Brown Sugar Knight

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Having had one great black cock experience a few years ago, I had been on a quest to find the right black man to broaden my experience with. I have not wanted to just do casual sex, not even one night stands, but rather to have more than just the cock and ass connection, even having some sense of lovemaking about it. The man I found, Henri, a “Bi” black gentleman of 54 years made a great partner. We were both disease free, and while we both loved ass pounding sex, we liked the intimacy that could go with it. He indulged my feminine desires in the bedroom, and even “claimed” my ass as his, with instructions to enjoy myself, but to fuck only those he offered, keeping us both safe from disease.

One of those, Marcus, was truly “well endowed”, and liked the brutal fucking side of sex, more so than the kissing, making out sex. I first fucked him because he was a guest of Henri, and he wanted to share me with his friend. Fucking him was extreme, taking his large cock, and taking his strong, driving strokes, made me know how much I loved black cock. Marcus liked my feminine side, and though I wasn’t a true submissive, he wanted to be the stronger of the two of us, making demands of me, telling me that he would call my shots. When I told Henri, he said that I should go along with it because Marcus could give me some good cock.

A few months after meeting Marcus, he had me come over to his place to spend a Saturday and Saturday night. Arriving there, I had met two of his black friends, Kendrick and Julius, both well endowed too. (Actually “hung” fit them better.) The three of them fucked me nearly continually for 18 hours, giving me just a few hours of sleep, and then in the morning verified with me that I was now his black cock slut. During the course of the “training” that they administered, one of them, Julius, and I found that we loved being “loving partners”, and making love instead of just fucking. We traded phone numbers, and promised to continue our relation in private.

Julius became my “Brown Sugar Knight”, as you will read.

Before leaving Marcus’ house, Julius and I had planned that when he was finished with his weekend with his friends that he would call me and we might spend the evening and night together, (I knew that if I got him in my house, I would not let him leave until he had to go home to go to work. I wanted to be held by him, to be under him, and to be able to satisfy him. He was that special too me, and I didn’t want to lose the chance to show him how much I cared about him.

At home, I took a nap for a few hours, and when I got up, I again cleaned myself out, wanting to be clean for Julius. I spent the day, fantasizing about him and I having overnight dates. I have had some great cock, used by some skilled guys in the past month, but Julius was a real lover, and I so wanted to be fucked in the context of being made love to.

Late that evening, near nine PM, Julius called, saying that he could be at my place in half an hour. I said: “Baby, I have been watching the clock all day, waiting for you to call me. Come on over. And when you get here, what would you like to see me wearing? Shall I wear “man” clothes, or something girly? I want to be naked but that will be later. For now I want you to see your girl dressed any way that you want.”

He asked if I had something casual, but femme, not to open, to start things, maybe a bra for my little titties, some panties and some kind of longer dress, nothing formal. I assured him that I could do that.

I put on a 34 A bra, some size 5 bikini brief panties, (a ladies thong does not enhance a man’s looks), and a long half slip. I put a sexy camisole on and a long, casual gown, something sort of flannel that I wear on cold winter nights. I might not have feminine features but I was dressed very feminine.

Julius pulled in my drive, and when he rang the bell, I opened the door and greeted him with a hug in the doorway. We stepped inside, closed the door and he pulled me to him, kissing me hard on the lips.

I offered him a beer, but he said that he didn’t drink. I told him that I didn’t either, but had some O’Doul’s also, that I drink. He said that he would have one of them and asked if I had any rolling papers. I told him that I use a little home made, wooden bowl for my pot. We loaded it and took a toke, and headed to the living room to sit down.

Julius asked, after taking a toke and handing the bowl to me: “What makes you want black cock instead of white pussy, baby?”

I laughed and said: “That’s easy. For years, I was into the swapping thing, with a couple of wives, and girlfriends. I have had some good pussy, some mind blowing sex. But, through all of that, I saw the best sex was delivered by the black guys in general, and the better hung ones in particular. My partners showed me what it was that fired them up the best, and we had honest discussions about it. One ex told me that minute for minute that I was one of the best sex partners that she had, but that I just didn’t last like the black guys. I watched their moves, saw what they did to get escort kayaşehir the best from the girl under them, and in my subconscious knew that if I ever wanted same sex fun, that it would be with a black guy with a good sized cock. So, while I like the big cock, I mostly like the body behind it, and how he uses his cock.”

