Brod: Breeding Osaka Pt. 01

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Sarkopheros Says:

Finally, the first Brod to come out after the survey! Sorry about the lag, guys. December has been crazy-busy.

I’ll talk more about it after the story, but if you didn’t know, at the beginning of the month I held a survey for people to put in their thoughts and help determine the future course of Brod. This is the first of the issue after that.

This story does not contain the actual breeding, but it does contain the lead-up as well as sexy parts. The problem is that I realized I was up to around 7,000 words and only about halfway done, so I split it in half.

Expect breeding, light femdom, overpowering virility, cum inflation, and a bunch of crazy people.


Five dozen women sat in a small but lavish ballroom inside the Jouissance Hotel and Resort: Osaka. Most of them were Japanese. There were a couple of white women and also a number of Chinese in the mix today. There were tables with green tea, coffee, fruit, and snacks both American and Japanese.

They chattered amongst themselves until the doors opened. The interpreter stood up. In walked my two wonderful doctors.

Dr. Nahid Ghali walked with a bit of a wobble. Her titanic tits (pun intended) lead the way, jiggling back and forth, sandy-colored cleavage exposed. Her dark hair was up in a bun, as usual, exposing her long neck. She wore a low-cut dress that barely contained that bosom. The long skirt did some, but not enough, to hide the fact that she was walking with a slight bow in her legs.

Dr. Yara Andrade followed. She was more reserved, in a green pantsuit that contrasted her caramel complexion. Her hair was back in a ponytail, her toned ass perking up in the suit. Her dark eyes surveyed the room.

Last through the door was Jane Kelley. She was the shortest and darkest of the three, with skin like espresso and a short pixie cut. There was a pencil skirt about her hips and a blazer buttoned around her chest. She gave the crowd a big, warm smile. Then all three ladies bowed, and received them in turn.

Jane looked toward the interpreter and spoke up, “Are you ready?”

“Of course, Ms. Kelley,” she said crisply. She was taller than the woman, and I imagine she found it a bit strange to be looking down at an American. Her dress was businesslike and smart, her glasses high on her nose, her hair pulled back. “So long as you are,” she added with a demure chuckle.

Jane smiled and lowered her voice as she got closer to the interpreter. “I’m always ready, Shizuka-san. I need to mention something, though.”


“Mr. Kanayama sees himself as a servant to these women. He wants to make sure they see him as an equal, so if we could refrain from ‘sama’ or ‘sensei’? An interpreter last year kept calling him ‘Ganshin-sensei’,” she explained.

Ms. Shizuka laughed. “Are you sure she was not being sarcastic?”

Jane shrugged. “Well, she ended up in the room, too, so….”

“I see. I observe this is a rather … unique … job,” said Shizuka.

“And I wouldn’t trade it for another,” chuckled Jane. She patted the interpreter’s arm. “I’m ready to address them when y’all are,” she called over her shoulder.

Jane took a position in front of the crowd and flashed that movie-star smile of hers. Dr. Ghali smiled as well, and Dr. Andrade did her best not to look mean. She managed a small curl of the lips.

Silence fell. Shizuka folded her hands in front of her.

“Welcome, welcome, my treasured guests! Future mothers! I am honored to have you all here, and I know that Mr. Kanayama is, as well,” she said. “He is getting ready to begin serving all of you!”


As she addressed the crowd, I was in my suite, warming up. I huffed my way through push-ups, my feet up on a counter and my hands on a pair of chairs. This allowed enough room for my swinging, head-dwarfing nuts, and my near twenty inches of heavy meat to hang below me. On the floor, push-ups are impossible for me. After a while, I hopped down and began doing lunges. Then side lunges. I had to make sure my hips were loose, after all! With each rep, smak! my gigantic nuts bounced against the tiles.

And how am I telling you this story if I wasn’t there, you might wonder? If you find me describing something I couldn’t know, then you can assume that I am re-telling with help from those who were present. My employees told me all about how the orientation went.


Ms. Shizuka spoke up, her words clear and crisp. She repeated the message twice—once in Japanese, once in Mandarin.

Jane waited for her to finish.

“My function here is to make sure y’all are ready and know what to expect. And, truthfully, it’s a hard job, because no matter what I tell you, you’re in for a shock once you get into that room!” said Kelley. “Y’all seen pictures, heck, maybe you even seen a video. But I can’t tell you enough, future-mamas. Oh, no, I can certainly not! The knowing is not the Mersin Escort understanding.” Jane went behind a covered table at the front. She stooped to grab something under it.

WHUMP. She slammed a massive dildo onto the top of the table. It was an effigy of my cock, all twenty-eight inches of its over-half-foot-thick length.

