Brotherly Love Ch. 02

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As they opened the garage door, they noted their parents’ car. They knew that either Dad had revealed it to Mom, or used lunch as an excuse to come home, so they would have to tell her themselves. Knowing Dad, it was the latter, and he evaded Mom’s questions, if she asked him any at all. Dad was good at evading unwanted questions. That’s where the twins had picked it up. Hunter and Harrison exchanged worried looks. Even though they were confident of their mother’s reaction, they still had some slight doubt.

“Want to make a break for it? We could drive to the cabin for a couple of days until everything blows over and Dad has to reveal it to everyone. We could watch some porn with really hung guys in it,” Harrison suggested.

“What, are you comparison shopping, Harriet Junior? We could, but when we get back, there will be hell to pay for escaping. You know Mom. She’ll give us a long lecture about responsibilities and why cowardice is wrong,” Hunter replied.

“Yeah, not to mention the grandparents we’d have to deal with. They’d raise so much hell that we’d never live it down. Every time we tried to cover things up as kids, the outcome was worse than if we just faced them,” Harrison agreed.

“However, I still wish we could just skip past all this to the end. Kinda fast forward through the hard part,” Hunter commented.

“What, can’t you take what you dish out now? Seriously, I agree, but let’s get it over with,” Harrison suggested.

“I can’t take it? You’re the one who asked me to look into that fancy lube last week!” Hunter reminded him with a grin.

“Hey, that was just because I saw the commercial about the heightened sensation when you use it! That doesn’t mean that I can’t handle your dick size! Jesus, it’s the same length as mine!” Harrison rolled his eyes.

They exited the vehicle and walked to the kitchen door. Each took a deep breath before they opened the door. They walked in, trying to act as calm as possible, as if nothing was different than any other time when their parents came home for lunch.

“Hi Mom, hi Dad, how is work so far?” they asked naturally.

The brothers attempted to seem nonchalant as they set down the bags of booze. Harrison made a gagging gesture when he noticed the V8 that Hunter preferred to put in his unique Bloody Mary concoction. Hunter gave him a raspberry in response, implying that regular tomato juice was a sign of bad taste on his lover’s part.

Dad grinned knowingly at Mom, non-verbally indicating amusement. This was the long-standing dispute between their sons over the proper mix for a Bloody Mary. It was one of the boys’ few disagreements in taste. Personally, he disagreed with both, thinking it was a sin against the booze gods to use tequila at all in a Bloody Mary instead of the traditional vodka.

“Fine, we just decided to grab lunch at home today. Nothing much going on at work right now, most of the computers are fixed and ready for the customers to pick up Monday,” Mom replied, laughing inside about her sons’ little spat. She really didn’t care for a Bloody Mary at all, Hurricanes being much better.

The twins exchanged a quizzical look, wondering what Dad had said if he said anything.

“You think he told her yet? I don’t like how calm she is!” Hunter asked his twin, using their private mental path to communicate with Harrison.

“Don’t know. I’m with you. She is way too calm,” Harrison shot back.

“We grabbed the new liquor supply this weekend for when the grandparents show up, Dad,” Hunter announced.

“Mamaw and Papaw are easy to please, though. I mean, we could pick up their booze from the nearest still. No, seriously, we got their gin and tonic ready. It was tougher finding enough 18-year-old Scotch for Grams and Granddad. They were down to two bottles of their favorite brand,” Harrison elaborated.

“Thanks, boys. Mom reheated the fried chicken. Grab some and set down!” Dad ordered them.

From the way that their father looked at them, they knew better than to argue or escape. Dad knew the twins wanted to, but that was tough luck.

“Okay,” both said at once.

Hunter grabbed two plates and made both Harrison’s and his, “Here you go, hon.”

“Thanks,” Harrison responded.

Mom looked at the boys as if they had grown a second head. Something wasn’t right, she decided. They were too good, not even teasing her. She’d forgotten about their comment on the phone when Horatio had returned to work. She had chalked it up to them teasing her. She caught the look Dad gave the boys when he ordered them to grab some chicken.

“Horatio, why would we need any more liquor than what we already have? We don’t normally drink that much with our parents,” Harriet asked him.

