b**sts under the bed…PT1

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b**sts under the bed…PT10I tossed my bags on the motel bed, looked around and wished I was home, but somehow all this brought back fond memories of my travels in the military. I started unpacking my suitcases and loading up the closets and dressers since I was going to be in town for several weeks. I started noticing a noise and creaking along the walls, slowly I walked along the wall touching the wallpaper that felt like silk under my fingers and seemed to move with my hands. So strange and erotic but in Vegas who knew what strange and erotic things thay had, but it was so fun to touch and watch the paper move to my hands as I played and teased it, I couldnt seem to stop myself. I pulled out my books that I was studying for the inspections that were coming up and drifted along in my reading. Suddenly I started hearing the creaking and now clawing noises again, I jumped up and looked around, walked to the door and opened it slightly thinking someone must be pushing and playing along the wall outside. No such luck, maybe just a figment of my imagination.I jumped back on the bed feeling rather heated and wanting some attention and stripped down to my lace panties and my t-shirt. The air conditioning making my nipples hard as I laid there enjoying the feel of my fingers playing under my panties and the air blowing over my body. My hand slowly made it way down my between my legs, and I peeling my thong off and tossed it to the ground and began rubbing softly against my clit. I was having thoughts of a chat I had on a local adult website I had. My hand sped up, and circled my clit. I could almost feel his cock rubbing against my pussy lips. I bit at my lower lip as my hand went fast and my pussy became warm and wet, and my head tilted back as I slide my hand up under my shirt to squeeze my nipple. Then all of a sudden a very loud squeek and creak from the walls had me popping my eyes open. My hands sped back to my sides as I sat up…surprised, angered, and now frustrated as I looked around.Nothing irregular was in site! I waited trying to hear the sound again, but nothing. I sighed and layed back again, my pussy craving attention. I closed balıkesir escort my eyes, letting my hand slide down back between my pussy lips, slowly spreading my lips and playing with my clit. I slipped two fingers deep into my pussy, curling my fingers to hit that wonderful spot…and then I heard that damn creak again…I chose to ignore it this time. I felt myself tremble but not sure if it was me or the bed moving. I furiously kept rubbing my clit almost to the point of ignorant bliss..juices running out of my pussy and then it hit so hard. One huge orgasm after another causing me to squirt as I rubbed more and more on my clit and flung my fingers in and out of my pussy. I cried out as I felt orgasm after orgasm rush through me and my legs trembling and pussy squeezing down hard. The creaking had never gone away and was now even more pronounced, it took a moment for my eyes to focus, but my ears were could hear just fine and the noise was coming from under my bed. I squinted as I got on my elbows, one hand rubbing my eyes to help focus. My eyes finally managed to clear themselves and I was able to clearly see the creature emerging from under my bed.What a magnificent creature, all white and glowing…scale like projections. While I could see the b**st making it’s way out, my mind could not comprehend what was happening, it was beauty and yet it thought monsters only come out from under the bed. A large, dragon like creature, it was truly all white, and four powerful arms at it’s side, two large legs and a long scaled tail swinging about as it began to stand. It had a long neck leading to an uneven scaled head, a large mouth lined with sharp teeth, and two blue eyes with amber colored centered eyes. What a stricking creature, I was frightened and even more aroused when I noticed that this dragon was a male standing before me, his gigantic members hanging low between his legs.”OH…my…gawd..wtf…” I murmured as I tried to back away, but my back hit the headboard. “fuck, fuck, fuck!!!” was all I could say as I rolled to my side looking at the door.The dragon seemed to grin as it looked down, towering over my smaller form. escort balıkesir Its long tail snaked out and locked the door, I gulped hard and looked toward the window that was open. I gulped again and tried to move toward the window but when the dragon stalked forward I froze, his tail swinging left to right and he shut the window down.I half thought that perhaps he was going to eat me, or worse take me under the bed, never to be seen again.As the dragon grew nearer, he slowed, almost as if he were trying to calm me. I could see and sense his thoughts and what he was trying to say to me, like he was emiting some kind d**g via a mental connection. He stretched out a hand, and one very sharp claw pointed directed at me, it was like he willed his thoughts to me that he wouldnt hurt me but only give me please, and immediately my body and mind relaxed. My body began to grow warm again and my pussy began to ache as it grew moist. My eyes darted back down to the dragon’s giant cock which was now fully erect and pointed right at me. It was scaled like the rest of his body, and appeared to be jagged. I reached out, touching the smooth scales of the dragon. The scales were malleable, bending easily with my touch.The dragon reached out both its bottom hands and grabbed me by the shoulders, gently pushing me down onto my knees. The top two hands grabbed my silkly auburn hair and pulled me towards his cock. I licked my lips and opened my mouth, my mind racing as the tip of his giant cock pushed past my lips. My tongue slid under cock, sliding along the most sensitive parts of the dragons cock. His very long black tongue slithered out and circled all the way down to my sensitive pussy. His saliva dripping between my legs and sliding between my tight ass cheeks. His tongue pressed up against my pussy and moved up and down, vibrating between my moist pussy lips. He also thrust forward, jamming a quarter of his cock into my mouth, the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat, making me gag as he tried to force it down my throat. I tried to breathe through my noise, but was still light headed as the dragon pulled his cock back out. balıkesir escort bayan His tongue pressed in and pushed past my tight pussy as his cock pulled back in my mouth. I couldnt help but moan as I felt the warm, thick tongue slither into my hole. His tongue came out and slid past my pussy, down my crack and circle my clenched ass. I moaned as his tongue pushed into my tight ass. His long tail snaked between my legs and pushed into my wide open pussy…the only thing I could think was that this dragon had all my hole filled and was pushing me to my limits of pleasure. The dragons tail trembled inside me and I felt a warm liquid shoot out deep into my pussy, as the the tail slide out, bits of the clear lube like substance flew out and clung to my pussy lips. The dragon pulled out its tongue, and circling my ass once more slipped back into his maul. He finally pulled his cock from my mouth, and grabbed ahold of my legs spreading them wide, positioning his thick scaled cock between my legs. I readied myself as I felt the tip of his cock press in, spreading my wet pussy lips wide open. The dragons lower arms held my waist and the others held onto my breasts. He gave my tits a hard squeeze and pinched my nipples, then rammed his thick scaly cock into me. I cried out in pleasre as I felt the large rounded tip push in. I felt another of the large scales slip into my pussy and then another, each sending wave after wave of extreme pleasure. His sharp claws squeezing my large sensitive nipples, sending mixtures of pain and pleasure through me. I couldnt help but arch my back as his cock pushed deeper into me, each scale on his cock continued to push in and give me extreme pleasure as it rubbed along my pussy and clit, all making my toes point to the ceiling and curl in pleasure.The dragon grunted and growled low in my ear as he hammered more of his cock into me. His tail looped back and began to tease my ass, circling and vibrating against my clinched hole. I couldnt help but moan and growl so deep in pleasure, as half the dragons cock pressed deep into me. He began to pull out, the back of each ridged scale hitting my sensitive spot. The tail pushed into my tight ass as his cock slid out, once the tip of the tail pushed in, it burst out its warm clear liquid, lubricating the way.”Oh fuck!! YES! YES!! Fuck me you beautiful b**st, just fuck me!” I screamed as I felf my body shake uncontrollably.(tbc)

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