huff as you grab the handcuffs off the headboard.

Then you put one cuff around the base of my cock and balls and slowly click it tighter until you see me wince and attach the other cuff to my right wrist.

“Well, you’re always jerkin’-off! So your hand may as well be attached to your cock… Fuck’n pervert!” You disgustedly state as you grab one of my dirty magazines off the bed and tersely flip through the pages.

Then you angrily point out a picture, you know I like.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you wanna suck her tits! Don’t you!” You sarcastically chide.

“And you better get that cock hard. Come on. Jerk it faster!” You demandingly threaten as you shove another page in my face.

“Oh, and I know you wanna lick her pussy,” You angrily huff.

“And don’t you dare cum. Or I will twist your useless little balls until they POP!” You sternly threaten through gritted teeth.

Then you throw the magazine at me.

“I’m always horny as hell, and I wanna fuck all the time. But no! You would rather jerk-off to your computer porn and dirty magazines. I don’t get it! You can’t touch them, lick them, or fuck them. So why?” You ask in frustration.

“I don’t know, I just like to watch porn and look at the pictures, and think about doing that stuff.” I quietly stammer.

“Oh… I see. You just like to watch, look and think about it, huh. FINE! No more touching licking or fucking for you! Now get your ass in the tub… I’m going to teach you a lesson! Then we’ll see how much you like to just: watch, look, and think about it… You fuckin’ pervert!

Act two


Portable commode placed in the bathtub with no basin and the lid closed.


I take my place in the tub.

“I’ll be in when I’m good and ready! And your cock better be hard!” You growl as you strut past the bathroom.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Fucking idiot!” You mumble as you flop on the couch and hit speed-dial on our portable phone.

“Hi, Trent. You up for a good time tonight?” You ask with your best sexy voice.

Then after some naughty banter, you tell Trent, with convincing disdain, that your pathetic perverted husband isn’t allowed to touch you anymore. Then you pretend to lower your voice and tell him you’re gonna teach me a lesson I will never forget!

I lay on the cold porcelain and slowly stroke my very hard on-edge cock as you banter, giggle, and flirt with Trent.

After about ten minutes I hear. “I can’t wait either! See you soon, Lover-boy!”

Then you hang up, and I get a rush of anticipation as you get up from the couch and come this way. Every click of your fuck-me heels makes my cock and balls get tighter in my makeshift, handcuff cock-ring, and I can hardly wait for you to teach me a lesson!

“That cock better be hard!” You scold as you enter the bathroom and stand next to the tub where I can’t see you from behind the closed lid.

“Hump! Well, you have already lost the privilege of touching me, and you will lose the privilege of seeing my naked body if you don’t keep that cock hard,” you sternly warn.

“Yes, Mistress. I will, I promise,” I grovel.

You lift the lid with an evil grin. “Awww, is the tub cold!” You mock with a sarcastic poor-baby voice as you washboard your hard nipples through the shiny blue satin of your robe.

“Yes, mistress, v-v-very cold,” I stutter.

“Well, too fuckin’ bad… Pervert!” You quip as you lean over the commode and give me an amazing cleavage shot of your perfect paid-for double D tits.

Your robe is barely covering your nipples, and the sight makes my on-edge cock twitch, in my now still hand.

“But then, I suppose you will do anything to see my tits! Won’t you!” you chide.

“Yes-yes. I’ll do anything! Mistress,” I excitedly agree.

“I bet you want to suck them… really bad… Don’t you!” You taunt as you pull your robe open and play with your hard nipples.

Your statement sends a shiver ısparta seks hikayeleri of desire down my spine.

“Oh-h-h-ooo… Yes, Mistress,” I breathlessly reply.

You stand and let your robe fall to the floor, then begin to squeeze your tits and roll your nipples between your fingers.

“Well… That’s just too fuckin’ bad because you’re never going to touch my tits again… You fuckin’ useless jerk-off!” You cruelly state.

Then you slide your right hand down your body, run it over your panties, and teasingly rub your pussy as you place your right foot on the edge of the tub.

“So… how bad do you want to see my pussy?” You taunt.

“I will do anything. Please, Mistress. Please, please let me see your beautiful pussy!” I pathetically plead.

Then you slip your right hand into your panties.

“Are you sure?” You mockingly ask.

“You know you can’t touch it, lick it, or fuck it!” You state as you hook the crotch of your panties with your left hand and pull it aside.

I eagerly watch you work your clit with your middle finger. Then you slip your extended middle finger between your wet pussy lips and wiggle it at me, your message clear.

“Is that what you wanted to see?” You ask with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, mistress,” I choke out barely able to speak through the lump in my throat.

You step into the tub and pull your panties down to your knees as you sit on the commode.

“Take a good look. It might be the last time you ever get to see my pussy,” you flippantly chide, then sternly growl, “Unless you do exactly what I say!”

“I’ll do anything you want, Mistress,” I quickly respond as the sight of your beautiful, perfectly waxed, pussy and ass sends a yearning shiver through my body right to my painfully throbbing cock and balls.

