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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author”s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boys, consenting adult males and boys with adult males (eventually). If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please stop reading now. You have been warned.


This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.


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Author”s Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


Also, if you are enjoying this story, my first story can be found fty//gay/adult-youth/moments


Chapter 14 � Confrontation  

When I returned to living room, I got the boys settled down and had them sit on the couch.


“Okay, guys, it looks like this is your new home and as of last night, you all now live here.” They all cheered loudly and Carol gave a small round of applause. I was quickly surrounded by all four boys as they attempted to hug the stuffing out me. “Thanks, fellas, I love you, too. You owe a great big thank-you hug to Carol, also. I don”t think this would have happened if it hadn”t been for her help. Especially, not this soon.” They turned and smothered Carol in big group hug, all saying thanks.


“Okay, have a seat again. There”s a few more things to tell you.” Once all four had returned to the couch, I continued, “Mike and T.J.”s foster-parents are going to be bringing the rest of their stuff out later this afternoon and they are going to stay for pizza as a bit of a celebration.”


Joey got a worried look on his face and asked, “The Mueller”s aren”t coming, are they? I don”t ever wanna see them again.”


“Absolutely not. I have no intention of them ever having contact with you again.”


“But what about our stuff?” asked Alex. “We only brought what we needed for a weekend and left a whole bunch at their house.”


“Don”t worry, I”ll take care of that. I”ll go there this afternoon and retrieve your belongings myself.”


“Whoo, that”s good, we left a bunch of stuff that we don”t want to lose,” said a relieved Alex.


“Yeah, the only picture we have of our parents is there,” added Joey.


“Like I said, don”t worry about it. It will all be brought back here in a little bit. I just need to draft a little bit of help.” I turned to Carol and asked, “Would you be willing to stay with the boys this afternoon while I deal with this?”


“Sure thing, Max. I”ll arrange some help for you, too.”


“How are you going to do that?”


“No worries, Max. I just to need to make a couple of quick phone calls. Be right back.” She turned and headed to her bedroom, leaving me with the wild bunch.


“Okay, guys, since we”re having pizza tonight, I need to find out what you like so I can order them when I get back. And remember, one at a time so I can hear. Let”s start with Mike.”


“I don”t want nothin” but cheese.”


“Sausage and pepperoni for me, please,” from T.J.


“Whatever meats they got, no green junk or fungus for us,” added Alex.


“Okay, we can handle all that. I”ll make sure to cover all the bases when I order. Do you guys like breadsticks, too?”


“Oh, yeah, those are great.”


“Okay, that”s settled. When I get back from the Mueller”s, we”ll get things put away and I”ll order supper. I”ll head out just as soon as Carol is done with her phone calls.”


As if the words were magic, Carol appeared at my shoulder. “Okay, Max, everything”s all set. Here”s the Mueller”s address. You”ll be met there by Brian Marks, a man who works in our office, and a county deputy, Tom Wright, who owes me a favor. They”ve both been told about last night, so they know what to look out for.”


“Thanks, Carol. I can understand the guy from your office, but why the deputy?”


“I just want to ensure there aren”t any problems. After last night”s incident, I think it”s a good idea. I think the Mueller”s could be a problem if you went without backup.”


“Well, I hope I won”t need it, but thanks.”


“I”ve also told Brian the things that I know belong to the twins he needs to help look for. I don”t want anything left for the Mueller”s to destroy.”


“Okay, I”ll be on my way, then.” I turned to the boys and said, “You guys be good for Carol. I don”t want to hear of any problems while I”m gone.”


A chorus of “Okay, we”ll be good, get outta here” came from the boys.


“Thanks for helping Carol. I owe you more than I could ever repay. I”ll be back as soon as I can.”


“Take your time, Max and don”t let the Mueller”s get in your way.”


I grabbed my coat, hopped in the Mustang and headed out to retrieve the twins” stuff. I first hoped the Mueller”s wouldn”t cause any problems, but my second concern was that I had enough room in the car for whatever the boys had left. I knew they were just being fostered at the Mueller”s, but they”d lived there since their parents had died, so I had no clue how much might be there. The drive to their house was only about 15 minutes as they lived on the far west side of Springfield. As I pulled down the street, I saw a man I assumed to be Brian getting out of a truck and a county deputy was getting out of his car.


