Brothers Pt. 09

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“Are you in love with me?” I was usually the bold one, but in this instant I had felt like I’d lost my voice completely.

“Do you love me?” I responded slowly, stroking his thighs tenderly as he straddled me. He pressed his lips to my cheek.

“Michael, I think I’ve been in love with you since the day I was born.” He said quietly. I smiled up at the ceiling and then turned to look at him. My breath returned, my heart started beating again.

“Thank God, Jesse.” And I kissed him. It was a long, slow, tender kiss. A kiss between lovers. I wrapped my arms around his back, and slowly flipped us so that I was on top of him, his legs wrapped tightly around my waist.

“Do you love me, Michael?” Jesse begged, his big green eyes staring into mine.

“I love you Jesse, more than anything else in this world.” I responded, pressing my lips to his pale forehead. I held my little brother in my arms, pressing kisses all over his face, while he pulled me closer and closer to him. Our bodies intertwined.

Jesse loved me. I loved him. Right now, that was the only thing that mattered.

I kissed down his jaw, then continued down his neck. I could feel his pulsing veins beneath the skin there, and when I reached the bite mark at the base of his neck, I began sucking it tenderly. He moaned and squirmed in my arms, but I didn’t let up my gentle assault on his neck.

“You’re all mine now, Jess. All mine.” I said, aggressively. He whimpered softly, and his legs tightened around my waist, pulling me closer to him still. I could feel his dick press against my abdomen, and I smiled, and began gently rubbing my body against his, stimulating both of our steadily hardening members.

“Please Michael, I need you now.” He whined, his fingers tangling in my hair. His hips reciprocated mine, creating more friction between our cocks as need filled him.

“Shush, calm down little brother. We have the next four years to figure this out. Don’t rush it.” I murmured. My lips trailed down from his neck onto his chest.

“What happens after four years?” He asked quietly, his fingernails massaging my scalp lovingly.

“In four years we… I don’t know, move to a really small town in Sweden where Dad and Mom will never think to look for us.” I responded, chuckling into his soft, pale, skin. He sighed contently, and I continued my slow assault on his chest.

My tongue ran over his nipple, and his breath hitched. I took it in my mouth and sucked on it tenderly, while Jesse squirmed beneath me. I moved my hand to his unattended nipple and began gently pinching it, gaging his reactions, seeing how far I could go. I took his nipple between my teeth and tugged it softly, inciting a soft moan from my little brother.

I looked up at his face, our green eyes met. Jesse smiled at me, a shy, excited smile. I watched him as I moved to his unattended nipple. I sucked on it and Jesse threw his head back and let out another soft moan. Again, I pulled it softly between my teeth, and my brother’s hips thrust upwards in excitement.

My lips trailed down his chest. His body was warm and soft and beautiful. God, he was so beautiful. As I pressed kisses down my brother’s warm, toned stomach, his hands left my hair and forcefully fisted the blankets. I chuckled at his eagerness.

When I finally reached his pelvis, I slowed my desperate kisses. I looked up at his face while I traced the v-shape down his stomach. I tenderly kissed his pelvic bone, my lips pressing against his soft blonde pubic hair. When I got down to his dick, I moved my head instead to his left thigh, and began kissing Giresun Escort him there instead.

“Oh, please, please Michael, please.” He begged quietly, his body squirmed underneath me, as he became less and less in control of his own need.

I nipped at his thigh and he gasped. I didn’t bite hard enough to leave a mark, but I wished I could. If anyone else ever got this close to him, they’d see; Jesse was mine. All mine. I kissed down his thigh, further away from his hard member.

“Please, please don’t tease me. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this.” He begged, his hand returning to my hair, gripping it desperately.

“You’re so beautiful, Jess.” I murmured, ignoring his desperate pleas for release. I wanted this to last. I looked up at him. His cheeks were rosy, and he had a thin layer of sweat covering his pale body. The inside of his thighs were pink. His large dick was sticking straight up in the air.

Finally, I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock. He let out a loud moan, and his hand tightened further still in my hair.

I moaned gently as I ran my tongue up and down his length. I flicked the underside of his head, my hand gripping the base of his cock. I bobbed my head down onto just his head, sucking on the soft skin. I could taste pre-cum oozing from his dick and I swallowed it greedily.

