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For those who have read my stories before this is not linked in any my old stories but the genre is the same. Hope you have not get bored. For new readers: be open minded this is not story of vanilla sex. If you get offended about that. Don’t read. 🙂 Thank you also everyone who have commented my old stories and voted. 🙂

SexyGeek has helped me with the grammar. English is not my native language.


I’m on a business trip in a small town a few hundred kilometres from my home. I have driven many hours and I’m bit tired when I arrive at my hotel. I park my car on the hotel’s roof parking.

When I’m walking to the door passing in the hotel I’m followed by another guest coming in. I politely open the door and let the other guest in before me. She looks in my eyes thanking me and I answer, “You’re welcome,” leaving my eyes a bit too long looking at her. She looks like an elegant lady, maybe in her fifties. She is tall and a little Amazon like. She has a long leather jacket on and tight pants from the same material. Both are black. The red leather gloves look great with them.

I walk behind her to the reception. In the reception are two employees so we each have our rooms quickly. I walk to the elevator door and push the button. The elevator door opens and I let her in first. She leaves the elevator before me and I’m alone in the car. Shit was she amazing and I’m still having her smell in my nose.

After having shower at my room I go downstairs to have dinner. I am sitting there alone (there is not another visitor at the restaurant – it’s quiet evening ). Then the same lady walks in. I’m caught staring at her. She had changed her pants to shorts. They are made from black leather and they leave no questions about how nicely rounded her ass is. She walks straight to my table and sits opposite me.

“I wondered Maltepe Escort you would like my company?” she says. I only can say that it’s nice to have company. The waitress comes like a saving angel before uncomfortable silence kicks in. We order and she suggests that we have drinks when waiting our dinners. Enjoying our drinks we chat a little. She is a dentist specializing in orthodontics. She visits small towns to consult local dentists. She stays a lot in small hotels and tells that she is often very bored at the night time when alone in a hotel and nothing to do.

After that we eat our dinners in silence. When we have paid our bills and are taking the elevator upstairs she suddenly breaks the silence and asks me to join her in her room. She doesn’t feel like going to sleep yet and would like to chat with me a little more.

I feel some tension in my body when she is asking and wonder what her motivations are. But I have nothing to lose. She seems like a intelligent and classy lady so nothing bad can happen, I think. I say okay and follow her into her room. There is two seat sofa in the room. I sit on it and she sits beside me. Suddenly things are getting much more intimate because it’s not that big a sofa. Her leg is pressed against mine. We are very close to each other.

She asks if I have had orthodontics myself. I say yes, in my childhood. She says that she has looked in people’s mouths so much that she sees those things rather quickly. She asks more about it, how it went and were the results good? I said yes but some moving back to old places has happened over the years. She says that it’s common and she would like to look in my mouth.

Saying that she takes her bag and opens it taking something out. I hear two quick snaps when she puts gloves like dentists usually wear in her hands. Then she grabs my jaw and Ümraniye Escort tells me to open. I open and she looks in. Then she tells me to bite and separates my lips to see my bite..

“Yes little movement have happened but nothing radical – maybe you should come to my surgery some time and we can take a better look”.

Her fingers are still in my mouth and she comes closer. So close that I’m blushing. She looks my eyes and starts to kiss me. At first a little bit touching my lips and then some more. At some point I have her tongue in my mouth instead of the fingers that have left there. Her hand creeps behind my neck and the other one finds my ass. She kisses me with great passion. This keeps going on a long time and I’m starting to enjoy it after first shock.

She tells me to stand up and take my clothes of. I start to take my clothes of and when I’m taking my underwear off and bending she is behind me and grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and spreads them apart. Then I feel her tongue at my anus. She uses her tongue slowly at first then I feel some pressure at my opening when she is sticking it in and slowly starting fucking me with her tongue. Deeper and faster she goes on. I have no time to think what’s happening. So quickly everything has happened and the feelings are so intense that my mind is twisting. She pushes me to the bed and orders me go in crawling position. I do what she says and she comes to do her working with the tongue behind me.

Then she takes something out of her bag again and I hear some grease or something pressed out of the tube. Cold fingers at my backdoor tell me that it supposed to be lubricant. The gloved finger is slippery and goes in quickly. Now she is finger fucking me and licking my balls. It feels so good that I can’t even think resisting when she adds fingers one by one in my İstanbul Escort ass. She seems to be satisfied when I have four of them in my ass giving massage to my prostate. Something is taken again from the bag. I’m exhausted and don’t even look what. It sounds like she is putting on some belt on her. Quite soon I understand what it is when she moves behind my ass and sticks something blunt against my hole and grabs my pelvis with her both hands. Little by little she pushes it in. It’s big but not that big that it would only hurt. It’s the feeling of good and bad at the same time. All that have inserted something in their ass know the feeling. The woman is strong. Maybe stronger than I am. When she has the dildo all the way in she takes her moment. My ass is tightly against her body when her strong hands draw me against t her pole.

Then starts the fucking. First slow and little movements increasing to fast and long movement. I’m fucked in doggy style, in missionary, my legs in her shoulders, standing next to the bed, my upper body on the bed, she even makes me ride on top of her. Then she puts me on doggy again. I feel that her movements are even more demanding. She breathes loudly so I know she is about to cum.

I hear myself saying “take your bitch hard”. I can understand about her voices that it was something that she liked to hear. She fucks me harder than ever and I find myself crossing some line too. My semen is spurting out with great power without anyone touching my penis.

At the same time she collapses on my back and bites my ear when having her orgasm, dildo deep in my ass pressing her clit against dildos base with force. She lies a moment on top of me and then goes to the bathroom. I stay lying on bed exhausted and my ass is sore but the feeling is incredible.. I wake up when she is cleaning my ass and penis. She presses a little butt plug in my ass and says good bye. We kiss and I leave to my own room. In there I take the plug away. In the plug is a note “to my bitch” and a phone number.

I feel used but good. This was certainly more than a typical boring business trip!

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