Bringing Her Along Ch. 01

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This story is a figment of my imagination and all people and places are fictional. Enjoy the story as a fantasy.


With my ass in the air, legs spread and head on the floor I was the absolute picture of submissiveness. Actually, slavery. My Mistress could see my freshly shaved hole fully bared by the wide spread legs and my balls, forced out by the stainless steel cockring, hanging low with my semi hard cock. It was always semi hard thanks to the cockring. I moved nary a muscle, or as little as I could. I was there for visual appeal right now, if she needed me I would literally leap into action. Not far away, in the exact same position with her freshly shaved everything equally on display was my sister slave, Tamara.

We stayed and we listened. Listened not to eavesdrop but to respond when required. Mistress was entertaining her friend Tiffany. Tiffany was not yet thirty and remarkably good looking with blonde hair and stacked figure on her petite frame. She had married a wealthy banker, much like our master, but he travelled often and she was complaining that her sex drive was not being satisfied. Tiffany knew about us slaves, had been here many times when we had served them in every manner possible, and her husband had been here too, but he did not want to acquire a slave himself. He felt it tied him down too much and could be too much work for their carefree life. Well, from what I could hear, Tiffany did not believe it was carefree as she would like and she was horny. I guess she and Mistress were good friends if they could talk like that.

– Well, you need a toy then to help you along, suggested our Mistress.

– I have the toys, but its just not the same, was the reply.

– I’m not talking about a plastic or rubber toy, I’m talking about a flesh toy. Like those two over there.

– Oh, well, Anthony doesn’t want any slaves. He enjoys coming here and seeing how you run your house, but he doesn’t want all the commitment it takes.

– Well, that is obviously your loss. Slaves can be used for many things and one of them is taking the edge off in the absence of your man.

This was quite the conversation for an afternoon of watching TV. And certainly far better relationship advice than Dr Phil.

– I use them both whenever I need some relief. You know, when it’s been a couple of days … or hours!

Then I heard – slave! Tamara and I both looked back and it was readily apparent she was talking to me, well ordering me, – stand here.

With my hands bound behind my back it took some good core muscles to pull myself erect and quickly and silently move to the spot where Mistress was pointing to the floor right beside her. My semi hard cock was almost at eye level with the two ladies on the couch.

– When I need it I use it. This as she took my growing member in her hand and pumped it slightly and gripped it rather possessively. Well, it was her possession. I guess it’s just called gripping it then.

– It does help when my man is otherwise unavailable. And he is handy too.

– Would you like to help yourself? Scratch that itch? This she said as she let my cock bob by itself in desire while she ran her hand along my well-formed ass. Well formed at her direction!

But, it was apparent that Tiffany was undecided. She stared at me and my cock but said nothing.

Then she licked her lips. I really shouldn’t have been looking at her, it’s not my place to do that, but I was and when she did that I knew I was about to get used.

– Well … Maybe.

– Ok, it’s settled. And with practiced efficiency, Mistress reached under my balls and connected the leash to the stainless steel cockring and handed the other end of the leash to Tiffany and stood up. When they stood up I went to my knees. As out of habit.

Tiffany stood as well and mistress said – off you go, use the spare bedroom. She turned away expecting this, as with all her other orders, would be followed.

To her credit, Tiffany did not hesitate any further, she turned and walked away and I quickly rose to my feet and followed as the leash pulled tight. She had obviously learned something from her time around Mistress.

Down the hall and into the guest bedroom. A tastefully decorated and modern looking bedroom that I had been in often but only to clean and tidy. Most “play” took place in the master bedroom or the main rooms we had just left.

She closed the door behind us, never letting go of the leash, as I sank to my knees. I spend a lot of time on my knees. But that is where a slave should be and that is where I was.

She drew me upright by pulling on the leash until I was standing in front of her with a great erection. She herself knelt down as she fumbled under my balls, to find the snap to unhook my cockring from the leash she held. This manipulation cause my woody to bob and sway with her movements.

