Brother and Sister Bond

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(All persons in this story are of legal age (18) )

I stood in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open. I wasn’t really hungry but I was sweating and hot. Grabbing the carton of orange juice I closed the door behind me and drank straight from the carton.

“Mom would kill you if she saw you do that!”

I turned around to see my four year younger brother, Chris, behind me. At barely 18 he stood just over 6 foot tall with a muscular frame. He had wavy brown hair and crazy wild blue eyes. I always marveled at how his eyes changed with his mood and they were like a wild blue ocean today.

“Well Mom isn’t here now is she,” I said sarcastically as I took another drink from the carton before setting it on the counter. “Way to welcome your big sis home from college, you jerk!”

“Yea well welcome home Karey. I need to go take a shower; baseball practice was a bitch and I stink.”

“No, shit! I can smell you over here.”

“Bitch!” he said with a grin on his face, as he walked away leaving his bat leaning against the wall.

I took another long drink of my orange juice as I leaned against the counter and tried to decide what to do next. Mom’s house still had no air conditioning and the hot July weather caused the house to be hot as a sauna. I could feel my long brunette hair sticking to my shoulders. My long toned, tan bare legs were exposed in my short shorts and my full breasts were peaking out the top of my pink tank top. God it was hot! Even with as little clothing as I had on I was sweating. I drank the last of my orange juice and decided I’d go try and lay down and hopes of cooling off a little bit.

I walked up the carpeted stairs to the second floor of my childhood home. I turned right at the top of the stairs to head towards my bedroom. I heard the water running from the bathroom as I walked past and noticed the door was slightly open. I could see my brother’s tall muscular shadow on the shower curtain. I couldn’t believe what I was doing; standing there watching my baby brother in the shower! At first I couldn’t tell what he was doing but I soon realized his hips were moving and soft moans drowned out the sound of the shower.

“Does Mom know you jerk off in her shower you sick fuck?” I yelled into the bathroom.

“KAREY!!!! Get the fuck out!”

I laughed as I dashed to my room. I couldn’t believe I sat there and watched him jerk off. What kind of sick fuck am I? I could escape the fact that seeing his muscular outline on the shower curtain moving and moaning made my body ache. I closed the door behind me, making sure it was actually closed and then laid down on my bed. My body was warm to the touch and I rubbed my fingers over my flat stomach. I caressed my body down to the waist line of my shorts before gliding my hands into my shorts and under my panties. My fingers slipped into my slit easily. Holy shit I was wet and so turned on by the thought of my brother stroking his cock. I worked around my clit with my finger making tight circles. My hips bucked at my fingers and as my orgasm built soft low moans escaped my lips. I bit my lip hard, trying to stay quiet. I didn’t know if Chris was out of the shower yet and I couldn’t let him hear me. I thrust my fingers deep in my pussy and fucked myself hard. My moans turned to sharp loud gasps as my body rocked hard towards an orgasm. I rubbed my clit with my thumb as my first two fingers thrust into me deeply and it sent me over the edge; my back arching pushing my breasts towards the ceiling. I slid my hand out from my shorts and thrust into my mouth; tasting my juices as my body came down from the outrageous orgasm. I couldn’t help wonder, as my orgasm left my body, if Chris heard me gasping and moaning but I didn’t hear anything in the hall as I changed my panties and threw my shorts back on. I decided I’d just head downstairs to start dinner. Mom would be home soon and she’d enjoy having dinner ready after a long day.

I walked down the hall from my bedroom, passed the bathroom where my naked brother had been only ten minutes ago. I didn’t see him as I walked back down stairs and to the kitchen either. I started throwing together a cool chicken caesar salad and made some homemade tea. It was still too hot to try and fire up the oven. I walked around the kitchen in my bare feet humming to myself as I made the dressing and tossed all the ingredients. I turned around to grab something from under the counter and let out a loud scream.

“God dammit Chris! You scared me. What are you doing there staring at me anyway?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you and I’m not staring at you. Wait, you’re the sick one! What were you doing watching me shower?”

“I wasn’t watching you,” she lied. ” You were moaning and I heard you as I went to my bedroom. So, does Mom know you jerk off in the shower sicko?”

“Shut up! My girlfriend isn’t putting out so a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do!”

I didn’t get a chance to throw another smart comment his way before Mom walked through the door.

“Hi Mom,” I said as I threw my arms around her neck.

