Brian and Ballet Pt. 01

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A Note For My Readers,

This story is pure fabrication of my fucked up mind, written on my equally, if not more so, fucked up Dell laptop. Now, my usual type writing style isn’t that of a “quicky” to get you to cum as quick as possible. I try to involve a bit of depth and actually have as much of a story/plot as the sex involved. In fact this part doesn’t have any. If it isn’t your cup of tea, no hard feelings. Click back and move to something that is more your style. But, I promise you, my dearest reader, that I will deliver some high emotional, erotic material. Although I take care to proofread I’m sure there will be a couple mistakes that I will miss. This I apologize for in advance. I invite constructive criticism and look forward to reading your comments and messages. All characters in my story that will get down and dirty are at least 18 years old of age. If I can’t get the story from my brains and into the word processor on this out of date machine, then fuck it. It can’t be done. This is my first submission, of many…hopefully. I hope you enjoy.


Chapter One: A Few Geeks and a Dare

The final minutes of the final period of Friday were slowly ticking away. Mr. Benson taught geography as well as Brian could get laid. Rest assured, if you knew anything of Brian Fuller or his sex life you’d know how awful Mr. Benson is at teaching.

Brian tore his eyes away from the projection and glanced around the room. He sat in the far back of the last row directly next to the door. Once that bell struck he could make a quick retreat into the weekend, but it was a different reason why Brian chose his seat. More specifically the reason was a five foot two, blonde haired, blue eyed angel named Emily Stine. From his position he could stare at her all he wanted.

Emily wasn’t just a ballet dancer, a cheerleader, or the fantasy of his masturbation sessions. She was actually a very sweet girl. One of the only girls who even acknowledged Brian was even alive. She would smile at him if their eyes ever met and greet him with a “Hey” or perhaps a sweet “Hello”.

Her shoulder length hair was usually either pulled back into a pony tail or fell unrestricted framing her cute face, today being the first choice. Her yellow T-shirt with some logo Brian didn’t recognize fit against her smaller breasts and waist. She wore shorts that left plenty of her fair skinned legs showing. She crossed her legs, shaking her flip flop back and forth as she attempted to listen to the lecture.

Brian however, was a different story. He stood at five eleven, and his black hair was a bit longer and unkempt. His black frame glasses were a bit crooked and frequently had to be pushed up the bridge of his nose. He was thin and lanky and his love of video games and SCI-FI made it a bit difficult for girls to enter his life. Much like his friends, he was an eighteen year old virgin. Not that he was ugly or anything though. Just certain choices he made determined that girls would clearly stay away from him.

“Do you have anything to add on the discussion, Mr. Fuller?” Hearing his name snapped him out of his dream state as he looked at his teacher with a blank stare.

“Anytime, Mr. Fuller.” His teacher beckoned him, as if purposely making his last year of high school an even greater hardship. Some of his classmates glanced in his direction, a couple in honest trying to see what he had to say, and some snickering at him. Ugh.

Brian’s hair stood on end as the bell rang, evoking a herd like response from the class. He sat in his desk as the room began to empty, and caught the eye of Emily as she stood and turned for the door. Her blue eyes…those deep ocean like eyes that stopped his heart whenever they met locked in on his, and she gave him Bostancı Escort a warming smile and she walked passed him and out the door for the weekend. Her perfume lingered moments after she had passed, smelling of some wild flower.

The warm Texas sun blasted down on him this September afternoon as he walked across the parking lot to the edge of the football field. His two closest friends, Travis and James, were already waiting for him. They all lived in the same neighborhood a few blocks passed the field. None of the boys owned their own cars but it was an easy enough walk.

Travis was around Brian’s height and weight. He had short brown hair and was as socially awkward as the others. It was probably his acne scars that kept girls from getting to know him. He was quick witted and a hilarious person if you did.

James was a bit shorter and rounder than the other two. In fact it was probably only his weight that made girls over look him. But just like the rest of them, they all had their good qualities—too bad no one ever saw them.

They continued their talk until they all made their way to Brian’s house. It was his turn to host their general geekfest.

It was just him and his mother, in a decent sized house. His mother was in her late thirties, but looked really young. She was a nurse at the hospital and worked a lot of hours. They got along rather well, his mother having a youthful personality to match. Always playing around and joking with him about girls and such.

