Bus Trip Like No Other

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big thanks to Charles he helped me a lot with this piece x x x x

Note: completely fictional

I just finished a double shift at the hospital and was looking forward to a nice relaxing bubble bath when I got home. I’m a 30 year old nurse at the local hospital I am currently single, because of my job I don’t have time to meet anyone. It’s not because am unattractive although I wouldn’t say I was really attractive. I’m 159 cm weigh 90lbs got long blonde hair with azure blue eyes (their always commented on) I’ve got nice perky 34 c tits long shapely legs usually covered with white stockings.

It was late and I was waiting on the bus for the lovely hour trip home. My feet were killing me and all I wanted to do now was have a long soak in the tub. The bus arrived twenty minutes late as usual. I was fuming. I got on told him my destination and headed for the back of the bus.

There aren’t many people on the bus manly regulars like me. Last bus of the night everyone was going either home or just starting work. We reached the bus stop for the last passenger and were heading into the bumpy country roads. I hated this trip as the vibrations from the bus always got me excited and frustrated being in a short uniform my pussy was very close to the vibrating seat. It’s been two years since my last fuck so I was easily excited.

Since I was alone on the bus and on the driver’s side so he couldn’t see me, I decided to give my self some light relief till I got home and abused my old and trusty vibrator. Least I never got dumped by a vibrator I thought to myself.

I slid my hand under my uniform, hooked my thong down to my knees, watching as we approached another stop in case anyone got on. I then started to rub my soaking wet slit up and down. When we passed the stop, I said to my self-fuck it and slid my finger slowly into my dripping hole. I rubbed my clit hard and fast with my thumb. I closed my eyes flung my head back as I slipped another finger in my hole. The vibrations were getting harder.

I looked out the window Gümüşhane Escort and saw we had stopped. It was my stop I bent down to get my thong when I heard a deep voice say

“Oh no you don’t.”

I looked up shocked to see the driver standing over me.

He was about six foot three salt n pepper hair bout forty not bad looking for his age. I looked down to see he had his huge cock out and stroking it. I licked my lips I’d seen longer but never that thick it must have been about 7″ and three fingers wide. I dropped my thong and took his dick in my hands. I began to stoke it. God I was so horny. I licked the tip looked up and fluttered my eyelashes and said

“So, did you like the show?”

“Very much so.” he replied.

I took his dick in my mouth and slowly sucked on it liking it up and down with my tongue. He tasted so good. Just as I almost had all of it in,

he said “not yet young lady”

with that he pulled it out my mouth, lifted me on to my back and forced with one stoke, himself all the way in my soaking pussy I was close to an orgasm and he knew it, he kept teasing me by forcing it all the way in the taking it all the way out.

I looked at him and said “look you fucker stop teasing me and fuck me like the slutty nurse I am!”

with that he was fucking me fast and hard within seconds I was screaming for him to fuck me hard, Oh god it felt so good,

He ripped open my uniform and pushed my bra over my white bouncing mounds. He licked each nipple for all its worth and then he started biting them. My body tightened as I came to a climax my pussy gripped his dick like a vice never letting go.

I gripped his fine ass and pushed him in to me further I could feel him approached his orgasm I reached under and started tickling his ball sack

he screamed, ” Oh fuck me.”

I could feel his cum shooting up my pussy. He thrust into me for a few more strokes.

I stroked his hair as we kissed deeply. When our kiss ended he started to kiss down my body. He Gümüşhane Escort Bayan was so light and gentle. I gasped as I felt his tongue flick over my hard little button. Before I knew it he had two fingers up my slit and was nibbling on my clit. His free hand exploring the rest of my body, settling on my tits. He started to tweak my nipples. My hips were bucking under his hands. His free hand let go of my nipples and headed to my arse I gasped again. Without warning he slipped a finger into my little shit hole that was it, it pushed me over the edge, my body tightened as I flooded his mouth with my sweet tasty juices. Once my orgasm subsided and he had gotten all my juices from me he got up and kissed me again. When we had sorted ourselves. I got off the bus and mouthed,

“Thank you.”

When I got home. My room mate said

“where the fuck you been, and why is your hair a mess”

I looked at her and laughed

“Just a lovely bus RIDE home.”

I went and had a long soak in the bath

“I’m having a bath my feet are killing me.”

They weren’t the only part of me to hurt.

The end of the next night I waited again for the bus, hoping it was the same driver but it wasn’t I was so disappointed . Over the weekend I had a family reunion. I hated them my bratty cousins uncles I hate .

Heading to the bar need as much drink as possible for this thing. A husky voice said what would you like . Without looking up I said double vodka and coke please. When I turned around to get my drink I stared straight into his eyes I knew right away it was my bus driver.

“Wwwwhat you doing here?” I stuttered

“It’s my family reunion, what about you why are you here?”

I pointed over to were my father stood and said “That’s my dad Steven.”

“Oh shit you must be Susan!” he said “I’m Steven’s oldest brother Mark.”

He explained that him and my dad fell out years ago because they were both in love with my mother.

“What we going to do am your niece and you fucked me?”

I Escort Gümüşhane looked over to my dad he smiled at me I awkwardly smiled back

Mark said “Look it happened we didn’t know who each other was so don’t count.”


I scurried off to the bathroom to freshen up. When I came out Mark was waiting for me. I walked past him he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bathroom .

“Look I no what we did was wrong but seeing you again has made me so unexpectedly hard and when I found out you were my niece it made it so much worse I thought I would a exploded in my boxers.”

I looked down and saw his huge bulge in his trousers. I remembered what it was like to have that huge tool inside me. Then I felt the damp patch in my pants.

Mark looked down and saw it too. God why did I wear white pants and no panties. Mark undid my pants pulling them down to my ankles. As I slipped out them he slipped a finger straight in my hole oh god that feels soo good. He stood up with now two fingers inside me and kissed me long and hard mmmm I could smell his aftershave the smell id been smelling for days.

I broke the kiss and he lay me on the floor. I undid his pants, pulled them and his bowers down. We got comfortable while he was liking n sucking my pussy I started licking and sucking his fuck pole god was in heaven.

I was on the brink of coming when I heard footsteps coming along the hall we jumped up and pulled on our clothes. The door to the bathroom jiggled we were shaking we forgot to lock the door. In walked dad I hugged mike pretending to cry. Dad asked what was wrong

I said “I fell on the step uncle Mark was helping me”

We were both red and flustered I prayed he would believe me

He turned to Mark and said “What she fell on your lips did she?”

When I turned round I saw my lipstick on Marks lips we were busted

“You’d choose that bastared over me how could you?”

“What do you mean dad?” I said shocked

He explained that since becoming a nurse he’d lusted after my body. My dad was fit maybe that why I went with mike because he reminded me so much of my dad.

“But dad, I want you too”

Dad came over and kissed me long and passionately on the lips. After that day me dad and Uncle Mark get together anytime were free and have great fun.

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