Brother Gets Caught

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It wasn’t that Cindy and Michelle were ignoring the waves and hellos from their friends. It was both girls’ eyes were riveted to the screen of the DVD player on the table in front of them. Cindy had chosen this table on purpose when she asked Michelle to meet her. No one could sneak up behind them to see what was happening on the screen.

“You sneak!” Michelle said, “How did you get this?”

“My dear brother isn’t the only person who knows about electronics. I asked his friends about surveillance giving them a story to ensure their interest. I wouldn’t tell them who, where, or why though.” Cindy replied with a smile.

“But he is staring right at the camera.” Michelle said huskily.

“The camera was cleverly hidden.” Cindy said, “Besides he was so into sniffing my panties and stroking that beautiful cock of his that he wouldn’t have seen the camera were it out in plain sight.”

“How do you know he was sniffing your panties?” asked Michelle as her butt did a little grind on the seat.

“I set him up.” Cindy answered, “For some time now I suspected Rob was borrowing my panties to masturbate with. I was sure when I decided to do my laundry early last week. You know those electric blue panties I wore for you?”


“Well, they were missing from my hamper. I thought I might have forgotten them at your place and it didn’t click that day. If you remember I wore the fluorescent green ones when we enjoyed each other the next night.”

“Oh yes, I remember. They set off your auburn hair very nicely.”

“Okay, so the next day after I changed clothes I put my panties and clothes in the hamper. As I flipped the lid down I caught a glimpse of blue.” Cindy replied, “Flipping the lid back open I scooped up those electric blue panties. They were soaked. I stood there and sniffed my own panties. It wasn’t my cum I was sniffing. It had to be Rob’s.”

“But that didn’t prove he used your panties for his masturbation.” said Michelle.

“You’re right, it doesn’t.” replied Cindy, “So the night before last I have a private session with my fluorescent orange panties. When I was done I buried them, not too deep, in my hamper. When I got home from classes they were missing.”

“Here,” Cindy said pointing to the screen in front of them “is where they disappeared to. So now I have documentary evidence, this DVD.” Cindy reached into her bag on the bench beside her and removed to Zip-Lock baggie. “If the DVD isn’t convincing enough I have the physical evidence.” Handing the baggie to Michelle she said, “Care for a sniff and a taste?”

Michelle couldn’t hide the shudder that went through her body as she gazed at a pair of fluorescent orange panties locked in the Zip-Lock bag. Holding the bag in her lap she undid the fastener, opened the bag and took a deep breath. The scent that invaded Michelle’s nose was not girls’ cum but mans’ cum. She reached inside the bag, retrieved a sample and then brought it to her lips. Closing the bag Michelle stood. “I have to get out of here before I make a mess.” She said heading towards the exit.

Laughing Cindy stuffed the Zip-Lock bag back into her bag, closed the DVD player, and followed Michelle out the door. “Let’s go to my place its closer.” Cindy said to Michelle. Neither woman said a word during the short walk to Cindy and Rob’s condo.

After Cindy opened the front door Michelle made haste to Cindy’s bedroom and the bathroom within. Cindy, no less turned on than Michelle, forced herself to lock the front door and upon entering her bedroom, lock that door. It wouldn’t do to have Rob come home and find his sister enjoying sex with her best friend.

Once the door was locked Cindy kicked off her shoes, dropped her bag and the DVD player on a convenient chair, and removed her sweat shirt with a simple upsweep of her arms. Trembling fingers found the front closure to her bra. Those same fingers spread the B-cups away from her swollen breasts until the straps slid off Cindy’s shoulders. Cindy did wait for her bra to fall free of her hands but immediately attacked the two remaining articles of clothing which prevented complete freedom. Thumbs caught the waistbands of her slacks and panties so though they were one. Using a see-saw motion Cindy forced her slacks and panties down over her hips to finally fall in a puddle around her feet. One hand found her breasts while the other hand sought out her swollen pussy lips. A low moan escaped her mouth when contact was made. With both hands busy Cindy thought of her friend and lover, Michelle. Walking over to the bathroom door Cindy leaned on the door frame.

Michelle was too excited to strip as Cindy had done. Her skirt and panties created a nest around her feet. The blouse and bra were pushed up to uncover Michelle’s enflamed C-cup breasts. One hand was alternately tweaking the turgid nipples. Michelle’s other hand was busy stroking two fingers in and out of her pussy. Sounds of intense pleasure accompanied the frenzied movements. What tickled Cindy’s funny bone was her friend’s position. Bomonti Escort Michelle was seated on the toilet with the cover down, her legs spread wide and her back against the cold porcelain of the tank.

