Busted Ch. 04

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The next morning, I could hardly walk.

When I awoke it was morning, and bright sunshine had replaced the moonlight. The windows were open, and a pleasant breeze was blowing throughout the house. I staggered out of bed, and headed for the kitchen. Somehow, we had forgotten all about food last night, and I was starving!

My girls were out by the pool, slathered in coconut oil and glistening slick and shiny. They lay in the morning sun, side by side and head to toe, so that each could stroke the other’s pussy. My aching cock, worn out from last night’s exertions, and still half-asleep, nevertheless began to rise to the occasion.

“Hey, he’s awake!” Allie said. Eve turned around and lowered her sunglasses to look at me.

“Look at `de prow on dat schteemer!” she said, affecting a heavy Swedish accent and staring straight at my crotch. “Let’s climb aboard him!”

Hey, that’s what guys say about girls. Yipe! It’s too early! I can’t do anything with my twang until I’ve been awake a few hours. Eve knows that.

Both women got up of their lounges, picked up the bottles of coconut oil, and began to oil me up, from head to toe. Every little fold of skin, every armpit, crotch, and buttcrack was oiled and re-oiled, as both sets of hands explored. Now and again, one or the other or both girls would wiggle their butts or boobs against me, and Eve even straddled my thigh and began to ride me at one point. God, it made me feel so powerful! I love oil parties, and getting jacked when sloppy wet with oil is, well…

By now, my pole was steel-hard again, and throbbing with the stimulation it was getting. First one, then the other would stroke me, and I would finger one or the other or both slits, butts, or tits. Was there no end to their unleashed nymphomania? Was this going to be the end of me? Whattawaytogo!

Eve took me by the cock and dragged me over to a bench by the pool. Allie helped me lie down on my back, and I stretched out full length, my rock-hard cock flopping on my gut. Eve guided Allie to straddle me, and fitted my cock to her cunt. Wow, what a sight! Allie dropped on me in one stroke, and I slid into her like a liquid velvet glove. Up and down she rode, her tits flopping (when I wasn’t squeezing them). It felt great, but since `cocky’ was still asleep, all I could feel was the sliding, but I wasn’t getting the “spark,” if you know what I mean. Still, if Allie likes it, then I like it, and she clearly was liking it, judging by the grunting and moaning she was making. Good thing her house is sort of out in the middle of nowhere, or we’d have the cops on us in no time, thinking someone was getting tortured.

Allie bent back and put her hands on my knees for support and rode to a great finish. The only other contact between us was my cock in her pussy, sliding in and out as she lowered and raised her sweet cunt on my rod. I figured she might have bought this bench for just this purpose, since she could stand on the ground and control her positioning. Gottagottagotta get one of these!

I felt a towel on my cock, and Allie was wiping me clean. She then dropped her fine mouth on me and brought me back up to full hardness, slathered on another big handful of oil and jacked me a few times. She then returned the favor of positioning me for Eve.

Eve chose to mount in the “reverse-cowgirl” again. Much as I love to see tits flopping when I ride, I love to grab ass too, and here we were, in a doggystyle setup for the third time running. I guess she just has to have a little extra stimulation, or maybe it’s because we’re on vacation and she’s trying out new things. Whatever. It was fascinating to see the muscles in her back bulge and flex as she rode, and I held her hips tight, her butt slamming against me and the impact shock wave reflecting back up through her butt muscles each time just got me hotter.

Finally, I began to feel “the spark” begin to glow, and started to grunt with her rhythm. It seems to me that this primal signal connects to the female’s instinctive urges and helps her casino şirketleri climax higher. Eve began to cry out with that sound that women make either when they’re about to fall off a cliff or go over the edge of orgasm. That sound connected back to my instinctive urge, and I let go, my cock spasming into her, which set her off as well. She slammed me extra hard, and again and again, slowing her pace as she increased her force, then less…and less…and she finally rolled all the way downhill and stopped, my cock still deep insider her.

Dizzily, I became aware that Allie had been watching us the entire time, a look of angelic happiness on her face. Gently, she began stroking the both of us, as one would stroke an excited child. I took her hand and kissed it, and held it to my heart. I could see Eve turn her head and smile, which was about all she could do at the moment, then I went limp and slid out of her.

As Eve staggered away, Allie took me back in her mouth and sucked me clean. I’ve heard of that happening, but this is the first time anyone has ever done it to me. I stroked her hair and cheek as she drew on me. That was so sweet!

And I’m so hungry! What does a guy have to do to get a little breakfast around here?

