BtVS: Want, Take, Have

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BtVS: Want, Take, HaveBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Want, Take, Have***** missing scene from the episode, “This Year’s Girl”, Season 5 *****The blonde awoke with a start. Her skin shimmered with a thin sheath of perspiration from the thick and humid California night air. Restless dreams clouded her brain while Egyptian cotton sheets tangled around her tanned and toned limbs. She narrowed her eyes, staring into the dark corners of her room. The pale moonlight streamed through the glass panes, moonbeams like icy fingers spread across the feather comforter.”Who’s there?” she rasped into the darkness, surprised by her own throaty voice.The figure sauntered from out of the black, her features highlighted by the limited lighting. A smile slowly formed at the corners of the dark form’s thick, bruising lips and Buffy felt her skin turn cold.”Faith,” she started. “How did you… What are you doing here?”The younger Slayer, dressed in a red tank top and black leathers, slowly crossed her arms, accentuating her exposed cleavage as she took a step closer to Buffy’s bed. Her long wavy brown hair shone against the night lighting and airily bounced with each step.”You don’t know what it’s like, B. You think you matter. You think you’re a part of something and you get dumped. It’s like the whole world is moving but you’re stuck. Like those a****ls in the tar pits. It’s like you just keep sinking a little deeper every day and nobody even sees.”Buffy laced her fingers around the sheets, suddenly feeling entirely vulnerable and exposed, while her eyes followed the graceful paces of the other Slayer who continued to rant.”I wake up to find that this blonde chick isn’t even dating the guy she was so nuts about before. I mean, she’s moved on to the first college beef stick she meets.”There was a fire in Faith’s eyes that Buffy could see even in the dimly lit bedroom. She stopped pacing and slid up to the end of Buffy’s bed, hovering over the seated, smaller blond. Her hair now appeared wild and unkempt. Faith continued on, resting and leaning her hands at the bottom of the bed. Despite the months of inactivity, the muscles of her bare arms still appeared sinewy and toned. Buffy closed her eyes at Faith’s next words.”And not only has she forgotten the love of her life, she’s forgotten all about the chick she nearly killed for him.”Faith choked and paused for a moment. Buffy opened her eyes to find herself inches from Faith’s own. Night and day… they were such opposites, yet cut from the same Slayer cloth. Faith opened her mouth to again accost the Slayer, finding her voice again, but Buffy released her grip on the sheets and instead touched the tips of her fingers to Faith’s parting lips.”Faith. I never forgot you.”Faith released a low sigh, audible only to those with Slayer senses, feeling Buffy’s fiery touch invading her skin. Buffy tentatively ran her tongue over her own lips, the pink tip barely visible, moistening and preparing the skin. Faith’s eyes widened in disbelief as Buffy carefully and deliberately narrowed the space between the two and pressed her lips against Faith’s own smouldering pair.Faith could feel her enemy Slayer’s lips parting beneath her own and she gladly slipped her rose tongue into Buffy’s mouth, slowly massaging the blonde’s tongue with her own. Each woman gasped sharply as the kiss’s intimacy heightened and metamorphosed into the mashing of mouths and clashing of teeth. Clinging, wanting, and desperate. The only sounds in the dark dorm room of locking lips and laboured breathing. Faith ran her hands through Buffy’s hair, tangling and twirling the blonde strands around her thin fingers as Buffy’s own hands wandered down to the hem of Faith’s tank top and toyed with the material.Faith shivered as Buffy’s soft hands came in contact with her bare stomach, sliding so easily over the smooth and taunt skin. Faith gasped as she felt Buffy’s mouth move from her own down to her exposed neck. “Oh, B… I… I’ve wanted you for so long.”Buffy murmured her approval. “Mmm… Faith…your skin tastes so good… good enough to eat.” Faith felt her eyes roll back as Buffy slowly sank her teeth into the delicate flesh.”Shit, B.” Faith suddenly pushed Buffy off and back onto the bed. Buffy stared up at the dark Slayer with confusion written across her heavenly features. “Faith? Wha… What’s wrong?”Faith stood up, rubbing her neck gingerly, and began to pace around the room anxiously.”You can’t just DO that, B. There are rules. Good and Evil and all that. I didn’t come here to…” Faith trailed off.”Fuck me?” Buffy questioned.Faith stared at the feminine form before her and swallowed hard, shaking her head finally, and looked out the window. Buffy tossed the