“Well bahis firmaları hi sweetie, isn’t this a nice surprise. Dinner is ready and the kitchen cleaned up?”

“I thought you’d like a cool dinner on this hot day. You really need to get a/c Mom. This is ridiculous!”

“Yes, I know Karey. Hey Chris, why so quiet son?”

“Oh umm, no reason Mom just tired and hot. Long baseball practice after school in this heat.”

I knew he was lying about being so tired. I could see it in his face that he was thinking about our little talk about his masturbating. Mom walked over to him and tapped his shoulder before walking past him to get out of her scrubs. She yelled behind her that she was going to take a quick shower and then she’d be down to eat.

I walked back to the kitchen sink and finished washing the last of the dishes. Much to my surprise Chris walked up next to me and grabbed the towel.

“What are you doing? You never help do dishes. Such a bum,” I joked with him.

“Yea, Yea,” he mumbled as he wiped the metal bowl I had handed him.

“So, why isn’t your girlfriend putting out little bro,” I asked as he continued washing.

“I don’t know. She says it hurts and she doesn’t really like it. I don’t know if I can be with someone who has no interest in sex what so ever. I mean she won’t even let me…” his voice trailed off.

“Won’t even let you what? Come on! I am four years older than you, trust me, nothing you can tell me will surprise me.”

“She won’t even let me eat her pussy.”

“What!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“I know, right? I don’t get it.”

“Neither do I, Chris.”

“So Karey,” Chris said as he put the cups back in the cabinet, “does Mom know you lick your fingers after you masturbate.”

I dropped the plate I was washing in the sink and it shattered. I spun around to face him.

“You… what… how… No..” I couldn’t finish my sentence. He just stood there looking at me with this stupid grin on his face. By the time I got my words back Mom walked down the stairs.

“Karey Lynn! I will never be able to afford air conditioning if my darn children keep breaking my dishes!”

“Sorry Mom, it umm, I slipped.” I glared at Chris with confusion and terror.

“Well, you can finish cleaning up later. I’m starving. What else did you do today?” She asked me. Chris stuck his tongue out and licked his finger teasingly.

“Oh, nothing Mom. This heat is killing me.”

Mom walked over to the counter and poured herself a glass of tea before walking to the dining room. I glared at Chris.

“You are so dead!” I hissed at him.

“You started it! You watched me first.”

I gasped, “I did not!”

I grabbed the big bowl of salad, three plates and stormed off to the dining room. I was furious that Chris had watched me masturbate but how did he see me? Had he opened the door and I never noticed? As irritated as I was that he spied on me, my eyes were glued to his growing crotch and I couldn’t help but notice my clean panties were growing wetter by the minute. I sat across the table from Chris and tried to keep my conversation going with Mom to avoid having to look at him. I could feel his eyes on me and it felt like he was burning my skin. My body began to ache again and my heat escaped my shorts. I could smell my juices start to flow and I hoped neither Mom nor he could smell me. I crossed my legs and took a big bite of my salad.

“Mom do you have plans tonight or do you want to catch a movie?” I asked, hoping she would save me from my own dirty thoughts.

“Oh hunny, Lisa and I are going to do a little shopping and then grab a couple drinks. I probably won’t be home until late. No work tomorrow and I wanna let loose.”

“Oh, that’ll be nice Mom. You deserve a little break. Have a good time.”

“Thanks Karey, I will. What will you and Chris do tonight?” she asked innocently.

” No idea. I may just curl up and watch a movie. It’s still so hot, I just hope it cools off a little. What about you Chris? Do you and the girlfriend have plans?” I asked him teasingly.

“No, we don’t have plans. Maybe I’ll just watch a movie with you. It’s too effin hot to do much.” He looked at me as he said this with a grin on his face.

“Oh kids! I love to see you two finally getting along.”Mom took a bite of her salad as she said this and I shot a look at Chris. My lust was growing in my belly and I wondered if I’d let my desires really take over. I couldn’t! He is my baby brother! God, I must be mental.

Mom got up and put her dishes in the sink before running upstairs to finish getting ready for her night out with our neighbor and her best friend. Chris vanished but I couldn’t help wondering what he was doing as I cleaned up the broken plate from the sink and washed our dinner dishes. Mom came back down fifteen minutes later wearing jeans and a cute tank top. For being in her mid 40’s she still had a rocking body and didn’t look anywhere near her age.

“Leaving Mom?” I asked as I put the wet towel down and grabbed a cold beer from kaçak iddaa the fridge.