I pulled in the driveway and was met by both men as I got out of my car. When I turned around to introduce myself, I was met by wall of what appeared to be cloth-covered rock. The man was well over 6�” tall and weighed in the neighborhood of 300-325 pounds, all of it muscle. I had to seriously strain my neck as I looked up to make eye contact.


“Are you Mr. Sanders?” the mountain grumbled.


“Maybe,” I stammered, “it all depends on who you are.”


“My name”s Brian. I work at the agency with Carol. She called and thought you could use my assistance this afternoon.”


“Well, thank God for that `cause if you weren”t Brian, I was outta here. Carol said you”d be here but she didn”t warn me you were so damn big. If you were here at the Mueller”s urging, I was leaving. It”s good to meet you, Brian, and I thank you for your help today. Sorry to bring you out on a Saturday.”


“Not a problem, Mr. Sanders. It”s all part of the job. Carol told me what happened last night and I”m here to make sure nothing like that happens again today.” He pointed his thumb over his massive shoulder and added, “This burdur escort here”s Deputy Tom Wright and he”s here to help me, not that I really need it, but he makes it official.”


I shook hands with both men, “Thanks for joining us, Deputy Wright. I”m hoping there won”t be any issues, but it”s better to be safe than sorry.”


“Nice to meet you, too, sir, just sorry it has to be under what could be troubling circumstances. Like Brian said, I”m here to reinforce whatever he says. He has the paperwork showing you as the rightful and now legal guardian of two boys, Joseph and Alexander Allison. If the residents dispute that, I”m here to enforce the rules laid out in his paperwork and keep the peace, if needed. Hopefully it won”t be, but you never how these situations will turn out.”


“Well, thanks, again. Shall we make our presence known, gents?”


“Yes, let”s,” Brian said. Man, his voice sounded like grating boulders.


I led the way to the front door and rang the bell with Brian and Tom flanking me. Iris opened the door and exclaimed, “Just what the hell the are you doing here, Mr. Sanders? We have nothing to say to you.” She turned and yelled, “Frank, get in her, it”s that pervert from last night!”


“Hi, Iris,” I responded politely. “It”s nice to see you, too,” I added sarcastically.


Frank arrived at the door and took charge. “Get outta here you sicko. We got no business with you and I don”t want people the likes of you on my property.”


“I”m sorry to hear that Frank, but I”m here to pick up the rest of Joey and Alex”s belongings.”


“Well, that”s just too bad. You wasted your trip because you”re not stepping foot in this house.”


“Um, before you say anything else, Frank, let me introduce these two gentlemen. First, the giant on my left is Brian. He works with Carol and has the paperwork appointing me as the new legal guardian of Joey and Alex Allison. The kind gentleman on my right is Deputy Tom Wright of the Sangamon County Sherriff”s department. He”s here to ensure you comply with the orders as stated in Brian”s paperwork. Now, do you have anything else you”d like to say?”


“Fine, whatever, they can come in, but you get the hell off my property.”


“That is not the way it”s going to be, Frank. Either I”m allowed to come in and retrieve my sons” belongings or Deputy Wright, here, is going to put handcuffs on you and your sweet little wife and park your ignorant asses in the back seat of his car until we are done. My, what will the neighbors think when they see you sitting in his car for the next hour or so?” I turned to the deputy and winked. The evilest grin I”ve ever seen split the lower half of his face and he nodded as he pulled a set of cuffs from his belt. I turned back to face Frank and added, “Your move Frank, what”s it gonna” be? Cooperation or confinement?”


“Fine. Be an insufferable ass. Get in here, get those little fags” shit and get the hell out.”


“Whoops, Frank, I think you just stepped over the line from jerk to outright asshole. Deputy Wright, would kindly do me a favor and get this individual out of my sight?”


“With pleasure, Mr. Sanders. Mr. Mueller, please step outside.”


“I don”t think so. If you”re helping him, you must be one of them, too.”


“Sir, either step outside, or I”ll come in and remove you by force.”


“You can”t do that! This is MY home,” Frank bellowed.