covers off of her body and swung her legs over şişli escort the side of the bed feeling the coarse residence hall carpeting under her bare feet. She stood and padded over to the taller girl, dressed only in a thin a-shirt and white cotton bikini briefs. Faith glanced sideways at the girl and mentally noted how hot the night must have been for Buffy to shed her yummy sushi pyjamas. The white wife-beater was worn thin from numerous washings and hugged Buffy’s boyish waistline. Her small round breasts begged for attention from Faith’s mouth, her nipples visibly poking through the material. Jutting hip bones peeked out from atop Buffy’s modest underwear and Faith found herself wondering what the rest of Buffy’s body tasted like.Buffy laid a soft, warm hand on Faith’s bare shoulder, sending electric bolts through the brunette’s body, down to her core. She knew she was wet and Buffy had only kissed her. “Please, Faith,” she cooed. “I’ve missed you. I want this and I know you do too. I certainly haven’t been blind to all the sexual innuendoes you’ve tossed my way in the past.” A small smirk crossed Buffy’s features remembering Faith’s old post-Slayage line, “hungry and horny”.Faith shook her head again and turned away from the blond. “What about the Beefcake?” Buffy grabbed her arm and spun Faith to face her. “Riley is my boyfriend, yes.” She gently cupped Faith’s chin between her thumb and forefinger. “But Riley couldn’t even begin to comprehend what there is between you and me.” Buffy raised up on her tiptoes and gently placed a kiss on Faith’s contorted and tortured mouth.Faith felt all resistance melt away in that simple and genuine kiss and wrapped her slender arms around Buffy’s torso, giving herself up to the elder Slayer. The two tangoed sensually back to Buffy’s bed, acutely aware of the night sky turning to shades of pink and orange.Buffy gently, but forcibly, pushed the rogue Slayer onto her bed. Buffy slid onto the bed and straddled Faith’s muscular body. Faith grinned at the nimble form practically floating above her. “Damn B. I never would have figured you as a top.”Buffy grabbed the bottom of her wife-beater and slowly raised the shirt above her breasts, past her collarbone, and over her shoulders and head, haphazardly tossing the garment across the room. “I’m sure you wouldn’t have figured a lot of things about me, Faith.”Faith liked the way Buffy said her name… the way it tripped and tickled across her tongue. Faith looked up and murmured her approval, “No… Just dreamed…”Buffy brought her hands up to her own firm, upturned breasts, cupping the small globes in her hands. Faith gaped in awe at this overtly sexual creature, now tweaking and pinching her own nipples and grinding her barely covered sex against Faith’s pelvic bone. Faith clutched Buffy’s upper thighs and attempted to sit up, but placing her hands on Faith’s shoulders, the elder Slayer pinned her flat, again on her back.Buffy leaned over and yanked Faith’s red top awkwardly from her torso, being mindful of her hair, finally revealing supple, heaving cleavage confined beneath a black silken bra. Buffy breathed in the tanned sight beneath her. Tenderly, lovingly, Buffy placed small butterfly-soft kisses on Faith’s now exposed collarbone. She licked and nipped at the bare skin beneath her, eliciting small sighs and moans from her confined lover. Buffy easily slid a hand underneath Faith’s arched back and with surprising expertise, unfastened and removed the offending garment. Buffy stared hard at the brunette’s body with a glazed over look visible in her green speckled hazel eyes. “So beautiful…” she whispered.Faith cried out when she felt the first contact. Warm, wanting, wet kisses fluttering briefly over her sensitive breasts. Buffy kissed the underside of Faith’s breasts and slowly traced a line to her nipples with the tip of her tongue. Faith gasped at the sudden sensation as Buffy’s tongue lashed out and captured a nipple between her two lips, rolling it gently between her teeth, her tongue rapidly flicking the jutting jumbled nerves back and forth from within the humid cavern of her open mouth. Faith arched her back even more, holding the blonde’s mouth tight against her breast, crying out for more.Buffy’s hands wandered down to the top of Faith’s leathers, her candy mouth rotating from one delicate breast to the other. Impatient, Buffy grasped the top of Faith’s pants and pulled hard, buttons popping and zipper splitting. Faith knew she should mourn the ruin of her favourite pants, but in that moment, she could only concentrate on Buffy’s tongue and swiftly traversing fingers.Buffy slid down to belly-button level and kissed and licked the bare skin, marvelling how at her touch, Faith’s stomach şişli escort bayan tightened to form defined abdominal muscles. She