Brian Ch. 09

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Beth finally found a moment of free time and slipped onto the boat to write in her diary once again.

Day 8 – Our new home on the Island or the “New Gilligan’s Island”

‘We have been on the island for 4 days now. Dad is acting really weird. I know he is concerned about our situation. I am just writing these things down as I think of them so it will seem jumbled. We are now living large under the current situation. We found a cave not far from the beach and not too far away from that we found a pool with a waterfall. If it weren’t that we were stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the fucking Pacific Ocean and not a very good chance of being found, this would be a beautiful place. We have just about everything you can think of.

I didn’t know things about dad like I know now. More to follow on that, he he. Anyway, we have everything. Dad has made the place as livable as possible under the circumstances. The waterfall is nice and the water is cool. He went walking the first day to find some place to stay that was close to the beach but also away from the shore because of other storms.

We made sure the fire stayed lit. Another genius thing by my dad. We didn’t have matches so he found a flashlight and took it apart. He used the reflective part to light some grass on fire and the next thing I knew we had a blazing fire. It was so cool to see him do that. It was cool to see him in other ways too but I will get to that.

We must have walked for about two hours in this big crisscross pattern. When we found it and Book and I jumped in and swam around, clothes and all. Book wants to go skinny-dipping when dad and Roger aren’t around and so do I. I want to see Book’s body, it is so nice and soft. Anyway, back to the story. He came back as we were sleeping and told us to follow him that he had found our new home. We all followed him and saw the opening to a cave not far from the waterfall. Dad told us to come in and check it out. We went in and saw that it was mostly flat and could be cleaned out sufficiently enough to live. Book and I started to clean as Dad and Roger went to start to bring stuff from the beach.

After the guys had left I started talking with Book. We just chatted and then we started cleaning. Without watching what we were doing we backed into each other and bumped our asses. We both reached back at the same time to catch ourselves and we grabbed each other’s body. Her hand landed on my tit and I stumbled into her thigh and my hand slid up to her pussy. If it hadn’t have been the circumstances and the weird way we bumped into each other it would have been funny.

But we recovered but for some reason neither of us moved our hands. Book’s hand was on my tit and it felt so good. My nipples got hard right there and I knew she could feel them under her hand. My nipples are hard right now just thinking about it. Of course my pussy got wet (it is now) and her’s did too. I could feel it get damp as my hand stayed between her legs. We just looked into each other’s eyes and then we moved closer together. It sounds so corny but it was like in the movie. I cupped her pussy through her shorts and bathing suit and she had hold of my tit. We just moved and wrapped our arms around each other and gently kissed.

It was so cool. It was just a tender kiss and no tongue. Then we pulled back and I could tell she was getting hot. I was getting hot and I knew she must be. Then we kissed again. It was not like the last two times on the boat. The first time after I heard her getting off by Roger and then just before we docked at the island, those were just quickies, sort of. You know what I mean. This time we kissed like lovers. Our tongues snaked into each other’s mouth. Her fingers were playing with my nipple, gently squeezing and caressing my tit.

I am doing it now as I write like she was doing. My nipples are hurting they are so hard. Anyway, she was pinching my nipple and playing with my boob. My hand was still cupping her pussy as we kissed. I could tell she was liking it. I was rubbing my hand slowly back and forth over her pussy and I could feel the heat coming through the material. Damn she was hot and hot looking. She must have been liking it because she started moaning into my mouth as we kissed. It was great. I kissed her harder and she returned it the same. When she pinched my nipple hard I moaned. We were really going at it, kissing and feeling each other up.

I then did something that I would have never thought I would EVER do before. As I continued to kiss her I slipped my hand up her pants leg and rubbed her bathing suit. It was still damp from swimming but I could tell it was getting wetter. Book started rubbing my tit harder and squeezing it harder the more I rubbed. Then get this, I slipped my fingers inside her bathing suit bottoms. Yes, I did. I had my hand on her pussy. I knew all along she shaved because of her bathing suit but I was standing there kissing her with my hand in and on her pussy. It Eyüp Escort was wild. If she had touched my pussy I would have cum right there but she just played with my nipples.