All the rest of the day I dozed, worn completely out. My girls swam and sunned themselves when they weren’t torturing me with their bodies. I’d wake up and if they saw my eyes open they’d start wiggling or prancing around so their tits would jiggle, or they’d come over and bump their butts in my face, or pour on more oil and give me a tit massage. Help!

I’d get them back a few times and finger-fuck their fine cunts. It’s a wonder they aren’t rubbed raw by now. Allie particularly liked to stroke me up and then ride over my cock with her ass, sliding my length up and down in her crack like a hot dog in her buns.

But not too much! That was kind of the frustrating part. I needed to rest up and recharge my balls, but they just couldn’t keep off of me, or each other. I would drift in and out of sleep, and wake to see those two in a scissors, or fingering or eating each other, or embracing so that their breasts bulged together. Once, I even saw Allie doing Eve with a strap-on! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Eve had never allowed anything like that inside her. I’m gonna die here, you know that?

Eventually, the sun began to get low in the sky, and it was time to go out and get some dinner. Showering was actually sort of a cut-and-dried affair this time, as the “no touch” rule was relaxed for sake of efficiency.

Men of lesser caliber are always complaining about how long it takes for a woman to get ready. You will never, ever hear such a thing from me, for my woman, and Allie too, change from being just pretty girls into walking nuclear weapons when they crank themselves up. Allie was the first to appear, about an hour or so after we began cleaning up. She was slamming in a black satin pantsuit, and her short black hair was slicked down and gleaming, with spit curls before each ear. She had defined her cheekbones with a sort of caramel blush, her eyes were rimmed with kohl with a sort of catlike uptweek at the corners, and shaded with dark gray. Her lips were bright red, almost orange. The overall effect was very much like pictures I’ve seen of Josephine Baker. She finished the ensemble with black patent stiletto sandals, her toes and fingernails painted to match her lips.

But it was Eve who made the windows rattle when she appeared. I had never before seen the outfit she was wearing, and brother, I know her wardrobe backwards and forwards. Normally, she shows all new clothes off to me before going out in them, but this time she sneaked one over on me. It was a slinky silver lamé dress, one shoulder bare, the other sleeved to a point over her lilylike hand, and held in place with a ring on her middle finger. It was cut to fit her figure, and the hem began high on her hip on the sleeve side, and plunged to the floor on the other. It even “trained” a little in back, and bless her, casino firmaları bare legs were not for her! She never did go in for that, which always made my heart stop, because I do so love a woman wearing hose. It sleeks the legs and hides all the knots in the kneebones, the tendons and veins in the feet, the razor stubble and the little cuts and bruises that bare legs are prone to get. Stockings equal perfection in my book. She finished the outfit with a pair of silver stiletto pumps. Hallelujahgawdalmighty WHAT A WOMAN!

Her hair was fluffed out and the most beautiful color copper red you could imagine. Her eyes were shaded with turquoise, her cheeks pink, and her lips were a dark-cherry red, wet-look glossy, with sparkles! Did I say the windows were rattling? Hell, the GROUND was moving!

Arm-in-arm-in-arm, we dined at the fanciest restaurant in town, high atop the highest building. The city lights stretched to the horizon on a black velvet cloth. The whole night we leaned across the table to each other, which is probably why such things are called “tete a tete’s,” which literally means “head-to-head” in French. We had cocktails, we had wine, we had after-dinner drinks. We felt fine. Allie would lean over to me whenever she wanted to say anything, but I could tell it was so she could show off her cleavage, made all the more spectacular by the black lace Wonderbra and low-cut chemise she was wearing. Eve would lean against me just as often, and held hands with Allie across the table. The candlelight and the piano trio at the end of the room were working their magic.

Eve loves to dance, so we did, repeatedly. Her body would sway under the shimmering cloth, and every man in the place wished he were me. The women either wished they were her, or hated her living guts. And she was mine. Allie wasn’t as accomplished a dancer as Eve, so we didn’t make as many of the spins and twirls, just waited for the slow numbers and crushed our bodies together and waltzed. Towards the end of the evening, I even got to slow-dance with both together, much to the amusement of the band.

It was also becoming apparent that Allie had an ulterior motive for guiding us to this restaurant. The maitre `d was a fabulous tall stud, with almost too much good looks on him. Evidently, Allie had been scoping him out for some time already, and was moving in for the kill. Sure enough, she came back to the table and announced that “Alex” was coming home with us. “He likes boys too!” She reassured me. “And he wants to know where you got that suit.” I like him already!

Allie rode with Alex, as we followed in our car. We could see her touching and hugging him as we rode. When we arrived back at Allie’s, it didn’t take long for the clothes to come off, the music to come on, the wine to be opened, and the evening to really begin.

