Business Pleasure , False Pretences Ch. 02

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Today was the longest day of my life, the hours ticked past slowly as I waited for time to knock off work. Tomorrow was a public holiday and with no work I was looking forward to a fun late night. But I was also half expecting and worried that Leah would ring and cancel our get together with Kate. By 7.45 p.m. I had showered, dressed and parked impatiently outside the workshop waiting for Leah. It was another worrying twenty five minutes before her MX 5 pulled up sharply behind me. After locking my car I walked back to the MX 5 and got in.

She flicked me a smile, “Well, you turned up then.”

I returned the smile, “I wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

“I should hope not.” was her reply as she gunned the MX5 out into the traffic.

I stole a look at Leah, she was wearing jeans and the same boots as the other day, a matching grey top and open jacket completed her attire. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail and she was wearing a little makeup.

She turned and caught me looking before returning her attention back to the road. “What’s the matter, gone off me?” she asked cynically.

“Nope, just confirming how attractive you are.”

It got a grin, “Jez, you’re a bullshitter. Now, you might need to take it slow with Kate, she rang me three times to day with cold feet, but I’ve talked her into it.”

“No problem.”

“Her husband up and left her a couple of years ago and she hasn’t had a relationship since.”

I grimaced, “No sex for a couple of years, that’s tough.”

Leah smiled, “I didn’t say no sex, just no cock. We woman have other ways of having fun. We don’t need men.” She looked over for my reaction.

“Like how?” I asked innocently.

“Use your imagination.”

“I haven’t got one.”

Leah kept her eyes on the road but laughed, “Nice try, but I don’t believe you for one second.”

Leah made a right hand turn and worked the sports car into top gear before dropping her hand into my lap; she then gave my equipment a tweak. “Hope its good working order; it’s got a bit of a workout ahead of it tonight.”

“It’s fully recovered and raring to go.” I replied.

“It’d better be; it’s got twice the work to do. And I’ve told Kate you’re a bit of a stud. So you’ve now got a reputation to live up to.”

It was a ten minutes before Leah turned into a drive and motored up beside a small house in a nice part of town, seconds later we were at the front door.

I was pleasantly surprised when Kate answered the door and invited us in. After introductions, an obviously very nervous Kate led us down a hall into a well appointed lounge and invited us to sit down. Leah and I sat on a couch while Kate stood before us. It gave us time to take each other in.

Kate looked better in real life than the photo that Leah had shown me. She had an attractive oval face with big eyes; her hair was dark and cut short. At a guess Kate would stand around five foot four, a dark blue low cut but full dress tapered in at the waist, accentuating a to be admired bust and shapely hips. Her dress stopped mid calf showing off tanned slim ankles.

Kate smiled and turned to Leah, “I don’t know whether you guys have eaten or not, but I’ve thrown a couple of pizzas in the oven. I’ve got wine and beer too.”

Leah settled for wine and I for beer, Kate disappeared into what I assumed would be the kitchen.

Leah turned to me, “You like?”

“I like very much.” I replied.

She grinned, “Goody, wait here.” She then followed Kate out of the room.

I sat and twiddled my thumbs until a grinning Leah returned a few minutes later with a cold beer and two wine glasses.

“She likes too.” she said passing me the beer. “Just take it slowly.”

Over the next hour, the three of us sat and chatted amicably over home made pizzas and drinks. It was just like any other social occasion although I could see Kate’s hand shaking whenever she picked up her glass.

Then Kate turned to me, “Do you mind if I ask how old you are?”

“Twenty four.” I replied, I thought about lying but decided to be truthful.

She pulled a face, “Hell, you’re young enough to date my daughter.”

“Well that’s an idea, mother and daughter.”

To my relief Kate giggled and looked over at Leah, “You’re right, he’s cheeky, I’m gonna enjoy taking him down a peg or two.”

“Just leave enough for me. I’m not missing out because you’ve been starving yourself. But just in case you get greedy I’ve brought my own entertainment.” Leah said as she reached over and removed a white eight inch vibrator from her bag. She and held it up for us to see.

Kate scoffed, “Only the economy model, I’ll show you a real toy.” She then disappeared out of the room and returned with her own. “Now this is the super dooper model.”

It was pink, around eight inches long with a second shorter finger for clitoral stimulation. She turned it on and placed on a glass coffee table where it rattled around with the top half of the shaft rotating independently from gaziantep bayan escort the bottom.

