Business Trip Gone Wild

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When Todd’s Mom, Jane had to go on a business trip, he decided to go along too as it was summer break he had nothing better to do. They got adjoining hotel rooms with a bathroom between them. Todd at first was not happy about these arrangements as he had hope to share a room with his mom in hope of catching her in her bra and panties. But then it occurred to him that he might get a chance to see his busty mom naked by accident getting in and out of the shower.

Next morning after they check in, Jane got up early to make some arrangements for a business dinner later that evening. So when Todd woke up around ten a.m., and found himself alone he decide to go down to the pool for a swim. He returned about noon after an hour swimming and checking out a couple of hotties poolside working on their tan. Todd needed some relief those two hotties had his young cock hard as a rock.

“A quick shower and nice slow jerk off was what I need,” he thought to himself, when he got back to his room. he peeled off his swimsuit and head to the bathroom. When he opened the door on his side, he saw that the door on his Mom’s side was wide open. Then he heard a soft whimper that sent a wild twinge through his loins. He walked through the bathroom to the door on his Mom’s side, and that when he saw her stretched out on the bed. She was naked except for a tiny pair panties, which she pulled to the side so she could fingering her juicy pussy and she was going at it like nobody’s business.

His half-hard prick shot up like a rocket. He was nearly drooling as he watched his mom masturbate. She had her eyes closed, but he figured that even if her eyes had been wide open, she wouldn’t have seen him the way she was going at it. The sight made him shiver from head to toe.

Todd walked toward her, following his bobbing boner. It was like he was in a trance or something. His Mom’s voluptuous flesh was hot pink and in fluid motion, her heavy breasts heaved and swayed as she diddled her furry twat.

All of a sudden, Jane gasped and grabbed her pussy with both hands. Todd’s cock jerked as she arched her back, groaning. Her head turned from side to side, and her titties bounced off her chin as she reached a glorious climax. Todd stood gawking at his mother, with his mouth wide open and his dick angling toward the ceiling, as her spasms subsided. Jane released a sigh of satisfaction, rubbed her twat lovingly, and then opened her eyes. Todd and his Mom both jumped at the same time when she laid eyes on him.

“Todd!” Jane gasped, pulling her panties back into place and grabbing a pillow trying to cover up. “What, ..When…, how long have you been standing there?

As Todd sputtered and stuttered, but nothing coherent came out of his mouth, Jane stared at her son’s throbbing tool, and her lips curled into a naughty grin.

“Long enough, huh?” Jane said.

As she reached out and ran her fingertip along the underside of Todd’s erection. His boner jerked with lusty excitement, prompting Jane to giggle. Jane grabbed Küçükköy Escort one Todd’s hands and tugged her son into bed. Todd was shaking like a leaf as he stretched out beside his Mom. Jane pressed her lips against his, thrusting her tongue into his mouth in hopes of calming him. After a moment Todd returned her kiss hungrily as she reached down and stroked his cock and balls. Todd’s hands roamed over his mother’s body cupping her boobs. Her nipples hard against his palm.

“Touch me” Jane whispered to her son.

When Todd didn’t move his hands, Jane grabbed one of his hands and slid it down her body, pushing his fingers under the elastic of her panties. Todd pushed his hand down, through the forest of her wiry pubes, until he felt her moist pussy lips.

“No, up here, on my clit.” she guided her son’s fingers around.

Todd knew female anatomy but had no real experience. Todd continued to fumble around.

“haven’t you ever done this before? Jane asked.

Todd had to admit he hadn’t. Jane took her son face in her hands. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

“I’ve got a virgin!” then she kissed her son hotly on the lips, her tongue slithered inside Todd’s mouth as she wrapped her arms around her son. They hugged and kissed for a long time.

When they broke their kiss, Jane asked “Give me your hand.”

Jane slide her wet panties off and guided her son fingers between her legs and gave him a full tour of her sex.

“This is my clitoris,” she said, as Jane pressed Todd’s finger against the hard rubbing at the top of her slit.

“Can you feel it? Right there.” Todd gasped an affirmative noise.

“Rub it, like this.” Jane moved her son finger in a slow circles around her clit. She sucked a breath through her teeth. Her belly flexed.

“Yesss…just like that. That ..feels.. so… gooood.”

Todd played with his mother clit for a few minutes until she spread her legs wide apart, showing her son her wet cunt.

“Now, …Put your fingers inside me.” and Todd did.

Her pussy seemed to suck his fingers inside. Todd moved his finger in and out, fucking her gently.

“Oh…that’s so good…Now …use your tongue on my clit,… just like you did ..with your finger.”

Todd shifted around and got on his knees beside the bed. Jane laid her legs down on her son’s shoulders as he moved in between her thighs. His tongue rummaged in the hair a bit before rediscovering her clit and started pushing it around. The taste was strange, but good. He’d heard about a woman pussy tasting fishy. His mom pussy wasn’t anything at all like fish, and he liked licking her. Jane did, too, as her moans filled her bedroom.

Todd kept it up until his neck started getting tired. When Todd backed off she grabbed his head and pulled him against herself.

“Don’t… stop, lover. I’m almost… there! Keep… licking …me, …OOOHHHH”

Her hips began bucking up. Todd could fell her pussy becoming even wetter as she climaxed against his tongue. Küçükköy Escort Bayan Jane sighed her pleasure as her climax finished.