slid lower still, peeling Faith’s pants off the slender calves leaving the garment rumpled and inside out at the edge of the bed. Faith’s barely there thong followed soon after. A cruel, coy smile formed on Buffy’s lips as she drank in the exposed flesh before her. “I’m gonna make you scream, lover,” she murmured.Not wanting to waste any more precious moonlight, Buffy ran her hand down Faith’s stomach one final time before parting Faith’s lips with her fingers and sinking two digits deep into the younger Slayer’s core. It was all Faith could do to stop herself from screaming. Buffy slowly withdrew her now-coated fingers, feeling Faith’s inner walls quickly adjusting to the sudden intrusion. She lazily slid her fingers up and down the rogue Slayer’s slit, rubbing Faith’s juices over the smooth, shaved skin. Buffy raised her fingers to her own mouth, Faith’s intoxicating scent filling the blonde Slayer’s nostrils, and she carefully licked her fingers clean. Faith moaned at the sight of this gorgeous creature feasting on her essence. “I knew you were good enough to eat,” Buffy smirked.Faith released a low growl, quickly pouncing on her cocky partner, reversing roles. She pinned the smaller Slayer’s delicate wrists above the blonde halo of hair with her right hand while the left roughly fondled Buffy’s small bare breasts, rolling the delicate nipples between her fingers. “Let’s see who screams first, B,” Faith challenged.Buffy lifted her hips off of the bed, straining for some form of contact. Faith denied her plea and instead revelled at the sight of the frustrated blonde pinned beneath her. ‘Damn… I did that to Buffy Anne Summers?!’ she thought to herself with a smile. It was as though along with her clothing, Buffy’s innocence, her righteousness, her unattainability had been stripped away as well. But she remained perfect, if not more so without her characteristically prudish clothing hiding the gentle dip at her waist, jutting hip bones, and heaving cleavage. Faith shook her head suddenly, to bring her back to this moment. The Chosen One began to whimper underneath Faith’s grasp, not from physical pain, but rather frustration. “Please, Faith,” she started. “No more games.””Actually, I think it has to be exactly like…” Faith trailed off. “…this.” Faith’s features clouded over as she finished her sentence and memories flashed of a setting and time when the two Slayers did not keep such intimate company. “Faith… stay with me,” Buffy pleaded.There was something in her voice that snapped Faith back yet again, like an anchor tethering her down, away from all the evil and darkness in Faith’s twisted past. No matter what pathway Faith had travelled before, she knew she could only follow Buffy’s path from this point on. After this night… nothing would be the same…Faith lowered her head down to Buffy’s and softly covered the elder girl’s soft, inviting mouth with her own. Buffy moaned into Faith and again attempted to grind herself on Faith’s pelvic bone, craving more stimulation. Faith breathed heavily, directly into Buffy’s ear, and the smaller girl squirmed and began her own heavy breathing. Buffy groaned as Faith slid the tip of her tongue up her slender neck to her earlobes that received prompt attention from Faith’s chewing and nipping mouth.Faith slid lower down Buffy’s body, gently releasing her grip on Buffy’s hands. She kissed and licked a trail down Buffy’s torso, stopping briefly to stimulate the sensitive nipples, growing hard under Faith’s touch, her tongue, her teeth. Faith placed deliberate kisses on Buffy’s stomach, down to her hips, licking the bone hard, peeking out above her unflattering underwear. Faith ran her fingers up the outsides of Buffy’s thighs and curled them underneath the cotton material, ready to remove the garment. But not just yet.Buffy breathed in sharply when she felt the sudden heat and moisture as Faith breathed over her covered skin. Faith placed her mouth over Buffy’s cotton-clad sex and gently tongued the blonde slayer’s clit through the soft material. Buffy groaned at the sensation of the wet material brushing and rubbing against her sensitive skin. Faith continued to flick Buffy’s clit back and forth, rolling the nub around, breathing warm wet air onto the covered space until one could no longer differentiate where Faith stopped and Buffy’s own wetness began. The blonde began to squirm underneath Faith’s wet touch and the younger slayer could sense the frustration and impatience.With one smooth motion, Faith pulled Buffy’s remaining clothing past those delicious hips, down… down… down her slender mecidiyeköy escort bayan legs. Faith grinned broadly from her perch at the bottom of the bed, Buffy’s underwear in hand. “I think I may just want a souvenir of this night, B,” she toyed. Buffy laughed