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So my title caught your attention, did it? I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. What you don’t know, however, is I’m the right shoe. You can even call me Righty if you like. Of course, you don’t have to call me anything, since you’ll be reading this. My companion, Lefty, and I belong to a lovely young lady named Allie Smithers. Yes, that’s right, I really AM a right shoe. Crimson, velvet, with a three inch heel, to be precise. You know how you’ve heard the expression ‘Boy, if these walls could only talk’? Well, I can’t really talk, per se, but I have found a way to tell those who might be interested about some of the things that Allie has experienced in her young life.

I know you’re probably curious, at least a tiny bit, how I came to be able to convey my thoughts to paper, and for that matter, how I came to HAVE thoughts in the first place. Suffice to say, Allie likes antiques and antique shops, and I just happened to be on her foot the day she bumped into an old copper kettle with my toe. This kettle just happened to be the home of a certain type of magical being, who presides over inanimate objects, and has power over them. This being is a very nosy sort, and is always curious about the ways of the Human, especially the Human Female. That being the case, the being took one look at Allie and decided it wanted to know more of what went on in her life, particularly her love life.

The next thing I knew, I was aware of my surroundings and could understand speech and ‘see’, even though I had no eyes. It’s some sort of telepathic hookup with Allie, so that I experience whatever she does, while I’m in the room with her, whether she’s wearing me or not. Whatever I am aware of is then transmitted to Kettle Dweller (I don’t really know what to call the being, so that works well enough) to enjoy or whatever magical entities feel. K. D. also decided that it might be interesting if I could project words onto paper so that it could share the experiences later with other magical folk. Now, as I ‘send’ everything to K.D., the images are transmitted into words and captured, as well as my own thoughts on the matter.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what Allie looks like. She’s 21 years old and very pretty from what I can tell in comparing her with other females. She’s 5’3″ when she’s not wearing us, has long copper-coloured hair that falls to the middle of her back, and bright green eyes that sparkle when she laughs, which is often. Her complexion is very fair, but she doesn’t have freckles. She has a lovely figure, with an ample bosom, a small waist, and very shapely legs. I’ve heard men call her lips ‘kissable’, and they do look soft. Her hands are very soft when she touches me to slip me on, and her fingers are long and slender. She has a great sense of style, and knows what she likes and what compliments her. She normally wears very feminine things during the daytime, floating skirts and soft peasant blouses, but when she goes out at night, she dresses very sensually. It’s never trashy, but very enticing.

Allie has a way about her that draws people to her, both men and women. She’s always open and warm, with a genuine sweetness in the way she treats everyone. I’ve heard her really let her date have it a few times for being rude to someone, and I’ve felt her anger as we headed home alone, with my heel tapping hard against the pavement. Injustice and bad manners are both something for which she has no patience. She has a sharp wit and a good sense of humor as well. She seems to know people wherever she goes, and if she doesn’t when she enters a place, she will by the time she leaves. She also takes great care of her things, and it is a joy to be owned by her. Before she ever puts Lefty and me away, she always cleans us carefully until we look brand new. I guess you can tell by now that I’m very fond of my owner.

I know, however, you didn’t start reading this story to hear me gush on and on about how wonderful Allie is, except maybe in the bedroom. I am getting to that, believe me, but first I thought you should know more about her, especially before reading about any intimate encounters. The first encounter I was ever a witness to happened shortly after I became ‘aware’. Allie had gotten dressed for a party that night, and she looked hot. She was wearing a little red dress that left her shoulders bare and had a bit of a plunging neckline, just showing a hint of cleavage. The hem of the dress fell about mid-way between her hips and knees, showing a good bit of shapely leg. When she wears us, her legs look even better, so we were definitely on her feet that night. She dabbed some perfume on her pulse points, checked her makeup in the mirror, and was ready to go.

Allie’s best friend, Marissa, was giving the party and she had been dying to introduce Allie to her handsome and unattached cousin, who was visiting their fair city for a bit. She felt the two of them would have a wonderful time together while he was in town, so she was eager for the meeting to take place. Hugging Allie the moment she walked in the door, Marissa grabbed her by the hand and tugged her across the room where a tall man with dark hair that brushed his shoulders eskort bursa stood, talking with some other people. As soon as he saw Allie, his eyes were riveted to her. I felt her catch her breath just slightly as she looked into his cobalt orbs.