“More, oh please, please, more.” Jesse begged me, jerking his hips upwards into my mouth. I groaned as his length hit my throat, and pulled my head off of him.

I slowly began pumping his cock with my hand, leaning over it and letting my spit trail from my mouth and onto his cock. I jerked his cock at a moderate pace, and hungrily licked off the pre-cum that formed at his tip.

“Michael, please.” He whimpered, desperately jerking his hips, trying to increase the friction between his cock and my hand.

“Tell me what you want Jesse.” I said softly, rubbing his thigh with my free hand.

“Oh please, please, suck my cock. I need it. I need my big brother, please.” My little brother whined. My own cock jumped in excitement as he begged me. My skin was flushed, my dick was rock hard. I didn’t know how much longer I could stay in control, I wanted him so badly.

I bobbed my head down onto his cock, letting it fill my mouth. His head pushed against my throat, but I continued, taking more of him inside me. My jaw ached, but only slightly, as I took more and more of Jesse’s length into my mouth. I moaned around his cock. My cheeks hollowed as I blew him.

Above me, Jesse was writhing in pleasure as I sucked him. His hands gripped my hair, and he thrust up into me, pounding my throat recklessly. His eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth was open, crying out, moaning for me.

I slowly pulled my head off of his dick. He convulsed beneath me crying out at the loss. His hips were still thrusting upwards, so I gripped them and held them against the bed.

“Calm down, little brother.” I murmured.

I moved my head down to the base of his cock again, but instead of sucking his dick, I held it away from my face. My tongue slowly flicked across my brother’s hairless balls and he cried out again, arching his back.

“God, Michael.” He moaned, his legs twitching against me.

I took one of his balls in my mouth, sucking on it gently while fondling the other. My other hand slowly jerked my brother’s dick.

My brother was panting above me, his hands fisted the blankets as I continued to bring him closer and closer to his orgasm, before I’d slow my movements and bring him back down again.

I pulled away Giresun Escort Bayan from his balls and sat up on my knees, looking down at him. I stroked his thighs lovingly, while he stared up at me, panting and whimpering. I leaned over him and pecked his lips.

“Can you get on your knees for me, Jess?” I asked him, pulling away. He scrambled up onto his hands and knees quickly, desperately. He pushed my comforter onto the floor in his excitement.

“Please Mike, take me. Take me.” He whimpered. I chuckled at his enthusiasm. Not yet.

I grabbed his ass cheeks, squeezing them in my hands. They were soft and smooth and just fucking perfect. I leaned closer to my brother’s ass, and gently caressed his asshole with my tongue. He moaned loudly and instantly and fell to his elbows, resting his head on the pillow.

My tongue moved over and around his tight hole, while he whined beneath me. I gently pushed the tip of my tongue past the tight sphincter, entering his ass.

“Fuck Michael.” He moaned, his back arching again. I smirked, as I slowly began pushing my tongue further into his hole. He groaned as I tongue-fucked his tight asshole. His vulgar language only turned me on further.

“Do you like that Jess?” I asked smirking as I pulled away from him.

“M-more, more.” He cried beneath me, pushing his ass towards me. I chuckled, and returned to his hole. My tongue pushed in and out of his hole, slowly pushing him closer to the edge. He was cursing beneath me, moaning and speaking fast in a mad frenzy.

I pulled my mouth away from his ass, and spat on his tight hole.

“You’ve been holding out on me, Michael. Fuck, give it to me. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” He repeated over and over again.

I pushed my middle finger into his ass. He gasped sharply, and I kept my finger still, about an inch inside his hole, letting him adjust. After a few moments, I pushed into him. I kept going until my entire finger was inside of my little brother. Then, I pulled my finger almost all the way out, before shoving it deep inside of him again, inciting a loud moan.

I could feel the little almond shaped bump inside his tight hole as I fucked him with my middle finger. I stroked it and my brother cried out once more. I kept going, pushing him closer and closer to his orgasm, and then I slowed and stopped my movements. He whined, his body shook with anticipation.

I slowly inserted my index finger inside of him, careful to let his asshole adjust. I didn’t want to hurt him, this was going to be different from last time, from his first time.

