Brooke’s Rage

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All bets are off now.

Brooke lunged at her boyfriend, grabbing him by the throat and yelling at him.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“What could you possibly be doing there?”

“Why were you there?”

“Who were you with?”

“Am I not enough for you?”

“What do you need to see there that you can’t see at home with me?”

Brooke finally released Brian’s throat. Her handprints were left there as evidence of her savage fury. Venom spewed from her mouth. The rage on her face was undeniable.

“You fucked up big time!”

“Not only is it an insult to me, but you threw away money we don’t have!”

“You know how I feel about this!”

“This is what I mean, you selfish bastard!”

“You will pay for this, maybe not now, but you will pay for this you son of a bitch!”

And with that last statement, Brooke stormed out of the apartment. She got in her car and drove away.

Later that week, Brooke and her best friend Jennifer got together at the gym like they usually do for a workout after a day at the office. During the course of the workout Brooke started to tell Jennifer what happened with Brian and her. Brooke and Brian were together for two years. Jennifer and her boyfriend Mike were together about the same time. Brian and Jennifer’s boyfriend Mike were also close friends. Jennifer could not believe the way her best friend reacted to the situation.

“Did you know Mike was with him also” asked Jennifer?

Brooke was short with her response “Nope!”

Jennifer explained it was just guys being guys. They started out watching the game at the local sports bar. When Mike’s little brother started talking to everyone about proposing to his girlfriend. He would be the first one of the gang to get married. That’s what prompted their boy’s night out, or should I say after-party.

“That’s really nice” Brooke replied sarcastically!

“It’s still no reason to spend $1,000 in a strip club!”

Jennifer explained they apparently had a private room, ordered bottle service, and let it rain money. The whole group went for about $1,000 each.

“And you’re not mad” Brooke asked Jennifer.

“About the money?”


“About the actual club, not at all” said Jen!

“Well, you’re a better person than I am” claimed Brooke with her sarcasm coming back.

Brooke and Brian were eventually fine and things went back to normal in less than a week. It’s a good thing that Jennifer and Brooke had a chance to talk about what happened. Had it not been for Jen, Brooke might never have spoken to Brian again.

Even though things were fine with the couple again there was still the thought of Brian spending over $1,000 in a strip club with other women dancing all over him that she couldn’t get out of her mind.

Brooke was a beautiful woman. She was 26 years old, 5’6″, long black wavy hair, brown eyes, and a slender sculpted Konya Escort but voluptuous figure, and abs you could bounce a quarter off. She also had perfect big round breasts that she had done a few years ago. She was an absolute knockout. A Greek Goddess. There was no reason she should be worried about any stripper dancing on her boyfriend. There was nobody in the world that was as gorgeous.

Brooke had something in mind for Saturday night, the next time her and Brian would get together. She usually slept at his place over the weekend. This weekend was now going to be fun for the both of them. Brooke packed some extra special clothing, underwear, and lingerie then left for her boyfriends.

Brooke mentioned to Brian that she had a surprise for him when she got in. It was something he would get later, and he was definitely going to get it. After a little while she turned all the lights off in the apartment and told her boyfriend she would be back. She walked to the bedroom in the dark and closed the door. She turned on the bedroom light and started to unpack her bag, the bag filled with a long tight red evening gown, red lingerie complete with a bra, g-string, garters, and thigh highs as well as red stiletto heels. This was her best attempt at a stripper costume.

Next Brooke grabbed her iPod and plugged it into the docking station and speakers next to the bed. She called to Brian and told him to come inside the bedroom. She immediately turned off the lights and lit two candles on the dresser. When Brian walked into the room he saw his stunning girlfriend all dressed up. He stuttered and stumbled before complimenting her on her beauty.

“You look fantastic Brooke!”

“What is this for?” he asked

Brooke replied “I couldn’t bear to think of all those strippers dancing on you a few weeks ago.”

“This is my way of letting you know you never need to go to a trip club no matter the circumstance.”

“Just come home to me anytime and I will make it worth it for you!” she whispered.

Finally the music started, the nostalgic riff of AC/DC “Shook me all Night Long” started. Brooke swayed to the beat of the music as Brian stood in front of her. She pushed him to the corner into a folding chair. She moved around her lover slowly running her finger around his shoulders.

Brooke then asked “Would you like a dance?”

Brian replied “yes!”

“Then get all your money out sweetheart, because it’s going to be a long, expensive night!” she whispered in his ear then taking a hard bite of his lobe.

Brian jumped a little since it actually hurt.

Brooke dance, bumped, and grinded Brian for the duration of the 1st song. Brian slid a $20 bill between her big round hard breasts.

“Oh honey, my dances are going to cost way more than that” she snickered.

“Well, here is another $20 then!”

Brian slid a second bill between his girlfriend’s big tits. As he did Konya Escort Bayan that the 2nd song came on, Motley Crue “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Halfway through this song, Brooke asked “Do you want to fuck me tonight Brian?”

“What do you think” he replied.

“I think you want to fuck me” said Brooke

She continued the dance until the next song started “Cherry Pie” by Warrant.