“I stand defeated.” declared Leah. “Anyway, it’s getting late and we’re wasting time. Where are we going to do it?”

Kate looked nervous, “My beds too small for three. I reckon we should put the squabs and cushions from the lounge suite on the floor in here. Then just cover them with a blanket and a sheet.”

Without comment Leah launched herself off the couch and began pulling the cushions and squabs down and making a large bed on the floor. She looked over at Kate who was just standing watching. “Hurry up, blanket and sheet please.”

Within minutes, it was complete. Kate closed the curtains and made sure the doors were locked, then unplugged the phone which I might add was nearly her downfall the next morning. Leah experimented with the lighting settling on a small table lamp, which threw enough subtle light to make it almost romantic. Then we stood there looking stupidly at each other.

Leah again took the initiative. “Why don’t you guys start and I’ll watch.” She then removed boots, jacket and top and then her jeans leaving only black panties and bra. Removing the band holding her pony- tail, she shook her head allowing her hair to fall freely over her shoulders. She then sat back on a cushion-less chair to watch.” Come on guys; don’t get shy on me now.”

I moved first, removed my shoes and settled down on the makeshift bed; Kate gingerly sat and then lay down beside me. Our hands touched first and then I bent and kissed her gently, she reciprocated and sought my tongue. I could feel her body trembling.

She broke the kiss and looked up at me, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I’m a lot older than you and you might not find me attractive.”

I smiled down at her, “This is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me, and I think you’re very pretty.”

She smiled and pulled my head so our lips again touched, I let my hands wander over her body and met no resistance. I undid two buttons at the top of her dress and pulled the shoulder straps down, then simply pulled the material away from a blue bra. I ran my tongue over her ample cleavage while slipping my hands under her back. Anticipating my intentions, Kate lifted her back from the bed allowing my hands to locate and lower a zip at the back of her dress. I gently unclipped her bra and let Kate lower herself back on the bed. She lifted her arms as I slid her dress and bra over her shoulders freeing her breasts. They were full and pale in contrast to her tanned arms and shoulders. Lowering my lips to her breasts, I took turns in sucking gently on her nipples, her breathing deepened as I began caressing her waist and outer thighs over her dress. Slowly I began working towards her inner thighs; she reached down and lifted her dress giving me the first glimpse of her tanned thighs. Raising my mouth to hers, I slipped my hand between her slightly parted thighs moving upwards until I reached the lacy material of her panties. I moved my hand to her pussy and stroked it slowly through the material, her thighs quickly parted further.

“Ohhhhh.” she murmured.

Sliding my hand down under her the top of her panties, I reached past her curls and down into her damp warm wetness, she pushed upwards as my finger slipped deep inside her.

“Ohhhh.” she let me finger for a short time before rolling on her side towards me, lifting a leg over mine left room for me to continue stroking her pussy.

Kate kissed me forcefully and then pulled back as her hands sought my jeans. “I can do this, I can do this.” she murmured as if trying to convince herself it was okay and then returned her lips to mine.

My jeans were soon undone and her hand was inside fondling my erect cock, in urgency she began pushing my jeans down. I rolled Kate over onto her back, with her dress up around her waist I began to ease her panties down, she lifted her pelvis from the bed and let me ease them down over her ankles.

In the subdued light I gazed upon her pussy for the first time, a wide triangle of curly dark hair had been trimmed short. I moved my head downwards, with the intention of sliding my tongue between her parted thighs.

Kate guided my face back to hers and tried to move under me, “Get on top; please get on top. I don’t wanna wait any longer.”

With my jeans around my ankles and the bottom of her dress up hiding her breasts I moved over her. Kate’s hand guided my cock to her pussy and with her legs she pushed up onto it. My cock slid easily into the warm wetness, her legs locked tightly around my thighs.

“Ohhh yes, that’s soo good.” she whispered into my ear. “It’s been too long without a cock in my pussy, ohhh, please fuck me good.”

We settled into a rhythm as our bodies slapped noisily against each other, after a while Kate lowered her hands to my buttocks and then coaxed me to a slower pace with long strokes.

“Ohhh, that’s it, just keep it like that. Ohhhh, you’re gonna make me cum real good. That’s soo good. I’m gonna cum soon.”

I could feel her body tremble as my cock slid slowly in and out of her, she then pushed up hard onto my cock and held me tight with her legs. “Ohhh, keep still, ohhh stay just like that.”