“Yup, how do I look?” She twirled around like a little kid and I laughed.”

“HOT Mom! Are you sure you are just going out with Lisa or are you girls gonna pick up some boys?” I teased her and took another drink of my beer.

“Oh stop Karey! At my age? I don’t think so.” She giggled to herself and I wondered if there was more to her intentions.

“Well, either way Mom, have a great night. I won’t wait up for you!” I winked at her and grabbed my beer. I watched her walk to the door and she blew me a kiss.

I plopped myself on the cool leather couch. It felt amazing against my sticky hot skin. The remote laid on the arm of the couch and I flipped the T.V. on. I really wasn’t interested in watching anything on the tv but I couldn’t let my brain entertain its dirty desires. I flipped through the channels aimlessly and eventually settled on some cop drama I had seen a million times. I laid on the couch and watched as my dirty lustful thoughts took over. I still had no idea where Chris ran off to and I wasn’t about to go seek him out. I thought about his muscular frame and about watching him in the shower. I could feel my wetness return and could feel my panties cling to my pussy. I ran my fingers softly over my breasts and my nipples perked up quickly. I slid my tank top down and my bra to the side. Biting my lips as I twisted and pulled on my nipples, a soft moan escaped my lips. I had to remember not to be too loud. I couldn’t have Chris bust me again even though I still had no idea how he busted me the first time. A smile crossed my lips as I thought about him peeking through the door at me masturbating this morning. My other hand slipped down my smooth flat stomach and under the waistband of my shorts. I could feel my heat escaping already and I realized at that moment how bad I needed to cum. My fingers slide over my smooth mound; I never did like having hair there. I could feel my fingers slide between my lips and I rubbed softly up and down without penetrating my pussy. My clit was throbbing but I didn’t give into my immediate desires. I teased my pussy as I rubbed the outside of my lips and then switching to the pink, wet fleshy inside of my lips. My fingers slips between my lips and into my tight little hole. A loud low moan escaped my lips as I feel the waves of pleasure flow through my body. I thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy quickly and my moans grow deeper and I know I must stop. My thrusts slow and I think about Chris upstairs and begin to wonder what he is doing. I want him. I need him. It’s wrong but I just don’t care. I flip off the television and throw my legs over the side of the couch. Am I going to do this? Yes, I am.

I walk to the stairs and pull of my shirt and bra, throwing them on the stairs as I walk. I get to the top of the stairs and turn right towards our bedrooms. I slip out of my shorts and throw them towards my bedroom. I stood in front of Chris’s door for a moment before slipping out of my panties and leaving them on the floor. One deep breath later and my hand was on the knob turning it slowly. I walked through the doorway to find Chris laying on his bed watching something on his TV. I can hear the moaning and gasping of chicks faking orgasms. Porn! I looked Chris in the eyes as he looked at me, his sister, naked standing in front of him. He says nothing but stares at me with his wild blue eyes. I walk slowly towards him and rub my hands over my full tits.

“Karey, what are you. . . ” he began to ask before I told him to be quiet.

“Shut up Chris. I have a question for you.” I slid my hand down my flat stomach to my pussy and started slowly teasing my clit. Chris’s eyes for fixated on my moving hand between my thighs.

“Eyes up here Chris. I want to know how you saw earlier. How is it you know that I lick my fingers clean after I make myself cum?” I brought my fingers to my mouth as I waited for him to answer.

“I umm, I. . .”


“I used to watch you when you still lived at home. Karey, you aren’t exactly quiet and in the throws of your orgasms it’s easy to crack the door just a little. I am able to see it all with the door just cracked a bit. And I umm, I did it again this morning after I busted you watching me in the shower.”

“You little fucking pervert!” he had been doing this for years? Oh I was going to kill him!

“Who is the pervert Karey! You’re the one standing in my room masturbating!” He had me there but I wasn’t going to back down now.

“You’re a fucking perv Chris!” I said as I climbed onto him bed and held his arms to his side. My big tits hang at his throat and I watched his blue eyes look at me with shock and pure lust. I could feel his strong hands grip my hips and feel his sister’s body for the first time. I let his hands explore as he felt my soft tan skin. His hands ran over my full ass and down to my thighs and then returning up to my back and shoulders. I kept my full breasts out of his reach. I teased him with them as I looked down. Our eyes never left each others. kaçak bahis I lowered my nipple close to his lips and his tongue extended out to greet it. I lowered it all the way into his mouth and let out a low moan as his tongue flicked at my rock hard nipple. I threw my left leg over his hip and straddled his stomach as my nipple remained in his mouth being sucked like he was nursing. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but my lust drove me forward.