Jane waved her hand above the rubber cock, molded in purple plastic. “This big ol’ rubber dick is cast from from Mr. Kanayama’s penis!”

A collective gasp! Ms. Shizuka’s eyes got as big as the moon. Her jaw fell.

Several women yelled at the front.

“What are they saying?” asked Jane.

“They are … skeptical. To be polite,” said Ms. Shizuka, unable to tear her eyes away from the dildo on the table. “Have you … have you had sex with him?”

“I’m not really into that,” answered Jane with a shrug. “Ask Yara or Nahid.”

“What? You’re not into that?” Shizuka didn’t seem to understand.

“I don’t do it,” said Jane.

Shizuka squinted. “Then why on Earth do you do this job, Ms. Kelley?”

“Same reason as several of the ladies that work for Mr. Kanayama do. There’s a lotta baby-troubles in my family. I don’t want to get into it. But I tell ya this, Shizuka-san. Mr. Kanayama makes nothing but healthy, strong babies.” Kelly smiled. “And when you see the look on a new mama’s face? Mmh! That’s a treasure. We ready to continue?”

“Yes, of course.”

A third of the audience was squirming. Over half of them seemed enthralled and delighted.

Dr. Andrade spoke up. “I am Dr. Yara Andrade, and to my right, this is Dr. Nahid Ghali.”

“Yes, and we’ve stood by as Brod knocked up tens of thousands of mothers, just like you!” said Ghali, a little hum in her throat. “Don’t worry about your little Japanese pussies, he’ll stretch them right out!”

Shizuka squinted at Ghali.

“Don’t repeat her,” snapped Yara. “Nahid, you’re being racist.”

“What? Japanese people are statistically smaller,” said Dr. Ghali.

“I don’t care. Act professional. This is why you didn’t get to come to the orientations last time.” Yara looked at Shizuka and gave one of those weird, unnatural smiles of hers. “Ignore my colleague.”

Jane rolled her eyes. “Shizuka-san, tell the ladies that Brod has impregnated tens of thousands of mothers with strong little babies, and he has had sex with over a 120,000 women.”

“Hyaku … nani…. How is that possible?!” gasped Shizuka. “He’s … that’s impossible! Is he a machine … a god?!”

“He’s … something,” grunted Yara. “He wouldn’t want you calling him a god. But he does spend most of the day having sex. Imagine an … otaku? … with a huge cock, big muscles, and an insatiable libido, and you get Brod.”

“Dr. Andrade and I may have turned him into a monster,” laughed Ghali. “His cock could be satisfied by just a dozen women in a day when I first met him. We helped change that,” she cackled.

“He’s been very interesting to study and to experiment on,” said Yara. “He was instrumental in proving a few of my theories. Anyway. Ladies, can we concentrate?”

“Right. Like I said, tell them he’s impregnated over thirty … uh … What is it now? Almost 40,000 women. And he’s had sex with over 120,000. He’s a professional. He knows what he’s doing,” Jane reassured Shizuka. “He’ll treat ’em great.”

Shizuka shook her head. “I cannot believe this.” She repeated the message. There was another gasp, more shouting.

“More skepticism?” asked Yara.

“To put it mildly,” answered Shizuka.

Jane shook her head. “I figured. Anyway. Ladies!” She took her position at the front once more and gave a single clap. The overhead projector showed them a layout of the room. She began pointing with a laser. “We’ve taken over a spa facility within the hotel. There is a central pit area where Mr. Kanayama will be serving you. It is going to get very messy. And thanks once again to our partners at the Jouissance for providing these venues. There will be seating around the central area, here.”

Shizuka dutifully translated. Jane continued, “You can watch from there, or rest after he’s done with you. If at any time you need help—if you want to be carried to the showers, if you just need help getting to a lounge to recover, just holler and someone will help you. We will have people bringing water and refreshments. If you need either, just yell. There is a recovery room here, separate from the main area. Showers are here.”

“Brod will be spending about … oh, six to ten minutes with each of you,” said Dr. Ghali, a devilish grin on her lips. “Mmmh! But trust me, those are going to be the most intense ten minutes of your lives. If you don’t have at least one orgasm each minute … well, maybe you’re dead inside!”

“Don’t repeat that last part,” said Yara. “We’re going to have to muzzle you, Dr. Ghali.

Shizuka shook her head and hesitated for a moment before speaking again.

“Are Mersin Escort Bayan there any questions before we begin?”

A Japanese woman who couldn’t have been over four-ten, even shorter than Jane, raised her hand and asked a question.