“Ian, this is Allie,” Marissa said, smiling. He took Allie’s hand in his own and kissed it.

“Charmed, ” he said, a slight accent lilting in his deep voice.

“As am I,” Allie said, smiling warmly. Looking at Marissa, she nodded. “You were right, my friend, he is breathtaking!” The group laughed, and gradually the others faded away, leaving the two new friends alone.

Ian caught her elbow and steered her toward the rather large balcony. Marissa had a lovely view of the river and all the lights along it at night, and music was softly playing as they stepped outside. Being tuned into Allie’s thoughts, I knew that his warm fingers were causing little thrills of excitement to shiver down her spine. At that moment, there were two other couples outside talking, but gradually the others returned indoors, leaving the space for them alone. They talked quietly of their lives, all the mundane small talk that people make when getting to know one another, but there was no discomfort or uncomfortable silences between them. There was a connection sparking between them. Ian had released her elbow when they had seated themselves on a small glider, but he kept lightly touching her hand, or sometimes her knee, never leaving his fingers there for long, but long enough to make her tremble inside.

No one ventured onto the balcony as the evening wore on, and they began to speak of more intimate details of their lives. Allie learned that Ian had broken up with the woman he had been seeing for five years, after finding out that he was one of five other men she was dating. He would have had no problem with that fact, had he been made aware of it when they first started dating, but she made each man think he was exclusive with her, then became angry when caught. He had been alone and not dating anyone for almost a year. Ian learned that Allie had not been seeing anyone since she had been dumped on her 21st birthday by the older man she’d been dating, who had informed her that now that she was 21, she was ‘too old’ for him. She could laugh about it now, but at the time that had been quite a slap in the face.

Ian shook his head. “What an idiot he must have been…to let such a lovely creature slip through his fingers…” he murmured softly, taking her chin in his hand and tilting her lips so that he could capture them with his own.

The kiss was all that a kiss should be; deep, passionate, and filled with desire for more. They took a breath, and kissed again, tongues dancing lightly, making promises to one another. His hands were on her shoulders and hers were caressing the back of his neck as he pulled her closer. I could feel her excitement, as the kiss deepened even more. Her nipples had hardened and were rubbing against the fabric of her silky bra, and a slight wetness had begun to pool between her thighs. He slid his hands down her back and lifted her onto his lap, her skirt riding up a bit, as she straddled him. She could feel his excitement as well, pressing into her womanhood. She gasped with pleasure, and tilted her head back, allowing him access to her throat. His lips moved along the soft skin, his tongue sliding along her pounding pulse, tasting her, then he claimed her lips again.

It was all Allie could do not to take him right there on the balcony. On one hand, the idea was purely exciting, knowing that anyone could walk out and catch them at any moment. On the other, she didn’t wish to embarrass Ian or her friend Marissa by having wild sex on the glider. If she didn’t stop soon, her body was going to decide for her, so she pulled back a bit, and looked into Ian’s deep gaze. She saw the understanding in his eyes, and smiled, then removed herself from his lap. He sat for a moment, trying to gain control of himself, then rose. Taking his hand, Allie walked back into the apartment, glancing around for Marissa. They found her in the kitchen, and she grinned at the two of them, seeing they looked a bit disheveled.

“Going somewhere?” she queried innocently, a sly glint in her blue eyes.

“Mmm, yes….I thought I’d show Ian some of the other sights around,” Allie explained.

“Oh…..bit late for that, wouldn’t you say?” The clock chimed 1 a.m. just as Marissa made the comment. “Well, there are still….sights….to be seen,” Allie said meaningfully, and all three laughed.

“Have fun you two….I’ll see you tomorrow, Cousin,” Marissa said gleefully, giving them both a kiss, and shooing them toward the door.

They waited for a taxi, holding hands the entire time. As soon as they were in the cab and the address had been given, Ian turned to her and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately, completely unmindful of the driver. I could almost feel his hunger for her, it was so intense. He slid a hand up her back and then forward, so that he was caressing the side of her left breast. It felt so wonderful to her, she began squirming a bit, and the wetness bursa ucuz eskort bayan below intensified. Feeling her response, he continued his ministrations, moving his thumb forward and urging her nipple into a harder nub. She slid her left leg over his lap, opening herself slightly, grinding against his knee. Her silk and lace panties were drenched by now, and the wetness seeped into the fabric of his dark trousers. He growled softly against her parted lips, and slid his hand further towards her breast, his palm covering the entire ripe globe. She moaned, grinding a bit more and arching her back slightly. I could feel the tension in her slender frame, could feel her toes curling slightly inside me, and knew she wanted this man in her bed desperately.