I continued with: “Yesterday and last night, I could say that each of the three of you were the best in one way or another. You got the most from me because with you, I felt that it wasn’t just your cock that was satisfying me, but that you truly wanted to make love. I have neither the need nor the want to “marry” anyone, much less a man. But, I so love to do the role play, and use primal instinct that it is a man that conquers a female, and that he is the stronger of the two, both in mind and body. That is not to the extent of the sissy submissive and the mean, dominant, controlling male relationship. I just want to be like the woman that you might meet at the office, or find in the club that wants to give a good man a good ride, with him appreciating her body, her mind, and her bedroom talents.”

He replied to that by pulling me close to him and saying: “Baby, I love sex, with men and with women. What I don’t like about women is that they want my wallet as much as they want my dick. What I don’t like about many men is that they have no idea about keeping their ass clean when they want some good cock. Before Marcus called you, he told us that you keep yourself cleaned out when you are going to be fucked. I would rather be in your tight, white, ass than in some sloppy cunt. Your ass can hold on to my cock, and that felt good. Let’s go lay on the bed.”

Beside the bed, Julius turned me to him, kissed me, and held my ass cheeks, bringing our pelvis’ together. As he kissed, he let his lips drift to my neck, pecking me, then sucked my earlobe into his mouth.

I could only say: “Oh fuck, baby, I want you. Lay me down and take me. Please?”

He helped me out of my dress, and began to feel my tits through the camisole. Gently squeezing my nipples, He said: “Baby, I love these nipples. I like to get them hard, and to feel you move when I work on them. This top is so silky, and that makes them feel even better. Thanks for dressing for me. Your man wants to enjoy you tonight. Lets get in the bed, baby.

As I lay back in the bed, he took off his shorts and shirt, shoes and socks, and got into the bed with me, wearing only his boxers. Laying close to me, he pushed the camisole below one of my tits and took the nipple in his mouth. He lay one hand on my pelvis, and held my cock and balls through the slip and panties, feeling me up while working on my breast. I held his head to my chest and my pelvis raised up to him involuntarily. This man knew how to make out.

As we necked, he worked my slip up, getting his hand under the hem of it, and cupping my cock in his palm while pressing a finger to my ass, through the panties. This was so erotic, so good, that I could see why guys like to cross dress with their partner.

I held his head to my chest with one hand, and worked the other between us to feel his cock through his boxers. As I felt it, I could tell that it was hard, and I knew then that I had to get it into my mouth.

Lifting his head off my breast, I said: “Baby, I have to feel your cock, I want to taste it, and I want to see if I can get it into my mouth like you did with mine last night. Let me see it, baby.”

I rolled him to his back, got to my knees and worked his boxers off of him as he raised his ass off the bed. It was as beautiful as it had been earlier, and I wanted it, badly. I laid back down, with my head on his belly, looking at that very different shaped, magnificent black cock. He reached over my shoulder, taking a nipple between his thumb and finger, as I put the head of his cock in my mouth. I wanted this to be just right.

I raised off his belly, and went to his lips, saying: “Kiss me, baby, and fill my mouth with your tongue. Kiss me, I need you.”

He pulled my head to his face, kissing me and pushing his tongue into my mouth, moving it from side to side, while still holding my nipple and rolling it between his thumb and finger. With my mind in high gear, thinking of he sex that would be coming, I was more than hot, I was so horny for him that I couldn’t lay still. I was humping his leg, sucking his tongue even deeper into my mouth, and pushing my breast to his hand.

When he finally broke the kiss, I said: “Baby, I need to put all of you into my mouth and throat. I hope I can open enough to take it. When I think I can take you, and put your hands on my head, please fuck me. Take my face and give me the best that you have.”

Moving my mouth back to his thick cockhead, I relaxed my jaw and worked the head deep into my mouth, bathing the head with my tongue, getting his shaft wetter as I moved it in and out of my mouth. Being less thick at the base than at the head, made taking it a bit easier. I bobbed back and forth on it, until I had my nose in his escort anadolu yakası crotch hair on the down stroke.

Feeling like I could take him, I put his hands on my head and pulled my face down onto his cock. He understood what I needed and began to fuck my face the way that I wanted him to do it. He began by lifting my nearly off it, and slowly pushing in, giving me the feeling of being filled with his cock. Hitting bottom, he would give a little nudge, pushing his head deep into my throat.