Alex was lean and tall, but he was already shaved from head to foot. He must get a lot of invitations like this, because guys don’t shave their bodies unless it’s going to be seen a lot, and he’s no bodybuilder. His was an uncut cock, which was interesting because neither Eve nor I had ever had one to play with.

Since Alex was the new toy on the block, both girls naturally gravitated to him at first, and I sat watching the show and stroking myself. Screw the five point penalty, I’m a guy. We jack off.

Both girls rubbed their tits all over him, and fed him their nipples. They stroked his hardness, squeezed and fondled his balls, and rode his thighs. Alex stroked their bodies, hugged their waists, squeezed their tits and asses, and fingered their slits. Both girls were squealing with pleasure, as they made him groan and gasp. What a sight!

Soon, they noticed that I had been left out. Allie motioned to Eve to hold Alex’s knees apart, and then signaled for me to join. I got up from my chair, and crawled on hands and knees to his proud erection, and gulped him down.

Alex’s eyes rolled back, and he dropped his head back onto the seat cushion as I sucked and jacked his cock. I was beginning to believe güvenilir casino he really liked boys more than girls, while I’m sort of the opposite, but what the hell? Sex for fun knows no bounds. He was really liking what I was doing, and I was liking doing it.

Sure enough, I began to feel hands groping at my package, and the girls were stroking and squeezing me. I LOVE THAT!!! I was raging hard now. Alex placed his hand on the back of my head, guiding my stroking rhythm. His hips began to spasm and thrust as well. I could hear the girls kissing and groping me and each other.

I had to break off from Alex when I heard Eve begin to cry out that sound we all know and love, that of a woman in passion nearing her climax. I didn’t want Alex to let go and blow out, because there was so much more evening still ahead. Eve actually was frigging herself again, and Allie crawled around me to caress her as she tensed. Alex sat up to watch the show, and I turned and sat on the floor, idly reaching for his cock to stroke. I also reached for mine.

Eve loves to put on a show. She tore the roof off the house with her screech when she came, because she knew she had an audience watching. Allie caught her as she collapsed, and held her close as she floated back to earth. Allie then took up the job, finger-frigging Eve to another climax, then frigged herself, ending quickly with a quieter and much more deliberate teeth-gritting hissing cum.

Both girls were totally messed up by now, their hair disheveled, their makeup smeared or nonexistent. But both had that wild look in their eyes, and Alex and I knew instinctively that we were about to be raped. YEAH, BABY! Allie leaped onto Alex, and Eve jumped on me, dragging me to the floor and pinning me down like a wrestler. She bit, she scratched, she squeezed, she was insane, driven by the fire of her urges unchained. I turned and looked at the others, and Allie was shoving her cunt into Alex’s face, and stroking him up for her mouth. She plunged her mouth onto his throbbing cock and pulled so hard her cheeks dented in as she pushed up with both hands on the couch. She was going to pull that poor man apart! If I wasn’t getting jacked myself I’d be jealous now.

I realized I wanted a taste of pussy! Eve was sitting on the floor beside me, lying across my stomach while she stroked my bursting cock. I grabbed her hips as best I could, and pulled. She got the message, reached for a pillow for my head, and dropped her honeypot on my mouth. As I began to lick her slit, I felt her hot mouth slide all the way down to the base, and her tongue lapped against my cockhead, rolling my hotdog around in her mouth. Oh Gawd, yes!

Soon, there were other hands stroking and feeling around, and Eve’s mouth was replaced with another, one that had full manpower suction. My hips came up off the floor, and slammed back down as Alex did was Alex (as it turned out) does best: suck cock. Go boy, go! He replaced Eve on top of me and jammed his hardon down my throat as he took mine. I grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him even deeper into my mouth. We both rocked and rolled as the girls whistled and catcalled at us. Fair play, actually, when you remember that we guys like to watch them go at each other too. When we broke apart I could see his cock standing straight up like a missile, and a sort of maniacal look on his face, he was so excited. He pushed me down on all fours and got behind me, grabbing my package like a pistol and squeezing tight while fingering my bung. I wondered if he was going to take me, but Allie hijacked him first, excited by the sight of that straight-up cock, and probably not a little bit jealous that he was playing with me instead of her.

It was a free-for-all after that. Girls did girls, boys did boys, girls did boys, and boys did girls. And girls did boy, and boys did girl. Eve finally had enough after riding us both a couple of times, and we finished by sandwiching Allie. I took her back door, and I came like a bomb (we all did) because I could feel Alex in her box. After that we were all useless.

Alex had to leave, since he had to open the restaurant for brunch the next morning. The three of us remaining washed up, gently since we were all so raw, and went to bed, our bodies still quivering.

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