Michelle wailed, “Oh God, yes!” as her body launched into orgasm. Cindy’s own orgasm started when she heard Michelle’s exclamation.

Several minutes passed as the two women recovered from their orgasms. Cindy asked, “Are you willing to expend the same energy turning the tables on Rob?”

“Me thinks,” Michelle replied, “that you have come up with a devious plan.”

“Oh, my basic plan” continued Cindy, “is to walk in on him tomorrow afternoon while he is masturbating with my freshly soiled panties. You will be waiting in the hall watching for my signal. After that we let nature takes it course.”

“Let us move to a more comfortable position so you can tell me the details.” Having said that Michelle leaned forward to remove her panties and skirt from around her feet. She also finished the removal of her blouse and bra. Standing up Michelle wadded up a hand full of toilet paper to clean up the mess on the toilet seat cover. Michelle turned to Cindy saying, “After you lover,” Indicating the bedroom behind Cindy. Michelle dropped her clothes in the hamper by the door. Facing Cindy, she embraced her lover with both arms. Their lips met with sweet tenderness and thoroughness. Michelle pushed Cindy back into the bed.

Feeling her knees buckle Cindy allowed herself to fall backward on the bed. As she landed Cindy brought her feet up, so they rested on the edge of the mattress. Next, she let her knees fall to the side giving Michelle an unobstructed view of her pussy.

Michelle knew what Cindy wanted — her pussy eaten, but Michelle wanted the same from Cindy. Instead of falling to her knees in front of her lover Michelle walked around the bed and mounted Cindy with her own pussy descending on Cindy’s face. Only when Michelle felt Cindy’s tongue caress her outer lips did she lower her face to Cindy’s moist morsel. A long time was spent satisfying each other’s sexual desire. Partially sated, Cindy and Michelle attended to their toilette and returned to the bedroom to talk about the next day.

Michelle asked, “Cin, why do you want to bust in on Rob? You have the DVD and your panties filled with his cum, why not just expose him?”

Cindy replied, “Oh, I could expose Rob and establish the high moral ground. But seeing that wonderful cock makes my pussy tingle and my mouth water.”

Michelle stuttered as she asked, “You want to fuck your own brother?”

“If it means having that cock thrust between my thighs, yes.” Cindy said, “I have also heard, through the grapevine, that Rob has a very talented tongue. If fucking my brother gives me the opportunity to verify his oral prowess, then double yes.”

“Just how do I fit in with your plans?” Michelle asked her voice under control again.

Cindy smiled, “Rob has classes until 1400 tomorrow. His professors all required 100 per cent attendance which means he can’t cut classes. By the time he gets home Rob will be full of cum and more than ready to relieve his burden. You and I will be hiding in my bathroom waiting for his arrival. When he gets a good start on his masturbation I walk with the evidence and offer him a chance to sample the source. While I’m feeding my pussy to Rob’s face, you can come in and sample his cock.”

Michelle was plainly shocked as she asked, “You are willing to let me sample that fine cock first?”

Cindy replied with a hearty laugh, “Yes, for two reasons. 1) My pussy will receive a tongue lashing from my brother, and 2) My pussy covering Rob’s face will allow you to enter the room unseen and unheard. As a bonus, I will get to taste both of you. You weren’t thinking about flushing all that beautiful cum down the toilet, were you?”

Michelle shrieked, “Heavens, No! I wasn’t thinking any further than riding Rob’s cock to a wonderful orgasm and feeling his cum splash against my cervix.”

Cindy replied, “Okay, we meet here tomorrow at 1200, have a hearty lunch, clean up, and wait for Rob. By the way, my clothes won’t fit you so grab yours out of the hamper. Rob and I have overnight guests, but I don’t want to explain why another woman’s clothes are in my hamper… At least not yet.”

Michelle retrieved her clothes from the hamper and started dressing as she said, “I’m glad I hooked up with you. Your beautiful body, a heavenly pussy, and a devious mind present a delightful package.”

“Thank you, Michelle, for the compliments.” Cindy said with sincerity, “Learning that we had shared interests and active minds was so different from the other women on campus. When we discovered that we were ‘cock hounds’ our friendship was cemented. We also enjoy the rewards of pussy lust.”

Michelle gave Cindy a tender kiss before she left. Cindy fixed herself a good dinner and spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening with her studies. She treated herself to a long, relaxing Bomonti Escort Bayan soak in the tub then retired for a good night’s sleep. As Cindy drifted off she thought to herself, ‘Today was amazing and tomorrow ought to be fantastic’.