The leash dropped away and Tiffany looked up at me and then at the full and ready cock right in front of her at eye level. istanbul escort And without further ado, she grabbed it with her hand and stuffed it into her mouth and worked the whole thing into her throat until her nose was touching the root, where my pubic hair would have been if I had been allowed any.

And it felt great. Wow was all I could think, then it was back to the task at hand and that was to scratch HER itch, not mine. I am the slave after all. But it was also apparent that Tiffany liked to suck cock. And while her technique was not perfect, her enthusiasm was outstanding. Her blonde hair covered over her face as she bent to the job with an almost single minded devotion. And it was good. No question. Lots of slobbering, teeth carefully covered. Tongue working the head and the shaft.

It was also having an effect on me and I was beginning to worry that it all might end too soon. With my hands behind my back, cuffs linked together, there was little I could (or really wanted) to do.

Then she rose off the cock and up from her knees looking at me with such a glint in her blue eyes that I couldn’t help but smile.

– Tasty, was all she said as she slowly used her fingers to collect some slobber that had accumulated in the corner of her mouth. I wasn’t sure if she meant my cock, or the pre-cum that was most definitely leaking out the tip or both. Didn’t matter.

She stepped back a pace and keeping eye contact, slipped the cute little sundress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor around her feet. Wow. She was a good looking woman. Great tits, large and sitting up there proud in a sexy black bra, and a tight little tummy that showed a daily workout regimen and an itsy bitsy black lace thong covering a shaved pussy. Total package. The husband got himself a real keeper.

Tiffany was also horny. There was a fire in her look, a glint in her eye. It had either been a long time for this horny girl since she got laid or she was an exceptionally horny woman who needed to get laid often (daily) and hadn’t for a day or so.

Either way, she was getting laid today and I was going to be on the receiving end. Yay for me!

While still looking right into my eyes, and with a slight biting of her lip, she reached to her bra and released those great tits and let the bra fall to the floor. Just by the way she cupped them and caressed them and looked at me I knew it was my time to get into the game.

I leaned forward and quickly sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. I worked it with my tongue and it was hard. Very hard. I even gripped it lightly with my teeth and heard the hiss of an intake of breath from above. Although it was hard to hear as she had her hands and arms around my head keeping at my task.

Her chest, and those lovely tits, were moving up and down as she took great lungfulls of air, and I switched between nipples using all the tongue tricks I could remember to drive her crazy.

And apparently it worked.

Suddenly she pulled me off her nipples, all shiny and wet and hard, and pushed me onto the bed. I landed awkwardly with my hands still behind my back, but I wriggled more onto the bed to ensure I was solidly placed. Her little black thong disappeared quickly, and she climbed onto the bed and onto me as naked as she could be with an all-consuming look of lust on her face.

Her pussy was more than well lubricated as she raised herself up and then lowered herself in one smooth motion all the way onto my cock and down to the root. And with that came a large sigh or moan. She put her hands on my chest and began slow movements up and down. Man it was hot. This was an incredible woman and she was having her way with me. There was little I could or would do about it.

Then her inner slut took over. She raised her hands behind her head and flung her hair about as her tits bounced up and down as she rode me like a stolen bicycle.

After a couple of minutes of this, I raised my own hips to meet her and put a little twist into it and my cock seemed to reach a new place and with a horny moan she sped up the pace. Hair was flying, tits were bouncing, her pussy was clamping down like it was grabbing a lifeline in a storm and she was moaning like a porn star. I was working to keep myself under control because this was leading towards an explosive cum and I needed her to be first. It was her itch. I’m the slave.

I couldn’t grab her hips or her tits or anything with my hands still connected behind my back. It was not comfortable but after this long as a slave, it was not unknown, and it also gave me some leverage to thrust my cock up on her down stroke. And she seemed to be enjoying that.

She brought her hands down from her rodeo pose and grabbed two big handfuls of tit. Squeezing and manhandling and then pinching the nipples while she rode harder and harder. I thought to myself, she does like it a bit forceful.

Then she thumped down even harder on my hips and pulled her nipples out and away Escort Anadolu Yakası from her chest and came with a near scream with my cock fully buried in her spasming pussy. And then she collapsed forward onto my chest. Those lovely tits, a bit red from her manhandling, lay on my chest just out of licking range, and her hair flowed down around us both as she took in big breaths trying to catch her breath and luxuriating in the afterglow of what had been an apparently good cum.