“You’d never get her.” James managed to say through a bite of pizza in his mouth. It had been a few hours of World of Warcraft raids and Call of Duty and the guys were talking about their most favorite subject, women.

“Yeah, she’s a dancer and totally hot. She doesn’t go for guys like us.” Travis chimed in while playing the Xbox.

“I can dream though. Boom, headshot!” Brian responded, apparently murdering his friend in their game as a sort of payback for reminding him why he couldn’t have Emily.

“I bet you’d be too chicken to even ask her out.” James said almost to no one.

“I am too chicken. I’d almost do anything though.” Sigh. Brian just wished he could spend some time with Emily. Anything that could get him close to her, so maybe she would see just how great of a guy he was.

“Anything? Would you do absolutely anything to get a once in a lifetime chance to get close to your true love?” James said with “lovey dovey” eyes, which earned him a punch from Brian.

“Join ballet.” Travis said, with a serious look on his face.

“What? Get out of here. I’m not going to join ballet!”

“I DARE you to join ballet.” James said with a grin.

“Not gonna happen.”

“I’ll throw in a hundred dollars.” James replied eagerly.

“I’ll add fifty.” Travis said looking at Brian. There was no way he was going to get out of it now. He’d have to join ballet.

“I don’t know the first thing about ballet!”

“They are looking for guys though! You’d get to hang out with a lot of girls, plus it’s really cheap! Look, just go there and take the classes. You have to do it for a month at least, or you don’t get paid.” Travis said grinning.

“That is if you accept our dare. Look Brian, it’s now or never. James and I would probably do anything to get to our crushes, except we really don’t have any crushes right now. Just do it”

“No.” I wasn’t giving in. Even though I could use the extra cash.

“I’ll throw in my George Lucas signed Star Wars collection.” Brian’s mouth dropped. This was James’s Holy Grail. There was no way he would give it up lightly.

“I guess I’m a ballet dancer now.”

“And…” James smiled “You start tomorrow.”

After much consideration throughout the Ümraniye Escort rest of the night, Brian accepted the challenge. He had never broken out of his comfort zone before. What did he really have to lose? It was only ballet. With a lot of pretty girls.

Chapter Two: Dancing with Hormones

Brian opened the door to the ballet studio and peeked his head through. He heard music coming from the end of the long hallway. After much debate and teasing from his friends he decided to commit to ballet in it’s entirety. Although he wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into. He knew absolutely nothing about ballet.

He crept down the wooden floor towards the music. The walls were lined with various dance pictures and trophies. The building smelled of something pleasant, though he didn’t know what. It’s like he stepped through an entirely different world, although this wasn’t one of his make believe SCI-FI movies. It was real.

He reached the end of the hall and was standing by a set of double doors that were partially opened. Peeking his head through, his heart started racing when he saw a group of girls sitting against a wall. It seemed forbidden almost for a guy to be here. Sort of like the girls locker room. Strange, he thought.

The music overcame his thoughts and he turned his attention to the dancer. It was her.

Emily appeared to be floating almost like a bird. She turned and moved with a grace unknown to him. It was poetic the way she almost told a story. In fact, she probably was, he guessed. He unconsciously stepped into the large room.

He noticed her curves. Was she hot? No. Hot was a word that described someone you just wanted to fuck. She was something more to him than just raw lust. Sexy? He thought for a second. Sort of. He always associated the word sexy with more mature beings. Emily was mature, certainly sexy, but this wasn’t it. Beautiful was the right word. A woman who was beautiful is a woman you brought home to mom. A woman you would marry.

Everything about her shouted beauty. The way her tights and leotard fit her frame and displayed her body. The way her pony tail turned with her. The expression on her face. She was eighteen. Youthful, but yet a woman. He ached for her, the way she made love to the music through dance.

The music stopped and Emily took a bow.

“That was beautiful.” He said before he had a chance to stop himself. It was probably the most honest and true deep feeling thing he had ever said before.

She turned to him and smiled.

“Thank you.” She replied with a smile.

All eyes were on him now, and he could feel himself getting red in the face.