The twelve o’clock news had just started when Cindy heard the doorbell. Opening the door, she greeted Michelle with a hearty hello and a quick kiss on the lips.

“How can you be so calm?” asked Michelle as they sat down to the lunch that Cindy had prepared, “I’d be in a tizzy thinking about getting a good tongue lashing administered by my brother.”

“Mainly because I haven’t been thinking about it.” Cindy replied, “I’ve been busy doing research for my master’s project.”

While the two women ate their lunch, they chatted about the news and the latest gossip among their friends at school. Lunch was finished, and the news had turned into a soap opera.

Standing up Cindy said, “Let’s clean up the table and kitchen so Rob doesn’t get the hint that someone’s here.”

Michelle said, “Okay.” as she too stood and started to clear the dishes, “Wait a minute,” she continued, “what about the breakfast dishes?”

“Leave them,” replied Cindy, “if we clean up too much Rob will know something is wrong and go looking.”

Taking a last look around to pick up any stray items the girls walked into Cindy’s bedroom. Michelle had the door half closed when Cindy stopped her. “No, leave it open,” she said, “Rob and I are always leaving the doors open. I’m surprised we haven’t caught each other in the middle of something. We will hide in the bathroom.”

“Won’t he check the bathroom?”

“No, that’s why my hamper is by the closet.”

“Can I take a soak in your tub?” Michelle asked, “I’m sort of nervous about taking on Rob’s cock with you in the room.”

“Okay, but I can’t really visualize you being hesitant in front of me or anyone else.”

As they walked into the bathroom Michelle was already stripping off her clothes. She whisked off her blouse and skirt. Dropping those on the floor by the tub Michelle adjusted the water to her liking and then she flicked open the front opening bra. Peeling the bra away from her breasts she let out a soft moan.

Cindy caught sight of Michelle’s swollen breasts. Reaching out she tweaked the nipples in front of her saying, “Your breasts aren’t nervous.”

Michelle took an involuntary step back. This broke Cindy’s contact with her breasts. It also gave Cindy a good look at Michelle’s bikini panties. They, in themselves, weren’t unusual but the decoration on the front panel was. The words Yum! Yum! Above an arrow pointing down to Michelle’s pussy was unusual. “Are we advertising” she asked.

“Some guys need encouragement to go down a woman. These are an excellent barrier breaker,” Michelle replied stepping into the tub. As the panties absorbed water they appeared to disappear. The lettering and the arrow stood out in bold relief.

Cindy laughed and said, “And you have the nerve to call my mind devious.”

Michelle laughed also. “You should get a pair. When you go swimming just substitute them for your regular swim bottoms. If some guy is interested, he will get the point really quick.”

Cindy was sitting on the toilet seat watching Michelle relax in the tub of hot water. They had related their experiences with guys and gals who needed a course in advanced sex education. Cindy smiled at Michelle then said, “You know, those panties of yours would have a greater impact if the pussy they were hiding was shaved bare.”

Michelle stared at Cindy, “You know you may be right. I might just shave to see if the results improve my pleasure.”

Just then both girls heard the front door slam shut. A minute or so later they heard Rob call out, “Anybody home?” Cindy held a finger up to her mouth demanding silence. Hearing sounds outside the door she grinned. Both Cindy and Michelle heard Rob say, “Damn, Cindy must have done her laundry.”

After several minutes of no noise Cindy and Michelle finally moved. Cindy stood, grabbed a towel and handed it to Michelle who was standing on the carpet next to the tub. Holding the towel, she briefly struggled to remove the transparent panties then began to dry off.

While Michelle was drying off Cindy went into the bedroom. After retrieving her bag from the closet, she removed the cum covered panties from the zip-lock baggie. Turning to Michelle she whispered, “Wait two minutes, then come into Rob’s room. Still facing Michelle Cindy reached down to capture the hem of the kaftan she wore. With a single fluid motion, the kaftan traveled up over Cindy’s body and head to fall in a heap at her feet.

Michelle was drying her breasts when Cindy’s pussy was revealed. With eyes as big as saucers she stared at the clean-shaven pussy in front of her. The outer lips were swollen with desire and the scent of sex almost overpowered Michelle.

Cindy’s voice penetrated Michelle’s mind, “Remember, two minutes.” A Cheshire grin Escort Bomonti filled her face as she turned toward the door and walked out.

Dropping the towel Michelle rushed after Cindy. She didn’t want to miss a word or any of the action. Hugging the wall, Michelle inched her way towards Rob’s bedroom.