My cock was still hard inside her and ready to blow, but I had not. I had managed to remain ready for her. But it wouldn’t take much.

It was only a few minutes of her recuperating and then in a voice that was much smaller than the slut who screamed out as she came she whispered – I needed that.

She raised herself up off me and I felt that my crotch was sopping wet with her juices. My cock slapped up against my belly when she rolled off and looked for her clothes. I was still hard and close.

She turned away from me and grabbed her bra and started putting it on. And I was thinking, is she shy now, more likely she is a bit confused after what just happened. I lay there and admired her fine ass and noticed the wetness dripping down her legs. She had enjoyed it, obviously.

She had her dress in one hand and was looking around for that little itty bitty thong that had seemingly disappeared. After a few seconds of looking and not finding it, she gave up and pulled her little sundress over her head and smoothed it out over her hips.

And then out the door she went. Still in her high heeled sandals.

-oh, there you are. How are things now, a bit better?

I didn’t hear the response as it was muffled and I raised myself up on the bed and slid my feet to the ground. I found the leash where she had tossed it and sank to my knees to I could grab it with my hands still locked behind my back.

And with the leash in my hands and my hard cock leading the way I came down the hall just in time to hear my mistress tell her friend

– You don’t need to rush away. Please stay and enjoy another cup of tea.

But Tiffany was in a hurry. Most likely some mixed emotions, and Mistress and Tamara escorted her to the door and let her out.

With nothing else to do and no other direction, I moved to my spot and knelt waiting for Mistress to return. When she did I shuffled on my knees over to her on the couch and kissed her foot.

– Well slave, how was that.

– Fine Mistress. She was very … enthusiastic.

– oh, my my. Tell me more. I have some plans …

– She unhooked my chain and proceeded to perform oral on me, Mistress. For a few minutes. She seemed to like it.

– Any good?

– enthusiastic and good. Not trained … Mistress

– Then what?

– She really liked it when I licked and sucked on her breasts. And later she grabbed them hard and pinched her own nipples. I think she liked that a lot as it put her over the edge.

– How’d she take you?

– Mistress, she pushed me down on my back and rode me cowgirl style.

– yes, we could hear! Well, I’m glad she enjoyed it. And look at you. I guess you didn’t get a chance to cum, did you

– No Mistress.

– Well, I’m pleased. This is going to work out. Tamara, take care of that.

She pointed absently to my cock and Tamara moved quickly in front of me and took my still raging erection into her mouth with a skill that only came from training and practice. And we had plenty of both.

Mistress sat on the couch and watched us with a small smile on her face. And from the corner of my eye I saw her playing softly with her own, now hard, nipple.

But my own position was becoming tenuous. Tamara was not only enthusiastic, we always were, but she was also very well trained and practiced and I was very close to coming.

– Mistress. May I cum. This as it came closer and closer.

But there was no answer. Mistress was obviously deep in thought about something and I was about to be deep in trouble.

– Mistress. May I please cum?

– What. Oh. Yes. A small pause and then – on her face.

I was so worked up. By the earlier episode with Mistress’s friend and now the expert cock sucking of my sister slave that I was ready to blow.

I whispered now to Tamara and she pulled up and off my cock and then grabbed it with her hands and pumped the last two times before with a full body, but nearly silent (Slaves are seen not heard) moan I came with gusto. Tamara had aimed it at her face as she had been told by Mistress. The first big spurt hit her just over her right eye and splashed over her forehead. The second, over her left eye, as she had adjusted the aim, and the third and fourth lesser shots ended up on her nose and chin.

As I tried to regain my breath and keep my knees from buckling, Tamara leaned back to let me compose myself and looked up at me with her cum covered face. We exchanged a look. My thanks and her Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort acceptance.

The cum on her face wasn’t a punishment by mistress, it wasn’t even Mistress being mean, it was just her prerogative how these things happened and this is what she chose. It also reinforced our positions. Mistress and Slaves.