“Well, it seems the boys have some news they need to tell us. After hearing what it is, I figured we would need it to calm our parents. This is as big as our attempt to hide that you were with twins in a high-risk pregnancy. If you recall, that was why we decided gaziantep escort to stop having kids. Yeah, it’s that big of a situation, at least with your parents,” Horatio answered her.

Both boys looked at each other and knew Dad hadn’t said anything. Mom must have thought they were kidding when they told her on the phone. They were afraid of that. That’s what they got for teasing her so often. They cried wolf too much.

Mom looked back and forth from the boys to their dad and wondered what was up. Then she debated if she should have a drink before or after the news. She finally made up her mind, “Horatio please make me a drink. Something tells me I will need it after all. On second thought, make it a double.”

“I’ll do it,” both boys said at once, trying to escape.

“No, I’ll do it. I said sit down! You’re never too big to get a spanking!” their dad responded firmly.

As they sat back down immediately, Hunter communicated, “You tell her! She likes you better.”

“No way, you tell her! You’re the one who told her on the phone about the BJ,” Harrison retorted.

“You started it all by giving me the BJ and not closing the door. Now tell her!” Hunter demanded.

Harrison thought about arguing more. However, he knew that when Hunter was like this, he would only have to do it any way and pay for arguing with him later. Harrison nodded to Hunter, indicating he would comply, as if he had a choice.

Once Dad was back with Mom’s drink and one for himself, he asked them, “Well? Which one of you is going to tell your Mom your news? I think it is long overdue. You should have told us sooner, a lot sooner.”

Harrison looked one last time at Hunter, pleading mercy.

When Hunter only glared back, Harrison looked down at his food, then looked at his mom and began, “Well, when Dad came home earlier this morning, he kinda walked in on Hunter and me doing something.”

“Well, what were you doing?” she asked, and then she remembered their “joke” on the phone.

“Please tell me you were just kidding when you told me that Harrison gave you a BJ and Dad caught you, Hunter,” she pleaded.

“No, Mom, that wasn’t a joke. I hoped that you’d ask Dad about it. Then he would tell you so we wouldn’t have to,” Hunter answered her.

“Yes, Mom, we are gay. We have been gay since we can remember. We have been lovers since high school. We are never planning on getting married to anyone but each other,” Harrison revealed.

“What about the grandkids that you promised me? I wanted grandchildren!” Mom responded, after she downed her drink in three swallows.

The men burst out laughing in spite of themselves. Here the twins just told her that they were gay lovers and all she worried about was grandchildren. Horatio was also relieved that she took it better than expected and didn’t have the massive coronary that he predicted earlier.

“Mom, we plan on adopting. You will have grandbabies. We may even try to find a surrogate mother to carry one for us,” Hunter responded.

“I don’t see what you find so funny!” she complained.

“Well, most Moms right now would be more concerned that their sons were either gay or lovers, not worried about grandkids,” Harrison explained.

“I’m not worried about either of those. They are both legal and natural. I just want grandbabies. You guys are my only chance at them,” she explained. “As long as I can get grandbabies, I am fine.”

Both boys let out a long sigh of relief, thinking “two down, four to go”. Now they only had to tell their grandparents. They dug into their chicken and ate it as if they hadn’t eaten all day. Harrison grabbed both plates and refilled it with more chicken.

“Here you go, babe,” Harrison responded, using one of his terms of endearment for his brother.

“Thanks, honey,” Hunter replied.

“I suppose this was why you didn’t want separate bedrooms or even beds,” Mom commented.

“Well, that and the fact that we just didn’t want to be separated. We’ve slept in the same bed from birth and didn’t want to sleep any other way,” Hunter responded for both of them.

“I guess the signs were already there. I don’t know why we didn’t see them,” Horatio replied.

“Because we didn’t want to,” Harriet answered.

“Umm, what are Grams and Granddad going to say?” Hunter asked.

“And Mamaw & Papaw too,” Harrison added.

“That remains to be seen. They can surprise you sometimes. You never know what they are going to do or say, but I suggest that we have drinks ready when they are told just in case,” Horatio responded.

“Do we have to tell them right now? Can’t it wait a little while, say a few years?” Harriet surprised them by asking.

“Now dear, you know better than that. Remember how mad they were when we didn’t tell them you were pregnant with twins until you were eight months pregnant. Then there was the time that we didn’t tell them that we would not have any more kids after we had the twins, because of the complications to the pregnancy. That should have taught you then. No, we will tell them tomorrow. It is long overdue!” their dad decided.