I am touching myself as I right this. I have my hand inside my panties and it is hard to write but damn it feels good and so did what I was doing to Book and what she was doing with my tit and nipple. It was so cool. Her pussy was leaking all over my hand. I was covered with her pussy juice. I could tell that she was liking it because she was moaning as I kissed her. Of course I was moaning also but wow it was so cool.

But just as we were both getting close, guess who showed up. Dickhead Roger shows up just as I think she was about to cum. I know that if Dickhead hadn’t showed up for another minute I was going to because she was playing with my nipple and I was getting so turned on rubbing her pussy. I am getting close myself thinking about it. Hang on. Okie dokie, I am back. I had to jill myself real quick. I was so turned on that I had to get off.

Anyway, Roger, was yelling for us to come and help get the stuff he had just brought up from the shore. Book was pissed, she said some very unkind, but deserving, things about him. I just laughed and we kissed again. Then I really did something that shocked both of us. She had covered my fingers with her pussy juice and I brought them to my mouth and licked them clean. Book just looked at me and then took my hand and licked my fingers also. It was so cool, she tasted so good.

She kissed me and then went out the front of the cave. I had to do a quick feel, I was soaked. I rubbed myself under my suit and I had juice all over my fingers. I licked them clean also. I don’t taste as good as Book but not bad. I just tasted myself again. I am soaked right now from thinking about it. Ok, back again. My pussy is still tingling. I had to make myself cum again. I am still so hot from thinking about Book. This time I did it with three fingers inside my pussy. It was good but I can’t wait to have Brooke do it to me. We got settled in the cave and dad was acting strange. He said that he didn’t want us to go off by ourselves, we always had to be in pairs or as a group. I could never get alone with Book again because Roger wanted to be with her all the time.

I know they snuck off together once but I couldn’t follow to see where they went. Book came back and had a smile on her face and so did Roger. She must have gotten laid. But yesterday was even wilder. Yes, this is long but this the first time since we started this odyssey that I have had a chance to write. So bear with me. Anyway, Dad had made things quiet livable. He even fixed us a potty. He wove some palm fronds together and made a screen and took some bamboo and cut it down and rigged it somehow to make a seat of all things. He fixed us a toilet. We could sit down and do our business. Of course we had to cover it because it stunk like, well, shit. Just no toilet paper. We had to go down to the water to wash (wipe, if you get my drift). I was out collecting fruit with dad to eat. He told me to check over at this one place to get some bananas and that he was going to step over by the rock to pee. I got the bananas faster than he thought because when I got back he was still not back. I walked over to this other bush to get this fruit thingy that dad showed us, it was good, and I saw dad through the bushes. He was peeing. And holy shit, his cock is enormous. It looked like it was a foot long but I know it wasn’t but it was damn big. Bigger than anything I have ever had. Okay, I haven’t had that many but it was the biggest I have seen except in that porno movie I saw with Kim. But I watched him pee and then he shook it, wagged it was more like it, and then put it away. I rushed back and was waiting for him. I couldn’t help but stare at it whenever he faced me. Last night I went to sleep thinking about what it would be like to have that between my legs in my pussy, or in my mouth. Don’t think it would fit either place.

Damn, had to whack off again. If I keep writing in this I am going to keep whacking off. Thinking about Book’s pussy and dad’s cock has got me hot. Of course it didn’t help that last night I had to listen to Book and Dickhead fuck. They thought they were being quiet but Book makes noise. I had to whack off listening to them. I bet dad heard because I heard him get up and go out. Book and weenie-breath set up their mattress from the boat in the very back of the cave. They haven’t figured out yet that it echoes in the cave.

But this morning when we got up Dad had a feast. He had laid out fruit and fish and believe it or not turtle eggs and rock lobster. I found I don’t like turtle eggs, oh barf. However, it will have to do. I would love a cheeseburger right now. So we had a breakfast fit for a king today. It was cool. So I had better close this for now. I am supposed to be collecting wood for the fire but I had to write in this. I hope mom and Dylan Eyüp Escort Bayan are okay. I worry about them. I miss them. ?

