Brief sex 07 Two guys in my hotel room

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Brief sex 07 Two guys in my hotel roomBrief sex 07Two guys in my hotel room.I travel often enough to go see my clients, or suppliers. Often at the hotel. I find myself alone and I do not like that. So I crack sometimes (often) and I start looking for an adventure on the net. As I am bisexual I have a choice, it is the whim of the moment, contacts, is very variable. That time is not very old it was in June 2011. I love my comfort I so often descends into Mercure and in particular the Mercure Tour Eiffel. So I plugged in my laptop and threw myself on the cats to try to find companionship. I found myself more contacts, most of which did not seem serious. Two were holding my attention. So much so that a dialogue was tied three. And ultimately we decided to meet at three drinks later we would see there. We look forward to seeing you at the Eiffel Café near Bir Hakim is not the kind of place that I frequent but whatever. My two contacts were well appointments.Both guys are a little younger than me between 40 and 45, both brown, one is tall and burly the shaved-headed, very athletic 1m90 air, the other smaller buildings on the same model than me. 1.70 m a nice face, nice round.You take a drink chat, but we’re not there to here. I am tormented by envy and these are also hot. The current eskişehir escort flows, the physics of each is accepted by the other. A focal point to guys I announced that I wanted to be passive and submissive. They find out and ask me if I have experience. Mark the smallest and the oldest already seems familiar, Olivier is a great discovery and it is impatient. We agree, if condoms penetration which is not mandatory but I would like and I might add.Arrived at the hotel. We had barely entered my room as Marc mug me by the arm, made me kneel, he released his cock and slaps me with. Olivier is time for me holding hands in the back. As in his other hand he pint from behind the balls across my pants. Of course I do not debate.”Go is a bitch since you submitted any food my tail” said MarcHe puts his penis against my mouth that opens wide. It has a beautiful tail, rather long and thick but mostly circumcised. It kicks of k**neys that plunges his cock into my throat. I almost choke. I drool .. He likes here in my opinion. He pushes my head back, I watch it.”You like slaps? You want some? “He saidI nodded yes. I glue a slap. Then another. Oh fuck that’s good. It’s been a while since I had not been submitted. All my senses are in turmoil.”Go naked fat pig .. shows us that you’re eskişehir escort bayan a whore! “says Marc.Olivier loose my balls, he was triturating me to death. I have a stomach ache. In an instant we all have hair. I’m kneeling at the foot of the bed.”Just look at this bitch! band has died here! Kneeling shows your ass .. away, “says Marc.I obey, I leaned forward I spread my buttocks with my hands and I push to open my anus. I’m excited as I feel that starts yawning.”Oh the cow! This is not an ass! this is a pussy you are! “said Olivier”Indeed Fiouuuuuu oh but you’re really a slut! you did not lie! Returns you look at me, “says Marc.I was running down, he takes me down the pins, he shakes like crazy. He stretches the spikes, he is almost pulling it off. Olivier masturbates watching me suffer.”Come on I’ll make you suck fuck him up the ass!” Says Marc OlivierOlivier Olivier has a long tail is not circumcised him. He plants his cock in the mouth but do not dare go too far. Mark pushes my head and makes me swallow tail thoroughly. And I plant his ass. Oh that’s good. I wanted to get caught like that. I see myself in the mirror what a slut I am.It’s so good .. that I start to run like crazy .. Mark me screwing her ass, Olivier me apart throat .. I drool so much escort eskişehir that my chest is soaked with saliva. Mark me a belt passes around the neck, it strangles me. My ass tightens, it makes my hand and then tightened. I am totally in heat. I eagerly Olivier pump. Marc shocks me by tightening and loosening the belt. Suddenly I can not stand .. I squirt starts growling .. I splash the legs of Olivier and carpet.”Oh fuck! He comes to enjoy the bastard! “Said OlivierMarc runs his hand under my belly, I always tape drive. He grabs the tail.”But it is not always as hard as the bastard … Oh but if he spurted, I have full fingers! “Exclaimed Mark.This discovery excites me to death and planting his cock fully in the ass, enjoy it in me. Olivier stirs too quickly and I dropped everything in his mouth. I swallow the thick semen that gives me plenty. I have around my chest covered with saliva, my hair stuck. Oh that’s good .. what a slut I am and I love it here!I drop to the side and then on the back. Olivier still shudder of her orgasm.Marc vicious looking, I finger myself because I still want to splash out. Marc in his hands to the condom full of sperm. A look, I know Marc will still feed me. This approach puts the condom over my face. I open my mouth and he empties on my tongue while I finger myself as a patient. I swallow everything, everything I drink .. a new thrill and I squirted on me .. on my face, my mouth ..The night was not over ..When I pass in the capital and I have cravings guys I know who to call … and do not deprive myself.

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