Shizuka turned to Jane and said, “Ah. She wants to go first.”



In many mammals, there’s a sort of reproductive frenzy that they undergo called “rut.”

If you’ve read some of my other stories, you know that I’m nearly always horny. I guess having balls bigger than your head will do that, but even before I grew I was like this.

You might also remember me introducing Dr. Nahid Ghali in Doctor’s Note. She is, primarily, a reproductive endocrinologist and works closely with me in my fertility treatments. Sometimes very closely.

She concocted a mixture of supplements and herbs that suppress my fertility—but the treatments also helped me to control a lot of … other things.

I sat in my office with my employees. The chair I’d custom-built allowed my cock and balls to hang comfortably, almost straight down. There was a smooth, circular gap between my legs.

I have issues with normal chairs. I can tolerate them for a while, but each of my nuts weighs over twenty-one pounds. My cock, flaccid, weighs over fifteen. So you take near sixty pounds of flesh and dangle them over the edge of of a chair—well, that gets uncomfortable after a while. If I’m in the wrong chair, my balls start feeling tingly. So I’d put my skills with wood (not my own) to use and built something that was fitted to my unique body.

My bloated sperm-factories rested against the floor, feeling even heavier than usual. I hadn’t been out of the house in days. I was wearing a respirator mask with the lenses blacked out. That was the only thing I wore. I was in my own home, after all! I leaned my elbows on my knees, breathing steadily. With my bulky, solid body, I looked like a silly version of Bane.

“How is he doing?” asked Yara.

“He’ll be at full power in a few days when we go on the trip,” said Nahid.

“F-Day snuck up on us,” said Mariam.

“You, maybe, I’ve been suffering like this for a week and a half,” I grumbled. My balls were so full! I let out a grunt. I hadn’t fucked in hours.

It was like the feeling you’d get after drinking a two-liter of Mountain Dew and going on an eight-hour car ride, but in my balls. There was just so much pressure inside my sperm-factories! They were noticeably larger than before, so sensitive that even rubbing on the tiles felt good. I could feel every motion as they shifted, ripples in the semen inside. Drip-drip-drip. I was producing so much semen without the control supplements that my jizz was backing up into my cock. It trickled uncontrollably from my tip. It made sleeping a lot messier than usual.

“How many have RSVP’d?” I asked.

“785 so far,” replied Jane. “But we’re expecting plenty’a walk-ins. My girl over there in Osaka, she tells me she heard tale of ladies from Russia and China chartering a plane to come visit you.”

I shook my head. “What? Why would they charter a plane and not RSVP?”

I could feel Jane’s shrug. “It’s just a rumor.”

“All of the RSVPs are clean,” said Yara.

Mariam spoke up, “And all of them have paid up.” I couldn’t see her, but Mariam looked like a taller, more slender version of her mother, Dr. Ghali. They shared the same prominent, angular nose and cheekbones. Like Dr. Ghali, she had enormous tits. “AR is looking pretty fine right about now.”

“Just like you, Ms. Ghali?” I asked.

“Please. I’m in sweatpants,” she said.

“I’m not even wearing anything!” chirped Dr. Ghali. My house is clothing-optional.

“Yes, thank you, mother. That’s very helpful,” said Mariam. I had a feeling she was rolling her eyes. “We’ve saved a lot of money over this time last year, Brod. That deal with the Jouissance chain is going to work very nicely for our bottom line. And we have the illustrious Ms. Kelley to thank for that!”

“So flattering, Ms. Ghali! But I reckon you were instrumental in that deal, yourself. From what I hear, good ol’ Chantal Dubois squeeze a quarter so tight the eagle screams,” said Jane, referring to the COO of the Jouissance.

“I bet the deal would have been even better if we’d let Brod do the negotiating,” said Nahid. “She was a shapely little blonde! You coulda just hiked that skirt up, and—”

I felt a pang in my balls. “Stop talking about that,” I grunted, leaning back in the wooden chair. I sighed. “I can think straight with this mask on, but it won’t take much to set me off.”

“Boy, you’re hornier than the runnin’ of the bulls,” said Jane.

“I’d probably fuck a cow right now,” I grunted.

“We could get one!” suggested Mariam, sounding pretty excited.

“I am not fucking farm animals,” I laughed. “Do you really think it’s a good idea for me to father a race Escort Mersin of minotaurs?”


Her mother said, “Yara! Go home and get your mascot suit! Oh, that thing is so creepy!”

“My fursona is an ibex, not a cow,” said Yara.

“And that suit is actually really well made,” said Mariam.

“Why thank you,” said Yara, a ghost of a smile in her voice. “It took me months.”