Cindy knew Michelle was behind her in the shadows. Turning the knob on Rob’s door she pushed it open revealing Rob laying on his bed supporting his back and head with pillows pushed up against the headboard. His eyes were closed, and his hand was idly stroking that monster he called a cock. As the door hit the wall Rob’s eyes flew open and stared at the vision standing there.

“Oh my God! Cindy!”

Cindy began waving her cum filled panties back and forth on her finger. “You should have let them dry before you put them back in my hamper”, she said, “I might not have caught on so quickly.”

“What are you going to do?” asked Rob with a weak voice.

“Several pay backs went through my mind,” Cindy said, “But then I thought to myself, if Rob likes to sniff and lick the cum out of my panties maybe he would like a sample direct from the source.”

Having said that, Cindy walked over to stand by Rob’s bed. Tossing her panties at Rob she climbed up on the bed and straddled his chest. “Slide down a little Rob and throw those pillows on the floor,” Cindy commanded.

Rob did as he was told. He knew he busted — big time. As Cindy inched up Rob could feel the heat coming from her pussy as well as the juicy trail she was leaving behind. Rob tucked his arms in close to his sides as he watched Cindy move closer to his mouth.

“Before I give you a sample dear brother notice that I shaved my pussy. I wouldn’t want you to complain about pussy hairs between your teeth,” Cindy said as she lovingly massaged her pussy.

Rob had to tip his head down to look at the bare pussy in front of him. When he took a deep breathe Rob was greeted by the raw scent of a pussy in heat. Instinctively his hands cupped Cindy’s buttocks and drew her pussy to his waiting mouth and tongue.

Cindy released her pussy and placed her hands on her breasts. She began a slow sensual massage and tweaked her tender nipples. She was pleasantly surprised to feel Rob’s tongue glide around her swollen outer lips instead of going in for the kill. His tongue glided to the bottom of Cindy’s grotto, retrieved a sample and flicked back into his mouth. Instead of swallowing Rob took the time to savor the taste of his sister. Rob’s tongue advanced to Cindy’s pussy a second time. It danced over and around Cindy’s inner lips causing her to groan.

Cindy groaned with pleasure. Rob was a keeper. She leaned forward to place her head against the headboard. This allowed her hands to continue their sensual massage. Her action also put her clitoris up against Rob’s nose. Cindy started a slight up/down motion to ensure Rob gave her pussy the attention she needed. Raising one hand above her head Cindy waved it in the direction of the bedroom door. “The “grapevine” was correct,” Cindy said, “your tongue definitely knows its way around a pussy.”

Rob’s cock had been leaking pre-cum while he was masturbating and continued to do so as Cindy slowly fed him her pussy. When Cindy mentioned the “grapevine” his cock gave a lurch as if acknowledging the news.

Michelle had silently entered Rob’s bedroom and was standing by the bed when Rob’s cock gave its lurch. Climbing onto the bed she grasped Rob’s cock and began a slow massage. After spreading his pre-cum all over his shaft she straddled Rob’s thighs. Raising up she placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and began the slow agonizing fall to his balls.

Rob felt the shift of the bed but couldn’t figure out what caused it. When he felt a hand start stroking his cock he knew in a moment. The hand didn’t feel like it was going to break his cock or balls. The bed shifted again, and Rob felt a pair of legs settled against his thighs. His cock was being raised to an upright position and the heat of the went to see began to settle down over his rigid cock.

Michelle thought she had had large cocks before but as the head of Rob’s top entered she knew that this piece of man meat would fill her to overflowing. Inch by inch Michelle let Rob invade her cock hungry pussy. She let out a loud groan when their pubic hair nestled together. Sitting still Michelle allowed her pushy to adjust to the monster cock. Finally, she rose until the head of Rob’s cock was just inside the entrance of her vagina. Now Michelle began to slide up and down the wonderful cock. She slowly increased the speed of her thrusts Michelle altered her position as she rode the monster wanting to feel it plumb every inch of her silken lining. Grunts, growls and breathless sighs came from Michelle’s mouth. “My God! Cindy, you must ride this cock. It’s touching places I never knew existed.” Just then Rob’s cock slammed against Michelle’s cervix. Her orgasm hit her like a sledgehammer the hands that had been stroking breasts now savagely tweaked her nipples the shock was transmitted to Michelle’s vagina causing it to vacuum lock around Rob’s cock. The immerse cock couldn’t handle the extra stimulation. Rob’s cock threw spurt after spurt of cum from its tip deep into Michelle’s pussy.

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