Brother’s Deception

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Shamele Gif

I am what some call a lipstick lesbian in that I like to dress in form-fitting, trendy, designer labels for women, I wear specially-selected make-up for my skin tone and bone structure, I like to visit my hairstylist every other week for touch-ups and get mani/pedis every Sunday. I am a fit, attractive brunette that stands at 5′ 8″. After graduating from college with a double major in marketing and psychology, I completed and MBA and now I own and operate a fiercely competitive Public Relations firms with a full-time staff of 30 and three very large and a couple dozen smaller clients. Net profits last year finally breached 1 million dollars. Not bad for 28 years old.

Needless to say, I have been very successful; however, therein lays the problem. After putting in 80 hours a week for the last four years, I haven’t had much time for dating. There were a couple girls over the last few years and a couple friends with benefits but no one with whom I could see myself settle.

That is until the day that I met Tiina, my brother’s girlfriend. She was dark and moody, tall (taller than me) and fit, with long, straight black hair, blue eyes and a nose ring in her left nostril. She often wore metal t-shirts, short skirts, spider web stockings and knee-high black leather boots. You know the girl. To boot, she was also the lead singer in an alternative band that was just gaining some street cred within the club scene.

My brother, Josh, on the other hand, was a textbook “bad boy”. Eight years younger than me, he never finished high school, couldn’t hold down a job and had an excuse for every one of his short-comings. But the girls liked him. He was handsome, charming and the scuttlebutt was that he was hung like a horse. I’d believe it, too, his bulge in his skin-tight skinny jeans always stuck out at least two inches.

My life became complicated the day that my dad got fed up with Josh and kicked him out; of course I’d take him in. However, taking him in meant that Tiina would be hanging around me a lot more often and I didn’t know if I could control my lust for her. My sexuality was known by all and I think Tiina even knew I had a thing for her. I knew that my brother often asked me what I thought of her, if I would do her, etc. Where I would generally flirt with women of interest, I did not in this instance out of respect for my brother.

The first thing that changed was the introduction of pot. It was Saturday night and I came home around 11:00 p.m. from a product launch to find Josh and Tiina in a plume of heavy smoke in the basement living room. I was furious and expressed my anger rather openly until Tiina came up to me and kissed me full on the lips. Her tongue probed my lips and, naturally, I opened my mouth to accept. Only she blew the smoke from her joint right into my lungs. I immediately began coughing but let Tiina lead me to the couch.

“Come on, Lisa, just try it,” Tiina cooed placing the joint in my mouth. “Inhale.” I did.

The second thing to change was that I started having sex again. It was an hour later, we were all stoned out of our minds, and the topic of conversation shifted to my being a lesbian. Josh wanted to see Tiina and I get it on. Before I could decline Tiina said she’d like to try. The next thing I knew she her mouth was on mine and her hands were roaming my body. In a matter of minutes Gaziosmanpaşa Escort our clothes were shed and Tiina’s face was buried in my breasts.

I looked up to see my brother dropping his pants. I gasped when my brother’s cock sprang out of his tented underwear. It was enormous. How did Tiina fit that inside her?

This was the point where I encountered heaven: Tiina moved in between my legs and went down on me. Her tongue digging deep inside my pussy, her nose stimulating my clitoris. My brother then moved behind Tiina and she left out a moan as he plunged his mammoth fuck stick into her pussy. She continued to chow down on my cooch while my brother was jamming in and out of her.

“Oh yes, Tiina,” I was moaning. “Of fuck, babe,” my brother called. He was picking up speed then called, “Of, gonna cum, I want it in your mouth.”

“No,” I cried but it was too late, Tiina spun around on her knees and took my brother’s cock in her mouth just in time for him to deposit what looked to be quite the load, it kept chugging and his massive balls kept contracting. I leaned back and started administering to my own needs when Tiina pushed my hand out of the way and replaced it with her mouth again, this time she dug her lips as far as they would go before I felt her tongue again. Her mouth was hot. Wow, she was good. She brought me climax and made me scream while doing it.

I opened my eyes to see my brother passed out, naked, on the couch. His huge cock was lying semi-erect across his leg and his balls spilled out everywhere. I appreciated that he must be a stud.

The next day things were awkward, for me at least. Tiina and Josh kept talking about what happened and how amazing it was. They wouldn’t mind doing it again. I explained that I wasn’t comfortable with being naked in front of my brother and I was prepared for an argument but then they just dropped it.

That night I was woken up by Tiina going down on me again. She really liked to eat a girl out. The sensation was beyond description. Every nerve in my body was electrified. It was a combination of her lips and tongue working in tandem and the way she pinched my nipples that sent me over the edge. I came and came and came. I guess I came so much that I soaked the bed; that was how good it was. What I wanted was to reciprocate, but Tiina declined “I really like you, Lisa, and I like going down on you but I am not ready for that. I’m not ready for full-on gay sex.”

She wasn’t ready for full-on, reciprocal sex, but every night I was pleased to have Tiina’s mouth wake me from my slumber, it was usually around 4 a.m., after playing some gigs and a bout of sex with my brother and his gigantic penis.

Josh and Tiina started bringing me to some clubs and after parties that were filled with drugs, drinking, sex and rock ‘n roll. On more than one occasion I passed out and was shipped home in a cab for my poor doorman to deal with. Mortified each time, I wound up giving him a large, each time, for his trouble but also for his discretion.

The third thing that changed was probably the biggest one. I missed my period. It wasn’t uncommon for me to be up to a week and a half late because of my stressful career, but this was a month late now. I obviously couldn’t be pregnant since I didn’t have sex with men, so I continued Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan to wait. Every morning I made note of no period but by the time 10:00 rolled around I was up to my ears in work that I completely forgot until I climbed into bed around midnight.

