Brother, Sister Look Up Ch. 02

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It had been quite an amazing day for me. It had begun with my discovering that my brother Rob, who is 18 and a year younger than I am, had been using my panties to jerk off, followed by our making out, then making love, then showering together, during which we peed (together in the shower), and his watching me use the bidet and, lastly and clearly not most memorably, seeing me do

in the toilet and his wiping me clean.

Quite a day! That time when he was still attending a local college and in his third year there, while I was working and generally pleased with my life, also happened to be when neither of us had a steady lover. Mom and Dad had plenty of things to keep them busy and our bedrooms were off on the second floor over the garage, to which you had to use a separate staircase. We shared a bathroom between our separate bedrooms.

One Saturday morning, Rob knocked on the bathroom door which opened from my bedroom. I was up and actually had the TV on, as I do like to start my day by watching morning TV. It’s an awful vice but it’s become a habit. I told him to come in and he walked in in his undershorts and promptly crawled under the covers with me.

We held each other in our arms and enjoyed the warmth and loving feeling this hugging engendered. This nice cuddling went on for a good while as we both felt comfortable with each other. I felt warm and loved and happy. Then Rob started feeling me up.

I tend to wear pajamas and his hands were under my top playing with my nipples and then under my waistband pressing down through my bush into my box. It didn’t take long for him to turn me on bigtime. He pressed his finger further into me and whispered in my ear that I was quite wet. Quite.

I was more than ready. No one with whom I had gone out in recent days had turned me on a whole lot. I did get together with my girlfriends—both those I still saw from high school and others I had gotten to know from work. It was getting a little old listening to them describing their love lives graphically.

It made me start thinking that maybe they had a better idea in my Mom’s younger days when everyone was very, very, close-mouthed about this stuff. I found myself listening to how big their boyfriends’ cocks were and what it was like having sex during your period. I wasn’t grossed out; soon I realized it was just that I wasn’t getting any right then.

So this should give some idea as to why I helped him pull my pajama bottoms down and off. I lay back, spread my legs, and waited as he mounted me and we proceeded to enjoy an impromptu wake-up fuck. I was pleased that my hole hadn’t closed up from lack of use. It actually felt so good as his cock slipped slowly into me. Right then I decided I really loved him for giving me some thought in his ardor.

He helped me toward a succession of orgasms by inserting a finger deep into my anal opening. I teased him by remarking that he better not push too far in there or something would happen he might not like.

Rob chuckled and observed that he had already seen me do my business from that hole on the toilet yesterday and just his mentioning that moment made me blush. I hadn’t been in the habit of doing that in front of an audience—like anyone else, I suppose, my excretions were usually preceded by a series of farts and noises. Then he said that he had felt extra close to me after that “event” because I hadn’t seemed to be embarrassed.

I confessed that I was slightly excited by his being there but that I had no great desire to be there when he did his business that way. He smiled bahçeşehir escort and asked me if I had ever wanted to spank him. Our parents had occasionally disciplined us when we were much younger but spankings had been few and far between.

I responded by grinning that sometimes I did have this feeling that I wanted to have him across my lap with his bottom staring up at me while I smacked him hard on alternate cheeks, using my old hairbrush Mom had given me. He looked excited by that prospect and I decided to push things along, based on my catching him that day jerking off into my panties.

“Maybe I need to punish you for taking my panties like that and using them so shamefully,” I suggested.

“Are you going to take my pants down and spank me then, Sis?” he asked.

I could tell that this was something he wanted to have happen. “Not only am I going to spank you for being so naughty with my panties,” I answered in a rather firm tone, “but you will be wearing panties today, and not such comfy ones as you took from me. Get across my lap.”

When I proceeded to sit on the side of the bed, Rob crawled over and got across my lap. We were both without any clothing still, and I felt his somewhat firm cock on my lap and quite close to my pussy. I warned Rob that I didn’t want any spurting on my thighs while I was spanking him. Then I clamped them shut and held his more turgid cock in between them.

Rob doubtless realized what I was doing and that it might be difficult for him not to ejaculate while being punished. After all, he was already hard again even after coming so nicely inside me. However, he did not complain because I think he liked the feeling of my thighs pressing on his member.

When I had positioned him in a good place on my lap, then, I started spanking him, hitting his cheeks alternately. I was not surprised at how quickly his cheeks grew red. He started to whimper that this hurt and I answered in a dominant way that that was how naughty boys were supposed to feel when they were punished for taking panties from their older sisters.

Finally, my hand was getting tired and I started thinking that I needed to use my hairbrush next time. My mind also jumped off into imagining myself with various implements, like a cane, or martinet, or riding crop. That could all wait, I concluded.

I eased up on the strength of my strokes as Rob’s ass got redder. I started running my finger down his crack and used my nail lightly to run it over his scrotum and up his shaft underneath to the tip. I felt his cock get even harder and I then slipped my finger into his cute little asshole. I drew back when my finger ran into something in there and I had more than a good idea as to what that was. I realized that both of us would be sitting on the toilet pretty soon.

Rob now seem embarrassed by what he knew I had felt inside him. He asked me to leave him alone in there.

I decided to put on more of a performance then. “You think I want to feel your shit inside?” I asked rhetorically.

Not waiting for an answer that was unlikely to emerge anytime soon anyway (I knew that something else was far more likely to be coming out much sooner!), I told him I would be monitoring him in the bathroom even though he knew I got no kicks out of watching men do

. I also was having feelings of my own about having to defecate after he had pushed that insinuating finger into my anus earlier.

But I whispered in his ear: “You took that spanking quite nicely and I want to reward you. Get down and lick me until istanbul escort you see that I’m really enjoying this and then I want you to make love to me again before we get up for real.”