“Excuse me, Mr. Sanders.” I stepped aside and Deputy Wright took my spot. “Now, sir, or I WILL come in and remove you,” he growled.


Frank seemed to lose all his bluster after that. His head drooped to his chest and he stepped outside. “Fine, do what you have to do,” he mumbled.


“You, sir, are going to sit in my car and not cause any trouble. Can you do that without the cuffs, or do I have to cuff you? I can tell you that it will be much more comfortable without them. And once you go in, you”re not coming back out until these two gentlemen have completed their task. Understood?”


“I don”t like this at all, but I understand. No cuffs, though.”


“That”s fine, sir. As long you”re good, no cuffs. Any hint of trouble, I”ll not only slap the cuffs on ya”, I”ll hogtie you, too, and toss you back in on your gut. Got it?”


“Got it.”


“Good, let”s go.” Tom led Frank to his car at the curb, placed him in the back seat and slammed the door in his face. He came back and rejoined Brian and me on the porch. “Okay, he”s dealt with. He ain”t happy, but then, neither am I. I hate dealing with homophobic assholes like him.”


“Thanks, deputy, shall we try the door again?”


“You bet, let”s get this done.”


I rang the bell again, Iris cracked it open and peeked through. “Hi, again, Iris. We”re still here and we are going to get my sons” belongings. Are you going to let us in so we can do that or will you be joining your husband in Deputy Wright”s car?”


“Oh, fine, get in here and get it done,” she snarled.


“Thank you for cooperating, Iris.” The three of us stepped inside and while Tom took a position by the door to keep an eye on Frank and his car, I asked, “Will you show me their room, please?”


“This way,” she hissed. We followed her lead down the hallway to a closed door. “In there,” she said as she pointed to the door.


I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I turned to iris, “Unlock the door, Iris.”


“I don”t have the key.”


“Well, who has the key?”


“Nobody, it got lost.”


“Fine, Iris. We”ll just have to try something else. Deputy Wright,” I called down the hall, “we have a slight issue. Could you please help us here, for just a moment?”


Tom came down the hall with a frown on his face. “What seems to be the problem, Mr. Sanders?”


“The door to the boys” room is locked and Iris says the key is lost. Do you have an easy way to remedy that situation?”


“But, of course. If you”ll step back, I”ll fix this in a jiffy.” We backed down the hall a few feet and Tom positioned himself with his back up against the wall opposite the door. “I absolutely love this part of the job.” He took a deep breath, raised his right foot and firmly planted it directly on the knob. Iris screamed as the door flew open into the room.


“There ya” go, Mr. Sanders, problem solved.”


“I like your style, Deputy Wright. I think we could be great friends.”


“No doubt about it, Mr. Sanders. I”ll be at the front door keepin” an eye on the car. You need anything else, just holler.”


“Why”d you go and do that you ignorant ape? You tore up that door for no reason!” Iris screamed.


“Ma”am, the door was locked. I thought I heard a cry for help and, without the key, that was the quickest way to get in and provide any assistance that may have been needed. As it turns out, my hearing deceived me and the room was empty. Can you imagine how embarrassed I am about this?” The smile that crossed his faced was absolutely wicked. “Please accept my apologies for the damage. If you file a claim with the department, I”m sure you”ll be reimbursed for the damages. Now, let”s you and I go back to the living room and stay out of the way. Please, ma”am, lead the way.”


Iris headed back to the living room with Tom following two steps behind her. “Now, plant your skinny little behind on the couch right there and don”t move. You move, you join your hubby in the car, got bursa escort it?”


“Yes, SIR,” she spat, then added, “asshole.”


“That”s it, lady, I”m done with you, too.” Tom grabbed her arm and dragged her out to his car. When they arrived at the car, he cuffed her, opened the back door, sat her down with her husband and slammed the door in her stunned face. Tom returned to the house and came down the hall. “Okay, they”re both on ice. You can go about your business without any further interruption.”


“Thanks, Tom. You”ve been extremely helpful.”


“You two got this? I need to keep an eye on the jerks in my car.”


“Sure Tom, go ahead.” Tom headed back to the front door while Brian and I got busy. “Brian, why don”t you start with the dresser while I take care of the closet?”