Her body tensed and her back arched as the orgasm took her. I could feel the warm juices flow around my cock and balls as she slowly rotated her pussy on my cock. “Ohhh fuckkkk.” she whispered.

She began to relax onto the bed and again began to move back and forth on my cock.

“Mmmm, that was real good.” she told me as she guided my mouth to hers; breaking the kiss she smiled up at me. “I can cum like that all night.”

That was really good news I thought to myself, it was then I realised that this was just the start of the night’s proceedings. As I began to fuck her slowly I looked over at Leah, she was sitting on one of the chairs from which we had removed the squabs. Her legs were spread wide and her vibrator had been slipped down the front of her panties, I could hear its quiet buzz as it did its work. Her bra had been pushed down and she was rubbing her breasts with her free hand. She opened her eyes and looked over at us.

“My turn.” she said removing the vibrator from her panties and pushing them down over her ankles, her bra was then disposed of. “C’mon Kate, let me at him.”

Kate locked legs around me and grasped my shoulders tightly, “No, I haven’t finished with him yet.”

Leah laughed, “C’mon, it was me who supplied the entertainment.”

“Nope, you’re not having him.” Kate replied in mock seriousness.

“We’ll soon see about that.” Leah told her as she bent down and took hold of my right ankle.

She then began trying to pull me along the bed and out of Kate’s grip. Leah tightened her grip and a tug of war started. We all giggled as the futility of the situation. Luckily, Kate let me go before Leah dislocated my ankle. I rolled over onto my back as Leah stood astride me and prepared to lower herself onto my cock. Supporting her buttocks I guided her downwards as her hand pointed it towards her pussy. Her tight lips and pussy felt fantastic as she worked way up and down until it was in all the way.

She then placed her hands on my nipples and squeezed them playfully, “Just you remember who invited you here. Now behave yourself.”

“Yes ma’am.” I replied obediently.

My attention was torn between watching Leah move up and down on my cock, and Kate who was kneeling beside me lifting her dress over her head. Her body was tanned with the exception of the lines of a high cut bathing suit. Her thighs were full and long, but firm with round voluptuous buttocks. Heavy breasts moved freely as she placed the dress on the floor beside her. Catching my wandering eyes she was clearly embarrassed, I reached over for her hand and pulled her close. My hands roamed her body as our lips touched. Not wanting to miss out, Leah lowered her chest to mine. I took turns in kissing the two attractive women while exploring their bodies with my hands. Leah lifted herself from my cock and moved down my body, I then felt her warm tongue working down my navel and then up the shaft of my cock.

For the next few minutes, I explored Kate’s body with hand and mouth as she lay on her back, we kissed long and passionately. Leah’s hand and mouth would come and go from my cock almost teasing me.

Then Kate jumped and pushed me away looking down to find Leah’s head between her thighs. “Leah, what the fuck are you up to? Stop that.”

“Shhh, I’ve always wanted to do this to you.”

Kate laughed, “Stop it, it’s disgusting.”

Leah continued; Kate did nothing to stop her and soon relaxed back on the bed.

“Mmmm, let me rephrase that last statement.” Kate said as she closed her eyes and let her friend lick her pussy. “You’re disgusting, but what you’re doing’s quite nice.”

Leah’s eyes peered over Kate’s navel watching the results of her handy work on her face. I moved behind Leah and encouraged her into a kneeling position, rubbing my cock up and down her glistening slit I then pushed into her. Her tongue didn’t miss beat as it lapped Kate’s pussy although she reached behind and placed her hand on my thigh ensuring I didn’t get too vigorous. I noticed Leah’s vibrator close by. I picked it up and after turning it on, began to move it under my cock and onto her clit. It soon got too complicated for her trying to please Kate with her mouth and me assaulting her pussy and clit from behind.

She pulled away from Kate and rolled onto her back beside her. “Make me cum.” she asked in earnest while stoking her pussy.

I moved between Leah’s thighs and lowered my mouth to her pussy. I concentrated on her large exposed lips, taking each one in my mouth in turn and gently pulling away extending it and flicking my tongue over the smooth inside to her clit.

“Mmmm. That’s real nice.” she told me.

“Leah, you’ve got the ugliest pussy I’ve ever laid eyes on. You’ve got flaps the size of John Wayne’s saddle bags.” Kate commented watching closely.

I pulled away from her pussy and laughed.