Rob crawled off my lap and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment before he stood quickly, having not enjoyed sitting on his reddened bottom cheeks. Then he followed through on my request and bent down on his knees in between my legs and began laving my hairy split with his tongue. I love this kind of attention to my cunt so it didn’t take long before I was writhing around in pleasure as he licked me from clit down my labia, poking inside with the tip of his tongue, and lifting my bottom cheeks with his hands so he could lick all the way to my anal rosette.

Soon I came nice and hard, spraying his face with my juices. I didn’t make any apology for soaking his face because girly cum smells good, much better than what comes out of cocks. I helped Rob to his feet and I just lay back on my bed, nude, and spread my legs absolutely brazenly in the least ladylike way I could imagine.

I didn’t have to say “come and get it” to him because he proceeded to clamber up onto the bed and place himself between my open legs as he once again was considerate and held himself up above me, not leaning on me, as he positioned his cock at the entrance to my vadge and then pressed it into what was a very wet hole after my cum.

It now felt even better to have him inside me like this. Rob knew how to make love, as he thrust in and pulled almost all the way out of me in a nice, steady and relatively measured pace. This made me feel that I had now discovered the precise manner in which I wanted to be fucked and that my brother was the one who did it and would continue to make me very, very happy.

Even nicer was the unstated fact that we didn’t even need to talk about things like birth control which can wreck the mood. I’ve been on the pill since I was a teen and Rob probably assumed that, since I go out fairly often and now am working so am truly on my own in many ways, except, of course, that I live at home.

Don’t think that either of us wanted or tried to make this exclusive. We both continued to date and it was nice that we had the separate bedrooms and essentially, a separate entrance to our part of the house so that each of us could actually have a friend of the opposite sex in his or my bedroom at the same time. One night after this had happened, and we both were back in our rooms after in my case, my date left and Rob had taken his home and then returned.

Rob knocked and came in, grinning. “Sis, correct me if I’m wrong, but we both were fucking here tonight, weren’t we?” he said, still smiling.

“It was very nice,” I said, also with a smile, “and it was even better than we didn’t have to overhear each other in flagrante. Oh yeah—it was even better than that that Mom and Dad weren’t listening anywhere nearby.”

Rob asked me how it was different from what he and I did. “Not the same old,” I said. “First of all,” I observed with a very teasing tone, “I don’t think Jack is into taking my panties. I even left them on the bed after I was out of them and he made no effort to take them or ask me for them. Now, granted, I also didn’t order him to put them on.”

Rob decided to take that in the mostly joking vein in which it was intended. “Well,” he said by way of telling me his evening’s story, “Kathy and I as you know got back together and we had been doing this for a while, so it wasn’t as big a deal, except that I think we both escort bahçeşehir wanted it to be wonderful so we could feel that getting back together made sense.”

“So was it?” I couldn’t help giving him the set-up line.

“Absolutely,” he said, very happily. “She had put on very sexy undies for me. She knows I’m into them. They were red and hicut and very pretty on her.”

“I thought you liked it when girls had their plain functional white cotton ones on,” I countered.

He laughed and said that as much as he liked Kathy, he couldn’t talk to her the way we conversed.

“Yet,” I added and he laughed again.

Does living at home get better than this? I asked myself, because being located away from my parents, and the fact also having been clear that they were not snooping on me or on Rob, for that matter, so more or less were leaving us alone. My mother had confided in me that she was going through menopause, and even apologized in advance if she got angry at me more often than she might have.

I read up on what she was experiencing and decided I would be quite happy if I got another thirty years before I had to deal with it. Besides the hot flashes, some of which I saw her endure, women really get the worst of everything. Men’s sexual readiness does tend to diminish but much less abruptly. Women stop having their period—the only good part—but I learned from my reading that your vagina actually gets drier, which of course makes sex far less pleasurable.

What amazed me, though, was that a woman’s inner lips, the labia minora, would tend to “resorp” which means they basically disappear and your hole gets even tighter. This means that you have to apply some estrogen-containing cream down in there so that even though you are starting to look like a young teen again with an undeveloped cunt, you can still enjoy sexual intercourse.

This is not a subject that tends to turn me on, and I have a feeling it doesn’t do wonders for anyone else. But it didn’t make me feel real happy right then. At all.

Thinking about this would tend to get me down even if I was a good three decades away from it. I did make myself a promise that I would talk to my mother and try to reassure her that she was still an attractive woman who would still be able to get my father into bed with her and have a real sex life. She was much more open with me than I might have expected. So I knew that my father could still get it up and, at least, as far as my mother was concerned, he was a good sex partner. I wasn’t going to begin to tell her anything about what I was up to, especially now.

I concentrated on enjoying what I might never have expected to be happening, that my younger brother was fucking me and I was loving every second of it. I knew somewhere that this was not something that could last, because I did want to get a regular boyfriend I liked and that we would fall in love and get married and all that. I still was enough of a romantic to hope for that and I wasn’t sure that planning to live with Rob, who was still in college and had his own life to lead, would make a whole lot of sense for either of us.

Given the way the world worked today, we could do what brothers and sisters had always done, which is live together in the interest of economics. But our generation was much more likely to figure out that we were a couple in the classic sense and I don’t think most of them are much more enlightened about acknowledging and accepting a brother and sister fucking their brains out with each other.

These are the kinds of things I do think about, and I especially tend to find them in my thoughts while I am having sex with my brother. I don’t have the faintest idea of what he thinks about while he is thrusting in my cunt. Maybe I’ll ask him. It’s not that we’ve kept a whole lot of secrets from each other.

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