at her partner.”Hopefully I’ll give you something better to remember…” Buffy flirted.”But not yet,” Faith chided. “Mine.” Her eyes roamed over the body of the now naked Slayer and Faith u*********sly ran her tongue along her own pouty, red lips. She licked her way back up to Buffy’s core, up her legs, kissing the backs of Buffy’s knees, and tracing her tongue up her inner thighs. Faith nipped at the delicate skin of Buffy’s inner thighs, forcing Buffy to hiss from the sudden stimulation.Want.Faith breathed in deeply, swimming in Buffy’s natural aroma, a scent she knew all so well from fighting side by side with the Chosen One – a scent that distracted her on so many nights when the two would barely survive a particularly heated battle. Tentatively, Faith inched her tongue closer and closer to Buffy’s satin skin. She slipped her tongue along the outside folds of Buffy’s lips, tasting the desire of the older Slayer. Buffy sighed and closed her eyes at the sudden satisfaction of finally feeling the talented tongue of Faith touching her so intimately. Faith gently parted Buffy’s lips, blowing cold air onto the exposed skin and sank her tongue deep inside.”Oh God, Faith…” Buffy’s hands immediately went to Faith’s head forcing her tongue deeper into Buffy’s wet sex. Faith nuzzled her nose against Buffy’s swollen clit, practically feeling the Slayer’s heart beat through the tiny bit of skin.Take.Faith withdrew her tongue and immediately replaced it with two long fingers. The blonde Slayer gasped at the sensation. “Faith… oh god. I’m so wet for you.”Faith pushed her fingers deep inside and remained motionless while she captured Buffy’s tiny bud between her lips, sucking on the skin. Buffy felt her insides flood and scream for more.”Ohh… fuck me… Please, Faith. I need your fingers,” she rasped. Faith slid her two fingers out of Buffy and pushed them back in hard, attacking Buffy’s insides with even and steady strokes. Buffy bit her bare arm to keep from screaming aloud as Faith continued her assault. Faith could feel Buffy’s inner walls clamping tightly around her fingers, the only sounds in the room of Buffy’s wet sex.The brunette closed her eyes, freeing her mind of her forgettable past: no more mortal wounds, or mayors, or murders, or betrayal. All that existed was the exquisite blonde wrapped around her fingers and the burning ache between her own legs. Faith lapped and tongued Buffy’s now engorged clit while she continued to thrust her fingers in and out of Buffy, the elder Slayers legs and thighs quivering with pleasure around Faith’s ears.”Oh, Faith… I’m gonna…” Buffy gasped suddenly. “I… I’m so… so… close. I… oh god. Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she rambled. Faith removed her mouth from Buffy’s clit and stared deep into Buffy’s pleading eyes.”That’s it, baby. Just let it go. Cum for me, B. Let yourself go,” Faith coaxed as she quickened her strokes. Buffy groaned loudly, feeling Faith’s fingers filling her up. She felt so out of control, her hips rising up to meet each of Faith’s thrusts. Faith had to make her cum. Had to have control. Had to make her feel. Had to make her feel Faith.”Oh, Faith. Fuck. Fuck. It’s so good. I can’t… I… oh God. Oh yes. Your fingers. Yes.” Buffy’s body shook uncontrollably and bounced around the bed, practically fucking herself on Faith’s hand. Faith took once last glance at the girl. “You’re so fucking hot, B,” she murmured, more to herself than anyone, and again captured Buffy’s clit between her parted lips.”Oh shit!” Buffy screamed, her body jolting upright in bed. She grabbed Faith’s head with her own hands and placed gentle, but desperate pressure on the back of the brunette’s head, entangling her fingers in her locks. “Faith. I’m. Fuckkkkkkkkk!!” Buffy felt the sudden wave of heat and pleasure rake over her entire body starting deep in her hot core, expanding to her fingertips and painted toenails as the orgasm took over.Faith looked up when she heard a soft *thump* and felt Buffy relax her grip on her now-tangled hair to see her lover had fallen backwards again on the bed. Faith slowly and gently eased her saturated fingers out of Buffy and lovingly soothed the tender skin with tiny licks. She crawled up, shakily; her arms sore and legs nearly asleep due to the prior frozen position. Buffy’s eyes were closed slightly, a small smile of satisfaction clearly displayed across her pink mouth.Faith snuggled into the blonde’s naked form, pulling up with her the tangled bed sheets to cover the two, and rested her head on the smaller slayer’s bare chest. Both women breathed in deeply and slowly exhaled without words. Faith felt Buffy’s gentle touch, the blonde stroking her dark lover’s soft tresses. The sun was nearly awake.Have.

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