“I’ll bet you really want to lick my pussy, don’t you… Pervert?” You taunt as you playfully run your fingers between your wet pussy lips.

“Oh-Yes, Mistress!”

“Too bad you can’t touch it! But… You can smell it. Go ahead, get your nose up here,” you say as you invitingly spread your pussy lips.

“But don’t you dare touch my pussy, or you will never see it again!” You cruelly threaten as I lift my head, put my nose right between your beautiful spread pussy lips, and breathe in deeply.

“It’s wonderful, Mistress!” I exclaim as your musky-sweet aroma sends me into a state of bliss.

“You do realize where you are?” You state matter-of-factly.

“Yes, Mistress. I do.”

“Well… I just don’t know? You are such a useless jerk-off, and I meant it when I said you will never touch me again. But my bladder is really full. So I suppose… If you’re a good little pervert, and don’t miss a single drop, I just might let you lick me clean!”

“I promise I won’t miss a drop. Please, Mistress,” I grovel.

“Hm… You know how much I hate to break my own rules, but I really do have to piss!”

“Please, please, please!” I whine.

“Okay… But you’re not allowed to cum, and you have to stroke your cock really fast. Do you understand?” You harshly bark.

“Yes, Mistress. Anything you want!”

“Well, come on. Get your face up here and open wide. That’s it, stroke your cock faster. Here it comes… And you better take it all, you fuckin’ pervert!” you demandingly growl.

Your hot tangy-sweet champagne fills my mouth as I wildly stroke my cock in a state of complete ecstasy.

Then you pause your flow. “Swallow!” You bark.

I obediently comply.

“Now, open wide… And don’t you dare miss a drop, or you will never see my pussy again!” You threaten.

I open wide, and the overwhelming sensation of your hot stream spraying against the back of my throat pushes me perilously close to the edge!

“Swallow!” You sternly order.

My handcuff chain furiously rattles as I obediently gulp and open wide without prompting.

You empty the last of your salty, bitter-sweet, champagne into my mouth. But by the time the last droplet hits my tongue, I’m at the point of no return and start to cum all over my chest.

“You fuckin’ little pervert! I didn’t say you could cum!” You irately scold.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” I sputter as I wildly stroke in the throes of an insanely intense orgasm.

“And just what the hell was that,” you growl and glare at me between your legs as I twitch and shudder with aftershocks beneath you.

“Jesus! You can’t even follow a simple order. You are such a useless pervert!” You disgustedly complain.

“But then, I do need all this piss cleaned off my pussy! So… I guess, since you’re right there, and you didn’t miss a drop. You can lick me clean!”

I know how turned on you are, and I eagerly suck your beautiful pussy lips into my mouth and savor every last tangy droplet of your champagne. Then I drive my tongue deep into your canal and lap up your sweet flowing juices.

“Ohhh, yes! That’s it. Clean my dirty pissy pussy! You nasty little pervert!” You playfully chide.

My still hard cock throbs in my tight handcuff cock-ring as I lick and suck every last drop of sweet nectar off your pussy. Then I work your clit to show my gratitude.

“God! That feels so good, Hubby!” You purr as you give in to the pleasure, lean over me and open the handcuffs.

Then you suddenly lift off the seat, step out of your panties, and leave them on my cum smeared chest as you turn with a big smile and wave your finger at me.

“Playtime is over, and you know you have to wait until after, Hubby,” you lovingly chide.

“I know. Thank you, Dear,” I reply with an overwhelming swell of love for my soulmate and wife, Sandra!

Playtime is over,

and date night has begun.

“Oh… Sam, you’re so good to me. It was the least I could do for your weekly playtime release. Now get cleaned up and put the chair away,” Sandra said as she gracefully stepped out of the tub and picked up her robe.

“And then get your ass in the bedroom, Hubby!” she sternly quipped as she headed for the bedroom.

We have had a Saturday playtime for years, and my beautiful wife will do pretty much anything I want. That used to be an easy decision. But since I signed the contract, more than six months ago. I’m only allowed to cum once a week, and it’s a lot harder to decide than you might think.

Of course, Misstress can have an orgasm whenever she desires, and because my weekly release is at her discretion, I have become very attentive to her needs!

But my playtime is over, and I’m sure you’re wondering why it doesn’t sound like it. That’s because it’s my wife’s playtime now.

You see, we have been married for eleven years, and we have been living the Hotwife lifestyle for more than a year now.

It all started innocently enough. We have always had a very passionate sex life, and we are pretty kinky and adventurous. But then, about five years ago, we decided to spice things up with some Femdom roleplay.

We learned a lot about ourselves and, three years ago, I gave my wife those beautiful DD tits for her 30th birthda… Oops! I meant to say for my beautiful, still twenty-nine-year-old, wife’s birthday.

She was a perky full B-cup, and with her amazing body, men have always been drawn to her like bees to honey. But after she got her new tits, it was hard to ignore all the hot young studs sniffing around my Hotwife.

At first, we just joked and teased each other about how much all the guys and girls liked her new tits. But then one thing led to another, and we agreed she should try going on a date with one of the hot young guys that kept hitting on her at the gym.