“You got it, Max.” He opened the top drawer and closed it immediately, then the next drawer, which he also closed and continued on through the remaining drawers. “Uh, Max, we got a problem, man. The dresser”s empty.”


I had just opened the closet and realized it was also empty. “So”s the closet, Brian. What the hell”s going on here?” I stood back and realized the room was basically a shell with just a bed, dresser, four walls, a floor and a ceiling. I headed out to the living room and told Tom what was going on.


“Uh, Tom, we got an even bigger problem, now.”


“What now, Mr. Sanders?”


“The room”s been emptied. No clothes, no toys, nothin”. Even the picture of their parents that was supposed to be on the wall is gone.”


“That”s it, I”m done being a nice guy.” He got on the radio and requested his supervisor be dispatched to his current location. We chatted as we waited for Tom”s supervisor to arrive and the more we talked, the more I was liking Tom. We could see Frank and Iris in the car and they were stewing, their faces were red and glistening with moisture despite the cool temperatures. The supervisor finally arrived after a 30-minute wait and came up to the three of us on the porch. A rather large African-American man in uniform met the three of us on the porch.


“Afternoon Tom, what”s up?” he inquired.


“First, let me introduce Brian Marks and Maxwill Sanders. Brian, Max, this is my supervisor and sergeant, Trooper Dylan Brock.” We shook hands and Tom continued, “Here”s the scoop, boss. Mr. Sanders is in the process of adopting two boys that, until last night, lived here with Mr. and Mrs. Mueller, who, at this moment, are chilling out in the back seat of my unit.” Dylan turned and saw the two of them through the fogged windows. “Mr. Marks works for the family service agency helping Mr. Sanders with the adoption process and has the paperwork designating Mr. Sanders as the boys” legal guardian. The boys in question are currently at Mr. Sanders” residence under the supervision of Ms. Carol Ward, who works at the agency with Mr. Marks. Mr. Marks and Mr. Sanders arrived here this afternoon to retrieve the belongings of the two boys and we”ve had some issues, sir.”


“Hang on a minute, Wright. How did the boys come to be at Mr. Sanders” house already?”


“I think I”ll let Mr. Sanders explain that part, sir, as I wasn”t there.”


“Fine. Mr. Sanders, please fill me in.”


“Okay, here goes. I had planned with the adoption agency for the boys to spend the weekend at my home, along with Ms. Ward in her official capacity. We were to meet the boys, along with their foster-parents at Steak `n Shake last night, to have supper before going home.”


“Wait, why meet there instead of picking the boys up here?”


“There are two other boys I”m adopting at the same time from two other foster-homes. Ms. Ward thought it would be easier to meet there instead of going to three different homes to pick up the four boys.”


“You”re adopting four boys? You got balls, mister. Go on.”


“Okay, when Frank, Iris, Joey and Alex arrived, I invited them to join us for dinner and they accepted. We had just placed our order and were chatting when Frank asked where my wife was. Before I could answer, one of the boys told Frank and Iris that I wasn”t married because I”m gay. Frank flipped out and told Iris and the boys that they were leaving. The boys refused to leave and said they were going with me because they were also gay.”


“Wait a sec, Mr. Sanders. You”re gay?”


“Yes sir.”


“And the boys you”re adopting are gay also?”


“That”s what they said. I honestly don”t know. They”re only eight, so they may not be.”


“From my experience with people, at that age, they probably know. Sorry for interrupting, go on.”


“Well, after that was said, Frank told Ms. Ward that the boys would not be welcomed back into their home tomorrow and she would have to find somewhere else for them to live. After his little speech, they left. This morning, Carol talked to her boss, Anna, and convinced her that I should be allowed to adopt all four of the boys. And since they were already at my house, they should be allowed to stay instead of being moved to another foster-home for a few weeks or months. So, that left me with four boys who only had the things they needed for a weekend. I”ve arranged with the other two families to bring the other boys” things out later this afternoon. Since I didn”t feel I”d get the same cooperation from these two, I decided to come in myself to get their stuff.”


“All right, that explains your presence, what”s the explanation for Mr. Marks and Deputy Wright being here.”