The taxi driver cleared his throat, and both Allie and Ian realized that they were stopped by her apartment building. I ‘saw’ that he was grinning at them, and deduced that they had been sitting there a few moments, while he watched them, enjoying the passion in his backseat. Ian paid the man, and he and Allie quickly moved on their way up to her apartment. As soon as they were in the elevator and the doors had closed, Ian pulled her to him, taking her lips again, and pressing her back against the mirrored wall of the elevator. He pushed his pelvis into Allie’s, and she could feel his hardness against her taut belly. He grasped her hips, then slid his hands around to cup her firm bottom, kneading her cheeks softly, pulling her as tightly against his body as he could. His dark eyes were half-closed as he kissed her exposed throat, his fingers working on the zipper at the back of her dress, obviously wanting to see what delights awaited him. Her breathing was labored and her heart was pounding, as she felt the dress opening slowly, the zipper beginning its descent. I knew she wanted to find the words to make him pause, at least until they were in the privacy of her apartment, but she couldn’t speak.

Ian had exposed Allie’s breasts, still bound in the red silk strapless bra she had donned earlier that night, and the heat of his gaze seemed to scorch her. She felt her nipples distending the sheer fabric, as if they were begging him to taste their sweetness. His tongue ran lightly over his lips, almost as though he could already savor the feeling of the buds beneath its touch. Slowly, his head moved forward and she could feel his warm breath caressing her breast through the sexy garment. She found herself pulling his head toward her body, and I could feel just how much she wanted his mouth on her. He caught her wrist and moved her hand to his fly, letting her feel the throbbing heat waiting for her. Lightly his tongue tapped her nipple, almost too soft a touch to even feel, and yet Allie shivered with the delight of it. Ian laughed low in his throat, the sound vibrating the air near her barely covered flesh. He placed a soft kiss on the nipple, and then moved back to her lips, crushing her to him again.

The elevator bell sounded at last, and Allie tried to adjust her dress a bit, in case any of her neighbors might be about, but at this time of morning, it was doubtful. They made their way to her door, and I could feel Ian’s eyes following the sway of her hips as if they were my own. She pulled out her key, and then they were inside the apartment. He locked the door and looked at her for a long moment, before stepping forward to catch her wrists again.

“You are so very lovely.” His words were husky as his eyes devoured her.

“Thank you…you are too.” She felt silly the moment she said it, but he chuckled appreciatively.

“Why, thank you. I don’t know that a beautiful woman has ever called me lovely before, but I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Allie blushed, and Ian chuckled again, and pulled her slowly toward him. Without a word, he tilted her chin and captured her lips, his kiss the most passionate yet. His tongue invaded her mouth, touching each and every corner, sliding along her own, making her knees weak. He kept kissing her, feeling her tremble, but holding her up, not releasing her. She clung to his shoulders and gave up all control to him. He began moving with her, toward the plush sofa that he had obviously glimpsed in the dim lamplight. Allie always kept a couple of lamps burning so she never came home to a dark apartment. Ian dropped to the sofa, pulling her unresisting form with him, onto his lap. He helped her move to straddle him again, and pulled her tight against the hardness of his cock, pushing against her netherlips just enough to tease. His fingers were on her zipper again, and this time, he pulled the dress down to her waist, exposing both firm and lovely breasts encased in the silky red fabric. His thumbs found her nipples quickly and he teased them, kissing her over and over again, until she had no breath left.

Ian’s fingers were everywhere at once, or so it seemed. They ran through the thickness of her hair, over her shoulders, playing with her breasts, then down to her legs and under the hem of her skirt. She had soaked through her panties at this point, and the wet fabric rubbed pleasantly against bursa merkez eskort her clit and pussy lips each time he ground his hard shaft against her. He teased her, pushing her skirt higher and higher each time his hands wandered to her thighs. Her fingers finally found the buttons of his black shirt and eagerly opened them, exposing his muscular and lightly furred chest. She ran her palms over the front of his chest, across his nipples and lower, pulling his shirt out of his very well-fitting dark trousers. She slipped it off his shoulders, and he shrugged it the rest of the way off, leaving his upper half completely bare. I could feel the admiration radiating from her at the sight of his bare flesh. His hands moved to her shoulders, holding her firmly, as his head dipped forward slowly. Allie watched as his mouth covered her right breast, and then she threw her head back in pleasure as he took her nipple into his mouth and began suckling her. His tongue lapped at her, and when he had thoroughly soaked the thin fabric of her bra, he moved to the other breast, and proceeded to lavish attention on it as well.