Sandra finally got up the nerve to ask one of the hot guys from the gym that she really liked out to lunch. Then she laid out the rules we agreed upon and asked him if he wanted a date. Trent was all in, and they hooked up at his place that next Saturday night.

We were both excited and nervous the first time Sandra went out with Trent, and my stomach was in knots the whole time she was with him!

But when my wife came home from her date, we had the hottest, most passionate sex of our lives and discovered that it only deepened our love and made us closer than ever.

Sandra has three studs in her stable now. But I’m not lacking in any way, and I have never felt threatened by her lovers. Our bond is much deeper than any physical attraction, and I know she will always come home to me.

We have always been totally open and honest with each other, and after she had been dating for a while, I confessed that I really wanted to watch.

Sandra knows I’m a bit of a voyeur, and she wasn’t surprised. We talked about it, and she was eternally grateful that I had given her such a selfless gift. But Sandra just didn’t think she could let go and truly enjoy herself if I was there.

She was also afraid it would be too much for me, despite my assurances.

I was a little disappointed. But I understood her position.

Then she confessed that after her dates, it really turns her on to tell me all the dirty details as she rides my face to a gushing earth-shattering orgasm, and I had to admit I loved every minute of it!

My wife is very creative and loves finding new ways to heighten our experiences. So, five weeks ago, for my birthday. Sandra bought me a high-def wi-fi desk-top camera with 180-degree remote control movement, night vision and zoom.

Now, when she goes on a date. If I want her to. My Hotwife will set the camera up so I can watch the live-action on our computer at home. But like everything with my wife, there is a catch!

I’ve cleaned up and put away the potty chair. Now, it’s time to prepare my Hotwife for her date. Sandra has had a standing Saturday-night date with Trent since that first time. So, of course, the phone call was just part of my playtime.

Trent always gets a real kick out of it when Sandra includes him in our playtime. Because he knows she will be just that much more wound-up when she gets there.

I stepped into our bedroom and saw my wife’s skimpy Leopard print dress, black lace garter, and black seamed stockings laid out on the bed for her date.

“Have you seen my Leopard heels, Hubby?” She asked.

“No, Dear. I haven’t seen them,” I replied, mesmerized by my wife’s beautiful bare ass wiggling in the air as she rummaged through the bottom of her closet.

“Oh, never mind, I found them,” she said as she popped up with her heels and set them on the bed.

“It’s time to make your choice, Hubby,” My Hotwife stated with a big loving smile.

The truth is, I don’t really have a choice. Because, either way. Per my contract, I will be locked in a chastity cage until next Saturday’s playtime.

My only real choice is which chastity cage I will be wearing while she is on her date.

I open my nightstand drawer and look at the two keys and cages. One key is on a long sterling silver chain that hangs perfectly in her amazing cleavage. The other key is on a gold ankle bracelet, adorned with a gold heart-shaped pendant that says SLUT! in big-bold black letters.

If I pick the long sterling silver chain, she will tell me all about her date with Trent when she gets home.

But, if I pick the ankle bracelet, she will take the new camera and set it up for me.

I hesitate for a moment, make my choice, and carefully put on my chastity cage. Then I pick up the ankle bracelet and the lock and turn to my wife.

Sandra is standing with her hands on her hips, trying to look impatient. But I can see the giddy excitement in her eyes as I hand My Hotwife the lock, and she quickly snaps it into place.

Then I kneel, and she places her left foot on my cage while I lovingly fasten her ankle bracelet.

Sandra lifts her foot, and I gently kiss her ankle just below her bracelet. Then I quickly get to my feet and stand at attention, ready to prepare my Hotwife for her date.

Sandra arches up on her tiptoes, throws her arms around my neck, and pulls me into a passionate kiss as she squishes her big beautiful tits into my chest.

I reach down and grab two hands full of her perfect ass as she wraps her leg around mine and rubs her hot wet pussy on my thigh. She knows exactly what she’s doing to me as my cock quickly fills the chastity cage.

Then she roughly grabs a handful of hair on the back of my head and pushes her tongue deep into my mouth as she reaches down and tightly squeezes my balls, making my cock grow even faster.

But like I said, there is a catch! And the array of sharp spikes in the new cage, that I also got for my birthday, is painfully digging into my cock as she keeps passionately kissing and squeezing until she’s sure I’m fully erect.

Finally, she breaks our kiss and looks lovingly into my eyes.

“Oh, thank you, Hubby. Just knowing that you won’t be able to look away, and how hard you will be tonight, makes me so hot! And I love how aggressive Trent gets when he knows you’re watching him fuck me senseless!” Sandra giddily stated.

“I know, Dear,” I painfully rasped and swallowed hard.

“Oh, Hubby. I love you so much!” Sandra said with a big loving smile as she straddled my cock cage and hugged me tightly.

“I love you too, Dear,” I choked out as my Hotwife began to glide her hot wet pussy lips over my painfully trapped throbbing cock as I thought about the long night ahead.

To be continued?

Copyright © Hubby77

All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in reviews. Names of characters and or places are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental unless otherwise stated in the text. This story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers. All characters are 18+ years of age.

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