“That would be Ms. Ward”s doing. Before I came here this afternoon, she called and arranged for these two to be here to prevent possible problems. She was there for the incident last night. I guess she had a feeling this wasn”t going to go well and provided `backup” for me, as she called it. I think it best to let Deputy Wright tell the rest of the story.”


“You”re doing just fine, but I”ll let him pick it up from there.” He turned to Tom and said, “Go.”


“Yes, Sir. Mr. Marks and I arrived shortly before Mr. Sanders and we waited in our vehicles for him. When he arrived, we introduced ourselves and then rang the doorbell. Mrs. Mueller opened the door and told Mr. Sanders to leave, he had no business here. She turned back in and yelled to Mr. Mueller `Frank, get in her, it”s that pervert from last night”. Mr. Mueller then came to door and again told Mr. Sanders to `get off my property”. Mr. Sanders politely explained that was not going to happen and that he was only here to pick up the boys” belongings. Mr. Sanders then introduced Mr. Marks and myself and explained out presence.


“Mr. Mueller said he would allow the two of us in the house, but, he again told Mr. Sanders to get off his property. I informed Mr. Mueller if he did not allow Mr. Sanders in to retrieve the boys” property, I was going to place him in my car until we were done. He still refused Mr. Sanders entry into the home. After two more warnings and refusals, I placed Mr. Mueller in my unit, without handcuffs.”


“That explains his cooling it out here. Care to explain why the wife”s out here with him?”


“I”m gettin” there, boss. After placing Mr. Mueller in my unit, I explained how things were going to be to Mrs. Mueller and she started to be slightly cooperative. She led Mr. Marks and Mr. Sanders to the boys” room while I stood at the door to keep an eye on my unit and Mr. Mueller. Very shortly, Mr. Sanders called for my assistance. When I arrived çanakkale escort at the door to the room, he told me it was locked and Mrs. Mueller had said the key was lost. So, I kicked the door in.”


“You kicked the door in?” Dylan interrupted. “You mind explaining to me what led you to that brilliant course of action?”


“Yes, sir. I thought I heard someone yell for help from inside the room and thinking we might have an emergency situation, that seemed to be the most expedient way to gain access.”


“You expect me to believe that, Deputy?” Dylan asked as a slight grin broke his otherwise stoic face.


“That”s exactly what will be in my report, sir.”


“Fine, continue. I still haven”t heard how Mrs. Mueller ended up in your unit.”


“Yes, sir. Unfortunately, after we gained access to the room in question, I discovered nobody was inside. My ears must have been playing tricks on me. I led Mrs. Mueller back to the living room and told her she needed to sit on the couch and remain there until Mr. Marks and Mr. Sanders had the boys” property packed and were on their way. She responded with, and I quote, sir, `Yes, sir, asshole”. It was at that point I decided to place her in my unit with Mr. Mueller. I came back inside in case Mr. Marks or Mr. Sanders required additional assistance. Mr. Sanders called me back to the bedroom and explained that none of the boys” possessions were located within said room. I decided in that moment to call in the `Big Dog” and made a radio call requesting you be dispatched to this location. And that”s how we got here. Sir.”


Dylan turned to Brian and asked, “You have anything to add, Mr. Marks?”


“No, sir, I think they”ve covered everything pretty well.”


“Very well, let me have a discussion with the Mueller”s and see what they have to say.” Dylan headed to Tom”s car and opened the back door. A very heated and animated discussion took place that we couldn”t quite hear, but I could see Dylan”s face getting redder and could tell he was not happy with the Mueller”s. After five minutes of listening to the Mueller”s yell at him, he”d apparently heard enough as he slammed the car door in their faces, turned and came back to the three of us on the porch.


“Those two are a real piece of work, let me tell you. Mr. Sanders, Mr. Marks, you will find what you came for in the garage. These two have spent a lot time since returning home last night attempting to remove all traces of, and I quote, `those little bastard pervert faggots” from their home. All the boys” things have been thrown into garbage bags and put in the garage. They had planned to take it all out to the country tonight and burn it all. Have themselves a nice little bonfire. Said they even used rubber gloves to bag it all so they wouldn”t get any `viruses or other sick shit” by touching their things. Go through the house, open the garage door and load it up. Deputy, I”d like to have a word with you.”


