Burmese Days

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The girl led me through the hallway to the massage room. It was a nice and large spa room with floor to ceiling windows at its end, looking onto a green patio with wild tropical bushes and a lotus flower-covered pool in the middle. She told me to take off my clothes while she waits outside and gave me a towel.

– “All of them?!” I asked.

– “Yes, sir.” She said in her broken English.

– “But I’m shy!” I said with a grin. “Aren’t you gonna get undressed too so I feel more relaxed?”

The girl giggled playfully, shook her head teasingly, and kissed me on the cheek. I noticed her coy willingness and said that it wasn’t fair if she saw me naked and I didn’t. She looked at me naughtily through the corner of her eyes and said “Okay, but I’ll keep my underwear.”

I was already starting to get excited. I undressed without her leaving the room and she did the same. I was hoping she didn’t notice that I was already sporting a half-erection.

I lied on the massage bed face down looking through the face-hole of the bed down towards a pot of water on the ground with flower petals spread on it.

She lay the towel that I had not used on my buttocks for a pretense of decency, and started putting warm oil on my entire body with her expert hands of a Burmese masseuse. She started with my feet and then legs, going up and down in long strokes. In her upstrokes, apparently absentmindedly but in fact fully knowing what she was doing, she went too far up under the towel, touched my ass and brushed against my balls. The few times she did that, I made sure she knew I liked it, letting out little moans of approval. Then she grew bolder and got hold of my penis in one of those upstrokes, playing with it for a few seconds. Her hands were so soft and slippery with oil that I was Ataşehir Escort glad she didn’t go on for ten more seconds, otherwise…

Then, giggling a bit with satisfaction over her own teasing technique, she left that, moved next to me, and started working my torso. In Burma, as in all over the Far East, massage is an authentic part of the culture and everyday life, not an imported concept like in much of the Western world. The skill with which this woman was unlocking the knots in my back was heavenly, putting me in a sort of sleepy trance.

Then I was woken up from this half-sleep when she briskly got hold of my left arm and put my hand in between her thighs, and I realized she was going to massage my arm. She was gripping my hand far up in between her thighs, so far up in fact that when I raised my thumb a bit, it touched the soft tissue of her pussy from over her panties. She made no objection to that so I kept massaging her slowly wetting pussy while she was massaging my arm, which she kept doing for an unusually long time!

Then she asked me to turn around, which I did. I was facing her now, while she went on with the massage routine, trying to avoid my eyes.

– “Do you like being massaged as well?” I asked after a little while, with a smile on my face.

– “Sometimes,” she said, smiling back shyly.

– “Do you want to switch now so that I can give you a massage?”

– “Okay!” She said after a very short pause, surprising me with her willingness. Apparently my thumb had done a pretty good job in between her thighs..!

So we switched and she lay on her face, immediately reaching back to unbuckle her bra as I was oiling up my hands. I started rubbing oil all over her, standing next to her fully naked with a now fully erect cock Anadolu Yakası Escort hanging heavily within her reach. I moved down to start with her feet and legs, as the mistress had taught me minutes ago. I spent time on her feet, the magical portal to the entire geography of the body. With each press of my thumbs she relaxed a faraway muscle, until her whole body seemed to relax and surrender to my fingers.

Then I slowly moved to her legs giving long caresses from her ankle to her thighs. As I touched the softness of her inner thighs, my cock raised its head impatiently. I reached for her panties and pulled them down, which she let me do in a state of hypnotized submission. Her full round buttocks were now staring at me and asking to be squeezed. I am not sure whether butt massage is part of the usual routine, but I wasn’t going to stick to routine on that day. I took them in both hands and squeezed hard. Her butt cheeks opened up and I took a peek of her pink pussy, wet and ready with thick white cream.

I moved up next to her and started caressing her back with my right hand while massaging between her butt cheeks with my left. As I did this, she slowly and almost invisibly parted her legs a bit, inviting me towards where she really wanted my left hand to be. My fingers now had a mind of their own and I was no longer consciously controlling them. Before long, they had already slid down the slippery slope of her ass and my middle finger had already found its way inside her. With each thrust of my middle finger, she gently lifted her hip, pulling my finger deeper inside her. I explored the walls of her pussy and I heard her let out a barely audible moan for the first time. I noticed that my right hand had moved up and was now grabbing the back of Kadıköy Escort her neck.

I rolled her over and saw her small firm breasts with hard dark brown nipples for the first time. I looked at her and saw she was looking at me in a state of semi-trance, with slightly parted lips and half closed eyes. She bent her legs upward and opened them wide, making it clear what I should do next. Now with one hand I could touch the softness of her breasts and play with her tiny but hard nipples. The other hand was happy where it was, happier yet now having more than just one finger inside her.

The movements of her hip were accelerating in tune with my fingers. Facing up now towards me, she reached for my hard hanging cock with her still oily hand and began masturbating me. I pulled away from her pretending I was teasing her with a naughty smile. In fact, though, I was so turned on that I was afraid I was going to cum too quickly on her chest. For some weird reason, giving pleasure turns me on incredibly; much more than receiving it. At that point, her obvious and intense pleasure had turned me on so much that I was on the verge of orgasm. Her touch would have been too much!

The hand that had reached for my cock, helpless and uncontrollable with lust, searched and found her own clitoris. She clearly could not take the slow edging any longer, and was impatient to be in control of her own pleasure. She was now properly masturbating herself while I had three fingers banging against her pussy faster and faster. She was moving her hip up and down faster and faster and could no longer silence her moans. Then she orgasmed, her pussy throbbing around my fingers, her thighs holding my left hand tight, and her screams no longer held back.

I kept caressing her neck and bare body to calm her down. When her mind was back in the room, she looked up at me and said the only thing her limited English allowed her to say: “Thank you”! But she said this with such sincerity, that she needed not say any more…

“My turn now..” I smiled and said back to her.

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