Mariam continued. “And you have those stilts for the … the zigzag … you know, the goat legs, and everything.”

“Unguligrade,” supplied Yara. “Or, if you’re bad at reading, ‘digirade.’ “

“I thought that was called digitigrade?” I asked. I was thankful. This zoological banter was rather helpful in keeping my mind off my explosively full balls.

I felt the sticky puddle of my jizz squish against my feet. Hngh. I needed pussy or ass. Right now, gender didn’t matter. If I had a twink in front of me, I’d try to knock him up, too!

“Oh, whatever you call it! That thing is….” Doctor Ghali was probably shaking her head. “I really don’t get people! There’s conventions and everything, thousands of people for a bestiality fetish! I will admit, though, your costume is far less unsettling than most!”

“Kids love my costume,” said Yara.

“Until their parents find out what it’s for!” insisted Ghali.

Yara sighed. “I’ve never used it for sex. It’s not about that.”

“Who cares if she wants to dress up like an ibex?” I asked. “It’s not like she busted out with the fursuit while I was trying to bone her clients or anything. And she’s never even mentioned bringing it out when we’re … playing our games.”

“Jane, what do you think about this?” asked Dr. Ghali.

“Yeah, it’s strange, but whatevs, son,” said the agent.

“They fantasize about bestiality!” insisted Ghali.

I felt hands on my shoulders. Yara spoke up again. “Let’s change topics. I trust you assigned all the employees and my girls the contraceptives, Dr. Ghali?”

“You know I did,” she answered.

“Then I think we should talk about Brod. About all those dozens of dripping-wet Japanese women he’s going to be fucking. Tight, virginal little pussies. Pink and pretty,” purred Yara behind me.

Nahid cackled. “Oh, yes! Poor Brod. You’re going to be neck-deep in poon real soon! All those vacant wombs to fill! All that wet pussy-juice just rolling from those pristine lips!”

My cock began to inflate. I groaned. “Come on, guys.”

“You’re going to be the one cumming,” whispered Yara. She ran her nails down the back of my neck. Her voice became huskier. Sterner. Commanding, but not cold. This was Dom Yara. “Mmh. My dearest pet. My prized breeding bull. I’m going to have you making so many babies with that big, fat cock of yours. You’re going to stretch out womb after womb after womb….”

“Augh. Whatever you want, Mistress,” I moaned. “Show who you want me to fuck,” I grunted.

I felt her arm reach past me. Nails scratching along the top of my raging cock. Cum mixed with pre, a mottled clear-white slurry that poured from my tip. My balls felt like someone was squeezing them. I moaned as I felt Yara’s toe on the back of my scrotum. “Mistress!” I groaned.

“I still don’t know how you get him to do that, Yara,” muttered Jane.

“It’s because she looks like Korra,” said Mariam.

“Who?” asked Jane.

“You’re such a good servant to me, Brod,” said Yara.

Nahid laughed like a witch. “Yes, Brod, you’re going to serve hundreds of itty-bitty vaginas! Just imagine. Hundreds of women on all fours, waggling their little butts, wet for you, begging for Brod Kanayama’s baby-batter. You’ll grab their hips and sink that cock as deep as you can, make them screeeeeam!”

“Nahid, stop it,” I groaned. This was all part of Yara’s game. She had goaded Nahid into goading me. Nahid, unfortunately for her, was much more oblivious. “Seriously, my nuts feel like they’re going to explode. When are those girls going to get here?” Dripping became pouring. I could feel the fluid rolling down my cock’s throat.

“Why? I’m prepping you!” Nahid insisted. “I thought pussy was your favorite thing ever? You did fuck several hundred coeds down on the beach for Spring Break, didn’t you? Oh, my, those college freshmen, so young, so nubile, many of them virgins! And of legal age! All those sweet little cunts, ripe for the inseminating! String bikinis, barely-covered asses! Just push that strip aside, and….”

I heard people moving around the room. Nahid was directly ahead of me, sitting on my desk, completely nude. I clenched my hands. My monster cock was at attention, hard as an oak, pulsing with power. It bounced with my heartbeat. My sperm raged. Yara clicked her heel, purred, and pushed against my balls with her foot.

She kissed my neck. “You want to serve me, don’t you, sperm-slave?” asked Yara.

“He’ll serve all of Japan! Oh, Brod, I bet you feel like you’re going to explode!” laughed Nahid, delighting in my sperm-fueled misery.

“I just said that, Nahid!” I growled.

“Don’t you snap at me slave-boy,” said Nahid. “Just imagine, grabbing a girl’s hips, pushing that huge dick up against her dripping slit….”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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