“Hey, I’m Katherine. Owner, operator. How can I help?” She looked to be in her late twenties, and took care of herself. She wore the same attire as the rest of the class, and definitely was a woman. This girl, was hot.

“I, I..I want to take ballet class.” He mumbled under his breath.

“What was that? Speak up like you got a pair!” She teased him. She wasn’t mean about it though. Nope. Her smile told her that she was just a playful thing, and her eyes bore no harshness. Her remark earned her chuckles from her students.

Half of the other girls were from his school, in his grade. The other half, he wasn’t sure of. Most of the class still had their eyes on him, but some had broken into a conversation of their own.

“I want to take ballet class.” He said louder, with a bit of confidence this time. He liked Katherine.

She smiled wider, if it was even possible, then jumped up and down a few times excitedly.

“Aww finally a guy that has the balls! I’m so excited!” She exclaimed pulling him in a hug that he was totally unprepared for. He was even more unprepared Kartal Escort for the kiss she gave him on the cheek.

Even more shocking, the rest of the class accepted him just as much. They didn’t kiss or hug him, but they welcomed him. Girls came up to him with smiles, introducing themselves, although he wouldn’t really remember any names yet. It was too much!

“Okay girls enough ogling the fresh meat, we have to talk business. Work on your forms!”

Katherine led him into her office while chatting away about ballet. He checked out her backside, noticed she had a really nice butt. Firm, but had a bounce to it as well.

“The cost is relatively cheap. This isn’t a professional studio. Thirty five dollars a class, two classes a week. Your ballet gear will be about one hundred to two hundred dollars, covers shoes, tights, dance belt—stuff like that.”

She was shuffling through forms as he considered. It was affordable. Her black hair draped around her face. She was taller than the rest of the class, but still shorter than him. Her eyes were big, and always full of life. She was thin, but not model thin. And as far as he could tell, her breasts were a decent handful, if not more.

He pulled out money that his mother gave him—she was all supportive of his decision to join ballet. A little weird, she thought. She was happy though that he was doing something social that didn’t involve games, and perhaps he could actually meet a girl!

She accepted his money and led him to a room with dance clothes. He was fitted for his shoes and tights. She told him he could wear a black tank top or T-shirt with his tights. She held something else up and giggled.

“Dance belt!” She smiled at him. He thought it was just a regular belt but whatever she held puzzled him.

“What is it?” He asked curiously.

“Like a jock strap. To protect your…”

“I get it!” He cut her off, blushing.

“We don’t get male dancers in here, and we have an assortment. You’ll have to find one that fits properly so it’s comfortable and does its job.” She showed him the belts.

“They are like a thong! Do I really have to wear them?” complaining, he thought about backing off.

“Yes! Hey, I wear thongs. If I can so can you!”

“Fine. How do I know which one, you know, is a correct fit?” He asked honestly.

“Which ever one keeps your dick in place.” She said with a grin. He had never heard a woman talk like this, but he liked that she was cool and down to earth.

“Look, I know it’s a bit embarrassing, but I can help. No, not like that!” She said after seeing his expression. “I meant, find one that you think fits best, and ill come in and instruct you how to move to see if it is or not.”

He nodded in agreement as she left the room. He didn’t have a really big penis, only maybe five and a half inches. He was a little embarrassed by the length, but there was nothing he could do. He tried on a few belts before he called her back in. He made sure he was facing her, cause even though his penis was covered but displayed, his ass was fully exposed.

“Don’t be embarrassed!” She said as she came in, noticing his red face, and his hands covering up privates. “Look, you’re covered. Don’t be ashamed of yourself, you’re actually kinda cute.”

Her smile always put him at ease. She instructed him on a few different movements and poses.

“Cute ass!” She winked.

“Hey!” He scrowled, momentarily before he realised she was joking.

“Does it support you well?”

“I think so. It’s not bad once you get used to it.” He replied, feeling a bit at ease for almost being naked in front of a beautiful woman.

“Great! Well tiger, keep your stuff, you’ll start Wednesday!”

Part 2 coming soon!

I Hope you were enticed, or at the very least got your interest sparked just enough to see where this story will lead. Now that you know the characters and situation, the story will start heating up soon. Stick with it, you won’t be disappointed.


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