P.S. told us where we are. Maybe one day they will find this book. The grid coordinates are…..’

Beth finished writing in her journal and put it inside her bag and put it in the cabinet with the cleaning stuff. They had left some things on the boat that they knew they were going to need. She moved around the beach to find more stuff to put on the fire and kept it burning. The smoke rose high in the air and hopefully was signaling passing boats to their presence.

Their days were spent doing much of nothing. Everyone was required to tend the fire and gather wood. They also had to help with the gathering of food and then also cleaning up of the cave and such. They also took shifts at standing guard. Brian assigned them their shifts and set up the camp as if it was a military compound. Brian spent his times doing extra watches and making spears and other weapons. The kids didn’t understand what he was doing so that night at dinner they sat down to ask him what was going on.

Brooke took the lead in speaking what was on everyone’s mind. “Dad, you are not yourself lately. You have made place bearable where it was unbearable. But you are making spears and other things like we are getting ready for war. Why are you doing this?”

“Yes, you are right I am,” Brian stated in an icy tone. “Kids, we are on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We have no radio and no means of contacting anyone for help with the exception of the signal fire. The fire will work but only if someone comes this way looking for us or something. The problem is who is going to come calling. I keep thinking about what the guy at the island said about the pirates working in this area. They sometimes will use the outer islands that are off the beaten path as a base camp. I hope they aren’t the ones who answer our distress signal but if they are we don’t have anything to defend ourselves with. So I make the spears and such. I have some other nasty surprises for them but they will have weapons and I have a stick and a rock. Talk about your David and Goliath scenario. So yes, I am concerned. I am concerned about you two. You are beautiful girls and I am terrified what they might do to you. Roger, hate to tell you the news, but you can be treated the same as them. I lay awake at night and worry. I want to make sure we stay safe until we are rescued, whenever that might be. So does everyone understand the seriousness of the situation?”

They all looked at teach other and finally it dawned on them the situation. Now when they went on guard they paid extra attention to their surroundings. All of them except Roger. Roger never took the situation as serious as the girls and Brian. If Roger were on duty, he would take a nap or stare off into space. Mostly he dreamed of what it would be like to have more money than he could spend and what he was going to spend it on. One of the things we wanted was for Brooke to get a boob job. He wanted her to have bigger tits, like those on the student that he was tutoring back at school or even those big boobs on Beth. She had great boobs and there were times that Roger dreamed of running his cock between them or sucking on them as he fucked her silly.

At night, they took shifts together to make sure each other stayed awake. Brian would take more than his share since he was used to the rigors of night operations. It was nothing new to him to stay awake all night and then keep going on little sleep in the day. At least this time no one was shooting at him, or at least yet. They would swap out pairs to keep guard.

After the realization of the situation they took their guard seriously. Again, all except Roger. That night after the talk, Roger and Brooke were on duty. They sat next to each other with Roger’s hand slowly stroking Brooke’s side and along the swell of her breasts. They sat watching and staring blankly at the fire.

The fire close the beach was still burning brightly and the look out point was above the cave on a spot of high ground. It gave them a view of three quarters of the water around the island. The only part of the water that was not observable was to the north of them. They had a small mountaintop, part of an extinct volcano similar to those found throughout the region, to their north. They had explored to the top of the mountain earlier after they finally came to shore. Nothing but water and a few little island, merely spots to their north. Brian felt it was acceptable risk to not keep watch in that area. If help were coming it would come from the south. They did not move the fire to the top of the cave for reasons of safety, they didn’t want eh fire to rain down on them in the wind and it was harder to keep the fire burning on the windy top.

Roger began to rub his hands harder on Brooke’s side and concentrated his rubbing on the swelling of her tits along her Escort Eyüp side. Soon he was strumming his fingers lazily on only her breasts. They were sitting against a rock starring out at the open sea and not paying much attention to what each other was doing. However, Roger was starting to think about the medium to small size breasts almost in his hand. He was also thinking of the girl back at school and wish Brooke had tits like her. Or, if she had tits like her sister. But a tit in the hand is worth two on a bimbo freshman 8000 miles away.