“You’re right sweetie, though still I would like to skip that whole scene,” Harriet replied.

Both boys just looked at each other and smiled. It was no secret where they got their flaws. From Dad they picked up being evasive when not wanting to answer questions, and from Mom they inherited the tendency to conceal unpleasant facts.

“Alright, honey, let’s get back to the shop. We still have a couple of PCs to fix, and then we can stop for the day,” Horatio said to Harriet.

“Okay, boys, please don’t forget to put the lasagna in the oven at four on 350 degrees for an hour,” Harriet asked her boys.

“Sure, Mom,” they both assured her.

The couple watched their parents leave for work. Once Mom and Dad were gone, they sat in silence for a few moments, taking everything that had just happened in. They didn’t really know what to think about all of this. Both parents had taken the news much better than they anticipated.

“That went over much better than I had hoped,” Hunter finally broke the silence.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect Mom to take it quite that well,” Harrison agreed, “Now, how about that BJ I never got? I still need it very much.”

Hunter could feel how much his brother “needed” it. “Sure babe, let’s go to the bedroom,” he led the way.

Harrison followed his brother. It still amazed him how much he loved Hunter. He never wanted to be away from him. It was agony when they spent any time away from each other. Their schools normally separated twins in classes. Their teachers soon noted that the twins fared better when they were together, so they allowed them to have the same classes.

Their bond was much closer than even most twins had. It surprised both teachers and doctors alike. Their parents never really thought much of it. They just accepted that it was natural. No one really knew how close the twins were, well no one, but the twins. They could feel each other’s pain or even pleasure. Whatever one twin felt the other felt. They always got sick at the same time, not days apart, but the same day. They could even talk to each other telepathically. They even knew what mood the other one was in without any conversation.

They were so identical that the only way truly to tell them apart was through their fingerprints. The boys mostly used certain colors of clothes for their parents to tell the difference, though sometimes they wore the same color or even switched colors to pull a prank on their family and friends.

As they walked to the bedroom, Hunter’s thoughts ran to his brother and their connection. Harrison was in desperate need to come. The urge had been there since this morning when Harrison gave Hunter the BJ. His brother’s erection just barely eased enough not to be painful, but not to lesson the urge. Hunter felt it all day and desperately needed to help his brother. He reached down and pressed his own erection, trying to relieve some of the pressure.

Upon entering their room, Harrison reached for his brother and gave him a long kiss. He loved the way Hunter smelled. He had a woodsy smell that came from the soap they used. They normally used Old Spice after a shower, but today were unable to use it due to their father’s untimely appearance. He opened the top snap to Hunter’s pants and lowered the zipper, releasing the erection it contained. Hunter returned the favor. They stared into each other’s dark green eyes, which smoldered with passion and need. The love they felt for each other was unlike any they felt for anyone else. It ran so deep they knew they belonged to each other. They were soul mates, two halves that made a whole. Both of them found this amusing, since they were once a single cell.

“I love that sandalwood scent on you from the soap, babe,” Harrison mentioned, as they embraced.

“Thanks honey, you’re not so bad yourself,” Hunter answered.

At this point, both of them quickly shed the remnant of their clothes, eager for a sixty-nine. Harrison was especially ready, since he had gone longer without cumming than his brother. He was still extremely turned-on from the shower, not that Hunter was much less horny himself in his twin’s presence. Hunter seized his lover and guided him to the bed at the same time as himself.

Unlike some people who had difficulty with the “sixty-nine” position, Harrison and Hunter acquired a great deal of practice with it. They had learned how to focus more on each other’s pleasure without neglecting their own. It was a delicate balance, but time had taught the brothers how to maintain it and still enjoy themselves. The twins’ unique empathy also allowed them to feel each other’s pleasure, which heightened their arousal.

Hunter was particularly glad that he wasn’t in the shower as before, since he would have found it even harder to avoid toppling over. He felt the intense rush of excitement that only his brother gave him when encircling his dick with his mouth and tongue. His brother’s hot breath on his cock was Paradise.