Brian and I headed back into the house and followed his instructions while he had his discussion with Tom.


“Deputy, I think you”ve done excellent work here today. With the possible exception of kicking in the bedroom door,” he chuckled. “That particular move may have been just a notch or two high on the scale of acceptable actions, but I understand why you did it.”


“”Scuse me boss? You”re okay with it?” he stuttered.


“Look, Tom, I”ve known since you joined the department you were gay.” Oh, shit, here it comes, Tom thought. “I haven”t said anything about it to anybody because, quite frankly, it”s none of their damn business and you do an excellent job. I wish I had more guys with your level of competence out here. And if I”d been in your position here this afternoon, these two would be lucky to have just a door to fix.”


“Are you kidding me, sir?”


“Not at all, Tom. You”ve shown remarkable restraint today. Dealing with folks like the Mueller”s isn”t easy for any of us, but I can only imagine what it was like for you having to endure that level of homophobic abuse. Now, is there anything we can charge them with? Did they assault anyone that you witnessed? Anything besides being disgusting individuals which, unfortunately, isn”t against any law I”m aware of?”


“Uh, no sir. About the only thing I can think of we might be able to charge and make stick would be obstructing a police officer while attempting to enforce a court order.”


“Oh, I like that, Tom. Write it up and I”ll see that it”s done. I”ll deliver the papers to them myself after we see the judge Monday morning.”


“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.”


“For what, allowing you to do the job you were hired for?”


“No, sir, I”d fully expect that. About not saying anything about who I am. I”m sure the others in the department wouldn”t like it much.”


“Oh, don”t be too sure about that, Tom. You”re not the only gay man in the department.”


“I”m not? Who else?”


“Oh, no you don”t, mister. Just like I keep your confidences, I don”t talk about other”s either.”


“Understood, sir. Thanks again. Um, what about the door thing. I told them if they filed a complaint with the department, they could probably get reimbursed for the repair charges.”


“Oh, they can file any damn complaint they want to. Doesn”t mean I have to do anything with it. I have a very special file under my desk just for stupid crap like that. If they think they are getting any money from the department after the way they”ve acted, they”re smoking some really good shit.”


“Thanks again, sir. I”ll go help Mr. Sanders and Mr. Marks.”


“No problems, Deputy. When you have everything loaded up, you can let those two out and leave them here to stew in their own filth. After that, take the rest of the day off in recognition of your good work this afternoon. And remember, don”t take no shit off nobody.”


“Thank you, sir. For everything. Have a great afternoon.”


While Dylan and Tom had their discussion, Brian and I had managed to get everything loaded into our vehicles and were ready to leave. “Tom, we”re ready to get out of here. I”d like to get this stuff home and to the boys so we can start putting it away. What”s going to happen with them?” I asked pointing to his car.


“Sounds good, Max. Those two are going be charged with obstructing an officer enforcing a court order. Don”t worry, they”ll get what”s due them,” he grinned. “As soon as you two are on your way, I”m supposed to leave them here. Will you two need any help unloading when you get home, Max. I suddenly have the afternoon off and nothing else to do.”


“I think we can handle it, Tom, but you”re welcome to come out anyway. We”re going to have a little pizza party to celebrate today”s good news. Since you helped here, I”d be happy if you joined us.”


“That sounds like fun, Max. I”ll be right behind you. Go on, you two, get outta here so I can kick those two to the curb. I”ll be right behind you.”


“Sounds great, Tom. See you soon.” I turned to Brian and said, “Let”s get the hell out of here Brian. I don”t want to hear from them when they get out of the car.”


“You lead, I follow, Max.”


I hopped in the Shelby and took off with Brian right behind me. In the rear-view mirror, I watched Tom get the Mueller”s out of his car and he was quickly settled in on Brian”s bumper for the parade to my house. We pulled in my drive 20 minutes later. While I parked in the garage, Tom and Brian took spots on the concrete outside, stopping just short of the garage door. I was immediately surrounded by four jumping and whooping boys, Carol smiling in the background and two very confused looking gentlemen standing behind me.

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