Leah opened her eyes and looked over at Kate and grinned, “Cheeky bitch. How’d you know what’s a good looking pussy and what’s not?”

“I’ve seen enough to know that’s an ugly one.” Kate firmly told her.

Leah turned to me. “You must have seen a few. Do you reckon I’ve got an ugly pussy?” she asked in a sulky voice.

“Looks just fine to me.” I reassured her.

Leah grinned, “Liar, I reckon it’s ugly too. But at least I don’t have to look at it.”

I returned to Leah’s orgasm, using her vibrator and my fingers I began to experiment, using the vibrator on her clit and fingers inside looked the most effective. She lay back with legs spread wide as I worked; her eyes were closed as she fondled her own breasts. Kate knelt beside me watching Leah; her hand on my cock would intermittently stroke it.

“Mmmm, ohhh.” Leah whispered as she began to approach her orgasm. Her back arched high in the air and her face twisted in concentration as her orgasm rocked through her body. “Ohhhhhhh, its sooo good.”

She soon slumped back on the bed and pushed the vibrator away, “Put your cock in me.”

My cock was soon inside her moving in and out of her tight wet pussy; after awhile she opened her eyes and grinned, “That’s two good orgasms in under a week, you’re a real champ. How about you fuck Kate some more while I watch?”

Kate guided me onto my back and stroked my cock before mounting it. She leaned over me and began to work her tight warm pussy up and down its length. I fondled her breasts and then used my tongue on her nipples. She rolled over onto her side and then manoeuvred herself under me. Her bent knees soon gripped my sides as she coaxed me back to her desired rhythm.

“Ohhhh. You’re a fast learner; that’s just right, just like that. Ohhh, that’s sooo good.” Kate whispered in my ear.

She moved with me but ensuring my cock did not fall out as she approached a second orgasm. Again she held me still as it took her, I could feel her soaking wet pussy contract and tremble as she was overwhelmed with pleasure.

Kate then relaxed and began moving again, her juices freely oozing from her and our bodies slapped noisily together, “Ohhhhh, that’s fantastic. Keep going, don’t stop, I’m good for a few more yet. Mmmmm, I’d forgotten how good fucking can be.”

True to her word; Kate orgasmed twice more before I began to run out of steam. Leah sat contentedly and watched us from a chair while experimenting with Kate’s multi-function vibrator. The look on her face would suggest that she would be upgrading rather soon.

Kate must have sensed that I was flagging, she lifted my head and kissed me, “You poor boy, you can cum inside me if you want. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that and I like the warm feeling of it. “

I began building up a faster rhythm that Kate liked but she met my every thrust. At first I’d thought have trouble reaching an orgasm as I had been pacing myself for a long time. I seemed to break through a barrier as our sweaty bodies slapped noisily together. I was soon filling her pussy with cum with the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. She then took my body weight as I collapsed on top of her.

“That feels nice.” she said as she contracted her pussy over my shrinking cock.

I rolled off and lay looking up at the ceiling.

Kate looked over at Leah who was grinning at us, “Hey, do you want to lick my pussy now?” she asked jokingly.

Leah laughed as she moved closer, “Hell no, that’s the second ugliest pussy I’ve seen today.”

We all laughed at that, I crawled down the bed for a look between Kate’s thighs. Leah was right, her sopping and battered pussy wasn’t a pretty sight, my cum clearly visible between her red lips.

Kate got up after awhile and washed, then arranged cool drinks. Not bothered with our nakedness, we talked for a while and then drifted off to sleep comforted in our closeness. Leah woke in the early hours and decided to head for home. She asked if I want to go with her, but Kate slipped her hand into mine, a silent invite to stay. Leah then dressed and left alone. It was well after nine in the morning when I woke. Kate was already up, showered and dressed in a skirt and top. She tidied up the mess in the lounge while I showered and we were eating breakfast when there was a knock on the door. Kate soon returned with her daughter who had been trying frantically to phone her last night and all morning. Kate had disconnected the phone the night before to avoid any disruptions.

There was no need to introduce us, I had dated Tyler a year or so ago. We stared at each other across the room.

I broke the silence, “Hi.”

Tyler turned to her mother, “What’s he doing here?”

Kate realised we knew each other, “He’s a friend of Leah’s, just dropped in to say hello.”

Tyler looked over at me and then back at her mother, my hair was still wet from the shower, Kate’s short thick hair too was still wet. There was no car in the driveway.

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