Todd was having some trouble getting air, so he was glad when she released his head. Todd sat back and stared at his mother pussy. There seemed to be something leaking from between her lips.

“What’s this?” Todd asked as he traced a fingertip along her slit.

“Mmmm, sometimes I squirt when I come,” Jane answered dreamily. She started scooting over on the bed.

“Come up here.”

They lay side by side. Jane kissed her son again. This time it seemed kind of dirty to Todd because his face was still covered in her juices. She didn’t mind, so he didn’t worry about it.

“Rub my breasts.” Jane said.

They cuddled together, kissing and caressing, each other for a long time before Jane asked, “Do you want to fuck me now?” her hand slid down his body to his hard cock.

She looked him in the eyes as she asked, “Or should I suck you now?”

“How about both?” Todd answered excitedly.

Jane grinned sweetly. “ I was hoping you’d say that!”

She kissed her way down her son chest and settled between his legs. Her hand gripped his cock as her mouth slowly slipped down the shaft. Her whole body moved as she sucked his cock, rolling in time with her mouth. As good as her mouth felt on his cock Todd’s eyes were drawn to the mirror across from the bed and his mother beautiful ass, the curves of her cheeks, the deep divide of the cleft. The sight of his mom ass wiggling as she suck him off made him began thrusting up into her mouth, fucking her face. Jane suddenly pulled off. She lick the tip of his cock.

“Hold on, lover, don’t want you to come too soon!”

They kissed again, rolling around until Todd laid between his mother legs.

“Oooo, lover, You and that hard cock of yours are just what I needed.”

Todd raised on to his knees and shoved, his cock skittered along her thigh. Jane reached between they and set her son cock against her wet hole.

“There. Now push, slowly, and try to hold back awhile.”

“OH, ..OH.. OH Yes, it feels so good, ….just like I thought it would…” Todd cried out as he sank his cock in to his mother pussy.

The thought that she was taking her son cherry made their first fuck even more exciting. Once in in to the hilt he just lay there atop her body, moaning in to her neck.

Jane rubbed her son’s back softly. “ Feel like moving yet, Lover?” in response Todd pulled his hips up a bit then sank back inside her.

His body shook all over. “relax, go easy, go slow.”

Todd moved again. Then again, and again, each time stopping for a bit. Then it was like a light came on in his head. He began hammering his cock into his mom hard and fast, grabbing her shoulder and pinning her down.

“Yes ..Baby.. Give it to Mommy, Jane moaned lustily. “Give me every bit of that hard cock.”

Todd eyes were glued to his mother bouncing tits as Escort Küçükköy he thrust in and out of her wet pussy. When Jane saw were her son eyes were looking she guided his face to her big bosom. Todd slobbered over his mom titties, biting and sucking on her stiff nipples. Meanwhile Jane dug her nails into his backside, urging him to thrust harder into her depths of her wet steaming pussy. The delicious friction between the genitals drove both of them to the peak of passion.

“Todd!” Jane shrieked. “Oh.. Baby …Yes .. Fuck me.. Fuck meeee.”

“Yes.. Mother.. Anything you want.” Todd cried back as he picked up speed his cock was a blur of motion as he pounded his mother’s cunt.

“Come… with… me, baby, come with your mother, …come…come now!!!”

Todd groaned and grunted as his Mother’s cunt tightened around his jerking erection. Jane stiffened and arched her back. Todd lunged into her, burying his cock to the hilt just as it exploded and unleashed streams of his pent up seed into his mother convulsing cunt. Todd fucked her with a series of uncontrollable short strokes as he emptied his balls into her silky cunt.

Todd rolled off his mother and laid there chasing his breathe, “That was … better .. than .. I ever dreamed.”

The two of them laid there, talking about what had happen, about Todd losing his virginity, about what he had done sexual, and how that neither of them wanted this to be their only time together.

They talked so long that Jane did not have time to shower before going to her meeting, so she had to sit through the meeting with her son’s cum leaking into her panties. The meeting went especially well, so as Jane road up in the elevator she thought of the wild and wicked things she wanted to do with her son to celebrate but when she returned and found that Todd wasn’t there. So she decided to reward herself with a good pussy stroking. As she stripped naked she open the bathroom door, hoping that when Todd returned he join her again. As she slowly stroked her nipples hard and began rubbing her wet pussy, her mind relived the fucking her son had given her a few hours before. As Jane neared her climax, she heard a noise coming from bathroom. Smiling she closed her eyes and really get in to put on a show for her son in the bathroom. She finished with a loud and noisy climax. When she open her eyes, she jumped again. It wasn’t her son but a young tanned woman, her maid’s uniform was unzipped and in one hand she had towels and the other hand was in her black lace panties.

“Room service” she said smiling, on her name tag was the name Rose “some one called for more towels. Or maybe you needed some other type of service?” as she stared at Jane wet pussy.

Jane laugh to herself as she motioned for Rose to join her on the bed. Jane thought to her self as Rose kissed her, “twice now I’ve left that bathroom door open and it lead to me getting fuck twice by two different people. I think I take the damn thing off it hinges.”

i want to thank my husband for helping me with this story, a fictional account about his first time. i thought have him lose his cherry to his mother instead of one ofhottie by the pool heated the story up. what do you think? and should there be a part 2. and any ideals for part 2 would be welcomed.

To be continued for now.

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