I was helping him, making swallowing moves with my throat that had him moaning, and increasing his speed. My mouth was full of his sweet feeling black snake. On one backstroke, he lifted my head clear off his cock and asked: “Baby, you are going to make me unload. In your throat or in your mouth?”

“In my mouth, please baby. I want to taste you. Fill my mouth with your seed. Please?” I said, as he pushed my mouth back down, over his cock.

Back inside, he stroked my throat, smoothly, easily, getting more tense with each stroke he made. Laying on my side, I had one leg over one of his, and I reached behind me, pulling his leg tight to my crotch, and rode it as he stroked.

Pushing harder now, he gasped, pulled back and said: “Take it baby, I am cumming.” I took his shaft in one hand, and jacked it, as I sucked and tongued his cockhead, until he began to spurt. Still working his shaft, I raised off his cockhead until it was just touching my lips, emptying itself into my mouth. I tasted it, swirled it and then swallowed it, and pushed my head back onto him, taking him to the bottom of my throat as he finished cumming. Breathing through my nose, I sucked and worked his cock, trying to give him pleasure that my pussy couldn’t provide.

Regaining control, he lifted my head off his cock and told me: “Baby, no one has ever sucked me that good. Because my cock isn’t small, I don’t get to be inside a mouth, and what you just gave me was the best I ever had.”

I said: “Honey, to me the best part of sex is feeling my partner satisfied. Being able to do you this way was great for me. I am going to want more of this. I want to be on my back with you on me, pushing deep into my pussy, but I like having you in my throat, too. Undress me, and own my body, baby. Get on me before we fall asleep.”

I raised off him, got on my knees, and he took my camisole off, then unclasped my bra, taking it off. As my growing breasts fell free, I was reminded of how much I loved the medicine that I was taking, keeping me healthy and giving me some nice breasts on my slender chest. Julius reached for them and began kneading the breasts as he sucked first one nipple and then the other.

He had me so horny for his cock that I pushed back from him, and pushed my half slip and panties down, still on my knees in front of him, and worked them off, and pushed them to the floor. Before I lay down, I got the lube and pushed it under a pillow beside my head.

With my knees raised, my legs spread, and my feet on the mattress, I lifted my ass and pushed a folded pillow under me. I raised my arms to him, inviting him to my body. He was between my legs, and lowered himself to my body as I reached between us, and lifted his cock onto my pelvis, remembering that he liked this as much as I did. His cock had not softened much since being in my mouth, and with my semi soft cock across his, he let his weight onto me.

There is something very comforting about having a man laying on you before, during, or after sex, that makes the act even more intimate. Pushing my heels into the mattress, I was able to roll under him, and he began to press himself to me, not stroking, but getting heavier and then lighter, just as if he were deep inside me.

Looking at him, I smiled and said: “Julius, baby, this is so nice. Put your tongue to my mouth and give me what your black snake gave me just now. I want to take you from my mouth to my pelvis. I feel so good. Baby, I love what you are doing with me. I am yours.”

As he face fucked me with his tongue, his lips were sucking mine, and he was pushing hard against my pelvis. I put my lower legs over his and began to fuck back to him, and that pushed me over the limit.

“I am cummmmmiiinnnngggg, baaabbbbeeeeee! Take me. Oh damn, take me, baby.” I wailed, feeling a big orgasm that had me trembling.

Feeling me cumming, hearing me, he knew just how to do me best, and pressed his crotch to mine, pushing me into the mattress, while I rode out my orgasm.

He had gotten a good orgasm from me and didn’t even use his cock. I had taken his body, and that was special to me. I cooed to him as we relaxed: “Baby, I don’t know how much better you could make me feel than what I just got. I love to have your cock inside me, and want a lot of it, but this was just great. You and I were making love, not fucking.”

He smiled, saying: “Baby, my girl, my woman, I want to do that every time we are together. I love putting the meat to you, but that felt good to me too. When we have had enough for tonight, escort avrupa yakası I want to be behind you, inside you, like last night. You held me in your pussy so nice.”

He kissed my neck, and it felt like he was beginning to suck on it. I pushed him off saying: “Not there, baby, suck my breast. Suck it hard.”