Brooke asked, “Do you want my Cherry Pie Brian”

“Yes sweetheart” Brian answered.

“It’s going to cost you a lot” Brooke explained.

“How much money do you have honey?” she asked.

Brian played along. He went over to a draw and pulled out his secret stash. He had ten $100 bills and handed them to his girlfriend.

Brooke put the money in her bag and danced for her lover. Every erotic rock song came blaring through the speakers. Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch” summed up the evening. Brooke sang along to this one as she dry humped Brian’s lap.


You’re a crazy bitch

But you fuck so good, I’m on top of it

When I dream, I’m doing you all night

Scratches all down my back to keep me right on”

They were face to face. Finally she gave him the go ahead to fuck her. Brian stood up picking himself and her off the chair. Brooked wrapped her legs around his waist as well as her arms around his neck as the passionately kissed. Then Brian slammed her down on the bed falling on top of her. The two lovers rolled over on the bed. Brooke straddled Brian from the top as he desperately tried to unbutton the evening gown. Growing very frustrated after a few minutes a rip could be heard down the middle of Brookes back. Brian just ripped the red evening gown off her back because he couldn’t get it open.

This was starting to get a little physical. Brooke removed the dress as she was finally able to get it over her head. Her bulging nipples were exposed through the red lace bra. Her tits were squeezed together in the bra but not for long. Brian, still on his back, raised his hands to Brooke’s breasts. He tugged down on the bra exposing her round, hard, dark nipples before ripping the bra right off. The red lace bra hung from Brooke’s shoulders split in half.

“Are you going to rip everything I put on tonight” asked Brooke?

Now Brian went for the g-string. RIP!!!!!!

Brian ripped them in half also, exposing her moist pussy. Brooke’s pussy was shaved almost completely bald, only a thin landing strip paved the way to the promise land.

Brian said “I’ll leave the garters and thigh highs on.”

“I love fucking you like that.”

Brooke slid up Brian’s chest and turned around. She lowered herself over Brian’s mouth in a reverse cowgirl position.

“Lick it!”

“Taste it!”

“Eat my pussy Brian!”

“Make me cum” said Brooke.

Brian began to lick Brooke’s pussy lips and clit. He used the usual up and down, side to side motions. Escort Konya Brooke enjoyed the delightful sensations. As Brian continued, she bent over now as if she was on all fours. She began to unbuckle the belt on his jeans and unzip the fly. Brooke removed the jeans and pulled down his boxers, exposing his fully erect penis. While doing this Brooke could feel the sensations in the depths of her soul. The sensation of a major orgasm was coming shortly.

She lunged onto Brian cock, engulfing three-quarters of it in her mouth. Once in her mouth she began to moan louder and louder. The moaning acted as a humming sensation on Brian’s cock. Right now this wasn’t a blow-job, it was a hummer or hum job.

The louder Brooke moaned, the faster Brian licked her clit. Brooke started to mumble with Brian’s penis sticking in her mouth.

“Right there”

“Lick me”

Brooke moaned and then felt a muscle spasm in the lower part of her body. Her whole body shook as each spasm sent a great sensation throughout her entire body. On Brian’s end, each spasm jettisoned a clear liquid into his mouth and on his lips and face. It tasted sweet and sour. Brooke ejaculated on Brian’s face. It glistened all over from the clear slick juice.

During this time Brooke never let Brian’s dick out of her mouth. Now that she was coming down off her orgasm she started to pay full attention to the member in her mouth. Brooke licked and sucked his cock like a professional. Eventually she moved to a more comfortable position. Brian sat at the edge of the bed and Brooke knelt between his legs while she did her thing. His penis was being worked up and down. The pre-cum was all over Brooke’s lips and cheeks, as well as his own penis. She kept sucking and sucking until Brian himself was ready to spew his seed. His moans started getting louder and louder.

“Cum all over me Brian” Brooke said!

“Cum on my face.”

“Cum on my tits.”

“Just cum all over me.”

“I want to feel your hot seed on my skin.”

Those comments drove Brian to his breaking point. Shot, after shot, after shot, found its targets. He hit Brooke square in the face, right in front drenching her nose, lips, and right cheek. The second burst hit Brooke in the neck and those big beautiful breasts. He unloaded as much as he could on her tits.

When that tapered off Brooke licked the head clean and began to lick her own lips tasting Brian. She also began to rub Brian’s semen into her neck and breasts. All over the place. Brooke stood up to Brian and the kissed him with his seed still spewed across her face. Once Brian licked her clean of his own seed Brooke moved up to his right ear and said

“Was that worth $1,000”

“You could have this for the rest of your life for free”

“I don’t think you need anymore strip clubs” explained Brooke.

Brian was left with only one thing to say “Can I have my money back?”

Brooke’s reply was dead on “No!”

“I did this because I love you and to teach you a lesson.” This may have been an expensive fuck tonight, but just think what the wedding will cost, a house, kids, college, and all that fun stuff.”

“Well maybe this won’t be free for the rest of your life then.”

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