– Here. This was to me and she pointed to beside her. I sank quickly to my knees and shuffled as gracefully as possible given my still restrained wrists until I was beside her on the couch. She ruffled my short hair and used it as a handle to bring my head down on her lap here I turned sideways and she began to stroke my like a pet. This was one of Mistress’s favourite positions. Just relaxing and petting one of her slaves while watching TV or conversing with Master.

Tamara had returned to her position with her ass up in the air and displayed for all. From my vantage point I could see her pussy was moist and inviting. Poor girl. Used and not yet satisfied. But such is the life of a slave.

– She’ll be back. That’s a pretty strong itch she’s got.

– And I have plans for my dear friend. Yes, plans.

Later that evening in the Master bedroom, Tamara and I were both busy prepping our Owners for a good bout of happy humping when mistress started telling Master her plan.

– Tiffany was by today. She is a horny one and apparently Anthony is out of town again. He sure does travel a lot.

– Aren’t you glad I don’t travel that much?

– Well, I have ways to scratch the itch when you’re away. And using my hair dragged my face away from her pussy to turn it towards her husband, my Master, to show my face covered in pussy juice and tongue still extended.

She let go and I returned to my task at hand. I had pussy licked my Mistress so many times, and had been trained and practiced before then, and I was again suing all my skills to bring her along. It was working. Her lovely lips were coated with juice and getting juicier as I lapped away.

– Yes that is one of the reasons we got these two. And master used Tamara’s blonde hair to force her deeper onto his cock. All the way to the bottom. But she could do it. She could hold it for an extraordinary time. Training and practice.

They leaned into each other and kissed deeply causing Tamara and I to shift with them to continue our respective tasks

– She’ll be back to scratch that itch. And I’m gonna use it. I’ll have her right there before too long. She pointed to where Tamara was between his legs.

– Well hang on a second. I’m not stealing a buddy’s wife.

– oh no, silly. We’re not stealing her. We’re giving her to him. We’re gonna make her into a better wife for him. A slave wife

– You are a little minx. I’m so ready for you now.

They both pushed us away and had eyes only for each other. Master lay back and mistress mounted him. We moved to our place by the end of the bed and waited on our knees with our eyes down. The noises let us know what was happening.

Even though we had prepped them, it didn’t make it quicker, it only made it more intense for our Owners.

Sometimes we were called upon to perform for them while they were banging. After all, who doesn’t like a little porn when fucking? Especially live and subservient porn.

But this time we simply waited side-by-side. Touching at the legs, heads bowed, eyes down, hands behind our backs. Waiting. Listening to the throes of passion of our Owners.

The moans grew louder and we just knew they were both rushing towards their climax. We could hear their bodies slapping together with a certain ferocity.

Then it came. The guttural groans and moans we had heard many times before. It must have been good. It lasted quite some time. Then we could hear the bed rustling as they lay beside each other.

We waited, still as possible, after all even with dominants there is still a certain amount of snuggling after a good cum.

Then, unspoken, we decided it was time for our next slave chore. We quietly rose from our knees to slide over the end of the bed towards our owners. It was clean up time.

Now. We never actually knew who we were going to be cleaning up and our Owners didn’t really care as to them a slave’s mouth was a slave’s mouth. A slave’s sexuality only exists when they need it to exist.

And whereas we always kneeled or stood side-by-side in the same order (Tamara to my right me to her left), we never knew which side of the bed onto which Owners would have collapsed, satiated.

Their legs spread open to provide access as we slithered softly up the bed. The hairy legs meant it was cock for me tonight.

Careful not to put any of my body weight on his, I gently began lapping at my Master’s balls, getting all the sticky sex cream. I lapped at the balls, the taint, the crack and finally I took his deflating, but still full cock into my mouth. I was blowing him. I was cleaning him as he relaxed. It required different work. But eventually, I had cleaned up all the juices and he was squeaky clean. After much practice Tamara and I could carefully, yet thoroughly get the job done on either Owner in the same amount of time such that we could withdraw together leaving them alone.

As we returned to our positions on the floor Mistress spoke quietly

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