I scissored my fingers inside of him, opening him up for me. He whimpered beneath me, spewing random phrases in quick procession, cursing and moaning into the pillow.

“What do you want me to do to you?” I asked coyly, slowly pulling my fingers out of his hole. His ass clenched around me, trying hold me in. I couldn’t fucking wait any longer.

“Please, I need my big brother, I need you to take care of me. Fuck me, please, please, fuck me.” He whimpered.

“Roll onto your back, love.” I urged him. He complied quickly and willingly. He placed his legs over my hips, locking them behind my body. I leaned over Jesse and pressed my lips to his.

“I’m going to make love to you Jess, I’m going to make love to my little brother.” I said, staring into his eyes. He shuddered in delight.

I leaned up again, and roughly grabbing his hips and pulling him closer to me. I spat on my cock before placing it at his entrance. I rubbed my head slowly over his hole, teasing him and Jesse held Escort Giresun his breath.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I pushed the head of my cock into his tight asshole. My brother’s head flew back and he fisted the blankets once more.

His asshole clenched around my cockhead, and I moaned quietly. I let him settle for a moment, before I pushed more of my length inside of him.

Jesse grabbed my arms and pulled me down, so that I was leaning over him. His legs wrapped around my back and he pulled me deeper inside of him. He gently grasped my hair with one hand and stroked my cheek lovingly with the other. Our green eyes locked.

With each slow, gentle thrust, I pushed more of myself inside him. Soon, I was bottoming out, my balls slapped against my brother’s perfect ass, as we made love.

Jesse panted beneath me, and he quietly begged me for more. He stared into my eyes, and my hands roamed his beautiful porcelain body, before finally settling on the bed just under his arms.

I brought my hands to his face and held the underside of his neck, my thumbs held his jaw.

I kissed him. Our lips moved eagerly, desperately against one another’s, our tongues danced as we made love on my bed.

“Y-you lied.” He murmured.

“What did I lie about Jess?” I asked, panting into his ear.

“You told me it could feel as good with someone else, but it’ll never, never feel this good Michael, n-nothing will ever feel this good.” He whimpered, staring up at me. I smiled down at him.

“You’re mine Jess, all mine. I’m going to take care of you now.” My thrusts became more desperate, more reckless as I felt my own orgasm approaching.

I reached underneath me and rapidly started stroking my little brother’s cock, while he cried out beneath me. He was writhing in pleasure, his body jerking and convulsing beneath mine as I pushed him closer and closer to the edge.

“I love you, Jesse.” I told him.

“Michael, I’m going to cum.” He moaned, gripping my face in his hands. His eyes squeezed shut, his body arched up, and he screamed as his orgasm ripped through his body. His asshole clenched my cock, and I pounded into him, ramming my entire length into him as he came in my hand.

Jesse looked up at me, shuddering as his orgasm slowly died down. His hands trailed down my body, resting on my ass and squeezing it in his hands.

“Oh Michael, oh Michael.” He whimpered as he tried to catch his breath. I was thrusting into him recklessly, pounding his ass for all I was worth. I could feel my own orgasm approaching, and I needed it. I needed him.

“Cum for me, Michael. Cum inside me, please, I love you so much. Cum for me.” He whimpered, looking up into my eyes. It was too much for me.

My entire body shook with the force of my orgasm. I groaned, my body jerked and I rested my head against my brother’s neck. I pounded his ass roughly, spurting thick cum into his hole with every desperate thrust. My brother held me close to him as I came, gently squeezing my ass and whispering into my ear. I felt like every cell of my body was vibrating with pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

When I finally finished climaxing, I collapsed against my brother’s body, spreading his cum onto both of our chests and stomachs. I felt tears prickling at my eyes, but I blinked them back. My brother’s arms wrapped around my back, as mine did the same to him. We just lay there, holding each other as we tried to catch our breath.

After a few moments, Jesse’s hand left my back, and it disappeared over the side of the bed. He pulled the comforter onto us. Even though the morning sunlight was shining through my bedroom window, we had no trouble falling asleep in each other’s arms.

If we had been awake, we would’ve heard the phone ringing. We would’ve heard our father leaving us a message, telling us that’d he be arriving soon.

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