Allie’s dress was crumpled around her waist at this point, and although she was still wearing her lingerie, she might as well have been naked as all of it was dripping wet and see-through. She still wore both me and my mate and showed no intention of removing us anytime soon. Ian pulled back for a moment, and slipped off both his shoes, pushing them aside with a foot. “Just a second, Love,” he murmured, and rose, slipping her dress down her legs and dropping it on the floor, then he gently pushed her back onto the sofa, and pushed her thighs apart. She could see his erection straining against his fly, and he appeared to be as well-endowed as he felt. He looked her up and down and smiled, then knelt beside the sofa and leaned in so that his hot breath caressed her inner thighs. His lips moved slowly up to the leg of her panties, then back down, never touching where she wanted them most. His hands were on her breasts again, kneading them softly. Her hands moved to the back of his head, urging him forward, wanting him to taste her. He laughed low in his throat, and continued to tease, ignoring her frantic but silent pleas. Finally, when it seemed she would pass out from the utter desire that inflamed her, his mouth settled over her mound, and his tongue flicked her clit through the soaked fabric.

Allie cried out with the intense pleasure of the sensation, and immediately was thrust into her first orgasm of the night. As she thrashed beneath him, Ian lavished attention on her netherlips, sucking her clit and lapping at her until she began to settle again. She blinked, her legs trembling from her display, and he smiled at her. She returned the smile, her eyes wide and a bit glazed. He sat up and removed his socks, but left his trousers on for the moment. He ran his fingers over her slit, and then brought them to his nose, taking in her scent.

“Mmmmmm….delicious. Allie, you taste wonderful.” He licked his lips appreciatively. “However,” he continued, “I think it’s time I saw all of you uncovered.”

Ian reached out and deftly unhooked the front clasp of her bra, releasing her firm breasts. Immediately his hands covered them, enjoying the feel of Allie’s soft flesh beneath his skin. Leaning forward, he took her left nipple in his mouth and began licking it to hardness again. As soon as the nub had risen to his satisfaction, he lapped at the right nipple, teasing it to rigidness as well. Sitting up again, he caught the waistband of the scrap of fabric still adorning her hips and slid it off, tossing the panties to the side. Her toes curled inside us again, as he kissed his way over her flat stomach downward, until his lips caressed warm, bare, smooth flesh. He pushed her thighs wide apart, and begin feasting on her pussy as if he had never gone down on a woman before. Her toes curled tighter than before, as she gasped in rapture at the feel of his mouth and tongue on her bare skin. The tip of his tongue entered her opening and delved as deeply as it could reach. Allie’s feet slipped over his shoulders and we rested on his muscular back. She had her hands tangled in his hair again, urging him into her. His thumbs were on her nipples, as she gushed into his mouth, letting him taste her sweetness fully this time, with no clothing in the way.

As long as Allie continued to thrash beneath his mouth, Ian drank her in. Finally, she stilled, her legs trembling and our heels still resting on his shoulders, her ankles crossed behind his neck. He licked his lips, smiled devilishly at her, and rose. Stretching for a moment, he asked, “Where’s your bedroom, love?” Too out of breath to speak, she pointed down the hallway. With scarcely any effort, he scooped her up in his arms and carried her down the hallway to the last door on the left. The shape of her queen-sized bed was a dark shadow against the other shadows in the room. He laid her down, found a lamp beside the bed and flicked it on, then proceeded to disrobe. His trousers and briefs came off in one swoop, as if they were sewn together. Now he stood before her, completely nude, his erection standing tall and proud, a small drop of pre-cum glistening on the end. His cock was thick, and appeared to be a hearty 8 inches in length. She licked her lips unconsciously at the sight of his naked form, for he was a beautiful man. He would make a wonderful sculpture in pure white marble, she thought.

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