I pulled my nipple out of his mouth and replace it with my mouth. I kissed my brother passionately, our tongues dancing and exploring each other’s mouths. He pulled me close, my whole body resting on his. I wanted to feel him inside me so bad but I just couldn’t let him win that easily. I pulled my mouth away from his and made him sit up. I pulled off his t-shirt and then pushed him back on his back. I got off his stomach and moved to his feet, pulling his pants and boxers down as well. My mouth must have fallen open because he looked at me and smiled.

“You like what you see sis?” he asked me almost laughing.

“Oh my God Chris! You’re huge!!! And your girlfriend doesn’t want that? What the fuck is wrong with her?” I was floored. Seeing him in the shower didn’t do justice to what stood at attention in front of me. His cut dick stood rock hard and almost straight up. There was a slight curve in his rod and his balls and lower stomach was bare. I wondered if he got such a big dick from our father.

“Do you want to suck it Karey?” he asked me. Yes of course I did but I was going to make him wait.

“No fucking way. I want to feel your lips on my pussy. I wanna see what your girlfriend is missing out on.”

He smiled at me and grabbed my hips, flipping me onto my back. I moaned softly at his strength. I laid beneath him as he finally got both hands on my breasts. He kneaded and pulled on them as his nipples played with my nipples. I ran my long thing fingers through his hair and pulled him closer to me. I bit me sharply and I let out a gasp! He continued his mouth down my stomach and to my thighs and straight into my sopping wet pussy. He lapped at my pussy like he was eating an ice cream cone. What was he doing!? He was fumbling around and licking all erratically. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I pulled his head up with my hands.

“What are you doing?” I asked him frustrated.

“What do you mean? I’m licking your pussy! You taste incredible.” He looked confused and lustful.

“Ok, but I’m not an ice cream cone! That’s pathetic! No wonder your girlfriend doesn’t like you licking her pussy. You suck at it.


“Yea, you will now let me teach you how to do this the right way” I insisted.

“No, I’m not doing. . .” he tried to resist.

“Shut the fuck up Chris and put your face between my thighs. I will walk you through it. Let me teach you how to be a good pussy eater.” I pushed his head back to my dripping pussy. I was surprised; this masculine macho man had no idea how to eat pussy properly. I guess his big sister would have to teach him what to do. What are big sisters for?

He tried to resist a little bit. He was pissed and I could tell but I didn’t care. I pushed his face between my thighs and started making demands.

“Now you can’t go straight for my clit. Lick my lips softly. Tease me, make me want your tongue on my clit so bad that I beg.” He followed my directions and licked my soft lips. He started to moan softly too, enjoying his task at hand. I think he forgave me for being a bitch, not that I cared.

“Mmm, yes Chris just like that. Now pay some attention to my pussy hole. I LOVE to be licked there.” He followed my directions like an eager puppy and licked and teased my pussy. He seemed to get it from there. He started nibbling softly on my pussy lips and I moaned softly. I ran my fingers through his hair as he nibbled and licked at me. Much to my surprise he licked all the way down my pussy and then pushed my hips up to expose my tight ass hole. I gasped as his tongue flicked at my puckering hole. He buried his face into my ass and licked away. He was catching on quickly on what to do and it was all I could do to keep my composure.

“YES Chris, that’s it. Eat my ass!” I gasped and moaned as my lust filled every part of my body.

Before I started shaking too hard he brought his mouth back up to my pussy and softly teased my clit. He flicked at it and licked all around it and my hips began to buck at him. I wanted so desperately to have him attack my clit at this point. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I sharply grabbed his face and thrust my pussy into his mouth. I let out a loud long moan as his tongue finally found my clit. My hips rocked against his face and my body couldn’t take much more. Just as I thought I was about to cum he thrust his thick fingers into my pussy deeply and sharply. Just then my body tensed up and I pinched my nipples. My body shook violently and my pussy squirted all over Chris’s face. I gasped and panted as he slowed his licking. He licked long and slow up and down my pussy. I grabbed his face and pulled him up to me. I wanted to taste my juices in his mouth. I thrust my tongue into his mouth still tasting my cum that just moments ago filled his mouth. I licked his lips and cleaned out his mouth moaning as I tasted my juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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