I was nearly three months without a period when I finally made an appointment to meet with my doctor. I was certain now that I had cancer; my mother had died from uterine when she was 30 years old. Two weeks later, when I finally had my appointment I was floored by the words that came out of her mouth, “Well, Lisa, sounds to me like you’re pregnant.”

I explained to her that I only slept with women but she insisted that I get blood work done anyway. Three days later her office called to tell me that I was indeed pregnant and that I needed to go for an ultrasound to find out how far along I was. I refused to believe that I was indeed pregnant, unless something happened at those clubs when I passed out, or the doorman. Sanjay, was that his name? I couldn’t be him. Could it?

Work was so busy. I had three product launches in the next three weeks that required me to hire some additional part-time staff and I negotiated a new five-year contract with an automobile manufacturer. By the time that I had time for an ultrasound I didn’t need one to know that I was preggers, I was sporting a decent baby bulge and none of my form-fitting clothes would fit any more. So when the doctor told me that I was 17 – 18 weeks at least I didn’t freak out. I thanked her and walked in my now loose maternity clothing.

No, I didn’t freak out over the news. I freaked out because I was raped, somewhere. Wouldn’t I have felt that? Wouldn’t that have woken me up?

What’s more, things at home were getting more bizarre. Tiina and Josh broke up and Josh spent the majority of his time sitting on the couch in boxer-briefs watching TV or porn and playing with his huge erection. Worse, my hormones were going berserk and without Tiina’s administrations, I found myself staring at my brother’s hard-on and wondering what sex with a guy would feel like.

I came home early one afternoon because I was exhausted, the baby was taking a toll on my body. I walked in to find loud music and my brother buck naked, coming from the bathroom with his hair still wet. He looked fine, I thought, for a man that is. He was fit, thin, but with little body hair save for a treasure trail that ran from his belly button to his groin. His groin was something else, a long, flaccid hunk of meet bouncing about on his impressive ball sack and his thighs as he moved. When he bent over to pick up a magazine from the floor his balls and cock were in clear sight again, damn they were huge.

He turned around to see me but instead of covering himself he reached for the remote and turn the stereo off, “You’re home early.” “Yeah,” I sighed. I kicked off my Prada shoes which hit the wall then I plopped down on the couch. “Fuck, Josh.”

He sat down next to me, his cock slapped off his leg then settled on his balls.

I put my head on his kid brother’s should, “Josh, I am pregnant.”

He smiled, “Pregnant? Really?”

I told him about missing my period at first, the test and about the ultrasound revealing that I was 17 – 18 weeks along. “What’s worse is that I don’t Escort Gaziosmanpaşa even know who the father could be.”

With my head on his shoulder and looking down at his crotch, I couldn’t help but notice his cock jump and begin to swell. “What if I was raped at those clubs when I passed out? Or if it was the doorman?” All of my worries for the last few months spilled out of my mouth.

He put his arm around me, “It’s mine, sis.”

I jumped back, “What? No way.”

“Yeah way. You weren’t raped, it was Tiina,” he confessed, “every time she went down on you she emptied my load into your – er – your vagina.”

I sat up indignant. “What? Why?”

His cock was at full mast now and man it was impressive. Precum started to leak from the tip. “That first night, before you came home, Tiina was telling me about how she and her brother used to fuck until she miscarried their child. They stopped after that. I told her that you were hot and I’d love to see you swelling with my baby but since you were a lesbian, you probably wouldn’t let me fuck you.”

He grabbed his hefty ball sack, “We came up with the idea that she’d put my cum into you. I do make a lot. She broke up with me because I wanted her to keep doing it but she wasn’t really into the lesbian thing.”

I was floored. “Are you mad?” he asked.

I needed a moment to think about that. He had begun jerking his cock now. It was so big.

“No,” I started, “I’m not mad.” Standing, I climbed over his lap and bent down to kiss him full on the lips, he kissed back. I slowly lowered myself until it came in contact with his cockhead. He was producing so much precum now that when he pushed against my virgin hole his head popped right inside.

“Oh fuck, yeah sis. Sit on me. Let me put my big cock inside your tight pussy.” He gasped as I lowered myself onto him. He was so big, the wall of my pussy were being stretched to accommodate him. From nowhere, I began cumming. It was amazing. In my daze my brother pushed me down hard and his cock tore through my maidenhead. I sank 12 inches onto him causing my pussy walls to scream with pain and pleasure. I came.

“Fuck sis, I’m all the way inside you.” I was in such a state of constant orgasm that he took over. He thrust upwards into my cunny while helping me bounce on him. I couldn’t focus my attention, the pleasure was so much. He rolled me onto my back and started with long strokes in and out.

I was finally able to open my eyes to see his handsome face staring into mine, he was grinning. “Do you like it sis? I’m a fucking stud horse.” I moaned something incomprehensible as another wave of please washed through me. As he picked up speed I felt his balls smacking against my ass. “Oh my god, Josh, so good. Your balls, I love your balls smacking my ass.”

He pounded hard, “Yeah, you like them? They’re making more sperm for your pussy, sis. I’m going to feed our baby.” He kissed me and continued slamming into me.

“Oh Josh, yeah, harder, faster, make me cum.” He suddenly became rigid and his face screwed up, “I’m cumming!” He slammed into me hard and grunted. It was amazing; I could feel his cock cumming into me for a full minute before he slumped on top of me. My 20 year old kid brother was cumming into his 28 year old big sister.

He fucked me again in my bed and every day and night of my pregnancy until I gave birth to our daughter.

My business continued to grow and I hired an office manager who handled operational activities while I continued to broker contracts and grow the company. My brother and I continued to fuck and as of the time of this writing, I’m growing baby three inside my womb.

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