Roger shifted his seating and allowed Brooke to move more toward his chest to where she was totally leaning against him. This way he would put his arm around here and could bring the other hand around to hold her. When she was finally comfortable in his arms, he brought his hands up and placed them on her tits. At first he just left them there to get her used to them, not trying to start anything only showing her his “love” for her. He lazily looked out at the sea and again daydreamed about the other girl’s tits in his hands.

Roger wasn’t the only one doing some daydreaming. Brooke kept shifting her mind back and forth between thinking of what it would be like to have here dad or sister’s hands on her tits right now. That was the only think that let her keep Roger’s hands there. Just the thought of it being her dad’s strong hands holding on to her tits and then begin to maul them or that it would nice to have her sister’s soft hands caressing them, caused the pussy to begin to cream. She began to fidget in Roger’s arms as she closed her eyes and felt her imaginary lovers begin to pinch her nipples.

Roger’s fingers slowing closed over Brooke’s nipples and began to lightly squeeze them and lift her tits at the same time. He lightly bounced her tits in his hands like you would bounce a water balloon and then rolled her nipples slightly harder. She squirmed in his arms when he pinched them harder.

Roger knew where this was going to lead so he sat Brooke up and the swung his leg over her head and had her lean against him while she sat between his legs. This allowed him an easier access to her body as she lay in front of him. Once in position he returned his hands to her tits and began to play with the nipples and mass at the same time. He was kneading her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers.

Brooke laid her head back against Roger and with her eyes closed she dreamed she was against her dad as he played with her nipples. She could feel his hard cock against the small of her back as the joy of playing with her nipples caused him to get hard. ‘Oh, daddy, that feels so good. Play with my nipples, please. Make them hurt so good, daddy,’ she thought. She eyes were closed as Roger rolled her nipples and squeezed them harder as she dreamed of her father’s strong hands closing around the hard eraser like ends of her tits.

Roger felt Brooke squirm against his hardening cock as he squeezed her nipples harder. ‘Man oh man, I can turn this bitch on. She is going to be my little fuck slut after get married and if I still am going to the university, I may just get the freshman as a piece of ass on the side,’ he thought as he pinched her nipples harder.

Roger dropped his hands lower and brought them up under her top and then back to her bare breasts. Since the girls were on the island they had taken to wearing only their swimsuits, which were not much of anything, or their tank tops and shorts or a combination of them. Tonight Brooke was just wearing the tank top and shorts. Since the top was loose, his hands easily slid under it and his hands encased her tits. They were warm and soft, small enough to go in his hands but big enough to have a good bounce when she ran or walked. He hoped that if he ever knocked her up and had a kid, that she would get nice big tits. Either that or he was going to recommend that she get a boob job after or before they got married.

He continued to rub and pinch her nipples. The harder he pinched them the more she would silently moan. The harder she pinched the more she leaned into him and onto his hard cock. Brooke placed her hands along her sides and laid them on Roger’s legs. She began to run them up and down his legs and felt his hair gently tickle her palms and fingertips. ‘I wonder how dad’s legs feel. I bet they are strong and muscular. I wonder how much hair he has on his balls. I have seen it before but only a quick glimpse. I bet he has a lot of hair down there.’ She continued to lightly rub Roger’s leg with thoughts of her dad wrapping his legs around her. Her pussy was creaming heavily now with the thought of her father driving his big hard cock into her pussy trying to split her in half.

Roger took Brooke’s hands on his leg as the sign she wanted to go to the next level. He slowly slid his hands down until her hands reach the waistband of her shorts. He pushed against her stomach as he pushed his fingers under the band and moved them into her shorts. As his fingers entered her shorts he bent his head and tenderly kissed her along the neck and earlobes to distract her from her feeling of his hands sliding into her shorts. As he kissed her, she moaned lowly and tilted her head so he could do it more.

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