He sucked some of my tit into his mouth, above my nipple, and began sucking hard. I held his head close and said: “Yes baby, suck me, mark me. I am yours. Take me, baby.”

Still between my legs, he raised up a little, and as he sucked, I put lube on his cock, and then pulled his hips, bringing him to my hole. Feeling his cockhead, I moved my ass until he was liked up, and in one motion, pulled him into me as I thrust up, getting half his cock into me. Sucking my breast, making me feel that he was sucking the blood out of it, he pushed deeper in to me.

I had my new lover deep inside me again, where I was most comfortable with his thick, nine inch cock. I humped up to meet his down stroke and moaned: “Fuck me, baby. We made love, but now I need you to fuck me hard. Pound my pussy, give me the cock that I love. Fuck me hardddddd!”

With his lips still sucking my breast, and one hand squeezing the nipple on that side, he started hammering my pussy. He was hitting my pelvis so hard that I had to put my hand down there to pull my nutsack out of the way, or he would have crushed them.

Keeping the suction on my tit, he pulled his lips off it, making the sound of the suction being broken. Laying flatter on my body, pressing me down with his weight, he had his head beside mine when he said: “Eddie, baby, this is good. I am going to give it to you like you want me to. You are my woman and I am going to show you that I know that you are mine. This cock is what you like, and it is what you are going to get. Take it while I put it where you need it.”

Fucking me hard, yet doing it in the context of lovemaking, I was getting the best of the best. His stocky, well built body, was putting all his muscles into driving me into the mattress. I wanted this, and I had hoped to get it before we fell asleep. My ass had to be soft, with a swollen, puffy, opening, taking this fat cock hard, deep and fast.

I moaned: “Fuck me baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. My pussy is open for you. I love this. I love you. Tear me up. Take it, baby. Take it and make me feel it. Oh my god, I am yours, Julius!”

Looking into my eyes, he asked: “Are you ready to take it all. Take everything that I can put to you? You are making me want to get more into you than you have had from me. Can you take it, baby?”

I cried, moaned, and weakly said: “Yes, lift my legs and do it. I want all you can give me. My pussy is yours, my body is yours, I am yours and I need all that you can give me. Wreck me baby, make me feel it. Fuck me.”

Moving my ankles to his shoulders, he pushed deeper, bent to my chest with his, and began going deep into me, pulling back and leaving my hole, hitting it on the next stroke, and really fucking me hard. My asshole was his to fuck, my pussy was taking every inch he put in me, and I was being taken. My man knew how to fuck me. I didn’t care that I might not be able to walk when he finished with me. For now, I was getting fucked like many can only dream of getting, and had several hard orgasms as he pounded my pussy.

Even after cumming in my mouth just an hour ago, Julius was soon ready to give me another load, and I could feel his strokes becoming more forceful, hitting the bottom harder, and that make me cum again. He brought me another orgasm that made me clutch his arms tight, and try to keep my pussy wrapped around his cock.

He stabbed his cock into me, and pressed me into the mattress as he roared: “Damn baby. I am cumming. Take my seed!”

I said: “Me too, baby. Me too. Breed me. Fill my belly. I feel you so deep in me. I am cummmiiinnnnngggg.”

I went totally limp under him, fully impaled on his fat cock. I hugged his chest to mine, not letting him up, just holding him to me, in me, feeling his cock spurting into me, long after he began to cum. He sure knew how to fuck an older white man.

In just 5 months, after waiting 7 years to be able to be fucked by a black guy, I had now been under 4 of them. Each were impressive in their own way. Now I was under the one that did the most for me. He not only laid pipe in my ass, he was able to see my need to be femme while under him and to fuck me like a woman needs to be fucked. I had to let him know how much he meant to me, how much he had caused me to love being with him, even though we had known each other for just hours.

I told him: “Julius, you are not the first to put my white ass in the dirt. You aren’t even the first to make me feel like I could be in love with something like this. But, baby, you are the first to ever make me feel like you could be the one that could take me over the limit no matter how you put me to bed. We have fucked several ways, and I couldn’t say which was best, and when we fuck in other ways, I think that I will love that too. Baby, listen to me. I am yours. Yours to make love to. Yours to fuck, even yours to share if you think that you need to. My pussy is yours. Anyone else that gets in it will only be fucking. With you it will be love making, no matter how you put it too me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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