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Subject: Browsing at the Mall (24) This is a. Fictional story about some of the hot guys I have seen at the mall. It could be any mall in the IS. But what you find there is hot. It is of course only fiction as I cannot assume any of these men would have a gay encounter of any sort. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Browsing at the Mall (24) … I was back at the mall for work again one day. Counting clothes in the mens department of the main anchor store. Just standing minding my business as I did my job. I was running a little late in my counts as the other person who was supposed to be there with me that did did not show. “Dumb bitch” I huffed “Now I will be here later than normal.” Usually I was out before many customers were in at the stores I did the inventory for. But the counters and racks were a bit if a mess today. So I eas still there when customers were mulling around the store. It happens sometimes. And they usually ignore me and I them. Then I looked over as I was at one of the shirt racks. I noticed a burly looking dude with a big thick heavy beard at the perfume counter. His beard was so thick it was down his neck. Covering the neck completely from view. He was above average in height. Maybe near 6 feet. But definitely rugged looking in that shirt and jeans. The polo shirt he had on was so tight that it was like form fitted on his front. His chest and belly seemed to push at the material. And you could see the shape of him. His butt was big and full in the jeans too. So of course my eyes fell there. But the shirt was the one that caught me off guard. Too tight. “Looks odd” I said as I glanced at him. He looked stuffed into it. Not that he was ugly or anything like that. He did look almost rough though. Like a biker. His arms were above average in size. Like he had worked with his hands. His belly pushed at the shirt and looked odd to say the least. But then he turned enough for me to see more. Pulling away from the counter I saw what was a very very sizeable bulge in his jeans. The lump was indicator that this rugged looking dude was packing something big in them. Something ominously big. My eyes locked onto it and I felt my self lick lips as I stared at the dude. But as I looked up to see him again, tuzla eve gelen escort he was looking at me. “Fuck!” I huffed “He saw me staring” I pulled away and back. Grabbing my counting gun and trying to move to another area. I looked about like I was doing something else. And away from the rack I was at. Then to another like I was a customer or something looking about. And I thought all was good as I looked up and he appeared to have move on. That was until I came back around amd he was standing in the aisle before me. “Hey man” he said “Saw you looking over” “Do I know you?” “You look like my next fuck” He said that quite matter of fact. This comment about his ‘next fuck’. And the dude already had his hand down by his big full crotch. And up closer it was almost frightening in its size. His hand barely covering the very scary looking lump down there. Then he looked at my equipment. My gun and then my badge. Realizing I was working. But seeming to know what I was doing. “You are working here aren’t you?” He asked “I have seen you guys around before” “Inventory counters, right?” He smiled a near wicked smile and then left his crotch. Letting get a full on view if his huge bulge. It was almost pushing outward from his jeans. A large mound of stuffed something under them. “What time you get off here?” He plainly asked Then he leaned in closer and I could smell the cologne he had tried before. “I wanna plow your hot ass.” He just said “I will be around” “Jake” he added as his name Then he pulled away and walked off. I felt my hunger kick in almost instantly. I knew i had to have this dude. So I grabbed my gear and followed him. I reached him and called at him. I then told him I would be here dor another hour or so. But then told him where to wait for me. He smiled at me as he saw my lust filled eyes. I licked at my lips when he took the info I gave him. Saying he would be there waiting. That he was super horny and wanted to fuck me into the floor. He groped at the huge bulge and then walked away again. “See ya later pussy hole” he growled I watched his beefy butt as he walked off. Then rushed back to get my counts done fast. It was dine in 45 minutes. I finished and loaded all my codes into the system. Then I sent an message to tuzla otele gelen escort my boss saying I was finished. She said ‘great’ and if I wanted to head out early to do so. “Thanks” I sent back I grabbed my gear and left the mall. I headed out to the car and dumped my stuff there. Then I headed backhoe the mall and into the back area that I had told the burly man to go to meet me. I turned thr corridor and into ‘my area’ as I called it. Then went to ‘my room’ and opened the door and stepped in. I looked inside and the dude was standing there already naked. Save for his boxers shorts. And they were stuffed, a lot. My eyes widened as i gazed at the huge bulging lump un the boxers. Jake played with the huge full crotch. Moving around a very scary looking thing under his hand. It went to the side and down the leg of his boxers. And then he squeezed at it. That was when the tip poked out from under the leg. “Holy shit!” I chirped “That looks huge” “It is” he declared “So why don’t you get your gay ass down on your knees and suck it” With that he pulled at the leg of his shorts and out fell about a third of one if the biggest cocks I had ever seen. He was not even fully hard yet and had to be easily 8 inches now. I gulped down a heavy swallow of saliva as I stared at the thing punching out under the leg of his shorts. And a sudden trepidation of doing anything with this guy was a predominant thought. “How big is that thing?” I finally asked. “10” was all he said “Now come on and suck it man” I did as he wanted. Even passed my immediate fear of his schlong I still wanted to at least suck it. So I fell to my knees and grabbed at his protruding dick. It was thick and still as I said not at full mast. So as I could barely reach around it now, I wondered how much thicker it would get too. I then started to stroke at the shaft of his dick. It quickly responded as it flexed in my hand. And as I felt the huge thing I started to get very hungry. So I leaned in and then slipped my mouth over it. I then began to suck on his huge dick. Sliding up and down about 6 inches of him. And as he continued to grow, i began to have issue with his big dick. “Hmm. That feels good man” he huffed “Just what I needed” “A great mouth on my dick” I continued to tuzla sınırsız escort slurp up and down on his huge cock. Sliding my hot lips around that cock. Trying to swallow as much dick down as I could. But man was he big. As he reached full max in size I could barely get my mouth around the fat dick. So i pulled off of him to get some air and make sure my jaw did not lock up around his dick. “Fuck man” I said “This is a fucking massive cock.” He grabbed his dick and just started to stroke it. Pulling his hand down the thing that made hus meaty hand look small by comparison. And he stroked on himself as I just looked at the huge club he was holding on to. He then swung it about before me. Then again telling me to get back to sucking on his dick. So I did. It was big and wide and stretched out my mouth. But i still wanted it. So I grabbed hold of his cock again and then slid my mouth over it once more. He moaned again as I did. Loving as I slobbered on his dick. “Yeah man. Fuckk yeah!” He crowed “That mouth. That fucking mouth!” “Awee” I had to pull back off his cock as my face was so damned full of it. I gasped as I sucked in some air. Needing it as I sat back. I huffed and then looked at the mans very big dick. Man was it big. He looked down at me and told me to get back down on his cock. Saying he loved how my mouth felt and he was getting close. So I took in another breath and then returned to my duties and sucked his dick some more. The guy began to hump at my face now. Thrusting that dick at my mouth harder. Moaning and groaning more as it appeared he was getting closer to the inevitable. “Yeah fucker. Awe yeah!” He then crowed “More. More. So close.!” And I did. I sucked and sucked as if my life depended on it. Slurping up and down his dick. Then he pulled his dick from me just as I thought he would blow. Then he grabbed at it and pulled on himself. And he did indeed blow. He shot at my face 7 or so hard bullets if hot cum. Hitting my face and ears and hair. He humped at his hand a few more times until he was sated. Then he stopped. I sat there with a face full of the guys cum. And it was warm on me. Sticky amd warm. He stepped back and then just pulled up his pants. “That was fucking great gay boy” he growled “When do you work here again?” “Cuz this was a treat” “And would like to ‘blow off’ again soon” I sat there and divulged my schedule and I wiped off my fave of gis cum. That way we could hook up again for this. It was fun. And maybe next time I could get him to fuck me…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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