Hunter also reveled in driving his twin to the brink with his own oral techniques. Harrison was partial to the “deep-throat” approach, which really intensified things in Hunter’s method. Hunter, for his part, preferred the subtler tactic of licking and switching from the head of his lover’s cock to his balls that Harrison was good at doing. Both guys had a knack for what each other really desired in the sense of oral pleasure.

Harrison, for example, loved to feel a hard cock down his throat. Hunter, meanwhile, relished the sense of power over his partner from teasing and tantalizing him. They also delighted in stimulating each others’ ass through fingering. Harrison especially enjoyed this, the fullness growing with each added finger. By the time that Hunter was done, he had four fingers in his twin’s asshole. This prompted a loud gasp of satisfaction from Harrison.

Hunter shivered when Harrison slid his fingers up and down the crack of his butt, tormenting him with the prospect of actual penetration. He even pushed back at Harrison, trying to convey the message that he wanted the teasing to end. Secretly, however, the anticipation gratified him as the finger-fucking itself did. Hunter admitted to himself that Harrison knew how to create the expectation of the invading fingers that he so craved.

There was only so much pleasure in the art of teasing, before it became torture (and in not in a good sense). Hunter now approached that point and demonstrated it to his lover by briefly stopping his twin’s enjoyment. Harrison took the hint, finally slipping his fingers into his brother’s asshole. Satisfied, Hunter resumed his involvement in their mutual exchange of pleasure.

After edging for a while, the twins felt the imminent fulfillment of their carnal passion. Each knew that the other felt the tightening jerk of the balls as the semen rushed up the shaft. Their dicks grew and flinched as their loads spurted out the openings into their eagerly awaiting throats. Both of them relaxed and held each other as their bodies returned to Earth.

“Oh, shit, look at the time! We need to put Mom’s lasagna in the oven before we forget and she kills us!” Hunter exclaimed when he saw that it was after four.

“Yeah, we’re in hot water as it is! I’m still dreading Mamaw and Papaw tomorrow,” Harrison agreed nervously.

“True, Grams and Granddad are more laidback. They would be more worried about great-grandkids than anything else,” Hunter added, as they hurried to the kitchen to follow Mom’s earlier instructions.

“No, they’re just as likely to get upset. Actually, I think that Mamaw and Papaw are more easygoing, due to all of their pot and stuff. I still dread that, anyway. Who wants to tell their grandparents that they’re gay?” Harrison disagreed.

Once they had the lasagna safely placed in the oven, the brothers retired to the living room to watch some TV. Neither of the twins bothered to put on their clothes, as they were alone in the house. Mom and Dad were not due to show up until five.

Harrison and Hunter so wrapped themselves up in the TV show that they failed to hear the car pull up into the driveway. They didn’t become aware that anyone had shown up until Mamaw and Papaw knocked once and walked through the front door.

“Hi, kids,” they greeted their grandchildren in unison.

“Aw, fuck! Mamaw, we’re not decent! Don’t you know how to knock first?” the twins panicked, as they noticed that it was already five.

“We did. We just didn’t wait for an answer!” Papaw replied.

“I changed your diapers! Y’all ain’t got nothin’ I haven’t seen before!” Mamaw dismissed their complaint.

“Mamaw, we were babies back then, and we don’t remember that! We’d like to keep it that way,” Hunter blushed.

“You put the lasagna in the oven, right? I’m going to start a salad for dinner. Now, go get dressed, so you can help chop the vegetables, both of you! Papaw, get the garlic bread ready. I’m going to take the lasagna out to rest while we prepare everything. The kids will return from work shortly,” Mamaw gave orders as she took over the place.

Mamaw had already put everyone to work in the kitchen by the time that Harriet and Horatio walked into the house.

“Y’all go change. Dinner will be done in a moment. I’ve got everything under control here. By the way, you need to tell your wayward boys to wear clothes around the house. I taught you better than that,” Mamaw half-scolded her daughter.

“Yeah, I try, but they don’t listen. These heathens like to run naked every chance they get,” Mom defended herself.

“You think that’s something, try seeing what I did when I came home for some parts this morning,” Dad grinned.

“Dad!” the boys complained.

“Horatio!” Mom yelled at the same time.

Dad burst out laughing at the embarrassed twins, while his in-laws chuckled and shook their heads at the younger generations.

“What do you mean, Horatio?” Mamaw inquired.

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